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The answer on whether Anthony Becht is an option

Yesterday I speculated that the Dolphins might consider Anthony Becht as they review their tight end position and perhaps add a player. It makes sense because Becht is a solid blocker-type, which the Dolphins love and, more importantly, he's a Bill Parcells guy because Parcells drafted him in the first round of the 2000 draft.

Well, today there is no longer any need to speculate.

I'm told by a league source the Dolphins are not interested in Becht. He is 33 years old, he just got cut by the Arizona Cardinals, and the club is apparently going in another direction for the time being.

Perhaps the club revists the idea going forward (yeah, me speculating again) but as of today, Becht is not in Miami's plans. 


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most of those posts r bloggers impostering Home


Dolphins first
Then NFL

Will still wish JT well
and Pat White & Pat Turner
Hope they make some good plays against us but we win at the end of the day

This is the year Simply The Bess pays Better than Welker :)

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

hopefully someone is in our plans..

Get a clue Jax

Every Draft we have had since the Trflunka has been here has been an epic fail for dolphins
We get Rid of Players faster than we go tanking down the strecth into a season.
Epic Fail for Front Office
Epic Fail For Jeff Ireland
Epic Fail For Bill Parcells
Epic Fail For Tony Spore-Drano
Epic Fail 2010 Season

4-12 Here We Come, We need a change for the better..****Chucky Be Fins****

Isn't there any way to have Home locked out of blog Track Back??? His incomprehensible rants show nothing but complete ignorance and yet he spouts off that he's more knowledgable than the Trifecta (or any other coaching staff).
I truly suspect that not only is Home not a Dolphin Fan, but not even a football fan. Does he even watch the games?
His ignorance of football is only matched by opinion of himself.

Starting the movement now...
Ban Home!

Fake Home, Fake Bobbyd12, must be tough having no life all day huh??? Fu@kin douchebag spending hour after hour wasting ur life pretending to be someone else LMAO @ a total loser!!! Have a good night dum F U C K

Home, all kidding aside you are more accurate with your Dolphin`s predictions than any blogger or writer i know.I also thought Turner would make the roster.Now Turner is going to develop on the J-E-T-S and even worse play against us and our poor secondary.Turner is going to hurt us.
Anyhoo Home, i will stop posting stupid crap under your posting name if you meet me for a drink.

*LOL* @ U BobbyD I C K12

You say nothing relevent and therefore are irrelevent to any well known poster out here.

We all know that you are the true Imposter Lurking every Hour here

****Dynasty Be Fins****!!!


Do you really think Turner is going to make it in New York? He's shown us nothing in a year plus with the Dolphins and I think New York has too many WR's for him to have any impact there. I think he's one of those guys who is fine if the QB finds him with the ball but I don't think he's one of the those guys who is going to make things happen. Let's see who is right but I don't think Turner makes an impression as a pro.

wassup my good buddy home?

Good god, do the kiddies ever leave here, i know its sunday and all but c'mon now...this blog should have an age check on it before you log on.

i certainly hate the jets but henry ellard is the WR coach there and if he can't teach turner how to run routes no one can! i have mad respect for ellard!

Dear Mr. Salguero

With "Home", "Fake Home" and "Fake Homes imposter" all here posting together I get confused, especially when they talk in the 3rd person then there's like 10 of them I think.

Just wanted to throw that out there
What ever happened to originality

Soiled :)

I hear HBO's going to do a "Hard Knocks" segment on this blog.

It will be titled:


Sorry about that original Home(?) May I suggest you: Register your account, start a blog, then just discontinue it if you feel like it. You get your name in blue and can't be duped that way. Glad to have you back, I hated that dynasty be pats crap.

Craig M, Turner is not making it anywhere. Dont be confused by the dumfuk who posts under my name.

Lot of action today.I'm kinda perturbed about Martin going to the Bills,but as far as Turner goes,I'd throw in Pat White too so the Jets can win the Super Bowl.

thanks home, nice posting.

Soiled Bottom
There are at least 2 or 3 others using my posting name being annoying on purpose

Not my fault

Nor is the fact Pat White, Pat Turner and Donald Thomas are not with the team anymore

Think all these players will find a new Home and be successful

Home, talk about IRRELEVANT??? TURNER IS A 100% LOCK, all summer long you talked nonsense about a guy who cant run a route or catch a ball. What a fool you are. Go back and spend more time wasting your life on HAARP and the fantasy world you live in. By the way, still BANNED at the Sun-Sentinel. Talked to Omar the other day and he laughed, said your the biggest moron he ever dealt with. LMAO@ DUMFUK HOME

we cut Marques Douglas, Charles Grant, Cory Procter, lost Will Allen on injured reserve.

picked up Clifton Geathers, Robert Rose, Joe Reitz and Jermey Parnell.

everyone is saying because of these moves miami is done? LOL?? what did any of these players we dumped contribute last year to this team?

money should be a concern to the FO and they should rotate the bottom of the 53!

fear not people we are fine fins!!!

