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Dolphins undergo a power shift in one day

The Miami Dolphins on Tuesday underwent a significant and fundamental shift in approach that should interest every fan because while team sources were saying that nothing has changed, indeed, everything has changed.

The club announced in a three-sentence e-mailed statement that Bill Parcells was no longer the football czar, but now a consultant, and that Jeff Ireland was now assuming "full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphins football team and support staff."

Before that announcement the Dolphins were, in fact, a two-headed monster.

The Dolphins were a football team located in their Davie, Florida training facility and headed by Parcells as the executive vice president for football operations. And the Dolphins also were a business and marketing operation located at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens and headed by CEO Mike Dee.

Parcells answered only to owner Stephen Ross. Dee answered only to Ross, as well.

But even as these two men rarely crossed paths, even as they served entirely different purposes for the same organization, the power, the prestige and the pull undoubtedly belonged to Parcells and the football side of the operation.

Parcells, with a resume that includes two Super Bowl rings and a history for making winners out of losers, had done precisely that in 2008 when he authored an 11-5 rebirth for Miami out of the ashes of a 1-15 season in 2007. That meant that pretty much anything Parcells wanted, Parcells got.

So even as the Dolphins football side and marketing/business side could not be more opposite in their approach, most every decision that had to be made was almost always made in favor of the football side of the operation.

And the football and business side did clash at times because they are so dissimilar.

The football side loves anonymity and a lunch-pail approach. They hire men that work behind facemasks and they enjoy the reputation of being somewhat aloof and mysterious.

The marketing side is out there and Hollywood, if you will. The marketing side ipainted the stadium in some hideous color scheme, installed an orange carpet entrance and invited celebrities to come see the product and be seen enjoying the product. The marketing side is building a nightclub at the stadium.

The marketing side also spent approximately $3 million to build a radio network and new website to promote the team and, ultimately, sell tickets and make money.

But when the marketing side wanted the football side to help promote the product, the team, the whole organization, the football side could successfully balk by using the Parcells approach as cover. Parcells didn't want his name on billboards, didn't want players shooting Christmas videos for the stadium's big screen replay board during football season, didn't want any distractions that could in any fashion detract the focus from, well, football.

And again, whatever Parcells said was law.

But Parcells has stepped aside now. He's done so willingly, by all accounts, although he has given no explanation for doing so. Parcells did not take four phone calls from The Herald on Tuesday.

But willingly or not, planned or not, Parcells has put Ireland front and center of the football operation.

And while Mike Dee was not Bill Parcells' boss he will hold sway over Jeff Ireland that he never did over Parcells. So Jeff Ireland may not be able to shield the football operation from the business and marketing arm like Parcells did -- just because-I-say-so-style.

The power has shifted from the football side of the operation to the business and marketing side of the operation now. It may not be immediately obvious to outsiders. But eventually the signs of the shift that took place Tuesday will be obvious.

To everyone.

[Broadcast note: The Parcells move and its ramifications will be the primary topic on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Wednesday. We'll have receiver Brian Hartline, Bills strong safety George Wilson, and others on air to discuss what this means for Sunday's season-opener. Former QB Art Schlichter will also be on the show to discuss the Ohio State versus University of Miami tilt.] 


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What's interesting to me is that in the NFL, what sells tickets is the product on the field, not any of that marketing garbage.

Marketing works with low priced items (like candy bars), but it is not going to convince anyone to spend hundreds of dollars to attend NFL games. If the team is good, the stadium will be sold out like it always has been in South Florida (without a nickel spent on marketing). If the team is bad, no amount of marketing will put fans in the seats. If fans want a party, they will go to South Beach, not the stadium.

And I dont think Stephen Ross gets that. If he did, Ireland would be Mike Dee's boss, not the other way around.

MIKE DEE........this guy came from boston ,he was the v.p of the red sox .he's a big deal all about biz no thing else .he's the one who will decide how much the budget should be and what not ,total control over the money .the way pats works ,they tell the coach how much money he should and must use and that's it .

tuna gave the fins a lot for his 12 million ,at least the ex owner was able to sell after the 11-5 season .

These guys can change whatever they want, but they should keep one thing in mind: winning is all that matters in S. Florida.

The Heat and Canes are clearly headed in the right direction. So if the Fins don't get their crap together they're going to find the stadium empty and a whole new generation turning away from them and toward the other teams in this town.

anyone else think Rose and Geathers might be good pickups? Dudes are BIG . Clifton would've been a higher draft pick if he wasn't arrested for fighting at nightclub 09 His uncle played for the saints " Jumpy" Geathers. he could be a good backup to Langford or Odrick

God, I hope that idiot Stephen Ross doesn't interfere with the football side of things now.

