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The answer on whether Anthony Becht is an option

Yesterday I speculated that the Dolphins might consider Anthony Becht as they review their tight end position and perhaps add a player. It makes sense because Becht is a solid blocker-type, which the Dolphins love and, more importantly, he's a Bill Parcells guy because Parcells drafted him in the first round of the 2000 draft.

Well, today there is no longer any need to speculate.

I'm told by a league source the Dolphins are not interested in Becht. He is 33 years old, he just got cut by the Arizona Cardinals, and the club is apparently going in another direction for the time being.

Perhaps the club revists the idea going forward (yeah, me speculating again) but as of today, Becht is not in Miami's plans. 


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Finally, Dolphins FO is learning that an over-the-hill has-been isn't as good as a younger, greener maybe-can-be.

Patrick Turner Now a Jet?
Hope we were NOT wrong on him?

Jets are only pumping him for info, old jedi mind trick.

Yeah Turner can tell them how he can't run routes and got beat out by 2 undrafted rookies

waiver claims go by draft order, so 28 teams passed on Turner the non burner. He sucks, and I saw interviews of him, he's not very smart, I doubt he'll tell them anything.

From what I've read the fins are looking for a TE, a DE and possibly a receiver. I hope they are set with receiver because there's nothing but over the hill receivers available. I lile our youth movement and would, for now, stick with developing Moore and Wallace on the active roster.

I'd look for a real RG and not the imposters we have playing now. Can't believe they cut Thomas. Anyone know why? Someone will pick him up off the wire quickly.

Also, I'd look for a real returner.

Well, they have to do SOMETHING about the TE position. Someone mentioned that the addition of BM obviated the need for Martin who took up defenders in the middle of the field to allow Fasano to get so many grabs. Not buying it. Fasano isn't very good and Nalbone shouldn't be on anyone's roster. He's Haynos without the hands and blocking skills - oh wait, doesn't that mean he's useless as TE?

Maybe they trade for Olsen who, apparently, wants out of Chicago and wants into Miami. My thinking, though, is that they stand pat and lose at least one to two games because of crappy TE play. Kind of like last year. Ugh.

Sorry guys, I love my Fins but: with no good FS, questions at LB and NT (for me anyway), a terrible CB in Sean "I can't tackle or cover and I don't really care" Smith, an unimproved/worsened OL (meaning the running game will suffer and Henne will be under a lot of pressure - bad since he's the Statue of Liberty back there), I don't see how this team does more than one or two games better than last year, if that. The honeymoon is over with the Trifecta - it's time to make the playoffs or this "rebuild" may not be happening. B. Marsh and Dansby can only do so much.

Fingers crossed, Gentlemen.

they cut thomas because he couldnt pass block;he was a good run blocker. too much pressure on henne who doesnt move well in the pocket.

They're going to re-sign David Martin.

MrMike - I sure hope so.

One likely TE prospect may be a return of Davon Drew, who was previously with the Dolphins and has been recently waived by the Ravens. He's thought to have some upside talent, though he's hasn't stuck with the Ravens on his second opportunity.

I get a kick over the panic every year at waiver time. Oh now, x is going to the Pro Bowl, just wait and see. Yup, Miami has like 20 coaches and 10 scouts and see's these guys every day, they always release pro bowlers.

As for the sean smith bashing, get a freakin life you clueless wonders !

I still don't understand the logic of cutting David Martin. Is it because they feel they only need two TE's against the Bills and they want to stock up on other positions and they are confident that Martin will still be there for them to resign? Strange move. I see NOTHING in Nalbone and find it hard to believe he is going to be the number two TE all season.

Would Greg Olsen bring anything to the table?

The Bears back up QB is rookie Dan Lefaveur.

Trade Thigpen for Olsen?

Bect is way over the hill, that would tell me miami is way to desperate to replace martin who in that case should be brought back after week one if still available. We need to search for a more younger talent in TE, if not before the season then definately in next years draft. Turner to jets??? that would make me feel even more confident that the wets are setup for failure in 2010*lmao*

Jimmy Jam, another Sean Smith blaster who has no clue what he is talking about. Sean Smith got 39 tackles last year and 12 deflections. Teams threw at Vonte more because they were not interested in throwing at Smith. We have a monster O-Line that once they get into sync will be a force for us. There is no question about NT, Starks has shown over the preseason that he can play there, of course he played that EXACT same position before and our LB CREW is solid. For someone who loves their Fins as you say your posts sure dont read like it

His own coach Pete Carrol even passed on him. That has speaks volumes in itself.

No worry, Retard Rex shrewdly saves the day.

As good as Retard Rex sounds, Retread Rex is more fitting.

