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Third quarter starts with Dolphins leading Vikes, 7-0

MINNEAPOLIS -- It started out fast, with the Dolphins scoring on their first offensive possession.

Things settled down afterward, with the teams about ready to start the third quarter and Miami still holding a 7-0 lead.

Chad Henne has thrown only five passes and completed three of them for 70 yards. That includes the 46-yarder to Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins are getting timely play from the defense. Vontae Davis got an interception at the Miami 1 yard line to thwart a Minnesota drive.

Minnesota WR Percy Harvin tweaked his hip again during the second quarter. He is questionable to return.

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Test is just a spamming eeyore.

blown tackles nolan is pissed

We all knew that was comming...NOW THAT AP has got that out of the way...LETS PLAY D

come on


were givingthem hope. get it together. we can do this.

goodneas comon fims play smart please


come on D!!!

The defensive front looks tired. They're getting pushed around now.

This thing is disintegrating pretty quickly for the Dolphins.

we need a take away right here


Falling aoart

12 men twice the coaches are really falling apar

Undisciplined crap.

12 men and we still cant stop the run in the 4th quarter

cough it up!!!

i cant breath!

open up the offence

WTF !!

Shut up TEST.
It's one thing to comment negatively (guilty here, ) another to be be ignorant.

thats solai cant move his ass fast enough

lets go d

Doesn't AP fumble too? STRIP THE BALL!

well theyre going to tie it up, make it close....

yeah keep talking up the viking CBS

think positive fans! we CAN win this!

should have ran the wildcat on 4th 2

all we have to do is slow him dow


Come on D....stop them!!!

hold em!!!!!




cbs doesnt get it we been winning tge whole game no respect. mando why dont u start calling people out. i wish i was an news writer i would call everyone out

Awful spot, throw the flag

Should have challenged that spot.

the refs just gave them a TD

AP is on fire wow he's good


I don't believe he got that first down....very generous spot!!

now we look stupid and tgere running game looks great! come on D!!!'nn

Like it or not, this offense has to score

Arm tackles

stop em!!!!!!!!


As I commented earlier, Peterson gets stronger, eventually our D might tire. Our Offense must do Something

Play action


now run ronnie until the clock strikes 0:00

Way to hold them defence!!....Love seeing that cry baby Favre coming up off the turf like a big suck!!!

big stop!

Think these commentators are biased?

Why didn't the clock run after the sack?

where is armondo

come on now we pound ronnie and finish this game wo drama

We can win this game with a long time-eating drive and a field goal

run, run, run!!'

need a drive now

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