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The answer on whether Anthony Becht is an option

Yesterday I speculated that the Dolphins might consider Anthony Becht as they review their tight end position and perhaps add a player. It makes sense because Becht is a solid blocker-type, which the Dolphins love and, more importantly, he's a Bill Parcells guy because Parcells drafted him in the first round of the 2000 draft.

Well, today there is no longer any need to speculate.

I'm told by a league source the Dolphins are not interested in Becht. He is 33 years old, he just got cut by the Arizona Cardinals, and the club is apparently going in another direction for the time being.

Perhaps the club revists the idea going forward (yeah, me speculating again) but as of today, Becht is not in Miami's plans. 


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ODIN, we got to be able to respect home for sticking for what he believes in .most fans just ride the wagon .if he enjoys football that way more power to him since he doesn't bother any one .

It's fact the dolphins doesn't know how to draft .


You squirrelly little F_ck!

I'll slap meh name outcha mouf Bu-ooyy!!!!

Dolphins terminated the contracts of Charles Grant, Marquis Douglas and Cory Proctor today. Also placed Will Allen on Injured reserve. Moves continue



r u F!#@# kidding me?

Nalboner as r #2 TE

TriFlunka Strikes Again!


Rex Ryan said he could not offer a contract to Turner on account turner was said to have guaranteed that he would bet ryan that for every drop made on the field of play, Ryan would have to go without fatty food for a month...details were not specific but Ryan got extremely angry and had security kindly ESCORT turner out of jets facility without further incident...Turner is still looking for work in NFL....Pats are next stop....stay tuned

****Dynasty Be Pats****

DOES ANY one knows if sparano ownes a house in florida or renting ?

Put your teeth back in Odin
Home cannot understand U
U Drunken Viking!

And now ALoco kisses the a@s of Fake Home too. What a total moron.

bobbyd the plumber

Camarillo & Turner last year

This year Sparano thought he saw 2 guys flash against 3rd stringers
One goofball Wallace drops balls and watches punts being blocked in front of his face and does nothing

or maybe Sparano saw a woodchuck, he`s not sure

The other, Moore slips after one step and tackles himself on KO during last game

F#@!# Genuis that Sparano

Homes, hate to admit it but your right on the 2 Pats.
They both will do fine on other teams that play against us in our division.

Pigpen just threw another off his backfoot
a floater with 3 defenders around it
wonder how that will work out? lol

McQuistan does look like a good trade. I'm no Murtha fan, but we are getting thin there, as you pointed out. I'll trust me some Parcells and Ireland to find those gems if they're out there. If not, I think we'll still be okay on the O line. I'm more worried about getting a good TE. Blocking and pass-catching ability is a plus. I guess they can always resign Martin, but an upgrade sounds like a good idea.


Sources close to home say Pat White might have accepted terms to come back to Miami, apparently the dolphins mascot has gotten surprisingly ill when out late last night drinking at unknown bar with surprisingly enough marc anthony and J-low can you go. Pat White has applied for several janitor positions at sun life stadium so that he could be pay the dolphins back for some of the guaranteed money he recieved as second overall pick in draft. Parcells and Ireland have not been specific to terms of whites role with miami but are speculating mascot job appears to be open at this time and white is front runner for position....stay tuned

****Dynasty be Pats****

What do you mean put my teeth back in?

I have ALL my REAL teeth.

Well, except for that one my Mom knocked out with a coffee mug when I was a kid.

good one,Homes and nice call since last year on Sean Smith "The Poser CB"

Turner will soon be almost as big of a mistake as Wes Welker.

This just in:
Yup, Procter is gone, along with Grant and Douglas. Will Allen on IR.
We did get awarded four players off waivers though, DE's Clifton Geathers and Robert Rose, OL's Jermey Parnell and Joe Reitz.

More gems I hope.

Reading about them now, ltr.

Never said Vontae can't tackle. Smith is lazy. He hasn't been anything close to the CB he appeared to be in his rookie PRE-season. I think he has the skill set but there is something amiss with his character. Certainly he hasn't improved.

I would love to eat my words. I hope I do.