Odin, bears are asking for 2nd-3rd round pick for possible exchange of Olsen which quite frankly is too high in value for him, and this front office hates to give away picks--marshall was exception but not the the theme for ireland and parcells. I dont see it happening!!!

Teams are picking up guys left/right....Fins doing....???????


The 2nd or 3rd is what they were asking pre draft. Nobody bit, so if they're still shopping him, they know the price has to come down.

Hopefully Olsens unhappiness increases as the price decreases.

I hate what the fins are doing at TE

superPHIN is a complete idiot.
Olsen score 3 TD in one game alone last year.
Olsen is head and shoulders better than the stiffs we have now.
By the way, complete idiot superPHIN, the Dolphins drafted a second and third round pick last year and then cut their picks getting nothing.
So yes, you are a complete idiot.

Go Jets with Jason Taylor and Patrick Turner, two very good and very physical NFL players.

Go Jets!

I'll take him for a 5th rounder---4th be the limit, since our drafts usually turn to sh*t from there on!!!most of the time

superPHIN is a complete idiot.
Olsen score 3 TD in one game alone last year.
Olsen is head and shoulders better than the stiffs we have now.
By the way, complete idiot superPHIN, the Dolphins drafted a second and third round pick last year and then cut their picks getting nothing.
So yes, you are a complete idiot.

Go Jets with Jason Taylor and Patrick Turner, two very good and very physical NFL players.

Go Jets!

Posted by: Home fan | September 05, 2010 at 02:31 PM

Awww how nice,Home, quit stalking and got to bed....scrabble starts at 8 pm, dont forget your tedd ginn jersey !!!

I Wish That We Would Go After Tj Housh. Hes A Perfect Pkayer To Assist Marshall. Also, We Have Nothing At Te. Fasano Doesnt Win Games Anymore, And He May Have Lost Us The Atlanta Opener. Just Sayin.

Normal Fan: Sean Smith Was The Target All Of Last Year, He Got Tackles After His Receiver Caught Passes. Very Few Corners Started At Corner All Year Last Year With No Injury And Max Play Time And Didnt Have Any Int. Both Bengals Corners, For Example, Had Six. Unacceptable. He Looked Confused. And It Double Pisses Me Off He Has Three Picks In Aboit Four Full Games In Two Preseasons. Vontae And Allen And To A Lesser Extent Bell (not As High On Him As Everyone Else), Make Up The Strength Of A Very Weak Secondary.

Also, Our MONSTER o Line Looks Spiradic And Horrible, Getting Pushed Back By Tge Likes Of Tampa Bay And Third String Dallas. Ive Been To Both Home Games This Year, And We Should Be Better In Almost Every Aspect Than We Have Been.

Is Anyone Else Worried That The Cutting Of Pat White, Patrick Turner, Gardner, I Could Go On From Last Year Too.....is Starting To Be Proof Positive That The Trifecta Who Want To Build Through The Draft Actually CANT draft? I Know We Have Been Horrible At Drafting The Last Decade Or So But I Thought That Would Be Cleared Up With Parcells.
Bottom Line: I Oay Hard Earned Money To Go To Games, For Clothes, Sunday Ticket Which Ost Me And Arm And Leg This Year, And With One Of Te Highest Payrolls Three Years Running And Them Veing Implimented Years Ago This Should Be The Year We Win A Playoff Game And All Evidence Points To 8-8 Or So. Im Hopeful, But Worried.

Pat Turner will be scoring against the Miami Dolphins this season.

Jason Taylor will be throwing Henne in the lap of lonely NJ PHIN FRAUD at the meadowlands.

Go Jets!

Home was responsible for Brangetterdon Marshall signing with Miami and the firing of Ted Ginn.

Thanks Home

*lol* Someone really is in love with me, I'm sorry Home, i shouldve known an unstable thing such as yourself would take issues as far as lurking, stalking, changing names, just to sound more like a Complete Moron....do you have any other tricks you can do????

As usual, Home was right on Pat Turner

Now the Miami Dolphin`s will pay as they watch Pat Turner develop right before their eyes as the NY JETS, Jason Taylor and WR Pat Turner spank their Dumb @SSes

Home knows football and the Miami Dolphins made another Big Mistake

The Trifecta is getting stupider every day

Getting rid of Camarillo & Turner
for a couple of scrub WRs that show a little flash in preseason and against 3rd stringers

Not too Bright, TriFlunka

Getting nothing
Absolutely Nothing for their 2nd and 3rd round picks from only one year ago after NEVER seeing them play or get a chance to insert them in their proper roles

Now Pat White will run the spread offense with 4 or 5 wide and spank the Dumb @ss Dolphins in their own division

Pat Turner will develop as a very good 6.5 Physical WR and spank the Dolphins in their own

Jason Taylor same thing
Wes Welker same thing
Larry Izzo same thing
Former running backs same thing and the list goes on

Triflunka is whacked

superPHIN what r u talking bout?

