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Tony Sparano defends the Wildcat package

The Wildcat isn't working very well anymore, folks. At least it wasn't working against the Jets to the point it seemed misplaced within Miami's play-calling.

But coach Tony Sparano today defended the use of the scheme that two years ago led to an improbable upset of the New England Patriots and last night seemed to contribute to Miami's downfall.

Sparano said the Wildcat's production was "average," and then he was asked if he believes the package was at any time a hinderance to the flow of the offense?

"No," Sparano said succinctly.

"I would tell you we ran reverse that was a minus play. We probably ran two or three others that were four-yard plays, which is what we're looking for," Sparano said. "I mean, we're not looking for 40-yard plays out of the thing. It's an efficient run. Ronnie had two or three efficient runs out of the thing. He threw a pass out of one of them that, to be quite honest with you, we threw down the field to Brandon, but if we threw the wheel route, it might have been a 30-yard gain. I ain't all stuck on that. Not at all."

The official game book didn't paint quite as rosy a picture of the Wildcat as Sparano did, however. Bottom line, the Dolphins ran out of Wildcat eight times by my count. It gained seven total yards. It accounted for one incomplete pass. Of the eight plays, four accounted for no gain or a loss of yardage.

The plays according to the game book:

Second quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 18 yard line:Ronnie Brown loses one yard.

Second and 11 from the Jets 19 yard line: Brown gains four yards.

Third quarter

Second-and-15 from the Jets 35 yard line. Brown has no gain.

Two plays later on first-and-10 from the Jets 20: Brown gains 5 yards.

On second-and-five from the Jets 15: Brown gains four yards.

On the next possession:

First and goal from the Jets 7 yard line: Brown gains one yard.

On the following possession:

First and 10 from the Miami 24 yard line: Brown throws incomplete to Marshall.

Fourth quarter

First and 10 from the Jets 36: Cobbs on the end around loses six yards.

It should be noted Brown gained 14 yards on five Wildcat carries. His carries out of the base formation accounted for 40 yards on six carries.

So that seems to build a case against Wildcat. But you must remember, the Dolphins lately are using the Wildcat package to even the odds on run plays. Seems most teams on early downs are stacking the box against the Dolphins on run downs. That means Miami is always at a one-man disadvantage in that with the QB under center, the defense always has one more defender than Miami has either blocking or running.

With the QB out of the way in the wildcat package, the Dolphins even the odds. So,yes, Wildcat is a downhill running offense.

Of course, that begs the question, why the reverses to Cobbs or Marshall.

By the way. The Dolphins seem to like Wildcat. Still. They get the only votes on the matter. Everyone else is kinda out-voted.


Sparano was asked the reason cornerback Jason Allen was on receiver Braylon Edwards much of the night -- a matchup that Allen lost -- rather than using superior cornerback Vontae Davis on Edwards. Coach said it was because coaches thought Allen's size made it possible for him to compete better with Edwards.

That didn't excuse Allen's tough outing.

"Jason would tell you he needs to do better," Sparano said.

Jason, by the way, doesn't need to tell me. I saw it. He needs to to much, much, much better to stick Randy Moss or Wes Welker or Brandon Tate next Monday night.


Ah, hidden yardage was no friend of the Dolphins Sunday.

Sparano said the Dolphins yielded 140 yards on special teams. That is the equivalent to a touchdown and then some.


Ricky Williams fumbled once (officially) but had another moment in which he also lost his grip on the ball early enough that it was ruled a fumble before being overturned. Williams has three such losses of the ball in two weeks, although the ball has actually changed possession only once.

That's is enough for Sparano.

"Yes, it concerns me," he said.

Williams needs to keep both hands on the ball unless he is fine with not playing in the fourth quarter of games as he did Sunday night.


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Randy (the slouch) Moss

Alright, it's time to get last weeks out of our systems, voiced our complaints, made some comments about what might help, and what may not. Now it's time to focus last weeks anger on the Pats, and everything New England. Because of our slip up Sunday, this game is of the up most importance, we cannot afford to lose 2 division games at home, and expect to contend for the AFC East. For as poorly as the team played last week, there were some positives to build from. We won't win to many games when we have to throw it 44 times, especially against good teams. Sure we might beat a bottom feader, but we don't really have that luxury schedule wise the next 2 months. The mistakes that we made got magnified because they turned into big game changing plays in their favor, just the opposite of what happened in our 2 victories. It's cliche, but games usually come down to a play here, a play there, and if the breaks don't go your way, you lose. Monday will be a great opportunity to get back on top(of Bradys mom) If we can have more balance on offense, we should be able to put up points on the chowder choakers. Defensivley, we have to find a way to get some more pressure from other players besides Cameron Wake. It's fairly easy to scheme, when you know where the pressure will come from.

