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ESPN pundits chime in on the Dolphins

The experts are chiming in on the Dolphins before the season begins. Las Vegas thinks the Dolphins over-under victory total this year is a pedestrian 8.5.

Other pundits, thankfully, have a bit higher opinion.

ESPN's Trent Dilfer is generally on board with the idea the Dolphins will be relevent as the season progresses into the early-January chase for playoff berths.

"I think they’re going to be pretty good," he said Wednesday. "I think they’re very well coached. I think the quarterback will play well – maybe not great – but he’ll play well. I think he’ll be manageable. I think the one thing the Dolphins will do nice with – especially with a veteran coaching staff – is they’ll manage the offense and personnel very well. They won’t give [Chad Henne] too much to handle. They obviously added a dynamic weapon on the outside with Brandon Marshall.

"Defensively, talking to some people there last year, they like the foundation of their defense. I think they know how to stop some of the big boys in that division and in that conference. I think the Dolphins are going to be one of those teams that’ll be in the mix the entire way. It’s really going to come down to they lost a couple close games last year and they’ll have to find out a way to win those tight games. All those teams that are kind of in the middle of the league and are borderline playoff teams, it’s going to come down to learning how to win. First you have to learn how not to lose. I think they’ve made that jump, and now it’s learning how to win these close games. If the Dolphins can do that – and they’re going to need a bunch of them – I can see them competing for the second spot in that division."

Tom Jackson is the elder statesmen of the ESPN analysts, as he's been at the network the longest. He also believes the Dolphins' success or failure will be tied to how they come out of close games.

"Well any team that’s fortunate to have [Bill Parcells] understands that you’re going to be a pretty sound football team. Everything right now has pretty much gone as planned. Chad may have been thrown in a little sooner than expected with Pennington’s injury but the plan was for him to come in and be the starter. I think they have an outstanding running game. I’m still old school enough to believe in that, so Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams with the Wildcat. I think they’re the only team that – they run the Wildcat differently than everybody else. You only need to look at the numbers t understand how effective and efficient they are with it. I actually had coach Parcells draw this thing up week in and week out when he was with us, and I would tell him it wouldn’t work and he would tell me it would. And when it was finally unleashed, I saw that he might know a little more about 1930s single wing and double wing than I did.

"They do have a dynamic weapon. I think they have some secondary weapons as well, but might be in as tough a division as there is in football. They lost a couple outstanding pass rushers on the outside. They got to figure out how to get in and get after the quarterback. It is key for them. Chad Henne has to come along. He has to develop a little quicker than he’d like to. But I will say this, he will be helped along by coach [Tony] Sparano and a very sound game plan at running the football. Any team that has Parcells even as a consultant will do the small things well. They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot that much. At the end of those games – down by 2, up by 3, and chance to win – I don’t have every answer, but I’ll be very interested to see how many of those games they can walk away with."


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I feel Henne needs to become a stud in order for Miami to reach that other tier. Until then we will be a football team kicking and punching our way through close game to close game. If Henne does not deliver Miami will never be a legitimate superbowl contender period.

The key as I see it will be to get back to winning the turnover battle. 2 years ago, we had one of the best (if not the best) /- ratios in the NFL. Last year, we were pretty pedestrian, giving the ball away more times than taking it away from the opposition. we need to create extra possessions for ourselves and limiting the offensive capabilities of our opponents. That will determine how good or bad our record is in cloae games, in my opinion. Go Dolphins!

Sorry, my earlier post should have said "One of the best ( if not the best ) /- ratios in thw NFL 2 yeara ago.

make that a plus/minus ratio since my plus symbol doesn't want to display for some reason. Sorry about that.

Man, I love this time of the year...!!! Dolphins Rule!! with or without TunaHelper


Armando, you're almost as good as Holmes with those copy/paste skills!

I wouldn't buy a used car from Trent Dilfer and I don't buy a word of what he has to say!

Just yanking your chain Armando, I copied/pasted the H E L L out of your last blog-LOL. I meant what I said about Trent DilWad though.

Tom Jackson on the other hand, is the MAN! I loved the guy as a linebacker and I love him as an analyst. If he said it, I'm buying it!

AwwwRiiight MIAMI!!!!

Buffalo Bills have ugly cheerleaders.
Difficult to distinguish them from the players.


You said it. I think our plus/minus turnover ratio 2 years ago was one of the most telling stats for why we pulled off the biggest turn around in NFL history and won the division.

Add that turnover ratio to this 2010 team and we win the division easy!

