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Taylor: Would still be in Miami if Parcells had left earlier

Jason Taylor was just on a teleconference call with the South Florida media and the question that I was eager to get an answer to was his thoughts on the timing of the Bill Parcells decision to step back from the absolute power spot in Miami.

Parcells considered stepping back from his job as executive vice president of football operations prior to the start of training camp. He ultimately decided to do it just prior to the regular-season.

But what if Parcells had done it six months ago ... when the decision on Taylor was made by the Dolphins, that decision not to offer the outside linebacker a contract.

Would Taylor still be with Miami if Parcells had left earlier?

"I think that horse is already dead," Taylor said moments ago. "If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes."

I asked Taylor what he thought of that timing?

"Pretty ironic," he said.

Taylor will get a reception at sold out Sun Life Stadium. He played for the Dolphins for a dozen season and he now plays for a bitter division rival. Chances of the reaction to him approaching indifference are not good.

But which one will it be? Cheers? Or Jeers?

"I have no idea to be honest," Taylor said. " I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won't be very happy. It's their home opener and they're Dolphins fans so I would expect ... oh, hell, maybe I hope it's just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I'm the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn't be surprised to hear boos."

Taylor is nursing an elbow injury. It doesn't sound like that will keep him out of the game.

"I got nicked last week, but I'll be fine," he said. "You guys been around long enough to know whatever hurts I won't tell you about and it'll always feel better when it stops hurting."

Speaking of how fans react to the opposition, I asked Rex Ryan today if he has a message for the fans which he greeted with the one-finger salute at an MMA event during the offseason.

"Oh, no, absolutely not," he said carefully.

That's not exactly the gasbag answer I wanted from the bigger-than-life coach. So I asked him if, following his Hard Knocks declaration that, "We know we're better than you," in facing everyone, he believes the Jets are better than the Dolphins.

"I believe we're better than any team we play, I've never gone into any game not thinking we're going to win or the team I coach wouldn't win," Ryan said. "I always believe we're going to win. Now are we go undefeated or 15-1, no that's not going to happen. But my attitude is that we are going to be better, that we are going to win, every game, 100 percent of the game throughout my life, I expect we're going to win."

As for Miami coach Tony Sparano, he had a one-liner or two in his press conference today. He was asked what Miami's strategy is considering Darrelle Revis is out for the game -- something the Jets are confirming.

"I don't think Revis is out," Sparano said. "I'll believe it when I see. Brett Favre retired. You guys told me that was official. When I get out there, then we'll see. Right now we're preparing as if he's going to play. If he does not play, then we'll make our plans accordingly."


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taco is good some time.i had leek potato soup w/baked roasted goat's head .


How do you get your Goats Head?



Odin you know we agree to disagree and the tape dont lie! example: every running play espn showed of peterson, dobbins wiffed on tfl,got crushed by a guard on 3 plays and when AP ran the goalline run he came in the hole dobbins should have filled being that he was unblocked and hodgie clearly broke the play down showing this! all i can say is thank god for dansby and for CB that dont mind hitting! like someone said earlier, if dobbins was so great bobbie wouldnt be gettin more run! he's decent no more no less! just saying!! dobbins bring same problem as last year group! letting DB's out tackle him! thats not good for a mlb no matter the scheme!!!!!!


I don't know that rigged is the right word.

How about propped up and heavily manipulated.


JT: Love you, bro - but you drank the Jets Koolaid and changed your uniform. I'm cheering every time Jake Long pound you into submission. Call it tough love.


very good point.. Jake Long will be facing JT for the first time.. :)I wonder if Big Tuna calls JL this week to give him some special orders.. LOL Go Jake!!!


I've recorded ALMOST every single game the Dolphins have played since Parcell's arrival(and then Some).

I rewatch every snap in slo mo sometimes 5,6,7 and 8 times apiece. You're right about those 4 plays. Like you say, the tape don't lie but apparently you haven't watched tape on Crowder.

You're pointing to 3 or 4 bad plays by Dobbins in a game? Crowders tape don't lie, he makes plays like this on a ROUTINE basis. At least 4 or 5 busted, whiffed, and what have you plays a quarter. This isn't a rare occurence. He does this continually, all game, all season, season AFTER season.

Watch Crowders tapes objectively and you'll see. He should be listed as our no.5 ilb, no.4 tops. The best thing anyone can say about Crowder is that he won't suck as bad when lined up next to Dansby. That ain't saying much because I would look better lined up next to Dansby.

Seriously, watch the tape on Crowder unbiasedly and grade him out yourself. Like you said: The tape don't lie.

alco, i hear its offical they are covering the dirt with grass!

Aloco has started his "Inhalents", I can tell by all the capital letters.......

jaison biagni, you think it's right to take it out on JT's kids! I'd like to meet you sometime you sick buzzturd!!!! Stupid post!

Cuban, i am sorry .it's just tiring to keep switching .

Easy red, Take a few breaths..... No need to resort to bodly harm.....

Jaison,nice posts .keep up the good work .

jones from england .

