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Reaction from the locker room of Dolphins victory

MINNEAPOLIS -- We're back from the Miami Dolphins locker room and I guess I could start typing a bunch of quotes that would give you the mood of the team following today's 14-10 victory over the Vikings.

But as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So consider the following video posted at Jeff Darlington's website as your view of the happenings in the happy locker room of a 2-0 Miami team: 


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It's always been that way for us. The bottom line remains: offense needs to wake up. that is, Henne and Henning need to let it loose

Thks for the kind words Kris....I just got that feeling this year is gonna be an exciting, if not heart attack inducing year. And after watching the Pats Sunday, I am really pumped up now. We can be THE team

And it's not the Wildcat either folks (for those that said that). I don't really mind the Wildcat. It opens some holes, yeah, teams are coming around to it, but that means they have to practice against it which means they're taking time away from other things. We get yards from Wildcat, we get points from it, so as long as it works, I say use it...sparingly.

But c'mon, 5 pass plays in the 2nd-half (it was something like that). Even on the road, that's basically asking to lose. We didn't, luckily, this game, our defense stepped up. But are you people saying you want to make our defense HAVE TO step up for 14 more games, then hopefully have juice for the playoffs? If so, we'll have the best defense EVER in the NFL. And that would be my dream, but my gut tells me we're not there yet, so our offense needs to crank it up soon with these elite teams we're about to face coming up (not including the Jets and Pats).


You win..... Nothing.

However... By being a participant in the "Pick's of the week" Board, you are guaranteed to get to continue to read my post from now on...


I truly did search for your picks, Never found them...... Sorry Brada!
will try next time, okay?

Thank you, I would like to try to do it every week or two, I spoke to a friend who has a program that works good for that stuff... It is always the upload to MH that is the hassle... Word, Excel and a few other Main stream programs are all that I can format to hit the parameters of that stupid box just right for every post... We'll see if there are any participation this week if I try to keep it going.

I am PISSED Revis is out... You KNOW the Wet's fans will use that as an excuse when we low that azzzzzz.......

DC Dolfan, never mind Peyton. The way our defense is playing, I'd gladly take Kyle Orton's numbers from last year.

never underestimate a parcell's team. there is one thing however that bugs me, i can't be the only one who see's this.. but when an offense is starting from their own 1 yard line the disadvantages to running or throwing short or dump-off passes, should the unthinkable happen, could be disasterous. we got lucky yesterday, whereas the advantages of throwing deep passes here are staggering, 1 a big reception, 2 draw a flag, 3 an interception almost as good as a kick, 4 most teams run here, why i don't know so that becomes anadvantage in itself, 5 throw deep here consistantly and then and only then does a run from here become a small advantage. throw deep in this situation, duh??

if ricky would have never fumbled, that score could of been 14-3. that would of been nice.
i read something saying Farvre said that #21 could be the best corner in the league right now and no one knows about it... i think he was telling on us.

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