Home is not the only one
Everyone here knows u r a Complete Idiot

This blog gets nuttier by the day. Does anyone actually WATCH the Dolphins game here? Just asking.

- You can say a lot of negative things about Sean Smith (much of it deserved). But, one thing you CAN'T say about BOTH our SECOND year CB's is that they can't tackle. That's the ONE thing they both have done consistently well during their SHORT NFL careers.

- David Martin was cut for one reason only, the Dolphins didn't want to be required to pickup his entire annual salary (which is smart, and by the way VERY COMMON IN THE NFL for vested players). Look for him to rejoin the team after Week 1 if we don't pickup anyone else.

- Just because the Jets picked up Patrick Turner DOESN'T mean he's worth a damn. The guy had 2 years to earn a spot, he failed miserably. Like someone said, he got outplayed by two undrafted rookies. He's no Wes Welker, who Miami cut EVEN THOUGH he showed that he was a great player. PT never showed any brilliance since he got here. If the Jets want to waste a spot on him, more power to 'em.

- For all the questions a TRUE Dolfan should have, NT shouldn't be one of them. Randy Starks is one of the best players on the team, and I trust he'll be one in his new position too. Paul Soliai is a good backup, he'll contribute to this team. Also, Jimmy Jam, the Dolphins TRIED to address their issues at LB, hence the addition of Dansby and drafting Koa Misi. Why don't you wait to see ONE actual game before you go ahead and say those moves didn't address the issue? You have a point at FS, but frankly fellas, that's been a question mark for the last decade practically. Again, let's see what our new DC does to plug that hole (if there is one, last I remember, Clemons didn't start last year, so give him a chance to play before you dismiss his abilities).

- AND NO, you can't tell much from 4 preseason games. Play 2-3 game in the season, and you can start crying in your milk. But doing it now only makes you sound like a scared little crybaby.

Until I see another AFC East team play any better than we have, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Will allen to ir
procter cut
fins dumpster diving for scrubs on waivers

Dippity Dippity Bat Boooww Boooww

Whippity Dippity Do Whaah! Whaah!


Is Proctor really gone?

I don't understand why some people keep bashing Miami's past couple drafts. I mean, do you people really expect to hit on 80% of the draft picks ? Not ever gonna happen for anyone so keep dreaming knuckleheads.

In 08 draft they bring us Long = top 3 at his pos. Henne = our starting QB, yet to be seen if he is franchise QB, Langford = solid starter with potential to be great, Thomas who started 12 games last yr and was cut because they improved at the pos. and don't forget about Bess who is our starting slot WR. That's 5 starters in 1 draft and Merling likely woulda started if he wasn't a complete jackass. Not to mention Hilliard has the potential to be a contributor if someone goes down. In no way was the 08 draft a bad one. Now lets look at 09 draft. White and Turner = busts. Smith started every game as a rookie last yr and people are blasting him. Make sense ? NO. Vontae = at least a solid starter for many yrs to come. Hartline = starting WR opposite B. Marsh. Clemons = starting FS. Unproven, but lets give him a chance. Nalbone and Gardner provide depth in their 2nd yr. Honestly, what's not to like about our drafts ? Too early to even speculate on '10 draft, but so far looking pretty good. I challenge any fan to make a legitimate argument on why our drafting sucks and find a team that has done a better job the past 3 years.

dolphins took turner healthy and meaty and threw him bones .

Fact is Camarillo is better than flash in the pan Moore

Turner is better than Wallace and has much more upside

Wallace whiffed on ST, let Fields punt get blocked and has dropped 3 passes in preseason
Catching some crap against 3rd stringers means nothing

Triflunka has lost it, Man

2 undrafted flash in the pan nobody WRs this year instead of Camarillo who caught ALL 50 passes and Turner who routinely crushes sean smith in practice and is developing fine and will smoke us now on the NY JETs

Put Down the kool aid
Triflunka Funked Up Big Time!

Im not an idiot superPHIN

I have notes and certificates from most proffessional Psycatrical Doctors that prove im as sane as the next impatients that come in every week.

***Dynasty is Pats***

PS Please, My Milk Bottle????

sean smith should have been cut or traded

Pat White & Pat Turner will Do Well on another team

Big Mistake Dolphin management

home is having a lot of solid points.
go home write what you think is right .bloggers should be proud to have home on this blog idiots .

i am not going against home b/c the wagon is pulling .

