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ESPN pundits chime in on the Dolphins

The experts are chiming in on the Dolphins before the season begins. Las Vegas thinks the Dolphins over-under victory total this year is a pedestrian 8.5.

Other pundits, thankfully, have a bit higher opinion.

ESPN's Trent Dilfer is generally on board with the idea the Dolphins will be relevent as the season progresses into the early-January chase for playoff berths.

"I think they’re going to be pretty good," he said Wednesday. "I think they’re very well coached. I think the quarterback will play well – maybe not great – but he’ll play well. I think he’ll be manageable. I think the one thing the Dolphins will do nice with – especially with a veteran coaching staff – is they’ll manage the offense and personnel very well. They won’t give [Chad Henne] too much to handle. They obviously added a dynamic weapon on the outside with Brandon Marshall.

"Defensively, talking to some people there last year, they like the foundation of their defense. I think they know how to stop some of the big boys in that division and in that conference. I think the Dolphins are going to be one of those teams that’ll be in the mix the entire way. It’s really going to come down to they lost a couple close games last year and they’ll have to find out a way to win those tight games. All those teams that are kind of in the middle of the league and are borderline playoff teams, it’s going to come down to learning how to win. First you have to learn how not to lose. I think they’ve made that jump, and now it’s learning how to win these close games. If the Dolphins can do that – and they’re going to need a bunch of them – I can see them competing for the second spot in that division."

Tom Jackson is the elder statesmen of the ESPN analysts, as he's been at the network the longest. He also believes the Dolphins' success or failure will be tied to how they come out of close games.

"Well any team that’s fortunate to have [Bill Parcells] understands that you’re going to be a pretty sound football team. Everything right now has pretty much gone as planned. Chad may have been thrown in a little sooner than expected with Pennington’s injury but the plan was for him to come in and be the starter. I think they have an outstanding running game. I’m still old school enough to believe in that, so Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams with the Wildcat. I think they’re the only team that – they run the Wildcat differently than everybody else. You only need to look at the numbers t understand how effective and efficient they are with it. I actually had coach Parcells draw this thing up week in and week out when he was with us, and I would tell him it wouldn’t work and he would tell me it would. And when it was finally unleashed, I saw that he might know a little more about 1930s single wing and double wing than I did.

"They do have a dynamic weapon. I think they have some secondary weapons as well, but might be in as tough a division as there is in football. They lost a couple outstanding pass rushers on the outside. They got to figure out how to get in and get after the quarterback. It is key for them. Chad Henne has to come along. He has to develop a little quicker than he’d like to. But I will say this, he will be helped along by coach [Tony] Sparano and a very sound game plan at running the football. Any team that has Parcells even as a consultant will do the small things well. They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot that much. At the end of those games – down by 2, up by 3, and chance to win – I don’t have every answer, but I’ll be very interested to see how many of those games they can walk away with."


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sag58, how you know fins will be ...6-10 .do you see the future?

I cant believe all theses fake Phin fans here .
Either get on the train or get off the train but dont stand on the tracks . We REAL fans know you have to stand by your team no matter what and not talk smack about them .

WHY NOT US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins = "Feed The Wolf"
Me = "Feed Me Man Meat"


Clam Chowder goes on IR next week.

Only a Jets fan like me who sukscock all day would be on a Dolphins blog
"Feed Me Man Meat"

Help Help I'm a douchebag banned from SS so all I can do is go over there and read and post here

Home I mean SS Moderator

Help Help I'm a worthless unemployed douchebag who is on blogs 24/7

I find it very interesting that Parcells was showing TJ the principles of the wildcat while at ESPN. Remember, Parcells had agreed to take the Falcons job before backing out and signing with us. You have to think that Ronnie and Ricky were the swaying factor (even though he already had a relationship with Huizenga) Also, kind of tells you that he was on board with Pat White being drafted.

So Jake Grove got cut, that was quick.

with 3:40 to play. Henne tossed an interception on each of the next three possessions, and Buffalo won 31-14.

"It was tough," said Henne, who threw a touchdown pass but finished with a 42.5 passer rating. ...more to come this season....LMAO!!!!!!




Aloco....I can't see the future but I can see what is happening on the field of play and base my opinion accordingly. Hopefully I'm proved wrong.


Let me ask you....


Why have you bought into the hype of teams but only the negativity of ours?

Who is your SB pick?

I agree A loco....

As long as where cutting player lets CUT CROWDER!!!!


This is the best run-blocking unit in the league, hands down, showing the emphasis head coach (and former offensive line coach) Tony Sparano puts on line play. This group is the embodiment of what Bill Parcells loves in a line: a bunch of big, intimidating maulers. Some people might question having so many big guys in a place where the weather takes its toll, but the Dolphins are making it work, starting with the outstanding play of left tackle Jake Long. The interior line is still problematic, but if Joe Berger can stay healthy, that should solidify the center spot. If Richie Incognito(notes) can keep his head straight, this unit could take a step forward

Hmm...Home, Odinseye, and Aloco are my heroes! I love how they make great predictions and they come true. Maybe I should make a prediction and see if it'll come true? Ok...but first, here's a story.
First there was Jason, then Greg, and lastly little Armando. But, little Armando went on vacation and he lost lots of his fanbase to Sinking Ship (SS for short). And then, he decided that he didn't want to be a journalist anymore. So, he threw all of his energy into being a broadcaster instead. Oh, he still wrote every now and then, mostly commenting on other people's work or pasting from their stuff, but he saved all his good stuff for his program which he pitched to everyone religiously.
Now, the powers that be have been grooming some guys that they just think the world of. One of them is their "darling".
Could it be bye-bye Armando? Hello Jeff?
Hmm...we'll see.

(There, my prediction for the future. How'd I do guys?)

i agree tracy474, well said!

Henne did good in preseason but all WRs dropped everything, what good is it for if everyone will drop the ball??
Bring back Sam Madison, he is back in free agency, he announced on the Radio on finsiders.

hell yeah, miami better come out gun slinging!!. lets go canes. need that new pro combat jersey!! november 15th.

7-9 is about right. Smiley and Roth shipped off. Our O and D lines are now both garbage. We passed up on all star talent in the draft for odrick and misi...what'd we get? no qb pressure and a lb who is gonna get blown up every week.

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