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Tony Sparano? Rex Ryan? Which to listen to?

Tony Sparano will speak with the media here in Davie at 3 p.m. today.

As per usualy, the local media will get the opposing coach on a conference call, with today that connection leading to New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

The problem is Ryan will be doing his conference call at 3 p.m.

The two are at the same time in different locations.

Being as that I am mortal, I am wondering ... which one of the two coaches do I listen to? Which press availability do I attend?

I asked the folks on my twitter feed which one I should attend. I'm counting the votes. Let me know which one you think I should attend and will add your votes to the twitter votes. I'll go with the majority opinion.

Meantime, you should know the Dolphins get going at 11 a.m at practice. I'll come back with an update then.

I expect you will see Channing Crowder practicing at least on a limited basis for the first time since training camp. I do not expect he'll be full go in practice because he will have to be brought along slowly.

If Crowder is not out there, you might as well forget having him for the game. Come back for that update or follow me on twitter and get my tweets to your phone for the real-time updates.  

[Update: Crowder is working at least on a limited basis. He split first-team reps with Tim Dobbins during the portion of practice open to the media. Starting right guard John Jerry was not present at practice. Jared Odrick was on the bike outside while the Dolphins worked inside their bubble.]

 I am giving you a peek at what practice was like today, courtesyJeff Darlington's website.

[Update 2: John Jerry missed practice because of an illness.]  


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With Regards to the question, I would like for you to listen to Sparano since you are an expert in breaking down his code talk.

Please ask what happened with Nalbone? Will Nolan Caroll be active now on game days after the KR dud was cut?

I suspect Sexy Rexy will be play the good guy part on today's conference call.



Fins 28 Jets 24

Game Ball: Davone Bess
Dud Ball: Brandon Fields

I HEARD you asking that question on your radio show today armando ,GO TO the fat coach and ask him ; do you regret saying the jets will be in the super bowl this year ?

the other Q....what do you eat in game day ?

You know exactly what Sparano is going to say.

You never know what Rex is going to say.

Hmmmm. Seems like an easy decision to me.

Tony Please!

Cuz I don't want to hear another word about Rex as long as I live.

ARMANDO, i think i know you have decided going to the fat coach ,that guy just spews news out of his mouth .

Dear Benedict Arnold,
If you have to ask, get out of town. If this were Pittsburgh, DC, Philly or any other town you don't even utter those words. Whatever, pussycat ...

Can you please ask Rexy, what was his nickname growing up?

Attend Tony's. How's being added to the 53 after the two were put of waivers and only one added yesterday? A Thomas?

There will be plenty other writers and papers who will be covering our coach down here. I wanna here what fat ass has to say jyst to get me more fired up and enjot watching his team get an orange smackdown!!!

Listen to Tony! What do we care what the Jets and Rex have to say about anything. All i'm interested in, is the Dolphins! As a good journalist that you are, there's been plenty of roster moves last couple of days i expect you will drill Tony for answers. I expect nothing less out of you Armando.

considering you host Miami Dolphins in Depth its a no brainer man.. hello Mcfly!

I agree with Patan. We always hear from Tony and he never says much. I think Ryan would be more intetesting cause he might just say something he'll regret saying.

Mandolin is not Benedict Arnold. I am a mando hater hater. Keep up the excellent work kid. From NY. Fins up

Crowder splitting 1st team reps with Dobbins. I know its not popular opinion but i look forward to have Channing back. IMO we have a better guy in there

Definately listen to Ryan to see what stupid thing he might say. Sparano isn't exactly a quote machine.

The JUMBO JET doesn't talk, he bellows

Actually, I would like you to talk to the commissioner and ask him - how many people and dogs do NFL players have to kill to be thrown out of the NFL. We now have a convicted killer (and don't forgot he tortured them as well) as the face of of the Eagles and a another Jets player driving around drunk at five in the morning and still able to play Sunday. I don't understand a league that's so image oriented allowing these people to still put on a uniform. Oh yea - that's right the commish destroyed evidence during a congressional investigation to protect the Patriots and oh yea again- I do believe Andy Rieds son is also a drug addict and ex con and or convict - it makes perfect sense. I should have known and by the way have the Patriots won anything they were caught - not. As for the NFL - I doubt I will ever let my family watch another NFL game. These are not the lessons I want my children to learn and not the role models I want them looking up to.

the way the D is playing - is crowder becoming expendible?

