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Third quarter starts with Dolphins leading Vikes, 7-0

MINNEAPOLIS -- It started out fast, with the Dolphins scoring on their first offensive possession.

Things settled down afterward, with the teams about ready to start the third quarter and Miami still holding a 7-0 lead.

Chad Henne has thrown only five passes and completed three of them for 70 yards. That includes the 46-yarder to Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins are getting timely play from the defense. Vontae Davis got an interception at the Miami 1 yard line to thwart a Minnesota drive.

Minnesota WR Percy Harvin tweaked his hip again during the second quarter. He is questionable to return.

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How about the Vikings 0-2, the Cowboys about to go 0-2 and soon the Jets going to go 0-2!! Love it!!!

How cool is this....................

The Ravens mirror us. Another bloodbath when we play them.
Go Bengals!

Flacco and henne. Why do they think lack of emotion is such a good thing. manning/marino/Rivers/Farve/Bradshaw, etc...all better than Henne and Flacco.

Watching this blog makes the freaking game, so much more enjoyable, I thought I was the only nut job up here in north Florida.............seeya next week

another heart attack before everyone gets down on the offense remember they won alot of games last year that the defense lost for them win as a team lose as ateam it will come around

now watch the jets get beat up

No jets game on TV...any word? Make my day if they got crushed

True fins fans aren't TEAM haters, but if you or anyone else thinks our offensive ship is sailing on course, your delusional.

We won IN SPITE OF, not because of your offense.

A couple more injuries to our already thin D, and we will be in trouble.
I lobbied for some speed in the backfield during the draft, Spiller being my choice, as he is multi purpose. Our return game ain't so pretty either.

Instead, we have 2 oft injured "power backs" BTEW, why is it that even with our 2 guys, it's Lousaka that gets the tough yards?

We need speed in the backfield. And better decision making at QB...and OC. Henning must GO. This season is setting up well for us, with a Ravens loss, another Jets loss, a Titans loss, and if cleveland beats KC, it will put us in a wonderful position at 2-0. yeah, it's early, but losses count just as much now.

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher has benched Vince Young to start the fourth quarter after the quarterback's third turnover of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers."

OK, so some of us aren't the only fans to get pissed.
The fans booed Young off the field, and he had a 141 QB rating last week!!
We, as fans have a right to comment negatively WHEN it's obviously not working. (Offense)

BTW, 15 minutes after the games over, and not one WORD about our win on ESPN.com beat up their boy Farve, and they're Jets lovers over there.

I meant WE beat up Farve, the poster boy.

henne: 15 pass attempts. i know we are 2-0 but im not sure we can keep winning without a passing attack

no doubt in my mind when we play the jets their DB smith is going to cheap shot marshall just like he just did with welker

Henne is not going to be the answer.

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