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Taylor: Would still be in Miami if Parcells had left earlier

Jason Taylor was just on a teleconference call with the South Florida media and the question that I was eager to get an answer to was his thoughts on the timing of the Bill Parcells decision to step back from the absolute power spot in Miami.

Parcells considered stepping back from his job as executive vice president of football operations prior to the start of training camp. He ultimately decided to do it just prior to the regular-season.

But what if Parcells had done it six months ago ... when the decision on Taylor was made by the Dolphins, that decision not to offer the outside linebacker a contract.

Would Taylor still be with Miami if Parcells had left earlier?

"I think that horse is already dead," Taylor said moments ago. "If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes."

I asked Taylor what he thought of that timing?

"Pretty ironic," he said.

Taylor will get a reception at sold out Sun Life Stadium. He played for the Dolphins for a dozen season and he now plays for a bitter division rival. Chances of the reaction to him approaching indifference are not good.

But which one will it be? Cheers? Or Jeers?

"I have no idea to be honest," Taylor said. " I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won't be very happy. It's their home opener and they're Dolphins fans so I would expect ... oh, hell, maybe I hope it's just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I'm the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn't be surprised to hear boos."

Taylor is nursing an elbow injury. It doesn't sound like that will keep him out of the game.

"I got nicked last week, but I'll be fine," he said. "You guys been around long enough to know whatever hurts I won't tell you about and it'll always feel better when it stops hurting."

Speaking of how fans react to the opposition, I asked Rex Ryan today if he has a message for the fans which he greeted with the one-finger salute at an MMA event during the offseason.

"Oh, no, absolutely not," he said carefully.

That's not exactly the gasbag answer I wanted from the bigger-than-life coach. So I asked him if, following his Hard Knocks declaration that, "We know we're better than you," in facing everyone, he believes the Jets are better than the Dolphins.

"I believe we're better than any team we play, I've never gone into any game not thinking we're going to win or the team I coach wouldn't win," Ryan said. "I always believe we're going to win. Now are we go undefeated or 15-1, no that's not going to happen. But my attitude is that we are going to be better, that we are going to win, every game, 100 percent of the game throughout my life, I expect we're going to win."

As for Miami coach Tony Sparano, he had a one-liner or two in his press conference today. He was asked what Miami's strategy is considering Darrelle Revis is out for the game -- something the Jets are confirming.

"I don't think Revis is out," Sparano said. "I'll believe it when I see. Brett Favre retired. You guys told me that was official. When I get out there, then we'll see. Right now we're preparing as if he's going to play. If he does not play, then we'll make our plans accordingly."


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Screw him, I'm a Miami Dolphins fan.

"Cheers," at least from me.

Taylor is a good man, and WAS a great Dolphin. But that was then, this is now. He should get a warm reception, and then he should get his *ss kicked by the o-line.

jake long will steal his soul like he did to allen last week.

man, i so wish i was in south florida for this one!!

Mark, you need to stay in Toronto and be on the lookout for any more Cameron Wake/Ricky Williams CFL players that would make an easy transition into the NFL. I'm learning "O, Canada" by heart as a gesture of thanks to my friends up North!

Can Armando stop gushing about this guy?

He was offered a contract, which he lied about, and was being a little diva in testing the F.A Market to squeeze more cash.

Good luck getting pancaked by Lousaka, Baldie.

love j.t. but not with that jets uniform on and not going against jake.....go fins

We will honor him when he is not wearing that green crappy uniform.

Fins up!

I'll be booing JTaylor. When he retires and comes back to Miami, I'll cheer for him. But as of right now, he's a traitor. Hang him with the rest of those Jets idiots

He looks just as bad as I thought he would in vomit green.

Fxck the wets!
JT is a wet and I hate the wets, so fxck him too!
I hope Jake Long handles him like a rag doll.
I hope the R & R express runs over him like a freight train.
I hope he's on the wrong side of a Sports Center highlight!!

Boos from me. But I won't be at the game. I think leaving the team is one thing but going to the most hated rival the stinking Jets is another. Going to the Jets is nothing more than a back stabb at the dolphin fans.
And don't tell no one was gonna give him a contract. That's bull. I bet he'd be playing for the phins if he had waited until after the draft.
I don't care about JT anymore. He's the enemy and I don't thin he should be in the ring of honor. What did he win here? NOTHING.


Jets Suck the long one.



Tyler Thigpen will enter the game on Sunday

Had a bobblehead of JT for years. As soon as he signed with the pests, I took a 2 lb sledge to it. No class. Goooooooooo Phins.

Jason Taylor is a Jet. He is now on the Wrong team and will get the proper response.

He plays for the Jets.
So he should be treated like one of them. Nobody forced him to sign a contract with them.