Jets even tho his pressed will be all over espn... We all know what Tony is gonna say which is nada... Ask him how he is gonna feel when he has orange shoved up his ass Sunday night?

Unless you get to ask some questions. I wouldn't do it. You'll just be giving the Jets fans who live in Miami what they want.

If you want to listen to a fat man chew his food, go to the diner across form the Loews Hotel. why is this a question? You know what Rex is going to say. Mmmm Garble garble SSSipp(fart). If Rex says anything contraversial it will be on ESPN news for the next 3 nights. We need more samples to try and decode Sparanos code.

The JUMBO JET will be blasting hot air at 3PM.

guys, armando already decided to go to the FAT COACH .

Speaking on the bulletin board material aspect of it interviewing Rex Ryan is a no brainer.

Clammy is Back. After Dobbins Whiffed on that tackle in Mini, maybe Clammy can regain his starting status.

Carpenter seems to be decent on Pass Plays and showed some ability when he raised his hands to single Touchdown Koa Misi!

Just read on Rotoworld that Ted Ginn was deactivated last game because it was Too Windy and that he doesnt like anything in his way to the Sidelines.

why would you show support to the moronic antics of rex over paying attention to OUR coach. rex ryan is reality tv. sporano is cnn. sure, you want to see what stupidity comes out of ryans mouth next, but you watch sporano first. you can always go back and laugh at ryan later. go fins!

Starting right guard John Jerry was not present during practice on Wednesday.

WHAT IS GOING ON???????????????

The JUMBO JET will be snorting like a pig at 3PM.

the way the D is playing - is crowder becoming expendible?

Posted by: Dave | September 22, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Dobbins wiffed on both a sack and could have had Peterson for about a 4 yd loss that turned into something like a 20 yd gain. Enuff said.

Listen to the Pilsbury Doughboy. I love listening to his precursors to sticking his foot in his mouth.

Its a wonder he doesnt swallow it.

a lot of Peterson yards were earned on pure talent, the guy is a beast. so i cant get on a wiff tackle that he did a crazy balancing act on

waterboy, good funny post @ 11;44

a lot of Peterson yards were earned on pure talent, the guy is a beast. so i cant get on a wiff tackle that he did a crazy balancing act on

Posted by: 1701972 | September 22, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Did you see the wiffed sack too?

The JUMBO JET will be squealing like a pig Sunday night.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Why in the world would we want Channing Crowder back in the fold.

Unless we are show casing Channing Crowders mis-tackling skills to the Jets, I'm against personally.

I say we release Channing Crowder in the Everglades so he can live out the rest of his life catching gators and avoiding He-man.

Soiled :)

listen to rex...maybe he will say something stupid that will fuel the fire!

The JUMBO JET is unique. He sucks and blows.

Rumor: Free Hotdogs and liquor at Rex's conference.

Listen to Tony. You already know what is going to come out of Rex's mouth. BS

Could not care less what either of them say.


It seems a bit foolish to listen to a guy that predicted complete success this year, when last year he admitted that the Jets were lousy and out of the playoffs. Then the Colts and Bengals played dead, the dolphins had a bad stretch, and all of a sudden the Jets the champs for years to come?

Meanwhile, Suprano keeps harping on developing efficiency, more focus, and that he feels fortunate to have won the past two. His pressers are great to watch, I highly recommend watching them if you get the chance. As far as the Jets, let them show us Sunday night, on the clock when it counts.

IMHO the Pats defense fell apart in the second half, they were really off their game for some reason, missed tackles and assignments on every play, Brady ended up having a bad day, the Pats just totally fell apart.

I was shocked ESPN moved lowly Miami up to 7th in their power rankings... (Jets to 6th). We'll see who's who Sunday!