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Lucifer...that was amazing beautiful ..some more please .

They didn't have to throw it 44 times... Should have run the ball more with Ronnie. They ran 5 playactions/ per run play. They need to get into the shotgun more and run it down their throats

don't mean run it down their throats from the shotgun just saying it'b be nice to see Ronnie get his touches out of a normal I-set

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beerphin ,

did you ever coach football in high school or collage ?

Beerphin,- It definitley didn't help that we fell behind, and were playing catchup the whole game. Even after we gained the lead, we gave it right back. I think that was part of the reason we had to throw so much, that and the guard play was poor. We never got in a rythm were we could get the ground game rolling. We are going to be very tough to beat when we can dictate the flow of the game. Now there will be those few situations where like the Colt game, we did that, and still got beat. But I'd bet that with this years squad that won't happen again.

i love a good sense of humor. i also think the dolphins played their hearts out. good teams play close games with each other and it came down to a few plays they made and the penalty in the end zone at the end that was not a penalty. no pass rush and dan hennings play calling is terrible. i think DAN HENNING should APOLOGIZE to the TEAM and the FANS. step up and PERFORM or YOUR FIRED!

Well said, Our Offensive Coordinator should be fired today - just like San Fran did. Why did our defense not create any pressure on a young qb in sanchez who has proven to fold under pressure? We had no pressure at all- I don't get it. We need to find a way to create pressure. Henne will be fine- but Chad you need to look away from the rec. you are throwing to prior to throwing him the ball. 2-1 boys and should have beaten the JETS. After Monday night we will be 3-1. Nobody really thought we were going to be 4-0 did they? Hey, many picked the JETS to go to the superbowl and we had them beat. Special teams looked very special ed.

morono still an idiot

oh well

heat training camp started!

Greg z, I watched DB Nolan Carroll return the ball in preseason. While he may have some speed, he doesn't seem to have the ability to dodge would be tacklers. Dallas has a return rookie return guy named A. Ansah that has a similar type issue. He is also fast but I don't see him having the side to side ability to be a success vs NFL tacklers. Just my observation. I Don't think Carroll will ever be a special return guy.

Hmmmm .... Belicheat vs Sparano / Brady vs Henne. Give me a break.

Fish choking away a 2-0 start. Pats by double digits.

If you can't stop Sanchez to Keller good luck with Brady. God its going to be a slaughter- to think you guys actually believed your secondary was improved. Sad.


I'll bet they try to draft a good Kick Returner next year.

(...Then again, only if they resist their infatuation with Offensive Linemen LOL:)


'TorturedDolphan'...Z O L O F T !!!


Good call on the OL. No gaurantees more don't get drafted. I do think John Jerry is the real deal though. I look forward to his development.

They may pick up a G or C next year in the 2011 draft. I don't think they feel we are strong enough up the middle of the OL.

I would think they need to get someone at least as good as say Roscoe Parrish of Buffalo. He doesn't have to be a hair on fire guy but at least you know he is fast and can do damage in the return game if you give him a crease. Also doubles as a back up or second tier WR. I wanted RB/KR/WR Jahvid Best after trading to the end of the 1st round. That would have made our ST AND run game deadly as he already has shown for Detroit.

I do hope that Odrick turns into a stud lineman but speed kills in todays "can't touch anyone" NFL. Chris Clemons found that out this past weekend. You have to pull a Matrix type move after figuring out that the WR did not hold onto a 20 yard pass... all at full gait of course,... REDICULOUS!

I hope they don't safety the game of football to extinction. When the refs dominate the game and flow too much, it will lose fans.

Green Bay 18 penalties on Monday night?

Save the calls for the obvious violations zebras...let em play some!



Funny quip about "GTA pedestrian" bro...

Extra rations of grog for you! lol


Darryl Dunphy,

Wassup man... how you been?

I agree they pounced early and took us out of run balanced offense menatality. They got the cheap slip ez TD...got to make them earn that!

We needed to by a break or vowel or something here or there... Carpenter keep it in bounds, some lame penalties gave them first downs including Clemons tackle attempt on 3 and long for them, errant throws didn't move chains, would be interception by our DL busting through, they wildcat us for a 3 and 15 for 16 yards? WTH?, 3rd and 2 and we go long though Henne was not hitting deep passes most of the night, Henne struggles with the fade toss, Henne tosses a few pass plays out of bounds so receiver can't get it, they run around the end like it was a wall numerous plays, Some ? play calling...

Basically lot's to choose from.

I try to see the positive and look at the fact that we played to within 1 score against a tough team. Most all of the self inflicted wounds can be corrected in 1 week.

Pheed the wolves!


on vacation rob in OC where ya been?

