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Tony Sparano defends the Wildcat package

The Wildcat isn't working very well anymore, folks. At least it wasn't working against the Jets to the point it seemed misplaced within Miami's play-calling.

But coach Tony Sparano today defended the use of the scheme that two years ago led to an improbable upset of the New England Patriots and last night seemed to contribute to Miami's downfall.

Sparano said the Wildcat's production was "average," and then he was asked if he believes the package was at any time a hinderance to the flow of the offense?

"No," Sparano said succinctly.

"I would tell you we ran reverse that was a minus play. We probably ran two or three others that were four-yard plays, which is what we're looking for," Sparano said. "I mean, we're not looking for 40-yard plays out of the thing. It's an efficient run. Ronnie had two or three efficient runs out of the thing. He threw a pass out of one of them that, to be quite honest with you, we threw down the field to Brandon, but if we threw the wheel route, it might have been a 30-yard gain. I ain't all stuck on that. Not at all."

The official game book didn't paint quite as rosy a picture of the Wildcat as Sparano did, however. Bottom line, the Dolphins ran out of Wildcat eight times by my count. It gained seven total yards. It accounted for one incomplete pass. Of the eight plays, four accounted for no gain or a loss of yardage.

The plays according to the game book:

Second quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 18 yard line:Ronnie Brown loses one yard.

Second and 11 from the Jets 19 yard line: Brown gains four yards.

Third quarter

Second-and-15 from the Jets 35 yard line. Brown has no gain.

Two plays later on first-and-10 from the Jets 20: Brown gains 5 yards.

On second-and-five from the Jets 15: Brown gains four yards.

On the next possession:

First and goal from the Jets 7 yard line: Brown gains one yard.

On the following possession:

First and 10 from the Miami 24 yard line: Brown throws incomplete to Marshall.

Fourth quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 36: Cobbs on the end around loses six yards.

It should be noted Brown gained 14 yards on five Wildcat carries. His carries out of the base formation accounted for 40 yards on six carries.

So that seems to build a case against Wildcat. But you must remember, the Dolphins lately are using the Wildcat package to even the odds on run plays. Seems most teams on early downs are stacking the box against the Dolphins on run downs. That means Miami is always at a one-man disadvantage in that with the QB under center, the defense always has one more defender than Miami has either blocking or running.

With the QB out of the way in the wildcat package, the Dolphins even the odds. So,yes, Wildcat is a downhill running offense.

Of course, that begs the question, why the reverses to Cobbs or Marshall.

By the way. The Dolphins seem to like Wildcat. Still. They get the only votes on the matter. Everyone else is kinda out-voted.


Sparano was asked the reason cornerback Jason Allen was on receiver Braylon Edwards much of the night -- a matchup that Allen lost -- rather than using superior cornerback Vontae Davis on Edwards. Coach said it was because coaches thought Allen's size made it possible for him to compete better with Edwards.

That didn't excuse Allen's tough outing.

"Jason would tell you he needs to do better," Sparano said.

Jason, by the way, doesn't need to tell me. I saw it. He needs to to much, much, much better to stick Randy Moss or Wes Welker or Brandon Tate next Monday night.


Ah, hidden yardage was no friend of the Dolphins Sunday.

Sparano said the Dolphins yielded 140 yards on special teams. That is the equivalent to a touchdown and then some.


Ricky Williams fumbled once (officially) but had another moment in which he also lost his grip on the ball early enough that it was ruled a fumble before being overturned. Williams has three such losses of the ball in two weeks, although the ball has actually changed possession only once.

That's is enough for Sparano.

"Yes, it concerns me," he said.

Williams needs to keep both hands on the ball unless he is fine with not playing in the fourth quarter of games as he did Sunday night.


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The stupid baseball infield would have looked better on TV then that, Dolly Parton Coat of many colors, patchwork quilt job the grounds-crew did. Mr. Ross please get some Hispanics from Arizona to landscape the field.

Baby I like it! hmm hmm hmm Baby I like it! hm hmm hmm

Go Phins!

CHINESE are butter to fix the field .they r great in planting and taking care of the grass.

did i mention i like it in the bum?
really hard!

dolphins suck


Ricky Martin and Bette Midler will do the National Anthem at next weeks home game.

Go Phins!

the WildCat is not the issue its the play calling!
we are not runing the ball enough!
2nd 2 and we pass 3rd and 2 and we pass at the goalline with the backs we have someone has lost their mind!!

all these pennington lovers need to quit it!! sure everybody would love penningtons brain in henne body but does that D+ arm really scare anybody in the league!!!