The way I see it, JT could never deliver the goods. I'm not sure what kind of a leader he even was, on and off the field. For all of his personal accolades, he never did bring home the team 'bacon.' We loved him because he was one of ours. Now he's not. No love anymore for JT. At least for as long as he's JT the Jet.

dobbins bring same problem as last year group! letting DB's out tackle him! thats not good for a mlb no matter the scheme!!!!!!

Posted by: Dolphins4Life73 | September 22, 2010 at 07:34 PM

What are you saying? Crowder was last years problem, at least when he was tough enough to make it on the field. Which wasn't much.

Dobbins and Carpenter have shared time in two games as Miami Dolphins. How can you pretend to compare them after just parts of two games.

Crowder on the other hand has had multiple seasons here to prove he sucks.

Just for the record: Carpenter was originally a Parcell's draft pick and Dobbins they squeezed out of a Draft Day trade. Their Parcell's players. This unfortunately, doesn't bode well for Crowder.

PS: Crowders lack of coverage skills alone puts him behing Carpenter and Dobbins.

thx cuban, JT xrossing over to the enemy, i understand the bad feelings for him

Channing was trying to fill the role of the guys he was sandwiched in between! plain and simple! and the guy you seen constantly getting burnt was akin whether it was a TE or back! and porter didnt even care, if it didnt involve rushing the QB! just like everybody finally showing j allen some love, the same will happen with him playing with dansby,wake,and misi! dobbins has been invisible until espn really showed why and it clear! to me and god know am no expert but he cant shed the guard and he dont make tackles when they are there! jason allen got morfe tackles in one game than he has in 2! at least channing is top 2 on team in tackles every year except last year!

Red, The fins apparently are better without him, As they were in "08_....

cuban m, last part didn't come through, taking it out on JT's kids is sick and inappropriate!

cuban m, no problem with jt being gone, people move on

Agree, Lets leave kids and spouses out of our rage....Kinda like the Mafia, Family members cant be "Hit".....

OK Kids, I've arrived,What are your thoughts on the Orange jerseys for sun.nights game?,I like Orange.HOT ASHLEY

Amen CM! How's On that note how is Hot Ashley, LOL!

Who said that cuban ,((( you r not my brother ,you r not my friend .when you come to visit our mother i want to know 24 hours in advance ))))

Hot Ashley, if you like orange, so do I! Mahalo!

JT has done and stil does alot for the South Florida Community. Like Zach he will retire a Dolphin. We have Wake and Misi now. We made the right choice.

Redsky, Love Orange,How is your night progressing?, Aloco,Michael says it's from "The Godfather".HOT ASHLEY.

I loved Jason when he was with the Dolphins one of my favorite players of all time and this goes back to early 70s, but he is with the jets so we have to hate him now, do I think he can still play, did you see the sack and forced fumble on Brady Sunday it reminded me of so many times he did that as a Dolphin but it is what it is, and the dolphin D is looking pretty good these days much quicker to the ball in recent years, and I was one of the people that posted in this Blog about the defense being a big problem before the season started, but so far I have been wrong, and I am glad about that if the O can get it going we might have something here but it is still early to tell, but I am happy to be 2-0 and if that Home guy is right and we go 4-0 I will be off the f;in charts Happy go Fins

Guys I'll talk to you all later,Gotta get some food so a certain cuban's gonna take me out,Have a good night.HOT ASHLEY.

Did I call it from the last blog or what?

I knew Armando would find a way to kiss JT A S S...

How pathetic.....HOW PATHETIC

Why is the LEADER of this BLOG a jason Taylor Sympathyzer.

If the TUNA ran JT out of town its because he doesn't have time or space for a weak minded DIVA....F-JT

Armando you are so predictable. I hope you got yout JT fix...It will be 12 weeks before you can work your IDLE back into this blog.


Hot Ashley, orange reminds me of the sunsets on Kauai.... a Redsky

scott from delaware is 100 years old ..

jones from england

ODIN, i really dont see how you give a career backup(dobbins) and yes a journeyman(carpenter) so much praise! dobbins was brought in for special teams work moreso than as a starter! get real! carpenter might not be in the league if if was b/c parcell wanna say the guy can pla
y And justify drafting him in dallas! he got cut by the RAMS! get real! Who the hell you think was the nickle lb over the last 3 years since zack left! you might wanna watch the game ag
ain b/c you must have personal reasons for not liking channing! even rex ryan said channing and dansby are two of the best mlb tandems behind of course scott and harris(his players) but i guess rex just talking again!

Cuban Menace, pass the word if she's cooking for you. Mahalo!

Dolphins for life,

Jason Allen shut me up and I wouldn't mind it at all if Crowder does too. Though it will be nearly impossible now that he' the odd man out. Still if he did, that means we're just that much better. That is the point after all.

If you re-read your last post carefully, you made a BUNCH of EXCUSES for Crowder and then Compare Dobbins to a CB that's had the best two games of his entire life.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm................reminds of a used car salesman I used to know-LOL-j/k.