Injuries played a big part.
We were mostly healthy in 2008.
Last year we lost some key people on offense and defense.


Being healthy and the easy schedule definitely helped in 2008. Add in the plus turnover ratio and, well, you saw what happened.

Awesome combination of events. Hopefully this year will be similar.

Kill Bills!!!!

Kill Bills - that has a very nice ring to it.
No mercy on Canada's team.

Tom Jackson is the man glad to know we catch his eye only other ESPN analyst who has my respect is Boomer but thank god they didnt ask his opinion he would have gotten really excited talkin bout NO BODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS QUITE LIKE THE buffalo bills

lol couldnt do that with a straight face or in all caps lol

Man, haven't able to forget last year's game at Buffalo.
Ricky's Wildcat pass on the goal line and the meltdown that followed.
That was one ugly scene.

Yeah, I got Ricky Williams in my backfield inside the 10 yard line.

What should I do?

Should I run or should I pass?

Eureka, I got a great idea! I'll have Ricky pass the ball!

Doh! Why couldn't it have been Hennings that "stepped down" effective immediately?

Odinseye, I went to that game, yelling all the time to PLEASE put Wake in... Not a problem this time...

The forecast for Buffalo on Sunday:

Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. Highs in the mid 70s.

Hope we have learned to play well in the rain.

i'm just happy to see a real game tomorrow. the should have lost saints vs the should have won vikings. i'm hoping for a LOT of rust on favre.

Win or lose. I just want to see a complere game played in all 3 phases: offense, defense, and special teams. i don't think Buffalo beats us if we play SMART football, our blockers keep their lane responsibilities, and Special Teams keep kck/punt returns to a minimum. if we keep those areas consistently good, we should have a fine season.

Get ready for the Camirillo backlash. Everybody and their brothers are going to be crying because he looks so good with Farve throwing at him.

Camirillo has great hands and Farve has one of the all time greatest arms. You know Farve will make him look good and you know everyone will be on here crying about it.

F_ck all that, JUST BRING ON THE BILLS!!!!

I went to Buffalo last year for a Sabres game and what was supposed to be the easiest game of the year on Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't know it, and when I flew back with most of South Florida's sportswriters, I learned the ones I spoke to didn't know it either, but the Fins are the arch rivals of the Bills. We are to them what the Jets are to us.

The Bills will wear down and be figured out over the course of the season, but these guys could be tough out of the chute with the Fins a little banged up and sputtering on offense.

A BIG +1 on the turn-over ratio as it was 2 years ago.
Minnesota benefited from fav-ruhs best TD/Interception ratio maybe EVER.
Peterson fumbled a lot, though. Strange.

So, I'm thinking Henning's performance will be key. Yes, we SUPPOSEDLY are a run based team, but I think that is misleading. Our RB's are injury prone, older, and worse still lack ANY true breakaway ability. This, to me is just as limiting as Pennington's arm. Results in a lot of stacked defenses. Thus, I think Henning MUST open things up with the pass, which will loosen things up. No excuses this year, with Marshall in the equation. Make any sense?

Odinseye commented:"Get ready for the Camirillo backlash. Everybody and their brothers are going to be crying because he looks so good with Farve throwing at him."

Yeppers, call it "son of Welker." LOL (hurts to laugh, though)

I'm petrified at how our un-special teams will handle Spiller. Our D as well.
I see him getting at least 150-175 all purpose yards. Scary.
I don't do fantasy, but he'd be on MY team for sure, even with Lynch and the other guy there.

The Dolphins figure to be a pretty mediocre team. The only encouraging sign is that the Jets and Cheatriots aren't great either.

Indy and Baltimore will meet in the AFC Championship game. The Dolphins will finish 9-7 and just miss the wild card.

I agree with you IMAWriter in part, I don't see Ricky as injury prone, if anything he's been the equivalent of an oxen, just barreling along, banging into and over defenders and did it with 8 men in the box every down, week in and week out when Ronnie was injured. I, for one am very happy we still have Ricky in our backfield. But, I agree we will need to use the pass to setup the run for the first few games until the rest of the NFL sees we can actually throw the ball effectively, then Ronnie & Ricky will run wild. Even though Miami has played poorly in Buffalo historically, I feel confident we can come away with a win. I expect the defense to unlease some blitz packages that will aply enough pressure to make or secondary look better than has in presaeason or last year for that matter. I like Vontae but Sean needs to step his game up. I think the offense will be just fine when it's a game that counts.

typo... that should be "unleash" some blitz packages.... I know how picky you guys can be when it comes to spelling and grammar.