MY CASE: when pennington was QB!! ted ginn caught every pass thrown his way!! as soon as henne take over, he becomes hands of stone!!


IN someway pennington is hurting henne progression!! LOOKING OVER HIS SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if the GREAT and only Bette Midler does the National Anthem ,we will win .when i saw that guy who own limit ownership (( .20 )) share ,i knew we would lose .

Al Michaels made a Sopronos joke during the game! He must have stayed up all night writing his material in his hotel room! Good one Al! No one ever thought of that one! Lazy eyed fool!

Go Phins!

booo whooooo....lets sign on to the comp and bash our team. yeeeaaaah!!!! im sick of reading stupidity from all you so called fans. we have a young team. very young. do u honestly think we will be contending for a super bowl this season? growth by our young players is all i'd like to see. and im not gonna bash them when they make a mistake. and sean smith is better than jason allen. he started 16 games last season as a rookie and played well. it has taken jason 6 years to get it right. but i support whoever is on the field. beat the pats !!!! not too many real fans in here. its sad.


I know I play way better than you.

NBC IS THE WORSE STATION TO WATCH A GAME VS NEW YORK TEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you see the crew scramble to say good things about us once we took the league!! before that it was all jets,from the pregame till 17-14!!! nbc is 100% new york/new jersey

KELLY, THERE ARE A FEW FAN HERE ARE GOOD but most are GUPSE .they leave when we lose but when we win you see them all day ,gupse style .

Huge loss at home....next week is a must win. Henne played well, and he has a big time arm, but the wildcat has got to be shelved--at least until we can find a true passer/runner out of the formation...without that, it's still a one-dimensional attack no matter how many ways you try to disguise it.

Great game to watch. Sorry to see the Fins lose. Thrilled to see Henne break out and have a big passing game. He is a stud!

This team has a few major issues to overcome:

1) Stop using the Wildcat - it was useful when you didn't have a solid passing game. You clearly have one now. Move on!

2) Fire our Special Teams Coach - The unit has been lousy to for two years now. Can't cover kicks and can't block to protect our punter.

3) Stop the run - we should have loaded up on a young quarterback and forced him to throw. We need to bring Solai and Dansby some help. They played big last night!

4) Sack the quaterback - I'd be happy with some pressure. Too much time allowed Dirty Sanchez to pick our D-Backs apart.

5) Bell and Allen need to go to coverage and tackling school. They looked foolish out there last night.

6) Need to score TD's in the Red Zone - Down within the 5 twice last night. Need to score touchdowns to win in this league. First and goal from the 2 yard line. Run three times off big Jake and pound it into the end zone.

i love my team and love the directions of the team rite now, but im wondering about the special teams coordinator and the OC! ST coach can go NOW!!!!!! and are there any say 40ish OC with nfl and college exp. calling plays within the last 10 yrs out there!!! if so who???? gruden would never come here??? you think!!!!!

No worries my fair weathered friends!

Coach is bringing in some motivation for this weeks game!

Lady Ga Ga's meat dress!

Feed the Wolf!

Go Phins!

Defense played Horrible, No Pressure, If they made Sanchez look like a Hall of famer I shudder to think what Tom(Bundchen)Brady and randy(Why do people hate me)Moss well do next monday nite, I can only hope the coaches well get them ready(LOL)....

demands from the fan base ;

1-hire the chinese to fix the field
2-fire the special teams coordinator
3-hire Dolphins4life as special scouter .

Sorry JPAO, I thought Solai was terrible last night. He made like two plays at most all night. He can't stop the run. Can't wait until Odrick is back, so that Starks goes back to NT.

Even Pennington thinks Henne is a better QB and his time has come. We need to develop a young QB and I don't see any reason why it can't be Henne. I was surprised Thigpen wasn't active last night. I think he would have added a nice wrinkle out of the wildcat.

Our "Special Teams" arrives to the games on their own bus... a fricken "Short Bus" Tey are Toe Petyal!

Go Phins!

Clam Crowder! Where are you?

Go Phins!

agreed. thigpen can run or throw. he would be great in the wildcat. the way we run it is old and stale. jets used it better than we did.

Greg Z,

Totally agree. I think we have a weapon in Thigpen who is being wasted on the sideline. I don't understand why Pennington was the backup last night. Thigpen should have been active and he should have been thrown in to run the Wildcat and shake things up. Teams can see what Brown is going to do a mile away. Disguise it a bit more by throwing Thigpen in. Try it....let's see what happens.

