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Thursday morning practice update right here

In a move that may change the direction of the Dolphins season, the team has announced it has signed guard Ray Feinga to the active roster. Feinga takes the place of Tony McDaniel, who is suspended. The Dolphins got a roster exemption from the NFL while McDaniel serves his suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy.

In news that is more pertinent to Monday night's game against New England, guard John Jerry did not practice again today as he apparently continues to battle the illness that kept him out of last week's game versus New York.

Linebacker Ikaika Alama-Francis and defensive end Jared Odrick are also is not practicing today. Looks like it is more likely Odrick will make his return from a hairline fracture in his right leg against Green Bay following the bye weekend.

The Dolphins offensive and defensive coordinator will speak after practice -- in about 90 minutes -- so come back then for updates and wisdom from Dan Henning and Mike Nolan.


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mando, ask them to start pennington and to put henne in only when a bomb is called... easy win.

How long are Sparano and Ireland signed for ?

WTF type of viruses are these guys getting that knocks them out for a month? Must be some dirty girls on South Beach.

Miami's difficulty with covering Tight Ends is well documented.
I know Mike Nolan is working on this as we speak.

I just hope the the defense is also practicing for the screen plays that the Pats love so much and execute so well.

Watch out for the Screen Play!

must win game this weekend. losing at home to 2 division rivals back to back would mean another year without playoffs and possibly a new coach next year.

Have the Dolphin`s tested Jerry for chemtrail poisoning yet!?

oh yeah shhhh

nobody is doing that LMAO

During the Pats game last week, they ran an end around with TE Aaron hernandez. I don't think i've ever seen a TE run that play. It worked too, gained like 5 yards

I would say this is the game that either sends us to a 2-6 start or a glorius march to the playoffs

Did the special teams work around the clock?

Mando, little explanation please. Why would the Feinga move change the direction of the season? Was he on the practice squad? Is McDaniel gonna get bounced once back from suspension? What's the deal with all that (I don't even know who Feinga is)?

Or someone else. Mark, can you clarify any of that?

If inside the five lets do the inside handoff to lousaka that penne executed nicely in 2008


Please ask Mike Nolan about those screen plays that N.E. likes to run.
I would like to know his take on that.


No fumbles on Monday night okay?

John Bonamego,

You are no longer flying under the radar sir.
Maybe your seat needs to be lit on fire.

DC Dolfan, there isn't a sarcasm font for Armando to use. Feinga is an O-lineman...oh nevermind. Armando was using sarcasm.

2 Watt, You're joking right. If not that is the most stupid idea I have ever heard.

DC, I think Chopper is right here. Mando, was trying to be funny. He obviously thinks Mr Feinga has nothing to offer.

mike, 2 Watt is a blog troll. he just coms on here and amuses himself with his jibberish.

Feigna signed? Mando, how is this gonna change the direction of Dolphins season?

2 watt, i was going to rag on you, but i guess I dont have to since mike33076 did first.

If the Phins can't put Brady on his ass time after time they we might as well not show up. The phins can't cover Moss must less Welker and now they have two of the best young tight end in the game. That's what the Patriots do - they draft playmakers - not also rans. I think we have had 31 draft picks in the last three years - how many are left and how many actually play? Not many. I can use one hand to count them. Ireland /Parcells/ Sparano are the worst judge of talent in the NFL and if Sparano can't find a way to motivate this team to play sixty minutes then it doesn't matter anyway.

Ahh, got it Chopper/Mark, thanks. I'm a little slow to the draw (guess that's why I'm more of a drive-by shooter than a gunslinger).

ESPN's AccuScore says if Ronnie/Ricky run for over 100 yds, we win against Pats (77% chance). Which was pretty much the same against the Jets, and we only had 82 yds (or something like that). Crazy that 300+ yds of passing doesn't up our probability of winning (bad news for Brandon). I still say you have to get chunk yards if you can. And Brandon is that chunk yard guy. And wouldn't it be nice to play with a lead instead of from behind? Let's get some big plays early and put the pressure on THEM to have to come back and beat us. Wouldn't that be something new?