As far as NT, Starks can get the job done quite decently, but he isn't a beast at the position - he was at DE, though. I think they could have done better and had a chance with a few players in the offseason and draft.

As far as the LB corps - I said I had questions. One of them is whether Misi is an upgrade. He's younger... Dansby is awesome. Crowder sucks any way you look at it. The defensive numbers are better when he's in but that is an enigma because he is a slow them down so the other guy can tackle kind of player who is largely out of position. Peole say that he's injured so give him a break - well he's ALWAYS injured so... Cam Wake and Dansby are awesome and will be fun to watch. So my questions are with Misi (can he be all that?) and with whoever's left (Moses? Anderson? Please).

I will wait to judge the O-lin. On paper, they shoudl be better so maybe it is just a matter of gel-time. But it'd sure be nice to have this line built by now and I don't think it's done: No real starting center (Joe Berger? A bit better than a journeyman. Grove? Well, the knock was that he was always injured despite being good. Well, guess what?). I like Incognito and am hopeful for Jerry. Carey is decent. Long is very good and has been the best draftee out of the lot this management team has picked.

DC and Normal - I hope this clarifies my thinking on what I said. I respect your opinions and I think we all hope that this team is much better than last year. I hope that all my criticisms prove to be way off base. If they are, roast me during the season. I'll be happy to own it.

Why cut Will Allen?

Turner just scored another TD with the Jets


I thought Grant and Douglas would stick for this season at least.
I know they were going against 2nd and 3rd stringers in the pre season, but I thought they looked great. This one puzzles ME.

PS: If Procter's gone who is adding depth at Guard?

PSS: They must be getting ready to announce some signings.


Last night i scored another TD with my man but he missed the game winning FG

They have no plans
Ireland owed the pimp some money
So he had to make a move
Ireland did not think this one out yet

Oh Yeah
Turner just caught another big first down catch for the Jets
and Pigpen is still whipping balls in the dirt and at the ankles of 6.5 NFL WRs

I mean ir

This just in:
Yup, Procter is gone, along with Grant and Douglas. Will Allen on IR.
We did get awarded four players off waivers though, DE's Clifton Geathers and Robert Rose, OL's Jermey Parnell and Joe Reitz.

More gems I hope.

Reading about them now, ltr.

Posted by: JaxDolphin

WOW. I, too, thought Grant and Douglas were locks. Only know Geathers out of that lot.

DE Robert Rose (Seattle)
DE Clifton Geathers (Cleveland)
G Joe Reitz (Baltimore)
OT Jermey Parnell (New Orleans)

yesterday we dumped our garbage, and today the miserable Jets pick it up...

my question is: why do you consider yourself the best team in the division and still be picking up your nemesis' garbage? I don't get it. Rex 'fat @ss' Ryan needs to STFU!!!

Jason Taylor first and now Patrick Turner...

Go Dolphins!

and for those who keep crying about Turner, the Fins kept the best WRs available regardless of draft status.. Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Moore and Wallace.

same goes for the QB position... it's a shame Turner and White didn't have any trade value...

Cutting Charles Grant?
What games were they watching. He was by far our best pass rushing DE. Plus he knows the defense, what do these kids know about anything??? They’ve just been cut & one of them was drafted.

And you can’t start the season with Nalboner as your 2nd TE. That makes absolutely no sense!!!

D Thomas was praised by opposing linemen on his power and strength

Is the TriFlunka Drunk?

How can anyone have an opinion on Nalbone
when no one has seen him play?

Give the FO credit for working late.

With Turner now reunited with Sanchize in N.Y./Jersey. Young QB holds private meeting with young draft standout. No information was released on meeting specifics other than when both men left Jets Practice earlier today they were spotted by reporters of Boston Herald checking into a Motel 6 nearby(). Further information was not disclosed in report.

***Dynasty Be Pats***

The 2 Pats
White & Turner will prove to be another Miami Dolphin coaching blunder

and keeping sean as starting CB ...

C`mon Man!

Nalboner is raw
even for the practice squad

Thats right
Raw Nalboner is what u get for starting TE

U Get That, Huh?