Mando we already know what rex is gonna say! the jets are gonna win! WTFever!!!! Mando i wanna know who's returning kicks and punts for now? how is channing looking to the coach(not the media)? will we ever throw a pass from the wildcat( it should be open by now all we do is run from it)? will this be the week we open up the offense? i wanna believe we have been holding back the gameplan for the real start of the season (sunday vs the wets) to let everybody jell and gain confidence in what they are doing! I hope this the week everything offensive and defensive will be revealed! we need channing to come in and match dansby intensity and we will have top 5 defense barring major injury! on a lighter note it would be funny if pat turner came back and showed out and was the reciever who had a big game with edwards situation ujp in the air! NOT HAPPENING TURNER! p.s. Long better wear JT ass out the whole game no excuses!! cant wait for sunday

i vote you got to sparano's press because 80% of what comes out of rex's mouth is gargabe anyways.
sparano on the other hand offers some info worth listening to. IMO

Listen to Tony. We don't need comments from Rex to fire us up for the game. We are the division leader. Jets should be listening to Tony. As far as Crowder goes we are doing great without him. He never impressed me. In the second half with Minn. We ran the ball every time on 1st down. Which leaves us in 3rd down trying to throw with blitz and our receivers being covered for short pass. They read us like a book. We need to let the offense play. Defense is playing awesome. Offense would also if we would give them the keys to the car. It appears we are playing not to lose vs. playing to win. Go Dolphins. Dolphins 24 Jets 17.

*go to

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here's how Oprah would handle the situation.

You have resources...Send Darlington with a tape recorder to cover Rex Ryan.(tape recorder because, do we really trust Darlington ?)

Have Greg Cote cover Coach Sparano, then have him translate it and draw up a rough draft of the next blog article.

Have Neal get the Vette washed and waxed and also stop by that bakery and pick up some fresh treats to go with the morning coffee.

I know your new to the Media Mogal thing so...thats what Oprah would do.

Soiled :)

whats up with Jerry???

Can't seem to find the author of the comment....but the CREDIT GOES TO HIM/HER

Would you dare ask that question in PITT or Dallas, or or GREEN BAY OR MIN.

IS THE NEW YORK MEDIA ASKING THAT QUESTION? Do they care about covering TONY SPORANO. Are they gonna report what TONY SPORONO Iis saying at his presser?

Find which blog it is so I can go there.


Sometimes you make me sick Armando. You and all the fans that give a damn about what rex ryan has to say. F-him.

Armando...you and those fans have seriously embarrssed yourself.



Whatever, Tony isn't going to tell you anything anyway, right? might as well hear what their thinking.

It's got to be Rex Ryan. He's by far more interesting to listen to and you've got to talk Swahlee to have any clue understanding what Sparano has to say.


Whats up with the non-news crowder news. Is he the new Jason Taylor in your your life?

There is so much more that actually happened.....


Sadly, lard ass is much more interesting to listen to as far a coach press conference.

Crowder coming back is very bad news, he is the worst LB on the team (league?)


Go with the Jabba call. Sparano never says much of anything anyway: "we've got some guys that we expect can do some good things out there." Jabba will give you some big, fat quotes that will look nice on Karlos Dansby's locker. I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT FOR KICKOFF.

Last thing Armando, then i'm out for a while.


I am sure the piece is already written, but I urge you not to post it. PLEASE.

Just slip it into an actual article, try to keep it to 2 sentences their. But keep this a JT free zone

Do you guys even have a clue as to what was happening on defense last year , and porters first year! busted season b/c we had lb's who didnt care! the only reason joey showed out the one year was b/c of parcells and he quickly quit on team at the end! akin str8 garbage nuff said!!! JT old washed up and a better DE than LBer! now channing was trying to play 4 lber position b/c he had no help! i repeat NO HELP! TRUST ME channing has what it takes not to mention he was trained by thomas, so he knows the game! if channing wasnt a good enuff player they would have cut him by now b/c it dont hurt the team! if dobbins was the answer which he's not then je would be playing more than carpenter! and being around a play is not the same as making plays(Carpenter lovers)! until i see channimg lined next to dansby i hold judgement! from my view channing is the missing piece for this defense with dobbins and carpenter as fillings when dansby and channing need rest

i agree with the majority, listen to rex, sparano wont say much, see how much sh@! fatty has to say today... LETS GO FINS!

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