He's an Al Davis in waiting. Can someone please make him an offer to buy the Dolphins that he can't refuse.

Ok, now THAT worries me. Mike Dee is Jeff Ireland's BOSS? It's never good when the boss knows NOTHING about the product (see the Bush Presidency). Football operations needs to stay separate from the marketing division. Or else it could be a horror show.

Too late, Mr. Mike.

This thing smells like an Epic Debacle.

Those putting a Smiley Face on this change, or refusing to see it for what it is, are deluding themselves.

This is the worst way possible to start the season.

This is a catastrophy. Dolphins have been cursed since they released Marino and pushed Shula away. This is the beginning of the descent back to 1-15. It may not happen this season, but happen it will. My guess is Steven Ross will begin to assert himself and then Ireland quits. So Ross puts in one of his minions who sucks and becomes impatient with all of this young and raw talent that Parcells has left us. The new GM begins signing innumerable over-priced, over-hyped, and ultimately unproductive free agents in an attempt to buy a championship. This never works in nfl football. Any pretty soon we wind up with an old and untalented team with a big IR list.

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. Ok let's be thinking about Buffalo and not Bill Parcells stepping aside which we all assumed he would do eventually. A report by Adam Schefter on ESPN said today that this has been anticipated by many as being a possibility right after this past draft. So get with it Armando! Who cares anyway. This is a non-football matter in my opinion. I'm not worried about future personel moves until Miami's season is officially over whether it's the regular season or playoffs or Super Bowl.

I am thinking about Chad Henne developing, Brandon Marshall balling out, Vontae Davis taking the next step in his career, Cameron Wake becoming a 10 sack plus OLB and watching which rookie Misi, Odrick, Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace and my new favorite sleeper Michah Johnson make an impact. Not saying they all will but I expect 2 or 3 to play and play well at some point this season. Let's GO MIAMI! Miami 24 Buffalo 16

Cue the proverbial cliff....

I agree with Andy.

DC, how about that game last night? You're not a hoaxies fan, are you?

We will have to get Home`s Feel for what`s going on.
The rest is conversation.


Whether or not it's an Epic Debacle remains too be seen.

However, Your statement:

Those putting a Smiley Face on this change, or refusing to see it for what it is, are deluding themselves.

This is right on the money. This wasn't some Parcell's orchestrated plan. This was a behind the scenes shake up.

Pistol, that game was THE SH*T!!! Very perceptive, I type in actual sentences and put my noun before my verb, hence, of course I'm not a Hoakie. Hoakies don't even know how to spell, they just draw pictures like cavemen. I'm a proud Wahoo (UVa baby). Still, Boise St. will NEVER play in a championship bowl as long as they have this stupid system. I'm all for a tournament to decide the winner. Otherwise, it'll always be a strong conference team (SEC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10) that wins.

bubblerefugee, at least you see the glass half full. holy crap ive never heard something as negative or someone as neg in my life. Thats what you see for the future. Losing does breed a loser mentality and that was the most loseresque post ive ever read.

Loseresque, LMAO

gracias Odin...........I do get overwrought re the prospects for the future, but for sure this is no normal course of business thing.

What makes it double sucky is that we seem to be returning to the Wanny/Saban/Cam mire, instead of continuing to escape from it.

Fake bobbyd12 @ 9:53. It's either as@hole Home himself or his minion ALoco. These two are made for each other. Dumb and dumber

You're right DC. The people in control make too much money to go to a playoff system. The "plus 1" system starts this year, doesn't it?

Anyway, over to the SS so I'm out for the night. To bad Home is banned over there NOT LMAO.... Chris T for Herald monitor


.........returning to the Wanny/Saban/Cam mire, instead of continuing to escape from it.

Type in correct spelling for petrified scream here_______________!!!!

We must escape! Somebody break this curse!!!!

"Former QB Art Schlichter will also be on the show ...."

wanna bet he doesn't make it?

sorry ... why don't you just ask Hartline? at least he is a real player ...



I'm taking all your layoff bets, Art said he'd give us each 20% if we let him know which one of us takes in more action!

bobbyd12 is a mad goat for thinking i fake his ugly name.

Who posted earlier that Parcell's was for drafting White and Ireland was against it?

If anybody knows or has read this anywhere, could you please tell me where?


So we haven't played a single regular season game yet, and all the supposed loyal fans are busily self-soiling already? Get a grip, guys. Parcells hasn't quit, he's just giving his chosen successor the reins after two solid years. Let go of the panic button, ease your testicles away from the meat-grinder. The Dolphins are going to be just fine.

niczi, what do you do for living ?


