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... And once again, no Crowder at practice

The Dolphins final full practice before leaving to Buffalo? Routine for the most part.

On Friday the Dolphins put the finishing touches on their prep work for the Bills and, once again, inside linebacker Channing Crowder (groin) did not participate. As I told you yesterday on this blog, it just does not seem plausible for Crowder to play in the regular season opener.

[UPDATE: Crowder is listed as questionable on Friday's injury report. Jake Long (knee) is listed as probable after practicing all week, even if on a limited basis. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall (ankle) is listed as probable. Marshall practiced fully on Thursday and Friday.]

I don't believe Crowder will even make the trip. I bet you hear reports of the Dolphins leaving him home by this time Saturday.

As for how he's looking, don't believe me. Believe your eyes from this video, courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute upload:

The Bills, by the way, are having linebacker issues of their own. Reggie Torbor was declared out for this game. So was Antonio Coleman. They also placed Kawika Mitchell on injured reserve on Thursday. The Bills are expected to go into Sunday's game with only three linebackers.

That's usually bad news for a 3-4 defense that needs four linebackers to just be on the field. I remind you, however, that the Bills used a 4-3 look in their final preseason game.

One more thing: Akin Ayodele, who was signed Thursday will not be active for the game, according to head coach Chan Gailey.


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first, perhaps

We're better without him anyway - he hasn't made a play in three years - one play - Brady hit him right in the stomach with the ball

Why would we not believe Crowder is playing? He hasn't played all preseason. It's not a big deal against Barfalo anyhow. Dobbins will be alright.

Crowder has had good seasons with a great ILB (Thomas) alongside him.
I think he can have a pretty decent season with Dansby in the leading role.
Not confident at all in Dobbins. Career backup: not sure he's un upgrade over Ayodele or Torbor.

go dolphins

That's probably what he does best...ride a bike and cheerlead from the sidelines.

i want to live until the day HENNE makes 1/6 of tom brady's salary of 18 million a year the highest in the league .

Odinseye , i got your last post and it's fine .i have a question why in this video i see two men wearing a referee uniforms ?

Wow, didnt even know there was that many dolfans that cared weather crowder practiced or not, let alone starting or not.

not even a fan of crowder but he will be missed. time for the rooks and carp to strut their stuff

Another whole blog article of no significance that could be reduced to one simple sentence. 'Crowder didn't practice today.'

Being that Spiller is the only guy on the Bills who could give them problems, not having Crowder could be significant. They've had some awful run defense games when Crowder's been out.

Hey, the bills signed akin knees Odoyle, martin and Oydele....I smell upset.......uh, NO!!!!


I feel for you Brother.

Your suffering from what's called co-dependent emotional transference.

You've obviously refocused your JT man love onto Channing Crowder. You do seem to be making progress however as evidenced by your partial emergence from a total state of denial.

Translation: Everybody and Buffalo Bills brother has known Crowder won't be playing in Buffalo.

Prognosis: Not so good. Armando you need to start preparing yourself for Channing Crowderless Miami Dolphins.

It'll be OK Armando, just get a grip Big Fella :)

Hopefully Sunday, game day brings us good news, we have not had any in a long time...

How about Pat White signing with the Jets practice squad? It really seems like Buffalo and NY are trying to get some inside info.


You have to be yanking the chain?

That would be Torbor, Ayodele and Martin in Buffalo.

Those guys must have been right when telling the whiners that other teams have their own share of hits, misses and TROUBLES-LMAO!

jets fn suck. That is all.

Our coreners and saftey should handle spiller. Look for micah johnson to be in on running downs. He was pretty good against the run during the preseason games he played

If we NEED Crowder to play against the Bills in order to win. Then we are a truly pathetic defense.

I can't wait for Sunday and the first game of the season.I hope we crush the Bills,but I won't be surprised if it ends up being a nail biter.
One more thing....I promise to not argue with any of you Dolphin fans.I'm saving that for the Jets,Pats and Bills.Go Dolphins.

go team go ,rah rah rah, go team go, rah rah rah !

Crowder's only good year was in a 4-3 "D"
and he played OLB

Trade him now.....

Mando....how did long look?

Jets signed WR Patrick Turner to their practice squad.
The Dolphins blew $714,000 on a signing bonus for Turner. Now, he's a practice squad player for the division rival Jets. Considering the surprise 2009 third-round pick's history, he's a poor bet to ever be an NFL producer.

Bills coach Chan Gailey has ruled out OLB Reggie Torbor (chest) for Week 1.
Torbor was slated to play on all rushing downs, so this can't hurt Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Chris Ellis will likely start opposite Chris Kelsay.

Bills signed ILB Akin Ayodele.
Ayodele is nothing more than a fringe reserve and special teamer at this stage of his career. Fortunately, that's the role he's set to fill as Kawika Mitchell's replacement behind Andra Davis and Paul Posluszny in Buffalo.

