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Dolphins undergo a power shift in one day

The Miami Dolphins on Tuesday underwent a significant and fundamental shift in approach that should interest every fan because while team sources were saying that nothing has changed, indeed, everything has changed.

The club announced in a three-sentence e-mailed statement that Bill Parcells was no longer the football czar, but now a consultant, and that Jeff Ireland was now assuming "full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphins football team and support staff."

Before that announcement the Dolphins were, in fact, a two-headed monster.

The Dolphins were a football team located in their Davie, Florida training facility and headed by Parcells as the executive vice president for football operations. And the Dolphins also were a business and marketing operation located at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens and headed by CEO Mike Dee.

Parcells answered only to owner Stephen Ross. Dee answered only to Ross, as well.

But even as these two men rarely crossed paths, even as they served entirely different purposes for the same organization, the power, the prestige and the pull undoubtedly belonged to Parcells and the football side of the operation.

Parcells, with a resume that includes two Super Bowl rings and a history for making winners out of losers, had done precisely that in 2008 when he authored an 11-5 rebirth for Miami out of the ashes of a 1-15 season in 2007. That meant that pretty much anything Parcells wanted, Parcells got.

So even as the Dolphins football side and marketing/business side could not be more opposite in their approach, most every decision that had to be made was almost always made in favor of the football side of the operation.

And the football and business side did clash at times because they are so dissimilar.

The football side loves anonymity and a lunch-pail approach. They hire men that work behind facemasks and they enjoy the reputation of being somewhat aloof and mysterious.

The marketing side is out there and Hollywood, if you will. The marketing side ipainted the stadium in some hideous color scheme, installed an orange carpet entrance and invited celebrities to come see the product and be seen enjoying the product. The marketing side is building a nightclub at the stadium.

The marketing side also spent approximately $3 million to build a radio network and new website to promote the team and, ultimately, sell tickets and make money.

But when the marketing side wanted the football side to help promote the product, the team, the whole organization, the football side could successfully balk by using the Parcells approach as cover. Parcells didn't want his name on billboards, didn't want players shooting Christmas videos for the stadium's big screen replay board during football season, didn't want any distractions that could in any fashion detract the focus from, well, football.

And again, whatever Parcells said was law.

But Parcells has stepped aside now. He's done so willingly, by all accounts, although he has given no explanation for doing so. Parcells did not take four phone calls from The Herald on Tuesday.

But willingly or not, planned or not, Parcells has put Ireland front and center of the football operation.

And while Mike Dee was not Bill Parcells' boss he will hold sway over Jeff Ireland that he never did over Parcells. So Jeff Ireland may not be able to shield the football operation from the business and marketing arm like Parcells did -- just because-I-say-so-style.

The power has shifted from the football side of the operation to the business and marketing side of the operation now. It may not be immediately obvious to outsiders. But eventually the signs of the shift that took place Tuesday will be obvious.

To everyone.

[Broadcast note: The Parcells move and its ramifications will be the primary topic on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Wednesday. We'll have receiver Brian Hartline, Bills strong safety George Wilson, and others on air to discuss what this means for Sunday's season-opener. Former QB Art Schlichter will also be on the show to discuss the Ohio State versus University of Miami tilt.] 


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However, if Peterson were to come to Miami, how would you like a Schottenheimer or a Vermeil reunion? Just as long as it's not Herm Edwards please.


Good to see you here again, I hope you've been doing well.

I'm some what of a traditionalist when it comes to football. I liked things the way they were, in this case anyways.

I couldn't resist joking around with you, what can I say you're a Buckeye fan and we both know about this rivalry.

Being as good as you guys have been lately, I don't even know if you pay any attention to Michigan. If you do, I have a question for you.

Do you think Rodriguez's job will be/should be on the line this season?


Yeah this is going to have some fall-out next year I would almost bet on it.

First of all I think the people most on the hot seat if we get a new GM would be Dan Henning. We shall see but my instincts tell me Ireland is out which means the new GM will probably want to make some changes on the coaching staff.

Just great another 2-5 yr rebuild.I can't take much more of this and I've been a fan since the 71 season (6yrs old).This has been the worst 10yrs in phin history.Am I going to stop being a fan?No,but I see more sunday fish trips than tube watching in my future.GOD I HOPE I'M WRONG.


It should be on the line this season-yes. Unfortunately, one of the repercussions of his spread/option football is that I think it will take away from Michigan's prestige as Quarterback U.