No it was Sampson who slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Speaking of Sampson, Tom Brady's been letting his hair grow out long because of his new girlfriend but it seems to be affecting his ability to read defenses (or maybe she's the reason). We've always been able to do well against the Pats when we put people in his face all night and keep him out of rhythm. Since their defense isn't what it was and their running game is suspect, we may be able to pull off the upset provided our Varsity Defense and Varsity Offense show up at the same time (instead of one or the other).
Also, the problem with Special Teams is blocking! If everyone handles their assignment a KR goes all the way!
Despite all our problems, I think we can pull this off! NE. 21- Mia 23.

the wildcat has become one dimensional so it needs to be scrapped. so do the reverses because we don't have the speed which results in minus plays. grove and d.thomas were good run blockers that we miss. playcalling has been lacking; coaching has to improve to give us a chance this week. henne needs to improve in many areas;probably not his fault coaches limited his development in practice and games by not letting him get comfortable in the qb spot. kinda upset that jason allen had no safety help on alot of pass situations. where was bell and clemons when jets put braylon isolated on allen on the wide side?

Knew we were in trouble last week when the brain stem Dolphins organization said
Poser Boy sean smith the Fraud CB is now the answer for Miami Dolphin TE coverage

R U F#@!#ing kidding me!?

O Int F#@!#ing Poser Boy who cannot tackle is now going to be covering NFL TEs for the Dolphins after getting benched for horrendous CB play!?

Bam right at the start of the game
Jets go right at Poser Boy sean and
16 YD gain

Any Questions?

Dolphins not only need to cover Moss & Welker but

Watch out for Florida Gator TE Hernandez on the Pats

Best of Luck to Our HOME Team

and Thanx Jet Fan for your post on my score prediction of the Sunday Night game

Home had 31 to 24

Score however was 31 to 23

and Jets

So if Allen did not slip
and Henne made the throw to Hartline at the beginning then

Tough Loss for us Dolfans :(

Miami Dolphins Must Score bout 38 points on the Redcoats to Win

Thats the way Home sees It

Dolphins Must Come Out Firing
and Score bout 38 points

Otherwise Brady is gonna have a picnic with his receivers

Keepin the Faith

No More cognac for Dan Henning in the booth at game time

The old kook is gettin downright deliriously silly

Now Get Your Shine Box!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


What happened to 4-0 :-(

Kris this what NostraHomeUs saw Dolphins 4-0

WE Knew Who They We`re and

So Now U Talk Play Offs?
Play Offs!?

R U Talking PLAY OFFS!!?

Allens gotta make that tackle
Bell was tackling a bit late
Henne is getting in a bit of a pattern missing an open TD throw in the beginning of games this year
What ST`s?

Ronnie Brown needs to take off the 10 lb ankle weights before game time
Ricky butta fingas needs the bench
The "Hill" at this point might be better second back
and like it or not Jason Taylor
Helped set the tone and momentum in his last to games
Sack & FF on Brady and crucial early sack on Henne
Pass Int on Allen was not Pass Int (bad call)
sean smith is not the Miami Dolphins answer to TE coverage
sean needs to stay on bench next to Ricky oops Williams

Wildcat killing momentum

Henne needs to throw 35 times
Our WRs Can Handle It

Need 38 points gainst the Pats for a Win and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Guess I was born aFaggot, oh well

"Feed Me Man Meat"

yeah ronnie brown def wont be a dolphin next year, they will try and convince ricky to play one more year and either draft or sign a new rb

Yea, I can't cover? This coming from a white boy who grew up wearing dresses and who never played a down of football in his life. Biggest POSER on a blog, when he ain't banned.

Home is a black woman who knows more about the Dolphins than every one here combined.

Its good to know that 48 hrs later


Is there a game this week?


Dolphins 4-0. Patrick Turner100% Lock. Dolphins Super Bowl 2009,


He guesses just like everyone else, and gets just as many wrong as right

Funny we beat Minnesota cuz Home through his perseverance finally got Sean Smith benched and now they put this clown back in and first play 16 yard gain against Sean Smith and we lose. Then LT runs over Sean Smith, Then Clowney on the Jets schools Smith. Then Smith back on the bench. SHEEZ!

Home is A Miami Dolphin football God!
Without Home`s confidence Miami Dolphin`s would have never won the first two games and only lost to the Jets with 34 seconds left.

Home had the game at 31 to 24
It was 31 to 23

Home had combine over score total of 55 points
Total came in at 54 points

Listen to Home, JackA$$
The dude is better than all the so called professionals
No one is perfect
Home is Money!

Pat Turner is a 100 lock with a better team!
Last two years Jets have gone farther and are better than the fish!
Can`t blame Turner and Taylor for going on a winning AFC East team, The New York Jets!

