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Taylor: Would still be in Miami if Parcells had left earlier

Jason Taylor was just on a teleconference call with the South Florida media and the question that I was eager to get an answer to was his thoughts on the timing of the Bill Parcells decision to step back from the absolute power spot in Miami.

Parcells considered stepping back from his job as executive vice president of football operations prior to the start of training camp. He ultimately decided to do it just prior to the regular-season.

But what if Parcells had done it six months ago ... when the decision on Taylor was made by the Dolphins, that decision not to offer the outside linebacker a contract.

Would Taylor still be with Miami if Parcells had left earlier?

"I think that horse is already dead," Taylor said moments ago. "If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes."

I asked Taylor what he thought of that timing?

"Pretty ironic," he said.

Taylor will get a reception at sold out Sun Life Stadium. He played for the Dolphins for a dozen season and he now plays for a bitter division rival. Chances of the reaction to him approaching indifference are not good.

But which one will it be? Cheers? Or Jeers?

"I have no idea to be honest," Taylor said. " I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won't be very happy. It's their home opener and they're Dolphins fans so I would expect ... oh, hell, maybe I hope it's just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I'm the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn't be surprised to hear boos."

Taylor is nursing an elbow injury. It doesn't sound like that will keep him out of the game.

"I got nicked last week, but I'll be fine," he said. "You guys been around long enough to know whatever hurts I won't tell you about and it'll always feel better when it stops hurting."

Speaking of how fans react to the opposition, I asked Rex Ryan today if he has a message for the fans which he greeted with the one-finger salute at an MMA event during the offseason.

"Oh, no, absolutely not," he said carefully.

That's not exactly the gasbag answer I wanted from the bigger-than-life coach. So I asked him if, following his Hard Knocks declaration that, "We know we're better than you," in facing everyone, he believes the Jets are better than the Dolphins.

"I believe we're better than any team we play, I've never gone into any game not thinking we're going to win or the team I coach wouldn't win," Ryan said. "I always believe we're going to win. Now are we go undefeated or 15-1, no that's not going to happen. But my attitude is that we are going to be better, that we are going to win, every game, 100 percent of the game throughout my life, I expect we're going to win."

As for Miami coach Tony Sparano, he had a one-liner or two in his press conference today. He was asked what Miami's strategy is considering Darrelle Revis is out for the game -- something the Jets are confirming.

"I don't think Revis is out," Sparano said. "I'll believe it when I see. Brett Favre retired. You guys told me that was official. When I get out there, then we'll see. Right now we're preparing as if he's going to play. If he does not play, then we'll make our plans accordingly."


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I really have to wonder is Mando didn't post this out of spite just to irritate kris and ALoco. Whatever the reason, nice work! We would have beaten the Jets with Reavis, btw. Marshall is big, strong and aggressive. It's a shame we won't see that matchup. The orange jerseys are going to remind me of the week that I loved Ted Ginn and Fam. This one will be even better.

It's a huge home grudge match and the only blogs we have are a crap poll on whether to lsiten to our head coach or that of the enemy and mando's continued lovefest for jason taylor.

Come on Mando, get in the game. It's Thursday already. It owuld be nice if you did your part to boost the fan spirit for this game. The team needs it because you know there are going to be too many NY blowhards at SLF on Sunday.

Sean Smith on pass catching TE's was a great move by Nolan. he has the size to match up with them and the speed to cover them. If Pasqualoni was still here, Tim Dobbins would have been chasing Schiancoe down the field all day. That is what we call an adjustment.

Not only a nice adjustment, but possibly a great way to get/keep his confidence level up.

Mark , that guy named Pasqualoni is a pizza delivery guy .

aloco. has henne gotten his raise yet.?

honestly we have a few holes on offense Receiving TE help would be noticeable. Haynos is missed out there. How bout Hernandez and Gronkowski for NE... they are blowing it up If we could Trade Crowder for Receiving help i'd do it in a heartbeat. Camarillo was a tough loss after looking at the depleted core now. I'm not sold on Hartline being a #2 he is more like a reliable #4 Bess is a lock at #3 and Moore and Wallace need to learn how to run routes they are both 5's till they gain experience

Hey, if any of you guys happen to see Dan Henning, the Fins OC, out at a restaurant somewhere, please slip him a note with three words on it: PLAY-ACTION PASS!!!


We got people like Bill Connors, Armando and Mark Schelereth betting against us.

Guys like Warren Sapp, Tom Jackson, Teddy Bruschi and now Brett Farve know. Nuff said.

I don't care if the odds makers have us as 20 pt underdogs. I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The only respect worth having, is the respect you beat out of your enemies!


Sanchez = THE DAMNED!!!!

Odinseye, I apologise for the typo. I meant to type "naysayer", but it came out "haysayer".
Since we were discussing Crowder, I figured the juxtaposition utilizing the word "hay" was very appropriate

Said it before and will say it forever The player who wore jesey #99 is dead to me. That player could have signed with anyone else and I mean anyone other then the jests and I would have always considered him a Dolphin. Not now and to be honest it shows that he has always been a little fake, his attitude about the jest when he was here we now know was B.S. He got his money and the attention of the jest falling all over themselves for him but he has lost his Honor and place in history as a Dolphin.

Been a dolfan since 73. DIEHARD. Live here in jersey,been to every jets/dolphins games up here since '84 never missed one.Look Taylor was a great player but can NEVER be forgiven for his move to the Jets.NEVER.To spill venom all his career about them,his despise,etc for the organization is SICKNING.I would NEVER root for a traitor....thats whats wrong with this. As far as I am concerned he can go up in the Jets ring of honor,go in to the HOF as a Jet,retire a Jet and loose miserably this entire season as a Jet.Good Luck traitor with what that team is all about,it fits you perfect!

my god mandy you still can't let your man crush go. Wake is better good ridens

I say piss on JT. What's with the love affair people.

How many big plays did he make in playoff games or games that counted?

Go to Pro Football dot com (or the online page with the annual stats).

Check how JT did during those December swoons and odd playoff appearances.

Small time player.

Couldn't hold Den Herder's jock strap.

Long going to throw this pillow biter into retirment! Fins UPZ!

JT owes me $109.99 for the jersey i bought and wont wear again. EVER !

Time to let it go Mando. Or is it Wulf?

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