Can someone tell me how J Peezy is doing with the Cards? Is he still doing his kicking dance?

It's still all about him....Who cares ?? this is not 2006 he is a JETS now, Did we missed him on Sunday ?? did the Redskins missed him on Sunday...We have 52/53? hungry young Wolf pups to feed...Maybe we should talk about them....

BoulderFinFan, you are right, there is a difference between an opponent and the enemy. The Jets are the quintessential enemy!

Taylor is typical of star players who become average at best as they become older. Their ego is too big for them to retire and then when the team decides to get rid of them, the team becomes the "bad guy". As far as I am concerned he was overrated to begin with. Who can recall our playoff exits when he was in his prime. 62-7 to Jax, 38-3 to Den, and 27-0 to Oak. He won very few big games in his career and for the most part piled up stats against the mediocre teams. I bet he had some explaining to do to his wife as to why he was running pass patterns in front of the hot Mexican reporter at Jets camp.

When it is time for JT to retire and he has the opportunity to don the Aqua and Orange I will welcome him back. His name should definitely be on the ring of honor up in Joe Robbie Stadium.

Cheer for a JET on SNF?!?! WTF kind of question is that??? Idk about the rest of yall, but I'll NEVER do that no matter what!

When he retires, then I''l go back to liking him and appreciating all the memories, but until then....F**K Him and the Jets!!!

Waterboy I believe something like 3 or 4 tackles a 1 sack 1 FF...sounds familiar...Can't say about the dance...

DC, do you know who the starting QB is for the Toronto Argonauts right now?

Cleo Lemon

Post of the day is by Waterboy:

"Jets Suck the long one."

I'll cheer him when he retires, and is in the dolphins ring of honor but not as a current jet player



Along with Ricky and Wake, another very good Dolphin who plied his trade in the CFL was Mark Dixon. Too bad injuries shortened his career. He was a good one.

The hell with JT, I much rather have the Tuna around than him....so the Tuna hurt his little feelings ?...he is a stinkin jet now, good ridance .

our young D is improving each and every game, they'll make mistakes but in the long run , were better off.

In Tuna I trust

WHAT?!? Cleo out of the NFL. I hope he got his number retired somewhere. I thought he was a backup for Baltimore. What a joke he was.

Mark. Are you serious???

DCDolfan, it is I who was testing you, ask the other guys on the blog, i've pushed them as well to see what they're made of, whether they are true fans. I'll throw something into the discussion to stir the pot and see what spills out. We might have more in common than you realize, with your unproven young mind! LOL! Good job kid!

Yeah Mark is serious...Cleo is the QB in Toronto...Not the greatest, but definetly not the worst

Koa Misi - Cameron Wake. Dont miss you one bit JT, enjoy ur Jet ass-pounding on Sunday night

I am sick and tired of hearing “Oh, but he needed to secured a job” or “He needed to take care of his family”… Blah, blah blah! How much money would you say he has in the bank right now? Have the Dolphin fans not taken care of him and his family throughout his whole NFL career? Has this organization not paid him handsomely enough money to last him and his family a lifetime? How much is loyalty worth? The point is they offered him a contract that should have taken care of him for his last year and he declined. End of story. He should NEVER be a part of the ring of honor, as he has only showed honor to the money he so keenly covets.

“Better to die ten thousand deaths, Than wound my honor”.

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction”.

How about some more important news, like Channing Crowder returning to practice?? Our "D" is already solid, you add Channing in there and that's just awesome. Tim Dobbins, who everybody here thought was the next Brian Urlacher, is clearly a much better special teams guy than he is a LB. Not in the same league as Channing Crowder. I hope the groin gets better and Channing plays against those friggin Jets. The Dolphins haven't had a defense like this since the years of Jimmy Johnson.

Thanks redsky, you got me. Most important thing we have in common is the Dolphins, anything after that is gravy.

I swear it. The one and the same Cleo Lemon. You know who he beat out in camp? Ken Dorsey - yes the one and the same Ken Dorsey from the U!



Clam Chowder Causes a fumble without even trying. He gets pushed into the pile, helmet hits ball, Chris Clemons scoops it up and runs to the 5 yd line.

Montreal, I agree. A healthy Channing Crowder will make this defense even better. He's a quality ILB.

All day we've been waiting to here from the coaches and the first person you bring up is JT! go figure! i wondering if JT has made a couple of them vette payments for you!? this is like listening to your morning show with all the yankee talk when most here can care less about baseball right now! yes i do realize your station covers the yanks but that doesnt mean ur show has too or does it?

Tony Sparano? Rex Ryan?
Cameron Wake? Jason Tootsie Toes?
Dolphin Nation kwows the answer!
The timimg of Parcells stepping back has absolutley nothing to do with JT. Armando, why is it that you have to place such importance on this traitor? I personally am thrilled that I no longer have to cheer for him as a Dolphin. Cameron Wake should have a better career than this part time Dolphin.
Another Toronto Dolfan.