I don't mind debating this with you because you haven't resorted to name calling. That's cool, but still I think you're missing the forest for the trees.

For the record Crowder hasn't led the team in tackles and other than 2008 has been pedestrian at best. 06-60, 07-61, 09-44, 2010-0. He's also been injured and lost significant playing time the past 4 years including this year already. Though he is still relatively young, he has serious durability concerns.

Crowder is Chowddah!!!!

A real fan who admits his mistake and cheer for the player .

HOME , he was a turner fan but never stood by the team after that .

odin,he was jason allen for long time but when he turned it around he cheered for him and the coach for standing by him .

LESSON number 5 complete .

Last time i proclaimed that Armando had a MAN-CRUSH on JT....everybody said I was hating on Armando.

Now you can see I was only stating the facts.....

This week we have seen reports on....

Jared Allen
Orange Jersey's
Who Should I cover the oppontes coach or the HOME TEAM COACH

and finnally
Neither...I will just cover Jason Taylor


Other than the fact that he sucks as a football player, I do have personal reasons for not liking him.

Do you remember hearing about him and Joey Porters radio "appearance". Porter was ripping MY MIAMI DOLPHINS and that JACK A S S Crowder had his back.

The Trifecta should have made joey and clam Chowda a package deal and sent both their a s s e s packing.

I'll bet anyone Crowder will be cut/waived by the trade deadline this season. I'm not even sure of his contract status and I don't think it will matter. Crowders on borrowed time here in Miami.


do you think JT invites armando at his house for dinner .

WHY NOT US...........

JT is in no way part of any agressive type of Defense. like the one Nolen runs. hes the past and hes the jets future... oops, what future.


You would think he is Armando's 1st love the way he gushes over that man....pathetic


That's why I want you "handling" the Uzi's.

You've been blasting away!

This Is Our House!!!!

ALoco- Roasted goats head. that is an epicurian delight. Not easy to cook correctly because of the cartilage, and bones. The best part is the cheeks, and brain. How long did you roast the head?

I think Dobbins is getting picked on because he got beat by Shiancoe, and Fox replayed it 10 times. Other then that, his play has been good, same with all the linebacking corps. Bobby Carpenter has almost made me forgive the FO for putting MJ on the practice squad

Parcells made the right call, love JT for what he gave the Fins over the years, but Parcells made the right call. No doubt about it.

Wake is a better pass rusher TODAY, than JT is TODAY.

Parcells knew that, and also knew he wanted young guys that would not get tired and would swarm to the ball. That's what he has now with Misi and Wake replacing the old and tired Porter and JT.

Sorry to say it JT but its true. Father time has no mercy.

Lets look to the future - JT will be inducted into the Fins Ring of Honor someday soon after he retires. That's guaranteed.

And he should go in with Zach, same year, same ceremony.


Please tell Armando that...


I don't think he knows it?

i just realized i need a punch line.
i wanna be like my fellow Finfans.... give me a sec........thinking....... thinking..... thinking...... stop staring, i cant think while u guys stare at the words i type.

redsky -

that would be Jim Plunkett, beat the Eagles in 1980 then the Skins in 83.

RE Warner he lost two SB's, did not win two.
He won one.


Lifes short so I put a premium on laughs!

That was good one, THANKS!


PS: When get it figured out, don't forget the all important 4 exclamation points!!!!

KRIS, i think armando is attached to JT b/c he grew up w/him playing for dolphins .armando was 8 years old when he started to cheer for JT .

DARRYL, the goat's head has to split i 2 halfs the roasted with salt,peper and fennel seeds in oven at 425 about 2 hour the brain side up ,,you take it out and you toss it w/red wine and cook it for 20 minutes then finish w/butter and eat it w/rice pillaf cooked in the oven .

WHY NOT US.......


Are you of American Indian Descent?

If you are, what tribe/band?


FINALLY, the voice of reason.

These Clam Chowdah lovers have been ganging up on me all day. We got Dansby, Dobbins and Carpenter right now. We got Edds on IR and maybe the steal of all steals Micah Johnson on the practice squad.

And these guys think the often injured and pedestrian Channing Crowder has a chance-LMAO!

PS: My neighbor about 2 miles down the road got a "nuisance" Black Bear out in his back 40 yesterday. I love living up here in the Great White North!


I don't care what the reason is....I come here for professionalism, I can understand that when you comprimise justa a little bit of your journalitic integrity because your a HOMER. It makes sense.

However....It seems like Armando always slants to the other side. I find it distasteful and a slap in the face.

This Site Needs A Special Blog Section Just For JT/Crowder Lovers
Wets Go Down Sunday!!!!

I didn't vote because i don't twitter...

However all of you that did...I HOPE YOU FEEL USED.

Since the choice was between rex or Sporano....


inquring minds want to know?

THE WORD journalist doesn't apply ro armando in today's economics .he's a radio host and a blog writer .to expect professionalism is too much to ask of him .....

KRIS...in a year or less the most news paper will close i think .


you may be right.

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

let's talk food ,what is the best snack you can eat ?

WHY NOT US........

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