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... And once again, no Crowder at practice

The Dolphins final full practice before leaving to Buffalo? Routine for the most part.

On Friday the Dolphins put the finishing touches on their prep work for the Bills and, once again, inside linebacker Channing Crowder (groin) did not participate. As I told you yesterday on this blog, it just does not seem plausible for Crowder to play in the regular season opener.

[UPDATE: Crowder is listed as questionable on Friday's injury report. Jake Long (knee) is listed as probable after practicing all week, even if on a limited basis. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall (ankle) is listed as probable. Marshall practiced fully on Thursday and Friday.]

I don't believe Crowder will even make the trip. I bet you hear reports of the Dolphins leaving him home by this time Saturday.

As for how he's looking, don't believe me. Believe your eyes from this video, courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute upload:

The Bills, by the way, are having linebacker issues of their own. Reggie Torbor was declared out for this game. So was Antonio Coleman. They also placed Kawika Mitchell on injured reserve on Thursday. The Bills are expected to go into Sunday's game with only three linebackers.

That's usually bad news for a 3-4 defense that needs four linebackers to just be on the field. I remind you, however, that the Bills used a 4-3 look in their final preseason game.

One more thing: Akin Ayodele, who was signed Thursday will not be active for the game, according to head coach Chan Gailey.


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I'm now the biggest idiot douchebag on this blog. Please vote for me as the guy with the least football knowledge here. I make Jet fans look like geniuses. I soooo stooopid

Most of these guys have gaurenteed money in their contracts Darryl, to a point i agree with you on their good at what they do and should be paid for what they do for a living, but to the naked eye and most, Greed is still greed and uniting that way in public doesnt bode well for players or owners for next year. Most players can live without football,Hell the world can live without football, but when is it too much to say no to the sum of their more expensive contracts in the league, but this may not be resolved in a one year lockout, and owners and players know that. Mark my words, this WILL hurt the nfl and players association more than it will help.

Torbor is a starter at LB. Remember when the new fave whipping boy went down last yr? Torbor got smoked and made Crowder look like a Pro Bowler.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I bet you hear reports of the Dolphins leaving him home by this time Saturday."

Oh great ! Just what he needs, a 3 day weekend.

He will Probly just get in his boat and, I don't know.....hunt some Gators

Soiled :)

Headline from PFT:

"Bill Parcells reportedly "disappointed" in Chad Henne"

stated by Vic Carucci, Parcell's confidant.

My prediction for those keeping track is

Miami 20
Bills 17

Does the date with Hot Ashley include air fare
to fly her out to Vegas?

It is Friday night so you know what that means?

"Feed Me The Man Meat"

I agree, get rid of clam crowder asap!

crowder has a family like all of us ,why you mean people call for his firing .don't you have hearts ?

what kind of meat 2 watt ?

What's with this report on multiple sites about Parcell's being dissapointed in Henne????


"Feed Me The Man Meat"

kim kardashian is on QVC selling meat 2 watt

Pat White signs a minor league deal with Kansas City.

This just in...read below. Didn't I tell you there was more to follow on this Parcells thing? This is only the beginning.

For a team that was once thought to be in position to make a run at the AFC East title, things suddenly look a tad tumultuous for the Miami Dolphins.

The latest downer to come out of Miami is that Bill Parcells, who ceded full control to general manager Jeff Ireland this week, is "disappointed" with quarterback Chad Henne, a source close to Parcells told NFL.com's Vic Carucci.

NFL RedZone

Watching football on Sundays will be a whole new experience with NFL Network's new channel, NFL RedZone. Find out why.
Specifically, Parcells isn't happy with Henne's development, but Parcells' feelings didn't have anything to do with him resigning his position as football czar, according to Carucci.

This is the latest in a recent string of unsettling news for the Dolphins.

In addition to Parcells' reduced role as a consultant, first-round linebacker Koa Misi lost his starting job. In a surprising outcome, second-year cornerback Sean Smith got beat out by Jason Allen. And center Jake Grove had his contract terminated just one year into a multi-year deal that included $14 million guaranteed, leaving Joe Berger to start the season opener.

If you don't believe me, go to NFL.com.

Good job Parcells, not only did you mess up on your 2009 2nd and 3rd rounders, but now you admittedly voice concerns about your starting QB? Great way to start a season.
Should we take this as a 2008 miss also?
This team is spiraling downward guys, this is getting ugly. If we don't win Sunday...

FB, I WENT to NFL.COM and i read every thing.it's true what you just said .

seems no one cares about Parcells using Carucci to start trashing Henne.

Carucci's Bill's bud, so don't blow off the story quite so easily.

There seems to be a behind-the-scenes feud forming between Parcells and Ross. It has the recipe of getting nasty real soon!

I meant ingredients, sorry. LOL

C'mon armando, Pat White signing with Royals Minor league team, thats more news than this. Its Gametime son!!!

Once again

Triflunka strikes again,
more truths will strike about how badly managed this organization has
become, You people just dont want to believe it.
2008 was a mirage, There was never any hope for this team with the constant personal they
continue to bring in and OUT of this clubhouse.
We are doomed for yet another season of mediocrity.

****Dynasty IS Pats****

Hmm...Fins should score over 30 and Bills less than 20. So, I'll say Miami 35 Buffalo 17.
On another note (since we're making predictions), Armando gets tossed from the Herald because he spends all of his time trying to be a "broadcaster" and is replaced by Jeff Darling.

my fellow DolFans, all this negative Talk hurts me deep . everyone is losing faith. the Bills have way more troubles. Before u continue to lose anymore Faith just give this Sundays game a chance. we have not played a single reg season game yet...get it together.

