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Taylor: Would still be in Miami if Parcells had left earlier

Jason Taylor was just on a teleconference call with the South Florida media and the question that I was eager to get an answer to was his thoughts on the timing of the Bill Parcells decision to step back from the absolute power spot in Miami.

Parcells considered stepping back from his job as executive vice president of football operations prior to the start of training camp. He ultimately decided to do it just prior to the regular-season.

But what if Parcells had done it six months ago ... when the decision on Taylor was made by the Dolphins, that decision not to offer the outside linebacker a contract.

Would Taylor still be with Miami if Parcells had left earlier?

"I think that horse is already dead," Taylor said moments ago. "If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes."

I asked Taylor what he thought of that timing?

"Pretty ironic," he said.

Taylor will get a reception at sold out Sun Life Stadium. He played for the Dolphins for a dozen season and he now plays for a bitter division rival. Chances of the reaction to him approaching indifference are not good.

But which one will it be? Cheers? Or Jeers?

"I have no idea to be honest," Taylor said. " I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won't be very happy. It's their home opener and they're Dolphins fans so I would expect ... oh, hell, maybe I hope it's just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I'm the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn't be surprised to hear boos."

Taylor is nursing an elbow injury. It doesn't sound like that will keep him out of the game.

"I got nicked last week, but I'll be fine," he said. "You guys been around long enough to know whatever hurts I won't tell you about and it'll always feel better when it stops hurting."

Speaking of how fans react to the opposition, I asked Rex Ryan today if he has a message for the fans which he greeted with the one-finger salute at an MMA event during the offseason.

"Oh, no, absolutely not," he said carefully.

That's not exactly the gasbag answer I wanted from the bigger-than-life coach. So I asked him if, following his Hard Knocks declaration that, "We know we're better than you," in facing everyone, he believes the Jets are better than the Dolphins.

"I believe we're better than any team we play, I've never gone into any game not thinking we're going to win or the team I coach wouldn't win," Ryan said. "I always believe we're going to win. Now are we go undefeated or 15-1, no that's not going to happen. But my attitude is that we are going to be better, that we are going to win, every game, 100 percent of the game throughout my life, I expect we're going to win."

As for Miami coach Tony Sparano, he had a one-liner or two in his press conference today. He was asked what Miami's strategy is considering Darrelle Revis is out for the game -- something the Jets are confirming.

"I don't think Revis is out," Sparano said. "I'll believe it when I see. Brett Favre retired. You guys told me that was official. When I get out there, then we'll see. Right now we're preparing as if he's going to play. If he does not play, then we'll make our plans accordingly."


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BTW, can we stop chanting "J-E-T-S suck, suck, suck".. It's like free advertising to the opponent. Why can't we just sing our tradition fight song instead of waiting for a touchdown to be scored? that would be nice..

BTW, can we stop chanting "J-E-T-S suck, suck, suck".. It's like free advertising to the opponent. Why can't we just sing our traditional fight song instead of waiting for a touchdown to be scored? that would be nice..

Joeywatts Amen !!


First play of the game will be a flea flicker to Marshall

The D is going to be better with Crowder in there. He will make the tackles that Dobbins wiffed on.

Let's all keep in mind that Jason Taylor basically told him he's done talking about this dead horse, but Salguero kept pecking and goaded a reaction, and ended up making that his lead. Some journalism. Just like he tried to do with Rex, who for a wonder, didn't bite. So to speak.

I'll take a good look at Crowder while allowing him a couple of weeks to get his football legs back under him. He beat Dobbins in camp, so he's definitely earned another look. Look at Jason Allen, for example. We want the best player at the position. If Dobbins or even Carpenter plays better than Crowder then, I say sure trade him. But give him his shot.

You guys seeing orange yet? Shoot down the planes!

CARL PETERSON! Right answer! Plunkett's the man....!!!!!! I think Thigpen could be the next Plunkett if he winds up in the right system....Salguero and I have had separate email discussions re Thigpen, Mando thinks he is hopeless.....

Miami 35 NYJ 0

2008, JT Goes to the redskins,Defense excels, 2009 JT back, Defense blows it in the last 4 games,2010Twinkle toes goes to the jets, Miami's Defense is playing lights out football... See a Pattern here guys????

robbyhernz, my brother-in-law was infatuated with him too....lol!


poizen, i understand your feelings reagardin JT, there is no right or wrong where feelings are concerned! But then there was that excrebable song.....which seared my memory of its title!

armando has no connection w/ANY dolphin player but JT ?

HOW you do your job if you don't bring real news ? just asking ,

Rex Ryan should take advantage of the situation and sit Edwards (and the guys that were in the car with him out drinking till 5am) in order to send a message to his team. Take the loss now and get control of your players. But, that would be what a classy coach would do and we're talking about Sexy Rexy here.

ryan and taylor or pieces of s hit

F YOU TAYLOR- glad you're gone- you'll go out a loser and a traitor!

jets suck and you do too.

rex and taylor are two different pieces of s hit.

NY Scott, as you know, 1.6 is a significant blood alcohol level, it is 2ce most state levels, which are .08

most states levels are .06 , i am an officer .

taylor is a piece of crap! he's the enemy. the phins will take care of him sunday night. he will be a non factor.

.08 in New York.......

,07 in NY


cuban menace, where is hot ashley?

Red, She should be home any minute.....I'll put her on when after she consumes a few glasses of wine.....LOL

hj891000, you may be an officer, but most states have a .08 based as follows

Armando is obviously a Jets fan, FRAUD JOURNALIST.