Dolphins r working hard to get 2nd to last in the division
If they can stay ahead of the Bills


i agree w/hme on the notion thst pat white and turner will flourish some where else .

pete carrol passed on turner b/c he's all set on that spot .

Armando, what do you know about/think of Spencer Havner (waived) from GB? All he does is catch touchdowns, according to T. Aikman. I did hear his name called a lot in the playoff game vs the Cards last year. Anybody know why he got cut? Right, cuz there were better players ahead of him.


Aloco is my friend and likes me for who i am
We are taking over the world people
and you will have to watch the greatest show in turner and white Destroy everything the dolphins Administration stands for.........................................................................................................................................................................................


PS I need my bottle!!!!

You tell 'em DC. This defense is going to rock!

Is Pat White signed with the Patriots yet?

U know Bellicheat will run the spread offense very effectively with Pat White and give Brady a break

Pat Turner will be making an immediate impact with the NY Jets and will be lighting up Chemtrail Death stadium Sunday night, Home Opener

Will come to find
The 2 Pats were NOT the problem

Dolphin coaches and decision making
Sorry to say is the problem

Best of Luck to the 2 Pats that


Odin, I read where they kept Procter, and he's still on the roster, for what its worth. I agree that we need to keep him and Murtha, just for depth if no other reason, until somebody better comes along.

home is having a lot of solid points.

Posted by: ALoco | September 05, 2010 at 03:19 PM


Read Homes "stuff" a little more carefully.


Turner who routinely crushes sean smith in practice and is developing fine and will smoke us now on the NY JETs

Posted by: Home | September 05, 2010 at 03:15 PM

First off, catching 3 passes in 8 pre season games and not even making it onto the field in 2009 is NOT developing nicely.

Second, to butress his argument he says Turner "crushes" Sean Smith in practice.

YET according the ole wise one, Sean Smith is a poser, wanna be, that never should have been drafted. That's not saying much for Turner then.

His arguments make no sense. He has an "I'm always right" complex and he let his mouth right a check his brain couldn't cash.
He could have just came out and said, hey I blew it on this one guys, I was wrong.
Not Homes, he talked HIMSELF into a corner and proved HIMSELF WRONG and now HE can't handle it.
Now because he has this "I know all" complex, the rest of us have to suffer.


Turner will be a good WR on the NY JETS
and your right Odin

U Will Suffer

I hope everyone will join me at the fund raiser for the home opener against the jets

Rex Ryan t-shirts (1.99 each)
Patrick Turner(0.99 each)
Jets SB Post cards(0.69 each)
Derrel Revis's Contract(0.50 per reading line)
Pat Whites UPS Job(0.20 per minute)mans gotta eat
Homes Fortune telling(I'll pay you 10.00 an hour)If im wasting that much of your time, might as well be worth it

*****Dynasty be Pats*****

Pigpen kept throwing to 6.5 Physical WR Pat Turner`s Ankles lol

Now Mark can hit him in the hands outstretched at 8 feet

Go Taylor
Go Turner

Go Jets!

Pigpen throws footballs up for grabs on his back foot or throws it at Turners Ankles

Glad we kept Pigpen lol

Go Jets!

Rex Ryan: So, Patrick, you were familiar with the Dolphins' playbook, yes?

Turner: Yes, Mr Ryan sir coach.

Rex Ryan: Can you tell us what was in that playbook?

Turner: Well, sir, on Mondays, if we were good, we all got cookies and milk. On Tuesday...

Rex Ryan: No, Patrick, I mean the playbook, where they listed their on-field game plans.

Turner: They had a book like that? Wait.. I remember, it had nice shiny covers and long words like "running your routes".

Rex Ryan: That's good, Patrick. Now, what was in the playbook?

Turner: I am not a big reader, Coach Ryan, sir. I just skimmed it. There were some hot cheerleaders though.

Rex Ryan: Does the word "cut" mean anything to you, Patrick?

Turner: Why yes, Mr Ryan. Cuts are cute and fluffy and they sit on the mat. Coach Tony explained that to me.


You're right. I heard someone say he was gone, so I double checked. It made me a little nervous hearing that. Procter's a good backup, with versatility.

I hope I'm wrong, but Murtha looked pretty bad this pre season. I think the McQuistan guy is better. More versatility and experience.

We're already a little thin for my liking on the OL depth. I don't want to hear any of them are gone, unless we've found another "gem" on the waiver wire.

Thigpen for Olson? Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that lol. Good call Odin. Now all we have to do is get the front office to go for it.

Pat White scores again!

and Pat White and the New England Patriots head to the Play Offs

Dolphins 7-9 again losing record with sean we aint gotnooneelsesmith

Go Pats!

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