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Thursday roundup from Miami Dolphins

My question to Tony Sparano on Thrusday was simple enough: Give me your No. 1 key to victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“Number one key to be able to win this game in my opinion I would tell you would have to be the turnover situation," Sparano said. "I think we need to win the turnover situation. We can’t come out 0-0 in this game. I think we need to be ahead of the curve in the turnover situation, and I think that if you can do that and you can minimize the minus plays, the negative plays when you’re in somebody’s else’s place, I think you have a chance."

Understand that it is not new for a coach to say he doesn't want turnovers. But it is interesting that Sparano not only thinks, but stresses that the Dolphins must win the turnover battle to "have a chance." 

That wouldn't be a big deal to me if the Dolphins were playing the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts. But they're playing the Buffalo Bills, for goodness sakes. The Bills aren't winning any titles this year, folks. They'll be lucky to rise from the division cellar where they finished last year.

And the Dolphins need to have the Bills make more turnovers to beat them? The Dolphins cannot beat the Bills if both teams play error-free?

I am extremely nervous about this game. We all expected the Dolphins to easily be the better team. But looking over the Bills and Dolphins, I don't see an enormous gap. I don't see a 31-14 blowout for the Dolphins in a return slap for the beating Buffalo administered Miami in Orchard Park last year.

I predict a very, very close game.


Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said today he was not sure if the Bills would have all three of their running backs -- C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, and Fred Jackson -- available to him.

I think I know.

During a segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said all three RBs will play against the Dolphins.


I don't see how Channing Crowder (groin) plays against Buffalo. He hasn't practiced in nearly a month. He isn't running or cutting. He cannot possibly be in football shape now because he hasn't hit anyone for a long time.

Sparano kept hinting he was not worried about Crowder's availability for the Buffalo game as late as last week. He obviously has information we do not and he's not sharing it right now. So maybe the miraculous happens.

(The Dolphins, by the way, fine players if they speak to the media about their injuries -- something the players will eventually figure out gives the team an advantage over opponents, but also gives the team an advantage over them, too.)

Anyway, my naked eyes tell me not to expect Crowder playing the Bills. Tim Dobbins would be the starter there, if the depth chart can be believed. How's the "throw-in" in the draft-day trade with San Diego looking now?

We get on the Dolphins for blowing it when they pay guys such as Jake Grove $29.5 million and he turns out to be a bust. We should also note with appreciation when they find nuggets like Dobbins.

And, oh by the way, if Dobbins indeed starts and plays well, I'd be getting a little worried if I'm Channing Crowder. He is not promised anything. If he can be replaced by a less-noted, lower-paid player who is healthy then what is the point of keeping him?

Crowder should think about what happened to Grove during this uncapped year in that regard. Or maybe he should think about what happened to Justin Smiley or Matt Roth. Injured guys don't play. And guys that don't play don't stick around here.

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[BROADCAST NOTE: Huge show on Armando and the Amigo on Friday. Guests will include Miami SS Yeremiah Bell, CBS information man Charley Casserly, ESPN's Marcellus Wiley, Bernie Kosar, former Bills coach Marv Levy, and the New York Post's Mark CannizzaroArmando and the Amigo is on every weekday morning 6-10 on 640-AM. If you're not in the area, listen on the web here.


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Anyone Else Startingnto Get Really Excited About Cane Football? Lol
I Think The Main Point For All Disgruntled Fans Is Two Fold: 1. We Are Not Anywhere The Hot Team We Should Be After The Additions Of Mike Nolan, Brandon Marshall, And Karlos Dansby. And 2. Bill Parcells Has Done What No Player, Coach, Or Vp Of Football Operations Does: Quit Not At The End Of A Season Or During Downtime, But On The Eve Of Frickin Week 1. Its Called Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge, And I Dont Blame Him. For Those Ofnus Ticket Payers We Have A Right To Be Worried.

um.....yay for you???

I think Coach Sparano was hitting on the turn over thing because Henne threw 3 INTs back to back to back against the Bills last year,and if you ask me,that's why we lost.

First... Im not worried Mando we should win

Brandon Marshall needs to be Henne favorite target and throw the ball to him regardless of double teams

I've not posted in quite a while, tired of all the doom and gloom and gung-ho hype. Let's just get this mother f-er under way and see what we got...I'm hopin' for 10- go Fins.