Unfortunately the Jets ran their Wildcat better than Miami. I don't agree with the use of the Wildcat on first down. Also I believe it should be scrapped because it takes Henne out of rythum. It should be used 2-3 times as gadget play instead of as the norm.

Jason Taylor gets a Gatorade bath in our house on our field by Tyfatasaurus Rex? Are you fricken kidding me? On our yard?!

Why you Zerkses (300 the movie) lookin ballroom dancin traitor!

Next you are going to tell me its over 109 degrees in Los Angeles on September 27th. Impossible!

Someone has to PAY!

Go Phins!

Dan Henning must go. Where's Linahan when you need him and we need a new special teams coordinator...

The good:

1) Henne's work
2) Brandon Marshall earning his salary
3) we are 2-1, and we had a ton opportunities to win yesterday

The bad

1) the opposing TE killed us again. That's been a problem the past 3 seasons
2) Henning's play calling. He told that his dream would be to run the whole game...then inside the opponent's 10 he only calls passes.
3) defensive coaching: Allen vs Edwards was the matchup they wanted, and they got to Edwards on every important down. That's a blueprint for futures games, where opponents will avoid Davis' side and attck Allen.

kill the wildcat!!!!!!!! enough already!!!!!! sick of it!!!!! it is a fad that we need to let float on by!

i havent read all the comments today but i read enough to know i dont like what im reading but i really wanna know what ODIN has to say about DOBBINS AND CARPENTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF CHANNING IS HURT NEXT WEEK, CAN WE PLZ ACTIVATE AND START MICAH JOHNSON IN PLACE OF THESE 2 CHUMPS!!!! LIKE I SAID NOLAN HAND ARE TIED!!! we havent ran one 2man dline all year!!!why?? b/c channing is out!! i know most might not agree with me but i only remember akin and wilson getting picked on with some jt until his playing time was cut,and porter refused to cover putting channing in bad situations!! nolan want to play 2DL,5LB and 5DB in base sets sometimes but cant do it b/c dobbins and carpenter are so limited in what they can do!!! the problem is they cant perform every play but sometimes will make a play(which would require them to play as sub to max. their skill set)!! leaving both dobbins and carpenter in the game for extended period of the game only get them exposed!!! carpenter is not physical at all and dobbins was supposed to be a liablity in coverage, but is killing us in the run game too!! we get channing back with dansby the defense is stronger, freeing up nolan to take a chance with blitzing multiply LB from different angles and causing havoc!! teams have film too and have exploited dobbins and carpenter every game this year!! the MLB core is the weakest link on the defense !!!!!!!

I think coach is doing what any man would do...defend his package...wildcat or otherwise

Go Phins!

boy im glad im not jason allen but if i can speak for allen im sure he would say " that td edward got, i slipped, yes i did play bad technique on edward 3rd down catch and the call in the endzone was really fabricated(cmon ref)!! i give up 2 catches and most think i had a bad game!! i got my hands on just as many balls as i gave up catches!! no i didnt make the play but my coaches will not be that mad b/c i was there to make the play!!"
now back to me! allen had 3 mistakes but how many smith would have had!! smith confidence is so shot he trying to regain it by covering TE's and we want that back starting!!! I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I would expect from all I have read here, that Bill Parcels office will be inundated with resumes for head coach and assistants positions.

So many experts, how in the world have the Dolphins survived all these years without our collective knowledge?

I think it would be interesting to go back to the blog after the Wildcat was unleashed on New England a few years back and see what the same people were saying that Monday.

It would be revealing.

I really don't get what the big wow is with Crowder. I saw him on the sidelines last night and he looked like a clown. This is a professional?? He looked like he just came from a rap concert. I don't understand how these guys get away with dressing and looking like that on National television. This guy is supposed to be a leader and representing our team. Can't wait until he moves on because quite honestly he's dead weight.

People who can coach,

greg z
gimmy jam
Mark from toronto

people who can fix the sod on the field
nj phin

THAT GOES BACK TO THE LACK OF CREATIVITY BY THE OC!!! that was the whole reason they drafted pat white!! right? i agree thigpen should take ronnie spot and ronnie need to go where rickie lines up at!! when you max the odds of run to pass at 50-50 we have way more success!! teams would never know what to do as far as knowing whats coming!! outside of the first game we used it the biggest run have actually come when ronnie give it to rickie, so having ronnie in rickie spot wouldnt be a bad idea!!!

our wildcat is ancient compared to most teams and we the ones who brought it to the nfl

Still having a hard time understanding why everyone's so quick to be down On Jason Allen. Braylon Edwards caught 2 passes. One was a slip. they had no pass rush what so ever and Edwards is there top guy. I mean our top guy had 10 cacthes and 166yards. I don't hear any body saying they should bench Cromartie.

damn craig i saw channing too! he had on sweats with tshirt and cap!!! what wrong with that!? what should he have been wearing(skinny jeans)lol!! and if you saw channing last night do you see the size channing brings to the table(just as big as dansby and will go to war)!! we need channing antics and supposed sense of humor on this team!!! dansby will keep the kids mind right but channing also will keep the kids loose and we need that!!!