Sure they'll look flashy at times and maybe able to have a couple winning seasons. But Michigan was a powerhouse for a long time because they had quarterbacks that could run a pro style offense. I just think that style is wrong for Michigan and so is Rodriguez. Just my opinion. But I am no fan f tressel's the "punt is the most important play in the game" approach either.


I'd rather have Irlenad than Peterson to tel you the truth. He has a habit for holding on to players too long and overvaluing their trade value and not getting things done.

But besides Herm he did a decent job of finding coaches. I actually like Tony Sparano, I really do (LOL). It's just that all of these moves the last month or so with the roster just doesn't feel right.

I'll let the games play out and if TS and Ireland can get us to the playoffs then they "might" stick. However a non play-off appearance and you;ll see both go to the unemployment line.


I agreed with your post on the last blog. I think your scenario sounds the most logical and probable out of everything I've read(so far).

I didn't post my response to you until this blog was up so you probably missed it.

I trhink the timing of this is a major indication that something "bad" happened within the Trifecta. I may be reading too much into this, but when you consider the recent "peculiar" chain of events and it really makes you wonder.

I know the conspiracy theorists are seeing this as a power struggle that went wrong behind closed doors.......causing Parcells to distance himself from the team. But I don't think so. Parcells gets paid whether he puts in 100 hours or zero hours per week. I think he wants to still be around and be involved to a certain degree; and to still offer his help to Ireland when he needs it. I just think the guy is ready to start a semi retirement and not have to labor as much as he has in the past couple of years. I am thankful that he still wants to help out. and I know damn well that if he had a falling out with Ross, he would have have cut himself from any involvement at all. Just imagine the luxury of knowing that for the next two years, you would get paid regardless if you went to work or not. What would you do? I welcome the tuna in whatever capacity he feels comfortable with.


I hope nobody in my family finds out I'm actually agreeing with a Buckeye fan-LOL.

Ok, seriously, I think you hit the nail on the head. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Good luck to you guys, just like you said, until you play us!


You may be right. We are all just thinking that this seems a little funny to happen at this time is all. It might not be a power struggle between Ross and Parcels at all but methinks he wants to distance himself a bit-for whatever reason and y instinct says it is to take off the protective shield from JI and TS.

It might be nothing. But this I will bet on. Ireland will be gone next year.

It has to be health reason for BP to release grip of helm and let JI captain. Dee remains as admiral but not on the ship. Observing the course, if JI can steer away from Rocky shoals, no harm. BP remains on board but just in the captain's quarters nursing his health issue. At BP's age, health issues come forth quickly and may require procedures and therapy that prevent day-to-day hands-on-the-helm presence--might even be severe enough for him to remain 'in port'. Pardon the Jack Aubrey metaphor.

I'm with you, Odin.

Check out Biloxi Boy. He doesn't get it. This has nothing to do with money or time off for Parcells. It has everything to do with legacy and helping his latest charges to have the best opportunity to succeed.

King Carl is loitering around a job after driving the Chiefs into oblivion by bringing in a "players' coach" in Herman Edwards.

The Dolphins schedule is brutal, especially early. It's all on Chad Henne. He has to outscore the opposition. I firmly believe Pennington would win more of these early games than Henne will, based on experience. But we need to find out about Henne now because he's got more upside down the road.


Thanks man. A lot of my friends are Michigan fans and that's all I hear about is how they hate Rodriguez and his style of coaching etc. But I also hear a lot from my fellow Buckeyes about how predictable the play calling at OSU is.

That's why I struggle as a Dolphins fan because on Saturday I watch a mostly conservative game and then on Sunday I see the same thing from the Fins.

I hope this year I see some open offense from both my teams.


I hear what you're saying and I'm not going to try and pretend that I know any better.

Another scenario I thought of right after having heard the news:

Parcell's, for some reason, gets into it with Ross and decides he wants to resign. Like you said, he's getting paid either way.

He calls a meeting with Ireland and Sporano to let them know before the press release goes out.

Ireland and Sporano protest and tell Parcell's he can't bail on them.

Parcell's relents with one stipulation: FINE, but from now on Jeffy, you're dealing with that (expletive)Ross! I'll be out on the fairway if you guys need me.

What do you think? If you can drill some holes in this, please do. My perspective could be a little biased as I'm simply dumbfounded right now.


Precisely. I think maybe the power struggle was not with Ross but maybe disagreements with Ireland and Sparano about the draft and roster.

I pray that we don;t bring in King Carl as well. That guy had 1 good draft in over 20 years as the Cheifs GM. But I almost gurantee that is what we'll see next year unless we get into the playoffs and win.

