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Tony Sparano defends the Wildcat package

The Wildcat isn't working very well anymore, folks. At least it wasn't working against the Jets to the point it seemed misplaced within Miami's play-calling.

But coach Tony Sparano today defended the use of the scheme that two years ago led to an improbable upset of the New England Patriots and last night seemed to contribute to Miami's downfall.

Sparano said the Wildcat's production was "average," and then he was asked if he believes the package was at any time a hinderance to the flow of the offense?

"No," Sparano said succinctly.

"I would tell you we ran reverse that was a minus play. We probably ran two or three others that were four-yard plays, which is what we're looking for," Sparano said. "I mean, we're not looking for 40-yard plays out of the thing. It's an efficient run. Ronnie had two or three efficient runs out of the thing. He threw a pass out of one of them that, to be quite honest with you, we threw down the field to Brandon, but if we threw the wheel route, it might have been a 30-yard gain. I ain't all stuck on that. Not at all."

The official game book didn't paint quite as rosy a picture of the Wildcat as Sparano did, however. Bottom line, the Dolphins ran out of Wildcat eight times by my count. It gained seven total yards. It accounted for one incomplete pass. Of the eight plays, four accounted for no gain or a loss of yardage.

The plays according to the game book:

Second quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 18 yard line:Ronnie Brown loses one yard.

Second and 11 from the Jets 19 yard line: Brown gains four yards.

Third quarter

Second-and-15 from the Jets 35 yard line. Brown has no gain.

Two plays later on first-and-10 from the Jets 20: Brown gains 5 yards.

On second-and-five from the Jets 15: Brown gains four yards.

On the next possession:

First and goal from the Jets 7 yard line: Brown gains one yard.

On the following possession:

First and 10 from the Miami 24 yard line: Brown throws incomplete to Marshall.

Fourth quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 36: Cobbs on the end around loses six yards.

It should be noted Brown gained 14 yards on five Wildcat carries. His carries out of the base formation accounted for 40 yards on six carries.

So that seems to build a case against Wildcat. But you must remember, the Dolphins lately are using the Wildcat package to even the odds on run plays. Seems most teams on early downs are stacking the box against the Dolphins on run downs. That means Miami is always at a one-man disadvantage in that with the QB under center, the defense always has one more defender than Miami has either blocking or running.

With the QB out of the way in the wildcat package, the Dolphins even the odds. So,yes, Wildcat is a downhill running offense.

Of course, that begs the question, why the reverses to Cobbs or Marshall.

By the way. The Dolphins seem to like Wildcat. Still. They get the only votes on the matter. Everyone else is kinda out-voted.


Sparano was asked the reason cornerback Jason Allen was on receiver Braylon Edwards much of the night -- a matchup that Allen lost -- rather than using superior cornerback Vontae Davis on Edwards. Coach said it was because coaches thought Allen's size made it possible for him to compete better with Edwards.

That didn't excuse Allen's tough outing.

"Jason would tell you he needs to do better," Sparano said.

Jason, by the way, doesn't need to tell me. I saw it. He needs to to much, much, much better to stick Randy Moss or Wes Welker or Brandon Tate next Monday night.


Ah, hidden yardage was no friend of the Dolphins Sunday.

Sparano said the Dolphins yielded 140 yards on special teams. That is the equivalent to a touchdown and then some.


Ricky Williams fumbled once (officially) but had another moment in which he also lost his grip on the ball early enough that it was ruled a fumble before being overturned. Williams has three such losses of the ball in two weeks, although the ball has actually changed possession only once.

That's is enough for Sparano.

"Yes, it concerns me," he said.

Williams needs to keep both hands on the ball unless he is fine with not playing in the fourth quarter of games as he did Sunday night.


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OhFinFan13 | September 28, 2010 at 02:16 PM

Your post wouldn't even make any sense if Henne were calling the plays.

I hope you're Mom and Dad didn't waste a lot of money on your "education".



why i have the feeling that CROWDER WILL START NEXT WEEK ?