So, Chan Gailey is Buffalo's head coach? I predict the Dolphins win 54 - 3, unless, of course, Dan Henning gets confused and forgets he's the OC and lets Chan call the plays for Miami. In that case, the Phins would lose 2 - 0. The only thing better would be for Dan to go work for Chan and forget where Miami is. Those two deserve each other.

BigD #19, is that you? I will beat you in fantasy.


(I doubt that you're the real one...)

If the Dolphins have problems, its because of their OWNER and his UNDERBOSS (Micheal Dee) Interfering with the Football side. (Sales people never understand the details required to build stuff -- its a fact.)


By the way...
Do you have any alternate 'personnel' suggestions?
(Because PATRICK TURNER got cut from the Jets right after he gave them Sparano's PlayBook.)


Atleast Parcells is honest...

Yes, I meant Darlington. Neal hasn't shown enough in the off-season and may be headed to the practice squad! Lol.

All in All....

I think its SAFE to say that



Bill, Pat White just signed a minor league contract with the Royals organization.

ALoco, refs are at a lot of practices, how else do you think they get in such fine physical shape each year?

I thought it was 'Pilates'...

I think by the 4th quarter in Buffalo it will snow. This can't be any more crazy then the rest of the posts. Bill

I don't know were you got the info that Buffalo will only have 3 LB's available at, but you're wrong. 3 WON'T DRESS. I count 7 who WILL DRESS and play.

Paul Posluszny
Andra Davis
Chris Kelsay
Chris Ellis
Aaron Maybin
Keith Ellison
Arthur Moats.

Go Bills!

define bust: pat white signs minor league deal with baseballs kansas city royals
gents, this is literally unheard of. a second round pick two years after playing every game almost his first, not completing a pass, and now after being released cannot be picked up by 32 teams, let alone a practice squad.

and, this is a league where five years or so later a horrible, horrible bust of a player like jason allen can start for our fins.
how? how did this happen? remember, the promise of WildPat?
patrick turner, now a jet, obviouslh another (i remember bobbyd telling me what a jackass i was for callin him a bust.)
phillip merling, a former basically first rounder, another bust.
and now parcells is gone. left at a time when people like him would never think to before: week 1. begs this question: are we, the dolphins, becoming a five year bust? are we in for a rough time until sparano is fired and nolan is our coach or is this the start of the fins earning there high paychecks? its an honest question i think

one other question: even with marshall, how does henne and our receivers match up bengals, ravens, pats, jets, who we all play before november, with there wr cores.

why didnt we pick up matt jones? he looked good, bengals just didnt have any room at wr.
or tj. why all these mediocre waived players?

these are good questions i think that have no real answer, and im trying.

Dolphins 31..bills 10...Carucci is a biggggggggg buffalo bills fan..so who cares what he says .as for parcells about henne ..he probaly is mad cause he didn't take his game to a new level.in the preseason..but he's good!

BREAKING NEWS: everything about buffalo is disgusting and inadequate, including their football

Here's why the article about parcells and henne carries zero credibility: Koa Misi was a second round pick. Get your facts straight.

Random thoughts...

Breakout Fins players... C. Wake (predicting 13 sacks 2010) on DEF and hopefully B. Marshall on OFF. BM moves so well for a big man. It will be off the chain when he breaks a few tackles and makes a big play!

BM and Dansby HAVE to pay BIG dividends this year for all that cake they got. Dansby seems like he is up to the task of covering TE's and RBs. I would expect BM to make some plays that look like the Vike's lone TD from TE V.S. where he climbs the ladder and takes it from the DBs.

Patrick Turner is now a taxi squad Jet... They will find out, as we did, he ain't an NFL football player of any count.

Parcells is a master psychologist and I think he is trying to light a fire under Henne. He has rarely been a praise oriented guy as a coach or GM. He feels like there is ALWAYS work to be done, even after a sound victory. I say as long as Tony S and Ireland are here, and he is not doing anything officially for another team...He will do all he can to help the Fins including media tidbits to stir players. He is performing his calculated moves to support the Fins success. The media plants the distancing thing but the dude is already rocking chair age... he wants to slow down for gosh sakes... let him in peace.

The Trifecta missed on some players in FA and the draft... so does every team. All that matters now is wins/losses this season, period. The team is younger and feels competitive.

The depleted Bills should = a victory. Only two players they really need to bottle up in Evans and Spiller. Spiller could be a mini Chris Johnson. They can't let him get loose or he will gash for a big play. I can't help but think of how confident I was last year going into Buffalo. Then I had to witness a non athletic, pedestrian QB go for a long TD RUN to the outside. OUTSIDE CONTAIN?? ANYONE? BUHLER...BUHLER.

I want Ray Lewis and the whole Baltimore team to make a mockery of the Jets! Or a mockery X infinity! =) Beat the freakin swagger right off their trashy tongues.

Jason Taylor (IF and that's a big IF he plays at least 14 games should have 8-10 sacks.

Let's hope we all enjoy what we see on Sunday... Go Phins!!!!


I hadn't really thought about, but without noticing, Vontae Davis has become one of my 2 or 3 favorite Dolphins. I love his swagger, the way he wants to hit in the run game, and every time you listen to him in an interview, he just has a fantastic attitude. I think he may be our best player on defense this year, and I don't think it's a fetch to say he could be the best player on our whole team.

Dolphins will cruise in this one. Defense will force 3 turnovers offense will give up 1. Dolphins 28 Bills 17.

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