Please read my post from 11:38 pm. That was pretty much my explanation. That's the only reason short of pure stupidity from Parcells.

One last thought for those trying to figure out why Parcells felt compelled to make this decision now.

Could it be that Parcells was not the driving force behind last year's draft of Pat White and Patrick Turner, and he bristled at the criticisms pointed towards him when they were cut on Sunday?

That could help explain the sudden decision to throw the keys to the car to the kids, so they can be responsible if they drive it off a cliff. Just sayin'.....


Ross was probably just as dumbfounded by some of these moves as we were when it came to releasing players. For example, you draft a guy in round 2 and then you decide you don't have room on your roster for him.

Fine. But at least showcase him for a trade scenario to a team that might want to trade a future pick for him. If it was my money I'd be pissed too.

Or seeing all that money I spent on an O-line that is still being tweaked. I would freaken explode. Again this is coming from the perspective that some guys just wasted millions of my dollars on crappy free agents and draft picks.

So I can maybe see that scenario where Ross tells Bil he's buying groceries but not with his own checkbook.

Who knows.

I concur Allstar. For whatever reason, he feels that this year's team simply won't cut it. Be it our misses in the 2009 draft or lack of improvement in our secondary. Something just doesn't feel right. What kind of message is he sending??? That's not cool.

I might be repeating everything that everyone here has debated(I'm a bit tankered on Fernet) But People like Parcells don't move aside unless 1 they are going out on top, 2 are fed up with the situation, or 3 get fired. The orginization can put all the spin they want on this situation, but my guess is that behind door #2 is the answer. I'm sure that like evrything that happpens here it will be handled with secret service like silence(which is fine, because does it really matter now?) And as far as being a consultant, Ive done that work, nobody likes to listen, they would rather learn the hard way.

Carl Petersen has been milking Philly Stars USFL championship and Marty-Ball for 25 years now. Elvis Grbac? Really? That is your starting quarterback? Brace yourselves and hope Tony and Jeff do well; Carl is King of mediocrity.
If Ross was the only interested party in the Dolphins when WH was selling, we cannot expect improvements in football quality until new ownership. That might be decades. That is why I am working on my fishing boat and learning to love College ball more. (still think the sudden announcement for BP was due to health and nothing else).

Reporters like to say, "Where there is smoke, there is usually some type of fire." The smoke is this rash decision, the timing of which simply does not pass the smell test.

The Tuesday after Labor Day? A three-sentence release where they spell the name of the team incorrectly? (It's not the Miami Dolphin football team. It's the Miami Dolphins football team.) Somebody would have caught that if this were planned farther in advance.

This would appear to be a sudden decision that would have only become more strange if it were made any later.

FB @ 11:39

That's as plausible a scenario as any of the others. What's so frustrating is that we'll probably never know how or why exactly, these events unfolded as they did.

I could also see some player personnel and coaching decisions leading to a rift between Parcell's, Ireland and Sporano.

Aggravating as hell to say the least. Here's to hoping we take it out on Buffalo!

So true, Odin....


To add to your last thought. Parcell's after bristling, had to stomache Sparano's decision that led to Jake Long getting banged up.

Long was Parcell's "flagship" Pro Bowl draft pick.

Just another thought.....who knows?

Guys lets just hope that we're over reacting to all this and that Parcells really trusts these guys. All our doubts will be erased if they come out and play a good game on Sunday and follow it up with 2 solid weeks.


You are right, we will never know the truth and hopefully we are worrying about nothing. If this team will get out of the block fast and play like I know they can, this front office stuff will mean notta. Is it asking too much for a Pats and Jets loss as well as a dominating win in Buffalo? Go Ravens! Go Cinnci! but mostly, GO FINS!!!


One last comment.

I thought about the press release also. I have to agree with you again.

It wasn't planned. It was a short terse press release complete with typos.

If it were planned, news this big would be carefully and respectfully worded, gushing with praise and thank yous.

Thanks guys, it's always fun for me when I post with some serious fans. Too bad it had to be about this garbage.


Let's get Ozzie Newsome for GM! Ravens drafted 2 of the big-hyped pre-draft players. He's drafted how many pro-bowlers over there? Just sayin...G'night

The more I let the events of the day marinate, the worse they smell. The timing is just too weird.........something's SERIOUSLY amiss in Davie, and even with the KGB style secrecy that prevails out there,we haven't heard the last of this.

The timing. It makes the organization's "explanation" laughable.

Another shoe is gonna drop.........and TS better get off to a decent start or it'll drop on his head.