Clifton Geathers in action

It sounds like some people on here need to lay off the buttered bologna sanwiches,ramen noodles and warm Schlitz......it really isn't god for ya.

i guess that isn't the real home?

Pat White= Wildpat failed

Pat Turner= Too little too late

Donald Thomas= Bad pass protector and 1nd level blocker.

Pat White= Wildpat failed

Pat Turner= Too little too late

Donald Thomas= Bad pass protector and 2nd level blocker.

Donald Thomas was a devastating point of attack blocker. But he was garbage at protecting the passer and couldnt block anyone at the 2nd level to save his life. He also just average when asked to pull.

Thomas never improved in the other phases of his game and thats why he's on the outs now.

bobbyd ,
How come you changed your mind about Turner all of a sudden ?

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Would somebody please smack my son for he is as dumb as they come

Sincerely Home's Mom

Changed my mind??? I posted at the first open practice I went too that Turner was running bad routes and dropping the ball. I said he shouldnt make this team. I was 100% right. Turner is not a good receiver and Moore and Wallace were more deserving.Nothing changed

dave martin to the bills?

Changed my mind??? I posted at the first open practice I went too that Turner was running bad routes and dropping the ball. I said he shouldnt make this team. I was 100% right. Turner is not a good receiver and Moore and Wallace were more deserving.Nothing changed

Posted by: bobbyd12 | September 05, 2010 at 06:19 PM

Only reason Turner wasnt cut last season is the high investment(3rd rd). Not only did the 2 rookies far outplay Turner in rookie camp comparison. Turner didnt even make much separation between himself and the 2 rookies in his camp play this season. It was a common sense move to dump Turner in favor of the 2 rooks. LOL

Dear Mrs. Homes Mother

Please tell your son to stop playing with the Blog's Thermostat...he thinks he's controlling the weather.

Soiled :)

Turner was trying to be the poor mans cinderalla story for the phins but i thought he would show more progress in the season but i cant argue the fact that wallace and moore were outplaying him in preseason. Pat White was someone who i thought was a bigger mistake when i KNEW he had absolutely no chance to excell in NFL as a QB. Henning and Sparono fell too much in love with the way the wildcat was used in 2008 and i think it definately played a huge role in clouding their judgement when picking him up and they have now finally admitted that in parting ways with him.

You're right Superphin, White was only drafted for the "wildpat." Not as an undercenter mainstay. Because of inability of White as a passing threat out wildpat, services no longer desired.

Martin just picked up by the Bills. Great. Things just got harder for Week 1.

Martin going to buffalo isnt that big a deal, im pretty sure Dansby or Dobbins is good enough to handle a guy of martins physical caliber. Hell i might even go as far as saying Chowderhead can keep him contained enough if he even plays in week one.

hw did things just get harder fir week 1?? because Buffalo picked up a player that wasnt good enough to make our team?

The passing game begins at the o-line, with that in mind I wouldnt be afraid of the Bills passing game if they had Jerry Rice and Paul Warfield, lol!

True Point DyingBreed,

Thats how you would normally begin building a team and then having a QB who can put fear in your secondary(even tho ours have been scary to watch*lol*). Thankfully with guys like Ralph Wilson running the bills personal decisions, They have neither....Thanks Ralph!!!

superphin/aloco....just finished grilling and eating and had a few shots in between.....I tried to get my wife to grill during the lightning storm, but when I gave her a 6 foot long spatula she declined, huh, wonder why? anyway, this stuff about Martin in Buffalo true? That makes our entire season one of the toughest schedules in the league. Comments anyone? Who has the hardest schedule....Dolphins have to perform, it's on their big shoulders!

Yep, Martin gives the bills that super bowl contender that they've been waiting for all these years*lol*Wets have toughest schedule to start the season, the paper SB champs have the raven,pats,vikings, and then us to start with, and those upstanding up and coming bills. redsky, wrap that thing with aluminium and she might change her mind!!!

I'm sure that I will get some well deserved "Your a homer Darryl" ridicule. But maybe a guy the Phins might look at as far as tight end goes is Steven Phfaler. Phfaler was a teammate of Dan Beaudin at Monatana, and was by far the better more athletic of the two ends(Beaudin was given a tryout by the Phins at rookie camp) Since the Phins did their homework on Beaudin, they no doubt know who Phfaler is. Phfaler was realesed by Tennessee yesterday, he led all Titan TE's in yards and receptions. The strict requirements for size, may eliminate Phfaler from the discussion, but this is a guy that can make plays, would like to see him get a chance.

Jimmy jam, you are an idiot. You're the same guy whos been in here under a thousand different names in the past two weeks because you have a hard on for Parcells. Thank you for the report on all of the negative possibilities on this team. You're a Dolphin fan you claim, so why never any positive signs from the team? Are you saying nothing will be good about this team whatsoever? You are incredibly ignorant and immature. I'm sorry Parcells turned down your date request but you need to get over it and get a life.