Oh Boy Another Year Az A Dol-fan, At Least ThesrePassed Couple Years Have Been A Lot Moe Entertaining Than The 10 Yrs B4, I Have Hop!! Btw, Anybody Else Think Channing Is Overrated??

"The team that scores the most usually wins".......

i agree menace.
the trick is to have
more points at the end of the game.

Channing doesn't get enough respect for his stationary bike abilities, he's at least above average, especially at time spent upon the apparatus.

True, That was Yogi Berra saying...

Red, I hear that Crowder will be entering the Tour de France next year, Do you hear the same thing???

Crowder is all bark and no bite...would not be the worst thing for them to release him...and then fatso, coach of the New Jersey Jets will pick him up - Crowders mouth certainly fits in with fatso's mantra!

I heard something about that, but I think he needs to stick to flat land, not sure if he has what it takes, even with 2 balls, to try and actually pedal uphill.

im a young dolphin fan,and I never felt more confident in the Dolphins,yes we made mistakes threw the years,but ofcourse there's gonna be mistakes made,from trying to rebuild an 1-15 team,we went from one of the weakest teams in the league into a playoff contender,this is our year dolphins fan,and as dolphin's fans we have to believe

I am gonna say that Channing(No bark=no bite)Crowder is the Ted(Sideline)Ginn of the Defense???

Why do I have a bad feeling about this game?


I was at that game in Buffalo last year and you couldn't be more wrong on why we lost that game. Henne's INT's happened as a result of blown plays on defence and missed opportunities on offence. The Fitzpatrick long touchdown run should never have happened. Guys like Porter, Ayodele and Wilson took the day off. It wasn't until the Dolphins got behind late in the game that Henne was forced to throw some ill-advised passes. You need to get your facts straight, man.

The key for this game for the Dolphins (regardless of what coach Sparano says), is for the Dolphins to stop the run and eliminate the big play. If they do that, regardless if the turnover battle is 0-0, then they will win the game.

Not trying to be rude, but dolphins#1 can't be more than 4 years old if this is as confident as he's ever been.

We ALL think Crowder is overrated.

Well, ALL of us except Armando that is.

It's OK though, Armando's FINALLY starting to come around.

Well actually, I shouldn't say come around, fact is he don't come around much at all lately.

What I meant to say is: Armando, Dobbins is starting over Crowder from here on out, just like I told you last April.

PS: Mando makes a good point. All the people haarping about wasted picks and free agent busts, don't forget to factor in "finds" like Dobbins and Micah Johnson.

Odin, Did you get permission from your PO to attend the Minny Game?????

Moderator....Truth Hurts?

CUBAN, you r our hero on this blog .when you r absent for few days we r lost .i mean it.

C'mon Mando.. u want Sparano to say they can turn the ball over cuz they'll win 31-14?? Relax cuz they purposely did not show anything this preaseason. THEY WILL WIN

You Tell em RobbyH

Armando , don't try to get Bell in trouble tomorrow ,i will be listening .

Crowder couldn't tackle Aloco's great granny one on one, but on what list is he overrated?
I've never seen him on anyone's badass linebacker list.

im 17 actually,and ofcourse i have faith in my team,I remember when I first became a dolphin fan 10 years ago,and after so many bad seasons,bad coaching,bad players,I feel this is the best team we had since shula days,our defence will get things together by week 3,lets go Dolphinss,


the melt down for favre starts tonight

Nobody could run a belly play like Wanny, sorry to disrespect dolphins#1, you were just born at a rough time to be a fins fan.

Mando i have really enjoyed your writting over the past few years since i discovered you, so i do not take pleasure when i say your writting thus far this year leaves much to be desired.

you asked Tony what was the number on thing was and predictablely he says TO's. everyone knows Tony is always about not having minus plays ie penalties amd TO's. he is probably gonna say that about every game. so to say you are worried because of that is rediculous.

I do ageee however that this will be a close game, at first, but not because of injuries, young players or just plain lack of exoerience but because this is a rivalry game. almost in every sport when you have a rivalry everyone steps up and play above their potential. now yes we should win this game outright and i believe we will as the game goes on but i dont expect Buffalo to lay down either.

sorry about the tough love Mando but i had to speak my mind about the articles this year only because i pay for this service now.

thanks for all you do i know it takes a lot of personal time and hard work i especially enjoy thw tweets.

way to cover that butt Armando... that should keep the phone calls to your radio show to a minimum....

im 17 actually,and ofcourse i have faith in my team,I remember when I first became a dolphin fan 10 years ago,and after so many bad seasons,bad coaching,bad players,I feel this is the best team we had since shula days,our defence will get things together by week 3,lets go Dolphinss,

Posted by: dolphins#1

Way to be Dolphins #1`... That is how the real fans think. You stick with your team no matter what happens or what dummies say. We would have a better time watching our team if more of our "OLD" fans were like you.....