Money Never Sleeps, Pal

Home ThanX for the heads up on Gold

Checked out European trading in gold this morning

USA futures Up on Gold

: Reuters | 08 Sep 2010 | 05:47 AM ET
Text Size

Gold prices rose towards record highs in Europe on Wednesday as concerns over the European banking system weighed on appetite for assets seen as higher risk, like stocks, and diverted investment into bullion.

Perhaps Parcells is taking a big check and following your advice investing in Gold, since there is not much Gold on the Miami Dolphins

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

So what's the difference of players shooting a x-mas video midseason versus appearing on your show 4 days before gameday??

All I know is that Sparano better watch his step. He went from teachers pet to expendable in the blink of an eye.

Wow. I can't believe people are writing off the season BEFORE THE FIRST GAME.


Jeff Ireland and Robert Gibbs the same person?

Look-compare and let me know.

Wow this has turned into The Young and the Restless here!!

I really for the life of me can not understand what all the uproar an conspiracy theories are about. Bill has said this would happen from day one, once he thought Jeff was ready to take over. Some are worried about the timing?? He does it after all the major changes and decisions have been made concerning the franchise for the season. It is not like he jumped ship.

We all know that Bill has a "sink or swim" attitude towards things. So why not now? If they can handle it now with the season right around the corner then they can handle it anytime.

If Bill didn't think they could handle it now he would not have left it in their hands.

Go Dolphins!!!
only 4 days 5hrs 44min left !!!!!!!

This explains the dumb@ssed moves that were just made. Letting David Martin go and keeping John Nalboner, Having a crapload of LBer and DL, holding on to Thigpen instead of getting something for him in trade, trying to make anyone believe that Hartline is a #2 WR, oh it's going to be like number 2 alright. This is a mess, not to mention playing Long in the last preseason game and getting him banged up.

I smell another Cam Cameron type year coming, the same stupid kind of mistakes and decisions. This has the potential to get really really ugly.

I like the Heat, but I LOVE the Dolphins, football will always be my first love, so let the next generation go play with their faulty X-Boxes, I'll keep my Phins season tix, thanks.

why we have to listen to ohio guy 4 days before miami vs buffalo in armando show .i liked the gorge wilson interview .

armando and amigo doesn't annoy you ,they let the guest speak .

did any team claim charlie anderson, donald thomas, pat white, pat turner(besides the jets)? will turner end up on our practice squad? he is eligible.

hope the fins resign m.douglas and charles grant after week one when their salaries arent guaranteed for the whole year. many teams play this game to save $. fins can then hope to slip recent lineman acquisitions onto practice squad. kinda think jets may end up with douglas;rex wanted him back after week one.

Damn it! The one thing I see coming out of all this, is Carl Peterson. Mark my words, if he gets hired, and he will, it will set us back 10 years. Be prepared to never see The Dolphins in a Super Bowl ever again!

ARMANDO ,how the 50 million contract signing for marshall looks now?it looks real bad .

can anyone tell me if we signed clifton smith?

is everyone forgetting this was the plan from day one. for parcells to step down and ireland to take over. i don't have any problem with ross. he opened the wallet to sign marshall and dansby, he is spending money to brig in concerts on game day. he is even putting in a waterpark adjacent to the stadium. trying to maximize the fans experience when the come to a game isn't a bad thing. while armundo see's the painting as god aweful, it's being done by one of south florida's most famous artist. ross and the organization is trying to improve everything. nothing wrong with that.it's just like a family. ross is the wife tidying up everything and pacells and now ireland are the husband, working on the may side. just like in a lot of marriages the wife pays the bills.

IRELAND will be gone by end of year .all decisions already made football wise .jeff ireland isn't loved by any one .did you hear armando's show .
the steelers guy didn't want ti sign b/c he didn't like ireland .

shrek1, yes we signed clifton smith.

I see the timing as perfect...parcels has fielded a winner and he wants his young prodigy Ireland to get all the credit when we go 12-4.
As for the marketing fluff...I hate it....that's why teams like the Steelers, Bears and Bill will always appeal to the blue collar, "lunch pail" crowd...Dolphins are just to feminine with their aqua and orange colors.
We should change the color scheme and make the dolphin on the helmet look more menacing.

This is a NON ISSUE. This has been the plan all along, nothing surprising. Parcells stays for a few years, puts the pieces in play, then leaves. Its how he operates.

Btw, the Saints plaster their players ALL OVER NEW ORLEANS and they seemed to do just fine last year.

If you have strong leadership, strong character players who are even moderately intelligent, none of this will be a distraction.