GB WILL destroy jets in 2 week in nj .they r mad for losing last night.good .

gb wont destroy the jets. good to see kris coming around and admitting how big that game was and how even bigger now this mondays is

bill, we all know you r a jet.admit it .lol

Mark in Toronto, you around? Didn't take a team long to jump on Trent Edwards. Jacksonville grabbed him first chance they could and I predict he'll be starting in less than a month. Apparently there were a bunch of teams that wanted him but Jacksonville won the waiver request. I'm not syaing Edwards will ever be a star, I'm saying he's no worse than some of the QBs in this league and it's just another short-sighted move on Buffalo's part. They will draft ANOTHER QB top 5 next year and the kid will struggle because they never put a decent offensive line in front of any of these guys. Just watch!

edwards isnt good craig, jacksonville is a mess. aloco we all know your the biggest bias fan. harsh reality is what i take on. go finsssssss

Stupid fat dick-sucking Jets fans like me only come out a couple times a year. When we win, once in the last 4 games and when we want a guy to blow his load on our faces, which is often.


I never said Edwards is good. My argument is that he's just another guy that the organization annoints as a leader and then they chop him a couple of weeks later. I'll bet you there are a lot of players who want out of Buffalo.....Evans, Whitner, Lynch. They pulled the same crap with McGahee and Losman. It's a very dysfunctional organization and I'm thinking they are becoming the Raiders of the East. Be thankful they are in our division.

bill, ok you win this time but next time watch out .i am the only one on this blog didn't call sunday game a win .i was realistic and i said watch out jets .

Btw Bill,

Nice to see that you've come around again. Where have you been hiding since our big won over Minnesota? You jumping on the New England bandwagon early this week?


next sunday's game in buffalo ...can any one believes Buffalo would win ?

losman, mcgahee were awful. smart to get rid of them. fitz is much better than edwards, now they can actually throw to evans. but yes bills are awful and im glad they are in our div. gailey still wants thigpen badly

when the bandwagon sees bii ,it says hi old body .



I'm with you on that one. I think this is a trap game for New York after two emotional wins over New england and Miami. Pray that it's windy, because Sanchez struggles when it's like that. I actually think Buffalo is a very dangerous team right now. Laugh if you want but watch Sunday.


I saw your post earlier too me about Crowder.

Ha Ha very funny-NOT!

Good thing I don't have a big ego problem, I would have to call you a bunch of names and then post a bunch of crap about you, under an "alias" of course.

Yeah, so I struck out on Dobbins, a swing and a miss-DOH! Actually I'm surprised I haven't got more flak about it, I've been swinging on his nads since the draft. I desrve it.

Thanks for making look like an idiot Tim!

Aloco is a Donkey!!!!

Of course the Bills will win. We are the choking Jets of 40 + years. Nothing has changed. In the end I will be sitting in the trailer park with my Pabst Blue and Camel while my mom is banging her 2000th guy in 2010.

how you know i signed that name TIM ? IT WAS VERY SHORT POST.

Buffalo played well in boston and scored 30 point to lift their cofidence .i hope they win ,huge .

Aloco wears speedos and eats pork!!!!

whats up craig, went to sundays game. fly back to kc tomm. been everywhere on buisness, no time. but i predicted a win over bills, a loss to vikes and jets. so im 2-1. ur 1-2. hate to say this also but pats play us alot better than jets do. ive been goin back and fourth on this game, but i think pats are gonna throw all over us and win 27-24. our schedule is so brutal, at gb, pitt, at cin, at balt coming up. unreal

Aloco is a speedo wearing Donkey that eats pork!!!!

Craig, hmmm, which is worse, drafting Trent Edwards (a player who can throw a pass in the NFL) or Pat White (a player who had no business BEING in the NFL)? If you live in a glass house you shouldn't throw stones.

With that said, Jax probably couldn't win with Peyton Manning.


Gernnimo, i love donkeys,i grew up with donkeys ,evry one in my family had a donkey.my sister had a donkey ,my cousin had a donkeys ,we all had donkeys .



How am I 1-2, Bill? I predicted the Dolphins would beat the Bills and Vikings and while I picked them to beat the Jets on Sunday, something told me inside that it would be a tough game. So that makes me 2-1, also. I'm also scared off Monday's game. We need to get a lot better pass rush on Brady. It was non-existent on Sunday. The Pats have no running game and their defence isn't what it used to be. But I'm afraid of their two TE formation, the underneath passes to Welker and if they are able to isolate Moss on Allen we're in trouble. I'll have to chew this one around a bit but I'm kind of leaning towards the Pats too.

i will say its glad to see pats favored by 2, i like being underdog. if the bills can beat the jets and we cant at home that will be sad.