Are you the FAKE Aloco or the REAL Aloco?

If you're the Fake Aloco, are you talking to the FAKE bobbyd12 or the REAL bobbyd12?

If you're the REAL Aloco, are you the FAKE bobbyd12 or are you FAKING being the REAL bobbyd12?

Aloco,.......and I thought learning the cover 2 defense was complicated(football talk).

i love to see bobbdy acting like superman ,he's very funny in a way thinking that whatever he says any one cares .......it's a BLOG .

ODIN,what do you do for living ,

funny odin

schools starts tomorrow , any thoughts ?

We're gonna be mediocre this year, and no playoffs once again. Too many "projects" on both sides of the ball. Good-bye Sparano.

The Jets just waived Patrick Turner. Poor guy.
See below:

Turner Waived, Three Signed, and Two Released from Practice Squad
By Jets PR Department

Posted 1 hour ago

a a The New York Jets have waived WR Patrick Turner, signed LB Cody Brown, DT Jarron Gilbert and RB Chauncey Washington to the practice squad, and released LB Ricky Foley and S Donovan Warren from the practice squad. The announcements were made by General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.

I need to agree that we have not played one game and we have tons of Dol-fans talking has if we lost the season. first, we have a great team and we need to be positive and 2nd i don't remember seeing Bill or Ireland on field playing football. Bill did his part and now we support our players and they need to do there part and win. Go Dolphind

So much for Turner helping the Jets with game planning huh...I guess he told Rex "I'm an a-hole" Ryan to go f himself. Could Turner be coming back?

Obviously - The Jets just wanted Sparano's Playbook...

Dolphins working out Clifton Smith. Good return guy waived by Tampa Bay.

blame it on barack HUSSEIN obama. Liberalism is his mental disorder !

I don't call mine a panic button and I ain't letting go of it anyways.

While I'm quite certain I haven't self soiled myself, at least not real recently, It is my firm belief that this was the wrong time for the announcement.

There was no need to make the announcement now and no real benefit in doing so. The immediate negative connotations and wild speculation can only have a detrimental effect on the team.

If this is the "slow" time of year for Ireland and Parcell's is staying on for the time being, why not wait to the end of the season?

The announcement, the probable media "fire storm" and the overall distractions will very likely have a negative impact on a very youthful team morale.

The timing of this alone makes me think that there's more to the story than meets the eye. Ultimately, either way, it makes no difference we're kicking the Buff-A-Blows A S S E S Sunday! Still, I'd like to know what's really going on!

No one is interested in Pat White:

Citing a source with knowledge of the situation, Profootballtalk.com reports that "no one is interested" in free agent Pat White.
"No visits, no negotiations, no offers, nothing," writes PFT's Mike Florio. White's biggest obstacle may be his practice squad eligibility, which expired after he played in 13 games as a rookie. He's a longshot to attract interest as an NFL QB, so he may have to switch positions, switch sports, or switch leagues. Sep. 7 - 9:38 pm et
Source: Profootballtalk on NBCSports.com

This was as insightful of a post as you have ever made, 'Mando.

Bill Parcells has shielded us all from as much of the Siegfried & Roy stuff as possible, but now the flood gates could come down. Only an aging real estate guy who wants to spend his money buying fame would buy into something as ludicrous as urging Miami football fans to get their "Fins up!"

This is all well-intentioned fluff as long as Parcells was there to make sure the product was not diminished. The death knell for all of this should have come after Pat Riley and the Heat showed these self-promoting clowns what a real star-power move in professional sports looks like.

odinseye, you have a great point. I do agree it could have waited

I have to admit the timing of this Parcells thing is really strange. Why now? Lots of mysteries lately revolving around the Dolphins. Parcells prefers the "take the money and run" approach. Nothing new for Dolfans. Jimmy Johnson did it. Nick Saban did it. Unless the Dolphins have a great year and go deep into the playoffs, I think Ireland is done after 2010. Say hello to Carl Peterson. Not saying it's good, not saying it'S bad. But Stephen Ross is the owner of the team. He pays the bills and the players. It's just standard procedure to put in people you're close to. Peterson will decide who should be the next head coach. Funny how I've been saying for the last month how big of a year 2010 is for Parcells and now he steps down... Hhhmm...


You know I also though the same thing about Parcells stepping down. What terrible timing. With all of the unanswered questions and unloading of last years draft picks it seemed a little "too" coincidental.