For the love of all that is holy some of you people are so incredibly stupid it boggles the mind. I guess by these posts we had better write
a letter to the Dolphins telling them that instead of cutting players they should kill them. That way all of the players that are garbage will stop going to other teams and becoming pro bowlers. That's the only way to avoid this "oh no they signed our garbage and now that same garbage will beat us" mentality. And the Jets fan posing as regular posters. YOU DO REALIZE WE KNOW IT'S YOU RIGHT? What a friggin loser this guy is. HAHAHAHA Glad to see you have such a great life you were able to sit inside all day on a holiday weekend pretending to be someone you're not. Hey at least in your mind you got to be cool for a day jerkoff.

dolphins have the 17th toughest schedule according to the NFL, David Martin going to Buffalo hasnt made it any harder

I dont put much stock in what the NFL deems as NFL's toughest schedules, all based on conjecture and where teams finished last year. Its like listening to so called experts predict teams outlooks on season and are never right. We've seen many times before Teams, Personal, and Management changes and come out of nowhere the next year and become the surprise teams of the year. But what doesnt change anything is that Buffalo still sucks in the afc east!!!

Minor point superPhin but disagree with you. 1. Last year the Dolphins had THE numbe 1 toughest schedule and it was brought up constantly during the year. 2. I take stock in what they say because the rankings come from tge NFL itself, not some outside experts or anyone else. If we are going to talk about strength of schedule then we should start with what the NFL itself says. and looking at this schedule, it certainly looks easier to me

True enough Bobbyd12,

I think half of our losses were due to inconsistancys and unable to hold leads late in games. I just dont base it so much off of a team schedule or a team that is better than you on paper more than i base it on play execution and performances.

Donald Thomas- let go because of upgrades at the position and Injury bug. (very likely to be injured again and not play whole season). The risk out-weighed the reward.

Pat Turner- had a year and a half to tighten up routes.... did not... and out-performed by undrafted rookies in practices and games. He will run the same piss-poor routes in New Jersey. Did not bite as pup (more of a nibble).

Pat White- mistake to change throwing motion, was never the same after and it affected his confidence. He is a very hard worker, but was down-right scary in games (and practices) for us last year. Should go back to throwing way he did in college and has a better chance of success in a West Coast offense.

Sometimes I touch myself at night. Then I cuddle up to my stuffed animals and tell them I know about football.

****Dynasty Be Fins****!!!

As I said in my last post, I think that this Italian "thing" (i.e., Anthony "Tony" Sparano)is going to destroy the "Big Tuna's" previously "earned" mystique! I certainly hope that I'm wrong, but it should not take long to find out if my current fears become realized! The name of the game is "what have you done for me lately?"
Watch! P.S. I have nothing against Italians, I'm married to one!

I have a thought on the TE situation. Think about this. Moore & Hartline at WR, Bess at Slot and Marshall at TE. This would give a DC nightmares. Or go Marshall & Hartline WR, Bess Solot and Wallace at TE. What LB or Safety in the NFL could match up with that TE combo?

if the phins want a receiver why not v. jackson?they will sign some no name sorry ass, and wonder why they can't win!

JET KINGDOM is feelin great! Revis is signed and in camp. Patrick turner joins the jets, maybe because he caught 17tds from Sanchez and 0 from Hand slapper Henne.
Cromartie and wilson played great so we have 3 solid corners, backs played well also.
Can't say ducasse,or slaughson will be an adequate replacement for Fanica, but fanica gave up the most sacks last year.
Also, some of yoos doofins who don't keep track of da JETS wonder why we cut richardson, John "termanator" Connor has been outstanding in preseason, and was the best fullback in this years draft.

I wish the technology existed to ban all these crybabies with keyboards once the season starts and the wins start piling up. It takes zero talent to be a critic and most of these blog entries prove it. Good riddance to Turner and White... if you can't contribute you can go elsewhere. Somebody complained about "developing talent" ... how many years do you wait for a third round pick to develop. Either you got it or you don't, same goes for a #2 draft pick. Our starting lineup looks strong. I like Jason Allen over Smith. Smith seems to spend to much time wondering what to put on his next tweet. This is another example of 'competing for the job'. Competition makes a team stronger. Too many people on this blog don't understand the unpredictability of the draft. Just because you draft a guy doesn't make him a star let alone a starter. 32 teams, 22 starters per, so those 200 drafted kids are trying to crack into an already crowded talent pool. Turner has the size but not the heart, seems alot of those USC players are turning out to be the same thing.

"It’s more about what the other people at the position did I think in this situation.'

Oh yeah! Because he got soooooo many opportunities. Right....

Is it just me or does Tony Sparano have the strangest speech pattern? I feel sorry for Salguero.

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