The Dolphns need a lot of help... :(

Home did have the perfect score in game three, he just is a Homey and went with the stinkin fish and was right the first two weeks. Home was also the closest again last week. The only thing that matters is the J E T S are number one, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I've had time to digest the game and read everyones posts, I agree with many of you that the wildcat stalled 2 or 3 drives, it derailed offensive series that looked good and had the NY defense back on its heels. I think if they run the wildcat they need to put Polite in the backfield with Ricky & Ronnie and run a wishbone formation, that way you have potential misdirection and a great blocking fullback involved. Polite's contribution to the success of the run game is largely overlooked and now that teams simply run blitz the wildcat we need Polite to block for the wildcat to be a positive yardage play, just a thought. Overall, Miami rebounded well after yielding 14, the D toughened up and played well, the offense moved the ball and put up 17. Then Jason slipped on the infield grass and Edwards jogged in, just bad luck on that play. Another bad luck play was Sanchez trying to shovel pass the ball and hitting Starks (I think it was Starks) in the face mask and chest with the ball and then having it fall throw his hands for what surely would have been a pick 6. Those two plays alone would have been a 14 point swing. Last point, as everyone knows, TE's are killing us... Nolan needs to modify his scheme to account for covering above average catching TE's. I'm sure tweaking the defensive schemes will be ongoing but I do give credit to players for not giving up and playing hard the entire game. Is there anyone here that dosn't think this is a much better team than last year? I think it is, they will beat NY next time around I think they will just fine against NE. Go Phins!

Only a guy who suksCock, like me would get on another teams blog. Since my boyfriend pulled outta my ass this morning I have nothing else to do

My perfect score is a load I'm my mouth AND ass at same time

The running game sets up the passing game...so kill the wildcat, run ronnie 25+ times per game and hit marshall & bess on crossing routes.
We should have no problem with the pats if we use this very simple, smash-mouth formula.

I went to Palm Beach Post Dolphins and even they are all about welcoming "Home"

here is the headline,

"Dolphins blog has a new home!"

Also heard he has infiltrated the SS and blogs under any name he desires. Omar could not stand Home topping him on almost every story and proving him wrong.

Home is now hiding under that dork pathetic bowl haircut of Chris Tiege at the SS
Heard Home was peeing in his face and messing with NJ Phin Fan under assumed name

ThanX for the love, Dolfans

nice post James
Agree on Polite & blocking

The player that was hit in the face and could have made a pick was Kendall Langford

*Dolphins Must Win MNF


We know who they are
and this time

Pats weakest link is their secondary
Pats cannot cover 6.4 Brangetterdon Marshall

Pats CB that should be covering B_Marsh is Butler
Butler is 5.10 and not doing very good
Marshall will have to be double teamed
Even then

Bess & Hartline could have biggest games of their careers

Buffalo almost scored 40 points on the Pats
QB sailed 2 easy TD passes( one way off the mark right to Chung in the end zone) that actually would have won the game for the Bills

Jets destroyed the Pats

Miami regains control MNF HOME game



***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Does Mando still work here? Since he got the radio show, this blog has been very lame.

Who would think there is a huge Monday Night game being played in Miami this week? WOuldn't know it from being on this site.

Redcoats have Ski & Hernandez
2 rookie TEs
Ski has 2 TDs
The Florida Gator already has 219 Yards

Dolphins did not pick any TEs in the draft
Dolphins having big problems covering TEs

Could sean smith get his first pick in the NFL?

NostraHomeUs will give u one
Sean Smith Get 1st NFL Pick and

Miami wins 38 to 31

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

brady usually kills us. such a huge swing game. no team can start out 0-2 at home with both div losses and have much of a chance

plus our schedule is so brutal. gets tougher. and we got screwed having to play first 2 home games at night, the heat destroys teams. night games help the road team

I also read in the PB Post that the Jets haven't done anything in over 40 years and how the majority of their fans are trailer trash. I'm here to say YES, it's true

Hey payuengsnwings,

Glad to hear you are on vacation, unless I read that wrong.

I have been swamped with work and have a hefty drive so I have zero time during the week. I usually try to catch up on the weekends.

Tough loss to take to a heated rival as most all these posts in here lament.

They have to focus and take aim at the Brady Bunch. Hope things are going good for you man.

Pheed the Wolves!


Bill, you can blame Mr. Ross for that one. He requested that they have no early season home games because it's too hot for the fans to come out.

When I buy the team one day .....

Who has $2B they can lend me?

ohhh are schedule is just so bruuutal
maybe we should just pack it in and quit
what a bunch of B/S from someone who
shouldnt even call himself a FAN
bill_connors go away

Home, take your fairy tales to the Disney Channel you lying POS

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