It's a shame that over 80% of these "fans" would rather focus on the unnecessary drama rather then the game itself. We're football fans, not reality tv show supporters.

Tuna does not make or break this team. Coaching, chemistry, hard work and putting it all together at the perfect time... that's what makes champions in the NFL.

Go talk drama else-where.

wk1 keys to victory:
1.) Bring the Nolan scheme in effect to create turnovers with Bill's shaky line and sub-par passing attack.
2.) Don't underestimate CJ Spiller's big play ability - and containing him and welcoming him to the NFL is a big key to victory.
3.) Get Henne comfortable with screen passes and high percentage throws, as the game goes on look for big plays to Marshall and opening up the middle for Bess, Hartline and Fasano with Marshall's presence.
4.) Run for big plays, make every run count and show that we're a top 5 running team which will open up the passing game
5.) Don't turn the ball over* The most key factor of every game.

Thank You

This has now officially become THE dumbest Dolphin blog on the internet. No other blog out there has as many know nothing its a conspiracy whackos as this one.
1. This move was announced when Bill Parcells first came here. It was his intention all along to hand the reins to Jeff Ireland. It has now happened.
2. The timing of this was not only good, but almost perfect. The roster is set, the practice squad is set. The season is ready to start. Parcells never went to away games and rarely to home games. The media only has a couple days to talk about this and then the season starts and no one cares. If he stepped down anyother time it would have been a distraction, Now its a couple short days and done.
3. Parcells will be at practice DAILY. He will be a DAILY consultant. It is written in EVERY article. Go back and read Armando's blog. He will be here for the rest of tge season.
4. Anyone of worried about next season, stop. There will be no next season. Get out your old game tapes because the owners will be locking out the players. The owners are getting their guaranteed TV money. They have no reason to negotiate anything. Any one with any football sense sees it coming. Enjoy this year, no football next year.
5. The David Martin move, the Fins didnt think he was same player as 2008 and liked what they saw in Nalbone. Charles Grant and Douglas? They werent cut because of money, Ross paid Dansby and Marshall. We have the second highest payroll in the NFL. The man has opwned up his wallet, if you believe he was worried about paying Grant $700,000 you need to take more meds. The man has done everything for the fans from paying the players to making the Stadium experience so much better. How about saying Thank You instead of being a bunch of ingrateful little Fu@ks??
6. Grow up and be a fan and SUPPORT your team instead of crying and whining every single day on this blog. If you dont like it, change the channel, turn off the TV or go out with your kids and do something else. Let the REAL Dolphin FANS enjoy their team instead of listening to a bunch of Fake GMs, Fake coaches and Fake Fans crying about things they have no control over.

bobbyd12, one great post

When was the last time a team Parcells was involved with won a championship? In my opinion he has only improved the Dolphins to a 8-8 team, not even a playoff caliber team. I think he realizes he failed in his efforts to turn the team into a perennial playoff team and wants to get out before things get worse. Most of his draft picks haven't developed or improved, and at least half of his free agent signing were busts. His approach to rebuilding a team was the right one, build from the trenches and then get skill players, but his ability to evaluate talent in this day and age is diminished. Pat White as a QB, he makes Phil Simms looks like M.Ali. Michael Turner as the next Keyshawn, I think he's got too much sun down in Miami to think that. He will be remembered for drafting Jake Long, Chad Henne, and for signing Brandon Marshall and Chad Pennington, not much after that. The NFL is about long term success, not a quick one year turn around, that will be forgotten, and the only memory will be no playoff wins and only one playoff game. Far from success, overall I give him a C+, if he would have stayed for two more years and honored his contract like he always wanted his players to do, he could have fielding a winner and been graded at an A. Without Parcells maybe next year we can get Terrell Owens.

bobbyd12 you said you were going to the SS.
Go and stay there.
You sickening piece of demented hypocritical impostering crap.
How does it feel, Azzwipe?

Feels great monitor (Home) Hows it feel to be banned for life?? bwahahhahahhaha

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Top Ten Reasons to be pumped about upcoming season

10) We have the best backup QB in the league
9) We have the best third string QB in the league
8- We have a top tier # 1 WR
7) We have a top tier slot WR
6) We have a playmaker at ILB
5) We have the coach with the coolest sunglasses and fist pump move

4) We have part owners with huge behinds = J-Lo and Serena. Everyone likes some junk in the trunk
3) We play the bills in game 1
2)We look good in Orange
1) Our mascot is a smiling mammal from the sea

my mother is easy.anybody want her to spread?

Fins just signed the best return man in Football

no one care what i think.i am a completely weak minded idiot with nothing else to do.

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