Copy and Paste=== Amigo Style reporting

So it has come to my mind that Armando and his Amigo are probably pissed off because the Dolphins refuse to let the media (Or maybe just him) in the locker room. Or he could just be jealous of Jeff Darlington. I can gurantee his next post will read something like this...

"Crowder didn't Practice, again"

...now that's some great insight right there!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"And once again, no Crowder at practice"

Yea but I bet if you opened his locker right now 3 gators would crawl out.

Soiled :)


I couldnt mention odele name correctly on account that the man was just one of the many cowboy stiffs to grace their presence here in miami. Forgot about torbor tho, looks like Buffalos primed to pick up Grove next...Bills have become miamis rejects.

Thank you Armando,
That video should be very... um... 'helpful'.

Bill, can I have your secret?

Lets get some perdictions for this sundays game guys.....

any one can tell me why two guys are wearing referee uniforms in the video ?

All we have to do is keep Spiller in check and we'll cruise to our 1st win.


Just read cote's Jinx blog on predictions this year,,there is hope after all, picks miami to go 8-8, so either they do better than or worse then indicated record(some hope), and those poor packers and ravens....NO super bowl for you the Blogger of death has picked you both!!!

i can read the future through your coffee cup cuban,

you have a dark future ,your bride to be is beautiful and sexy.there's a friend of yours who loves your future wife and tries to take her away and then ....do you want me to finish ?

"Hopefully Sunday, game day brings us good news, we have not had any in a long time..."

From afar, it looked like Nick Saban was the villain. Apparently, he quit to take a deal he felt was better. After reading three S. Florida papers for three years on line, I have to take another look at Saban. Now it looks to me like he had enough of the writers around here and their horde of little lemmings going off the cliff into the stink of negativity, and said skrew it. Nobody can win here. Nobody can do anything right. No matter what anyone does, the whiners find something negative about it. It is an ingrained cultural thing now. Well, good luck Bill and good luck Saban; I now understand. Great job, Bill. This team will be good for several years.

LOL At Aloco, Please, continue............

then your father in law ask you to divorce her b/c the other man is richer has a lot gold and silver but you refuse and your wife tells her dad to take a hike ,before long the other guy puts a poison for you in the coffee which you r about to drink when ............do you want me to finish

Saban could not handle the pressure of the NFL. He is good a college level. I don't care of anyone who speaks out of both sides of their mouth. Bill has gotten us on the right path. Our future is bright. There are a lot of whiners around here. I have stuck with the Fins since the beginning...1966. I'll never say die. Go Dolphins!!! Some people think Buffalo will be a close game. Don't think so. Fins 28 Bills 7.

its Crowder bash time..... you guys should be ashamed to call yourself fans!!..... 3 weeks ago it was Pat White bashing, then Turner, then Henne, etc..etc.... the guy has not played because he is hurt and now he sucks.... or because he does not make 100 tackles every year like the better LB's in the league..... there is a reason for that.... because our NT sucked!!.... stop the bashing of players when you guys don't know what the hell is going on, enjoy the games don't take it so freaking serious!!!.... its exactly just that, a game!!!!

I predict the Fins will stomp the Bills 34-10

ROTFLMAO Aloco,Please continue, I'll show Hot Ashley this when she gets home, she'll also laUGH HER BOTTOM OFF.....

Henne wil go 18-22 for 221 yards a 2 TD's. Ronnie and Ricky will rush for 192 yards combined with a TD each. The defense will force 3 sacks and two fumbles recoveries. Vontae will have 3 passes defended and 1 interception.

Fins 24 Bills 14

Look for Sparano Fist Pump after Carpenter 15 yd field goal.

Look for Brandon Marshall to get tackled by the tape on his arms

Look for a fumble on Special Teams


Carpenter will kick a 34 yard FG and a 29 yard FG.

But the score Enrique, What do you think the score will be?????

go team go ,rah rah rah, go team go, rah rah rah !

when your wife try to take a sip from the coffee cup the other man nock the coffee off the table b/c he loves her so much he doesn't want her to get hurt ,then you knew what happened and you started by pulling your gun when you father law showed off suddenly .............

enrique 1085. I can believe that. How do you think we will do in the 2nd half??

Cory Procter gets into the game after Jerry gets poked in the eye.

They will be held to kick a FG from the 36 yard line after a 2:20 drive early on. Spiller will have a 45 yard TD catch off a screen in the 2nd half.


David Martin Catches a pass and fumbles

I predict the Fins will stomp the Bills 34-10

Posted by: enrique1085 | September 10, 2010 at 03:36 PM


Spiller has a terrible game rushing for 20 yds and 4 yds receiving.

Lee Evans burns Vontae for a long TD

But Aloco, Who's the other man???? Should I be concerned about plumbers from Bergen county,N.J?????


Mike Nolan high fives Cam Wake

Waterboy, either way we agree that the D will allow 1 big play. I like the odds that it's probably gonna be Spiller doing the damage.

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