Can`t wait to see Pat White in the spread offense with Moss & Welker

Imposter boobyHome

did u get videos when window peeking lol

Will Allen on IR? Does that mean he is out for the year? They cut Douglas and Grant? I don't get that. I thought those two woould be nice depth players for us. I also thought the same of Proctor. Strange moves. And still no other tight end. God help them if Fassano goes down. Don't know much about the guys we got. Anyone?

Cant wait to see the spread Offense that waits for White in locker room shower when initiation starts for mascot training next week

***Dynasty Be Pats***

Imposter booby posting as Home

was Raw Nalboner in the Sanchez/Turner motel video

I like Raw Nalboner in the morning!

Home, are you a Dolphins fan, patriot, jet or what? Its kinda hard to tell. Its ok to disagree with the way they run things, but don't bail on the team just because they cut a couple of guys you liked.

No to my split Personality Home,

Pictures will only be uploaded at Homes Discretion or until wife lets me out of garage.

****Dynasty Be Pats****

I love to go out with Nalbone at night .


Not much to know, apparently. From what I've been able to find out, none of them have played in more than four games. No starts among them. They are all young. I am hopeful they are eager.

I would rather the FO had kept the ones they cut: Procter, Grant and Douglas.

Sporting News ranked all 32 nfl coaches:

#10 Rex Ryan

#17 Tony Sparano


PS Craig, sorry but Will Allen is out for the year on IR.


I only Point Out facts and Truths
If You cant handle it then find another team
This Regime is worse than Cam Cam-Moron era
Triflunka sucks at developing talent and are too easy to give up on worthwhile investments
In time you will learn to realize that i am right about things that is Dolphins

****GO PATS****


Jason Allen starting ahead of Sean Smith on Sunday in Buffalo. Nice, I like that move. That'll teach Smith to keep his mouth shut.


Sporting News ranked all 32 nfl coaches:

#10 Rex Ryan

#17 Tony Sparano


Jason*I cant cover*Allen will be worse than S.Smith come sunday and that is saying alot and fin fans will call for firing of spore-ano and parcells

Let the Chucky Era Begin

****Go Pats****

TE Martin Just Signed with the Bills

Way to Go TriFlunka
Plan backfired

Now u got Raw Nalboner

Home, What the Hell is going on!?

Please Help these Dummies on the TriFlunk out, like U did getting Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall

They keep making blunder after blunder

U R right the Triflunka must be Drunk

Here it is:
"There’s another surprise coming in the Dolphins secondary.
By now, you know that Will Allen has been placed on injured reserve, even though he was targeting a return for the Sept. 26 game against the Jets, and maybe even Sept. 19 against the Vikings if the team deemed that necessary.
But here’s something else on the horizon:
Sean Smith, who started all 16 games at cornerback as a Dolphins rookie, is not in line to start the season opener.
According to two sources, fifth-year man Jason Allen has been penciled in as the starting cornerback in place of Smith, and Smith was made aware of that decision over the weekend. Vontae Davis will start at the other perimeter cornerback, and Benny Sapp will serve as the nickel back. Nolan Carroll is also available."

Sporting News ranked all 32 nfl coaches:

#10 Rex Ryan

#17 Tony Sparano


Posted by: DyingBreed | September 05, 2010 at 05:01 PM

That list is Wrong DyingBreed, Ryan should be ranked #1 and Spor-drano #2 respectively for Hot Dog eating Contest Rankings

****Dynasty Be Pats****


It is obvious to the most casual observer that it is you who needs to find another team. Last time I checked, this was a Dolphins blog.

Your evident love for the patsies and the jests precludes you from having anything further to do with our, true Dolphins fans. Brady and Rex are waiting for you at their respective sites. Pick one and stew in it.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, k?

Jason Allen will get an INT. against the bills. He is better than Sean Smith. Smith is overrated. Also, Allen is much more physical and can tackle better than Smith.

I`ll do what I Can bobbyd12

Now they lost TE Martin and got stuck with a Nalboner

Shoulda kept the 2 Pats

Home is that U?
This is getting confusing with all my impostering

No seriously
David Martin is now with the Bills

The TriFlunka`s plan backfired

Bad 2 days for the Dolphins and this lifelong Dolfan

A lot of bonehead moves

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