HS, meet 2 watt, 2 watt meet HS

HS, have you watched the Patriots play yet? They are so far from perfect. Mind you, they are superb throwing the ball. However, their run game sucks and their defense is atrocious. Don't act like everything is rosy in New England right now. I'm sur ethey'd love to have Vontae Davis, jared Odrick, Karlos Dansby, Randy Starks, and Yeremiah Bell to name but a few. That is what every team in the NFL is these days - imperfect. It's a matter of who exerts their strengths on the other team that determines who wins. It's also one significant reason the Patriots won many Super Bowls. They always managed to take away the thing your team liked to do most and forced you to go to plan B. It's what the Dolphins should have done agains the jets. Take away Keller. Cost them the game.

DC, the Dolphins have to RUN wild to keep Brady off the field and shorten the game. Force the Pats to bring a man down into the box. That is when you pass on them. Their secondary reminds me of ours last year. Very, very inexperienced. They couldn't man up to the Bills recievers and Fitzpatrick at home - they would have a much harder time manning up to Henne and our receivers.

Whats up with Ike?? I read he was ready to go. Not having Jerry would be a definote bummer.

Can Armando or anyone else tell me why McDaniel was suspended for this game and not earlier ones against the Bills, Vikings and Jets when his issue all came out last spring and was decided by the summer. Why did the NFL pick this game to suspend him for when they could have suspended him for any of the first three in my mind. Was he appealing this suspension? Someone please enlighten me with wisdom.

Hey Mando, can you ask why Jason Allen turns and runs when the ball is hiked instead of back peddling and why he plays about 8-10 yards off the WR? New England will kill us with quick passes all day if it continues.

I think the wildcat should stay but Henning needs the timing of it to be a whole lot better.

I actually thought tony mcdaniel was playing really well at defensive tackle. he a biiiiiig dude. he's like 6'8, disrupts the passing lanes bigtime. we need to get after brady next week. if he isnt feeling pressure, we will most likely lose. im very interested in watching the vontae davis/randy moss matchup. i hope. please dnt put jason allen on him. but then again, he may be better chasing around welker instead cuz jason wont be able to run with him. hmmm......lets run the ball. pound it like some angry goonz. ricky, ronnie, lousaka. henne and b marsh all day. with a sprinkle of devone and hartline. GO FINS!!!!!

Coach Shula, maybe McDaniels challenged the suspension, ya think?? old and senile, thks for stopping by though

so where is this update mando?

Ah, Booby d 12, that's what I suggested in my post if you could read which you obviously can't. Unlike you, I wanted real facts first before I posted an unwanted opinion which covers for up a lack of intelligence.

Young, stupid, and moronic booby d 12 go play with yourself instead of getting your jollies by posting wise ass messages which covers up for your lack of brains.

You did surprise me though. Because usually someone as dumb as you makes up for it with a personality.

"Looks like it is more likely Odrick will make his return from a hairline fracture in his right leg against Green Bay following the bye weekend."

Does this mean you lost a bet Armando?

Bobby making friends again.

Why are our coaches such jerks every time they speak to the media?

It really doesn't make much difference on Sunday, or in this case Monday, so why not just give explanations or reasons for their thinking.

I'd really like them to be more media savvy, but what I'd really like is to win games. That starts on Monday. Win games, or have Henning explain things from his rocking chair.

Coach Shula, try following the team before getting on a DOLPHIN blog and asking dumb questions. If ur that clueless on McDaniels im unsure if you beling here

There is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Whoever said that is an dumbazz

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Dan Henning was apparently in no mood to give serious answers today"

Costello(Mr. Salguero): Are you the manager?

Abbott(Dan Henning): Yes.

Costello: You gonna be the coach too?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: And you don't know the fellows' names.

Abbott: Well I should.

Costello: Well then who's on first?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: I mean the fellow's name.

Abbott: Who.

Costello: The guy on first.

Abbott: Who.

Costello: The first baseman.

Abbott: Who.

Costello: The guy playing...

Abbott: Who is on first!

Soiled :)

Bobby, I just wish you wouldn't bottle in your emotions so much. That could be very unhealthy!

I've got to be honest Mando - I know we have to respect henning cause he's old and been around football for a long time, but we don't have to like it. He has a lot of options and doesn't seem to use them particularly well. I'm sure he'll forget more football then I'll ever know, but is it possible we could do better?

Thank u for ur concern Dr. Mark. i will keep that in mind for next genius posting her

Home where are you, Home can you here me? HOME i need a score for the Patsies* game...

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