I think we are doing just fine without him.

Nobody owes anybody in the NFL. You do a job, you get paid for it, done and done.

Guys, no ONE is in JT's shoes but JT. He made a decision and now he has to live with it, pro or con.....I don't think anyone has to feel sorry for him. He gave his all for the Dolphins, but now he is with the enemy....we must destroy the Jets! This is from a guy that grew up in NYC!

Regardless, JT was a great Dolphin player for the last 12 years and he has my appreciation and respect.

I'm booing JT AND you Armando!

Your swinging on his nads so hard that six moths later you're bringing up hypothetical what ifs?

Here's a hypothetical what if for you. What if he would've signed the contract he was offered instead of being a greedy money Ho? Oh wait, don't answer that cause nobody cares. Armando he's a wet NOW! Like you told me yesterday: GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!

Here's another hypothetical what if for you. What if you wrote raving articles on all the Defensive ends we'll face this year. Oh wait, don't answer that either. Your well on your way and guess what, nobody wants to hear it!

PS: Tony or Rex???? Are you kidding me!?!?

Hey D,

I couldn't agree more. These people are paid rediculous salaries.

I hope jake long just man handles JT. I bet he's having night mares of having to face Long this week

Taylor would still be in Miami... if having his @ss kissed, and being the big star weren't his objective.... and his ego could have allowed him to sign the offer he was given in Nov. 2009.

Taylor preferred his agent to squeeze a few extra bucks and a lot of ego stroking out of the Dolphins main rival... rather than signing a deal to complete his career where he started it.

Now he has the stones to say it was all Parcells? Screw him.

And if Bill got a little irate that a player he was doing a favor (retaining - although clearly a progress stopper for younger players, and allowing a great player to retire where he began)... turned around with his agent and spit in his face? More power to him.

Misi and Wake have already looked better this season, than anything Jason Taylor has done since 2006.

So go be a Jet Taylor... and if you want sympathy, it's in the dictionary between shinola and syphilis.

gheesh all the hate for JT is silly.

He was a great player for the Dolphins.

Can anyone on here honestly say if the Jets called you up and offered you a million dollars to come work for them you would turn it down?

Post of the day nominee:

"Your swinging on his nads so hard that six moths later you're bringing up hypothetical what ifs?

By Odinseye

F_c_ Taylor he left us for the Redskins hoping for a SB and left and couldn't wait long enough and left us for of all teams the f'ing jets. He doesn't deserve a round of applause let alone a snap. you can try to make the Dolphins look bad if you want to but you were offered a contract like Ricky who is getting around 5mill but you declined it your f'ing problem. F' off we always do better without you anyways you're chasing a SB trophy that you don't have the stamina or age to get to. The jets and anyone on that team can eat SHHHHHH. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Ok guys, question of the night. Which QB was labeled a has-been, a journeyman QB, but was picked up by a team, ( if I told you which it would make it too easy) won 2 Super Bowls and has not made the Hall of Fame?

I hope JT gets escorted out of the stadium to a local hospital for x-rays.I'm just kidding,I hope he's 'air lifted' to a local hospital.I hate him and anyone who represents the Jets.
I apologize if I offended anyone by my statement,but,that's how I feel.Go Dolphins!

redsky, Kurt Warner! Duh!

Here's how people should look at it:

JT screwed himself by going to the Jets. Last time he left the team (for beautiful DC), he missed out on a playoff run and division title. Looks like the same thing will happen this year. He doesn't deserve scorn, he deserves pity.

He's gotta look at Rex's ugly mug every day, and then play on the 3rd best team in the AFC East. Poor JT. A tear goes out for him.


Ill give respect to former players when they deserve it, but jt isn't one of those people. He all but gave up and walked out on this team after the 07' season, came back after they had a succesful year, then signed and played for the team he swore he never would play for and the team and fans he hated the most. And don't give me this 'hes trying to get a ring' bs either. Marino could have played with chris carter, randy moss, robert smith and john randel in their primes. But did he? Nope. Couldn't bring himself to play for another franchise. But then again, marino is a salt of the earth, team first guy. Jt is a twinkled toes dancing diva who cares mostly about the person looking back at him in the mirror.

Hey Jeff,

What would you do if your wife met a guy that makes more money than you, and she left you for it? Would you blame her for not turning it down?

DC Dolfan... You really think so? I think we might lose come Sunday night. I really though Revis was out, but now that Sparano says that Revis will play, I am a little worried...

jerry seinfeld, good guess, kurt warner just retired.... might still make the HOF. He has time. Hint, 1980's.....

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