You keep up the GREAT work and thanks for your post!

release grove, another great parcells move. how bad can they make this team before they even play. this game will come down to last min

we should release crowder also.

Upset Special:

Big Balls 17 Puddle Floppers 13

derek4, if you're 17 i'm 40 years older

derek4, if you're 17 i'm 40 years older

Mando, yes, close game. Won by Buffalo.
I had no confidence in this team and this statement means Sparano doesn't either. He will be fired by the Bye week.


Yes, it's all caps. The season hasn't even started and I'm already ticked at this team.

joseph this has been a disaster already. the constant cut and signing of players shows they have no clue. look forward to a new coach next year.

derek4, it was a compliment! cut off as usual. not paying for this anymore!

Just because you think I'm old doesn't mean I don't care. I've lived in Oklahoma now for too many years to let some young punks tell me about being a fins fan. Try living with these redneck dorks and being a fins fan, then you can talk some trash. Crash Jensen would never put up with this crap!

jensen was awesome

RED SPAROW , ARE YOU A red neck or you live w/red necks ?


They have to win the turnover margin in order to beat a team that will be lucky to win 4 games this year? What's the Vegas over/under on Dolphins wins this year? 8? Bet the under.

Crowder has a sports hernia injury and it's only a matter of time before surgery is diagnosed and he's out for the year. He can sit next to Will Allen on IR this year and on the Jets or Patriots plane next year.

red sparow, what did you learn from living w/rednecks ?


I will continue to believe that redneckness does not rub off of these okies and stick to me, but I tend to believe that there may be as many necks in Floriday as they is in Okielahomie I'll let y'all fools figer it out, just lookin 4 my lost shaker o' salt.

Dolphins#1. it is DEFENSE. And I agree with the people that are nervous for this weekend. The bills always seem to come out of no where and win on fluke plays. Lets go MIAMI don't let dolfan nation down..

Every NFL game is close. Since when are there blowouts?

Dear Mr. Football God

Please move Miami Dolphins franchise to LA. We as fickle wannabe fans of very little knowledge no longer deserves our once proud franchise. Not now, not ever!

In Kenny "Snake" Stabler's name I pray, amen!

Sorry Craig M.....if I need to know actual facts I'll be sure to look you up.You seem to know everything.

Dear Mr. Ross

move the franchise now. We suck as fans!

Nervous? Shucks Naw!!!!

I do wonder bout dat Sean Smith though.

Starts 16 games as a rookie and holds his own. Played solid enough that opposing QBs actually stayed away from throwing to his side.

Comes into training camp and has some ups and downs. Then the pre season. Oh boy! He comes out real physical and looks much improved in run support. BUT, he gave up those two TD's. What were we thinking drafting a CB that gives up two TD's in 4 pre season games?

The guy goes from a promising young starting CB to the biggest second round draft bust in Dolphins history. All accomplished in 4 basically meaningless pre season games.
I think he's the only guy ever in the NFL to go from starter to bust because of three temporary lapses in 4 pre season games.

Don't worry though, coach has an ace up his sleeve. Thank God we got Jason Allen-LMFAOROTFF!!!!

Tony's starting Allen over Smith, are you f_cking kidding me? Jason Allen? LMFAO!!!!

I'll tell ya'll what, the Jake Long debacle and the announcement of Jason Allen as a starter is what really prompted Parcell's to start distancing himself from these CLOWNS.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Did you know that for every missed tackle by Channing Crowder an Angel from heaven gets its wings.

If we cut Channing Crowder how will the Angels get there wings ?

I wouldn't want to be Coach Sparano or Jeff Ireland when Jesus finds out the Dolphins cut Channing Crowder.

For ours is a vengeful god

Soiled :)

Please address all team related complaints to: Dolphinsfansthatsuck.org. They'll be more than happy to assist. LOL

Dear Mr. Salguero

Channing Crowder still on the team now is an act of god...I just sayin

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. SoiledBottom

That means you too, there are no exception. All team related complaints are now being handled by: dolphinfansthatsuck.org

They'll be more than willing to assist with any concerns.

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