I see this as a way for Ross to bring in his guys next season (at least the GM) if not a new coach depending on how well the Dolphins play this year.

So Turner and White are unemployed. I know they came out of it with some loot, but I still can't help feeling sorry for them. They both seemed like decent kind of people.
I know a lot of us made jokes about White and the CFL and I know he has some MLB options. Still I think he'll be better suited continuing to grow into a Pro Quarterback in Canada.

PS: Good Luck and go Carhartts when shopping for gloves and jackets.

This move marks the begining of a chain of events to follow dear Dolfans; to me, this signals the begining of the end of the Parcells era.

Realizing that this team was going to be average at best in 2010, and that his 3 years of rebuilding were coming to an end, he decided to hand over the reigns to his under-study.

Whether or not this followed a lengthy discussion with Steven Ross in which they disagreed about the future of the franchise, remains to be seen.

Parcells is a smart guy, he would never put himself in a position to be fired. Not in this lifetime. He is just "stepping down" from his daily duties.

Having said that, here's what the meeting between Parcells and his boys sounded like: "It's all on you Tony and Jeff, this is your make or break year. I've done all I can to help; what you do this year will determine your future with this team. I'm here for any moral support you might need. Good luck."

This is the only logical explanation to this bizzare, overnight event. To say that this has been a long time coming puzzles me a little, because Ireland and Sparano have yet to prove themselves in this league.
And the timing? Suspect to say the least...

Parcells did a decent job while he was in Miami. His work wil be considered a success if:

1) Chad Henne becomes the franchise QB everybody thought he would become.

2) This season turns out to be a success, which would include a playoff win.

3) Dansby and Marshall turn out to be the long term answers at the WR and ILB positions.

4) Vontae Davis, Chris Clemons and Brian Hartline become solid starters, compensating for the failures of Pat White, Patrick Turner and Sean Smith.

5) Jake Grove and Channing Crowder become big time contributors to this team, since they got some pretty hefty $$$ from the Tuna.

#1 Dolphin-

My sentiments exactly. Also in the case when Bill leaves it appears that his teams he rebuilds are actually a little better once he departs.

My only question is who made the ultimate call on some of those crappy picks? Especially Pat White pick. I would just be curious as to Ireland's percentage of picks still on the team as compared to Bills (as in final say).

#1 Dolphin Fan In Montreal and Buckeyefinfan, you both echoed my sentiment; I guess all 3 of us were writing at the same time.
This year will determine the future of Ireland/Sparano, and it looks like it could be paving the way for Ross to bring in a new GM/Head Coach.


Dominican CAN-CAN GIRLS,

'B'-LIST Celebrities,

Feminine Music,


and a 5 AND 11 Season !!!!

Very funny that the 3 of us are in agreement here. I heard that Bill Parcells was in love with Pat White before the draft.


I concur. Prepare for the "King" Carl regime in 2011.

Buckeye Fin Fan?

Is that you? Where have you been hiding?

Welcome to 2010 Miami Dolphins Football. People have been saying it's going to be a wild ride. Fasten your seat belt because things have already started moving pretty fast.

PS: Are you going to stick around long enough for me to rub it in when The Wolverines beat you guys this year-LOL!?!?


If the Wolverines beat OSU this year absolutely feel free to give me an ear lashing.

How do you like the way they divied up the B10? I think Michigan is in a tougher division because of the strength of the lower tier teams as compared to OSU's division.

I honestly hope Michigan plays well this year-of course until they play The Ohio State University

I agree with Odinseye that the timing off this move does not make sense--until you look at the first nine games of the season, and all these last-minute moves and decisions this club is making.

If the Bills, armed with the playbook David Martin is sharing with them as we speak, shock the Fins on Sunday, an 0-9 start is possible. (For those of you not playing at home, here you go: at Bills, at Minnesota, Jets, Pats, at Packers, Steelers, at Bengals, at Ravens, at Titans. Don't forget it was Ross who asked for fewer home games at the front of the season to increase revenue. Let me know how that works out for you, Steve.)

Timing is EVERYTHING. Methinks Parcells is distancing himself from the decisions the owner, Ireland and Sparano have made--and what could be a disastrous start to this season.

PARTING SHOT: If Ross brings in King Carl to run the show, I'm out. They can find someone else to buy my season tix. Who needs the Fins when you've got Heat season tix?

I would sure hate to see that happen. I would try to lure either Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy out of retirement. These guys are solid brass, true to life coaches.

What do Sean Smith and Stephan Ross have in common?

Both think that they can
build a Fan-Base thru






Say goodbye to the Trisucta and hello to misery SOFLA.

Tuna helper

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