One thing I learned from this game: Vontae Davis will be a pro-bowler next season if not this season. The Jets just refused to throw in his direction yesterday

People on this blog that blow other guys

Jet Fan

nfl=no fun league!!! they take away celebrations, they are trying to figure away to put flags on the qb to protect them(what about all the other players the QB leave to get decapitated),now craig want players to stand on the sidelines with suits!! sometimes i wish this thing could filter through some of these post and just dont post them!! it came off a little racist to me!! the man is at a football game not a corporate event!! im sure he can afford plenty of suits!!

Didnt mean to say everyone is a fake fan. Its just it would be nice to discuss the game and the team looking at the positives. not saying this guy sucks and that guy sucks. im a fan of whoever we put on the field. i think we are a very good team overall. just not expecting a super bowl just yet. so i dont bash everyone after one loss. henne played great. the running game was non existant. but then again, did we try to get it going? jason allen didnt play well from what i saw. but if he is our best option other than vontae, so be it. i read sean smith sucks every day on here. why? because hes not physical? not too many 6'4 cornerbacks. i think he would help against bigger recievers....(braylon) cam wake is playing very well. damian woody is a pro bowl lineman, lets not forget. karlos dansby and vontae davis are playing GREAT. vontae is a shutdown corner every week. karlos is a great leader, hopefully channing can get back soon and help. theres great potential here. im not blind. and jake long is the best tackle in football.

Yeah, I was miffed that NBC (headquartered in NYC) kept talking about the Jets throughout their pre-game show. Guess who's playing next week's Sunday Night game? That's right: the Giants. AGAIN.

aloco i wasnt gonna jive ODIN at all!! just let him know channing would have been leading the team in tackles with all the misses these 2(dobbins and carpenter) have

laphin, and that coverage will be about whats wrong with the giants not the team the giants play

cuban,where are you ? the blog running well so far .

I hear that Crowder is leading in stationary bike hours..... Mando, can you confirm this....

Dolphins4life , ODIN is very sensitive person.he feels bad he predicted the fins would win 36-3 and we lost .so he feels let down in a major way .
odin as you know hates the day crowder was born so let come slow to the blog plus he has armando to worry about .lol

cuban , nice to see you back

for the wildcat to be at its most effective a QB has to be a part of it.

i keep hearing people wondering about j.allen vs moss!! i want allen on him all day with help from clemons over the top on deep route!! same reason moss struggled vs. cromartie, cromartie can run with moss all day so can allen, but moss dont like to go cross the middle so of course revis gets exposed one one one!! i want my best pitbull(DAVIS) matched up on wes welker b/c the last time i checked vontae was the one who shut him down in the victory vs pats in last year!!!

Pretty bad that I'am taking shots at a guy that did'nt even play last night..or last week,or the week before or, Hey when was the last time the guy played???LOL

I say get rid of carpenter and promote Micah Johnson back to the team that guy was playing real well and can play special teams.

cuban do you every make an actual comment on the dolphins or are you here for jokes!!! all i ever read from you are jokes!! without googling give me one thing about the team we might not know!! or something you seen last nite that we might have missed!! can you do it?

carpenter and dobbins are a package deal, can lose one without the other

cant lose one without the other

D4L, Absolutely, Thought that Henne Played a pretty good game considering he was being Bull rushed constanly, He made some great reads, checking down to his second and third option instead of eyeballing his primary target, you can see him maturing quickly, I hate the Wild cat, thought running it on first down puts your offense in a immediate hole cause every one and there brother know about it, Shelve it please. Enough or should I continue????


The Wildcat didnt lose the game. The pass rush (ZERO sacks) did. The Wildcat is just another offensive set.... next should we get rid of the I-formation?

Pass rush. The D-line is deep enough but lacking the guy who takes over 6-8 plays.

In other words, please stop reporting about the Wildcat, Armando, or let me write your column please.

JESTS beat us at our own Wildcat!

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