The bigger than life coach? More like bigger than most whales coach.

And what did you and JT slow dance together in your native country?

Jason Traitor will get booed out of the stadium along with the rest of the Jets, and Jason Traitor will begin to realize what a mistake it was for him not to negotiate with Parcells when Parcells offered him the opportunity.

He has some nerve to hope that the reception is mixed. Are you kidding me? You are a stinkin Jet now Traitor!

Dolphins win this one big.


JT...Thanks but now your a Jet...so WTF?


hj891000, you may be an officer, but most states have a .08 based as follows

hj891000, it posted fully on the dolfan blog, no disrespect brother!




.08 in New York....Though if you smell of alcohol weather it's a .o1 you'll be charged, my advice is dont drink and drive.....

Cuban, it;s ,05 in NY man not .08

hj891000, as of May 10th 2010 the law for a DUI charge is .08.

I don't mind any of you guys disagreeing with me about Crowder. We all have our rights to our opinions.

HOWEVER, you can't state that Crowder would have made tackles that Dobbins missed. Thats not really an opinion, it's fantasy.

That being said, I've seen Crowder take himself out of more plays and miss more tackles than any other Miami Dolphins since Eric Kumerow. That's not a fantasy, that's fact.

But as far as you guys disagreeing with me, remember, I've been saying we should've cut Jason Allen for 3 years now.

That is, right up until very recently.

after all ODIN IS no god of football but very close . any one knows who's playing music in half time ?

i'm not even in miami but when i see gay-t i will boo him. f-him. i hope he gets his career ended in this game, and i hope miami won't let him retire as a dolphin. let him go into the hall as a jet or redskin. stop running articles about him or rex or revis. i'd rather hear about tom brady's hair than any of these jets!!!

.08, But like I said if you even blow a .01 you take a ride........It's called driving while Impaired....

Taylor better not expect even a mixed reaction. He is a Jet. He himself made that very clear early in camp. So, he will get a Jet reaction from a 35 year long season ticket holder who loved him as her favorite dolphin. But those days are gone. When he retires, and he is a Dolphin, he will still also be a Jet, so it's hard to say then if it will be mixed. It can never be the adoration I once had for him. He should have waited like he was asked to do and he would have been here like it should have been. Now, I hope he goes down like the Jets always do every year. They have a good start to crashing this year and will be 1-2 this weekend while we are 3-0 and in first place. He should have waited til after the draft. We don't cheer Jets. Simple facts.

its .08 in ALL Fifty states. u can be charged with a lesser crime in some states with a lower limit, but to be charged with the crime of DUI it is .08

ODIN, who are the players on the jets team who aren't going to make it on sunday ?

p/s.......i hear they are going to cover the sand area w/grass ,MARSHALL will pay for it .

i too think we may see a wildthig package in this game. i hope they throw everything at the jets and even if we are winning by 40 we keep trying to score more points. i have loved the dolphins since i was 4 but may actually hate the jets even more than i love the phins. i would hope we never sign a former jet.

Jisom Biagini...............your post warmed my heart .

From here in England I have admired Jason Taylor since he came onto the scene for the Dolphins.I even welcomed him back from the year out at the Redskins.But to go to the Jets???He does not deserve any further recognitioin from Miami when he eventually retires.
How can a Dolphin join the hated enemy when he does not need the money? No more respect for the big man from this part of the world.

You go England!

Jaison biagini, do you know that most of the jet players are drop out ,and most of them were charged w / one crime in one time or another

From here in somalia f jason taylor.

there should be ZERO gray area concerning JT. it's like getting bit by a vampire, you may still look human but you're not, you're a vampire. jt can talk about being unwanted till the cows come home, he is a jet, he will forever be a jet to me. i hope he never gets celebrated in miami ever again. i don't care about him. i hope his kids get booed in school till they have to permanently move away from miami and never come back. he asked to be traded 3 years ago that should have been the end. no ring of honor, no wearing 99 jerseys. we should do what ramses did to moses, strike him for the records, make it so his name is never spoken again. i wish these reporters would get with the program. we don't care about any jet!!!!!


Anyone who has NFL Network needs to watch the Playbook show tonight, they RAVE about Koa Misi. Amazing stuff, really was.

J E T S=Jason Eats Turf Sunday. The Jets are over rated and so is JT and when he walks into Sun Life I hope he gets a fair battery of boo's and I know for a fact that most fans will not kiss his a@@ like he expects.

Jason Taylor will be boo'd. He's a freaking Jet. There might even be a few "Benedict Taylor #99" signs.


Who cares? Wake is doing a better job period.

I'm predicting Sunday night will be the night Henning shuts up big mouths like me. PLEASE, by all means Dan, SHUT ME UP!

The wets defense knows our hard running, dink and dunk style. Without Reamis making the trip, their secondary will be focusing on keeping EVERYTHING in front of them and coming up hard in run support. Their front seven will be tough as usual, but their secondary will be playing with a cushion and biting hard on running downs.

Henning should know this, and should be feeling the heat from the pundits, media, etc, etc. Expect Hennings to unleash Henne. I'm predicting he mixes it up beautifully with some key play action passes on obvious running downs.

ODIN, you didn't tell what you had for dinner .


Taco night at the local watering hole.

I had to work a long day and they make AWESOME Tacos for $.75 apiece.

I wish I had something better for you, but it is what it is.

PS: Aloco, have you ever had Tacos made with head of beef?

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