Speaking of the Wildcat I think they should try a set with Thiggy. He is more physical and is a better passer than PW. Then DCs would really have to game plan for that option.


That entire piece must have broken Armando's spirit along with his fingers to write. The two guy's Armando pointed out are not the only so called "Pundits" of Miami who believe they will do well. FOX sports has them at 11-5 and winning the division, A bit of a reach if you ask me, TODAY... but anything is possible.
I believe it to be sad our when local media along with talk show host here has devolved into believing/saying anyone who believes Miami has an ability to be successful must be a "Pundit" instead of just being an analyst with a hypothesis concerning the success or failure of a team.
Our own Media beat writers along with many of our own fans have been nothing less then an embarrassment to our team, and the rest of the fans who try so hard to remain positive for them. Ricky Williams even spoke of how the negativity has trickled into their locker room. Remember guys... it is not the fault of our fine players or even our head coach the decisions the management makes concerning some players. It is OUR JOB to support and inspire the guys WHO DO PLAY to be as great as they can be.... Sadly, many of our fans have already failed at that and there will be no second chance... you are just a foot note to whatever happens now... good or bad. Just a By line about how some fans ran when it got the toughest in Miami. Sad... very, very sad the entire lot of you.

FoxSports has the 'phins winning the AFC East? Uhhh, no. The 'Phins are 18th in the Power Rankings, the Jets are 4th. They have the Pats and 'Phins in as wildcards with 10-6 records. Jets winning the division at 11-5. Read before you type.

I'm a PhinsFan forever but we must report facts.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read this

"It is OUR JOB to support and inspire the guys WHO DO PLAY to be as great as they can be."

Is there any way you can relay this message to Channing Crowder for me.

Channing Crowder...Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Do well on Sunday Mr. Crowder.

Your biggest mistackling fan

Soiled :)

Ed, Derick

It doesn't really matter who thinks what. the season doesn't start till tonite. and ours doesn't start till SUNDAY...1PM EST.

And for the record I don't think our winning the division is a reach at all. How come even our most loyal fans won't come out and support this team in the stongest capacity. Do yo root for your team to be 2nd or 3rd best. I DON'T! You shoudn't either.

I have a new slogan...for ger feed the wolf. It kinda sucks anyway. For all of our doubting Thomas's out there how about this.


Why have you guys bought in to the hype about the jets and the pats but not the dolphins? whys should we fear every team on our "tough" schedule but they shoudn't fear us?


GO r.brown

GO FINS.........

Spiller will get physically beat up and wont finish the game. Dolphins win big over hapless jills.

BTW- jets suck and will lose big.

Dear Mr. Salguero

More Miami Dolphin Slogans

Feed the Wolf
Why not us
Snowballs chance in hell
You gotta be kidding me
How did you get in here
Not with Channing Crowder
Are you serious
Awww come on

Soiled :)

kris, EXACTLY!! I'm up in the nation's capital, and before I had DirectTV used to go to my friend's house to watch Dolphins games (he had Direct). THEY HATED ME!! I thought we'd win EVERY game: Pats away, yeah, it's a win. Dallas, win. San Diego in their home, ummm, yeah, win. If you ask me year in and year out, Miami wins 16-0 EVERY YEAR!!

Now, I know deep back in the recesses of my mind that I'm pretty much full of cr*p, but THAT'S a fan. Support your team to a fault. This is no time to be an unbiased viewer. Lie to yourself, lie to everyone else. Just get behind the team and sometimes that energy and confidence is enough to push them over the goal line.

And then, at the end of the season, once your dreams have been dashed, THEN you can start whining about what went wrong and what needs to change next year. But, starting Sunday, 1pm, I'm saying Miami's gonna win EVERY GAME THEY PLAY!

I think Henne and the O will be fine! The D oin the other hand... I know we have a stud coach in Nolan. but the D looked horrendous much of the pre-season. If there really is a great blitz game plan maybe that will change. If our D is dominant and we win the turnover battles. We will be a GREAT team!

Las Vegas is never far from the truth.
I'll have us from 6-10 to 9-7.
Need a win on Sunday.


That what i'm talking about...We are on the same page and I know Derick is to. I have read his post and I know he is a die hard Fin Fan. The negativiity on this site can wear on the best of us and make even the most stout have second thoughts about how high the ceiling on this team is. I say the sky is the limit.