My mom loves donkeys and I got videos for sale if you want

DC Dolfan,

I'll stick with my premise.....there are worse quarterbacks in the NFL today than Trent Edwards and SF might have two of them.

no new stories...your on top of things Mando

my bad craig, u did predict win over vikes. both 2-1


no aloco. quit worrying about the jets, we have to worry about ourselves

FL IS the HQ for many men of god .ODIN , why don't you send some money w/your wish for your man of god asking him to pry for jets to lose ?

ok, bill ,we got to find an answer for the following;

1-tom brady
4-G ,his name starts w/G

yes better put pressure on brady. moss has killed us, but cant double him with welker. im more afraid of welker. and yes the 2 tes also. so best way to stop all that is to pressure brady like crazy


I'll be hedging my bets against the wets this week.

I'm going to pray to God all week and on Sunday I'll be sacrificing my neighbors dog to Satan.

ODIN, i noticed all men of god on tv are beautiful,what gives ?

jimmy swaggart . enough said .



The Vatican sold people tickets to Heaven to finance the construction of St. Pete's Cathedral in Rome.

MY GOD doesn't live in a TV or in the Vaticans treasury Coffers.

You don't need no astrology

It's inside of you and Me

You don't need no ticket to ride with me

I'm Free

Ozzy Osbourne


this is it? one blog article one day after a loss to the jets? from the fins premier blogster? what are you so busy doing, i thought this was ur beat, your job even



Despite all of his human weaknesses, Ozzy was NEVER evil.

He was just very good at pointing out mankind's hypocrisy!

The Vatican collects money everyday all over the world and then uses it too "buy off" the parents of Children that were molested buy priests.

I don't know about anybody elses God(s), but my God will have none of this!

odin, I agree completely brother. But I could use some help man. This past Easter, Mando started preaching on this blog. The posters came (bunch of Holy Roller newbies I ain't NEVER seen on here before), thanking him for his kind and faithful words, and then I wrote my 2 cents. And I didn't think it was all that bad, but apparently from the responses I was the Devil incarnate. So, dude, when holiday time comes, and Mando gets real Spanish on us and starts preaching, PLEASE help me out as a true voice of Reason among those that believe in (Fairytales)...umm, sorry...I mean man-made religion.

Fins get Tom(Mrs Bundchen)Brady Monday nite, They too have a very good T.E in Hernandez,Watched him at UF last year, Big kid great hands and can run, Miami's D has had problems with TEs since last year, They better shore it up Quickly or that 2 and 0 start will seem like it happened years ago.....Just saying..

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot Welker and Moss, Look for a shoot-out monday nite, Pats have NO defense, look for Marshall to top 200 yards....Should be fun to watch..



I know I was drinking pretty heavy during the game and I could be wrong but I didn't see our defense blitz Sancheeez once. It seemed like every play was either a 4 or 5 man rush and they got no pressure on him. We can win the game against the Pats if the same defense that played the first two weeks shows up.

DC, We'll all know at the end of our lives,I personally like to be cautious if you know what I mean.....


Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are beasts, I really liked both for us heading into the draft (Gronkowski less due to back issues) If we get no pass rush, forget it. Those two will hurt us, and that's not mentioning Moss, Welker, Edelman, Woodhead etc...

Chad Henne will have to be every bit as good this week, we will need it.

DC Dolfan, good post

Boot, Though what I've seen, If you give pretty boy(Brady) A good shot to the chops the first time he drops back, He gets Rattled, They gotta hit him and hit him hard early, Otherwise it's gonna be a shoot out, And with Sparano and his penchant for FGs Things might get outta hand...

we have to find answer for;


I got your back!

Cuban Menace,

The end of our lives? Everything in the universe recycles. From the flowers and trees all the way to the planets that are sucked into the Black Holes of Space.

Why should Humans be any different? Never say DIE!!!!

The only reason Sporano is defending the wildcat is so teams spend time preparing for what will not happen.

ODIN/DC..............DID you ever notice in TV they don't talk god any more ,it's all about sending them money .

Interesting Perspective Odin....

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