If teams don't fear us in week 1 then they damn sure will be fearing us by week 6. This team is tough both physically and mentally. and for all the Parcells's haters. Sean Peyton (saints Head Coach) still considers Bill Parcells a mentor and credits him with developing the idea of finding a way to get an EXTRA POSSESION (on side kick) in the SB. The last SB winning coach thinks Parcells is a genius. But our non SB winning posters think that BP is an moron

I'll take the opinion of the SB winning coach every time.


tell you what, i really like what i see. at first it was scary watching some really good players go, but that's why you bring the tuna in, nobody else has the clout to make those cuts without being cut himself, nobody else has the balls to let players of that caliber go and sail into waters like this. and if were letting players like that go, LOOKOUT! i've always said don't under estimate a bill parcell's team. and i cracked, but if we stayed where we were their would only be minimal improvement. making big choices makes big emotions and will make big improvement. i apologise. the secondary is now to be FEARED, davis, bell, j. allen, and just wait till rashad jones comes in, they aren't just DB's these guys are heavy hitters! leave it to parcell's to add the element of fear into the passing game for opponents, BRILLIANT! i have a feeling that the linebackers are going to THRIVE, speed, power, and an offensive blitzing scheme, keep in mind that the heavy hitting secondary will play apart in some blitzes, SCARY.. huh? this defense might set a new standard and out right blow the lid off of anything weve ever seen! by the way, nice pick-up for the special teams, he's going to be good!

Yeah, I'm going to echo Poizen's comments. There's an awful lot being written about Chad Henne but I think the key for us is going to be the defence. The defence was mediocre last year with guys like Porter and Ayodele and Wilson and even Crowder and our young DB's got burned a lot. I like coach Nolan a lot but I think the key on whether we make the playoffs or not is how quickly the defence picks up his system. There's a lot of young guys in there and there's a lot of guys we are asking to step up. I think guys like Dansby, Bell, Starks and Davis will be fine. It's the other 7 guys and the subs. How will Jason Allen play? What about Misi? Odrick? Langford? Smith? Clemons? A lot of question marks back there and it's imperative that these guys get it figured out and soon if we're going to make the playoffs. We need to stop the run and minimize the number of big plays we give up.


Really opened up a can of worms on your show this morning. Better stick to sports (:

4 Sentences then a freaking transcript so you can laze about all day? Who gives a ƒúck what ESPN thinks. You are supposedly a writer. Time to get off your fat áss and come up with a single original, meaningful thought that involves some critical thinking and actual inform, engage the reader.

i also like the idea in our recieving core. camarillo will be missed, but if hartline can work on consistancy, and if wallace reaches his potential, this area would be improoved.

Fox News Channel: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady injured in Boston car accident, local media reports.

dang hopehe is alright, no really




FOx news known to inflame every thing,how in hell they know tom brady is injured

There is no doubt Camarillo is going to be Favre's new game in town! Because just about EVERY playe that gets traded, comes to life with another team. What I want to know is, WHY this happens? Why aren't the Dolphins the ones to get THAT player?

Been a Fins fan for over 40+ years-yeah, I'm that old and if we win 3 out 4 by the Bye wk. I'll be a lot more confident. I'm just not that sure of any of them right now-I was more confident last year.

At least someone out there has faifth in us....

They Call Me... Tim says:
September 8, 2010 at 1:20 pm
..HELP!!!! HELP!!!! Chris T... My boyfriend NJ gave me the swine flu from banging those pigs on that farm down in Tennessee last week.. HELP!!!!

You need to have a good qb to win those close games. Teams that do are the teams that win over 10 wins a year. Hopefully Henne will make that jump. The interceptions have to stop. For example the one in the endzone against Atlanta. That pass should have never been thrown to fasano. Henne needs to find marshall in the end zone better.

if henee goes 0-2, u'l c penni against the jets.

what happened to " feed the wolf ",?, is it posted up next to the lobster trap.?. what movie is coach blah blah spazano taking the team to .?. how about dinner for shmucks.?..lol

Fins 22 Bills 14

Comeback win in the 4th Qtr by Captain Henne

Look for Ronnie to fumble twice in the first half.

Look for Lee Evans to burn Vontae for a long TD

Look for our Defense to score a safety.


Brady's wife hit him with a golf club after he slept with waitresses around the Boston area.

waterboy should make a movie to release all the tension in him.

F . I . N . S



ALoco, would you like be in my movie?

6-10 sadly and special teamms will once again not be....secondary will get toasted consistently.

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