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Thursday roundup from Miami Dolphins

My question to Tony Sparano on Thrusday was simple enough: Give me your No. 1 key to victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“Number one key to be able to win this game in my opinion I would tell you would have to be the turnover situation," Sparano said. "I think we need to win the turnover situation. We can’t come out 0-0 in this game. I think we need to be ahead of the curve in the turnover situation, and I think that if you can do that and you can minimize the minus plays, the negative plays when you’re in somebody’s else’s place, I think you have a chance."

Understand that it is not new for a coach to say he doesn't want turnovers. But it is interesting that Sparano not only thinks, but stresses that the Dolphins must win the turnover battle to "have a chance." 

That wouldn't be a big deal to me if the Dolphins were playing the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts. But they're playing the Buffalo Bills, for goodness sakes. The Bills aren't winning any titles this year, folks. They'll be lucky to rise from the division cellar where they finished last year.

And the Dolphins need to have the Bills make more turnovers to beat them? The Dolphins cannot beat the Bills if both teams play error-free?

I am extremely nervous about this game. We all expected the Dolphins to easily be the better team. But looking over the Bills and Dolphins, I don't see an enormous gap. I don't see a 31-14 blowout for the Dolphins in a return slap for the beating Buffalo administered Miami in Orchard Park last year.

I predict a very, very close game.


Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said today he was not sure if the Bills would have all three of their running backs -- C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, and Fred Jackson -- available to him.

I think I know.

During a segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said all three RBs will play against the Dolphins.


I don't see how Channing Crowder (groin) plays against Buffalo. He hasn't practiced in nearly a month. He isn't running or cutting. He cannot possibly be in football shape now because he hasn't hit anyone for a long time.

Sparano kept hinting he was not worried about Crowder's availability for the Buffalo game as late as last week. He obviously has information we do not and he's not sharing it right now. So maybe the miraculous happens.

(The Dolphins, by the way, fine players if they speak to the media about their injuries -- something the players will eventually figure out gives the team an advantage over opponents, but also gives the team an advantage over them, too.)

Anyway, my naked eyes tell me not to expect Crowder playing the Bills. Tim Dobbins would be the starter there, if the depth chart can be believed. How's the "throw-in" in the draft-day trade with San Diego looking now?

We get on the Dolphins for blowing it when they pay guys such as Jake Grove $29.5 million and he turns out to be a bust. We should also note with appreciation when they find nuggets like Dobbins.

And, oh by the way, if Dobbins indeed starts and plays well, I'd be getting a little worried if I'm Channing Crowder. He is not promised anything. If he can be replaced by a less-noted, lower-paid player who is healthy then what is the point of keeping him?

Crowder should think about what happened to Grove during this uncapped year in that regard. Or maybe he should think about what happened to Justin Smiley or Matt Roth. Injured guys don't play. And guys that don't play don't stick around here.

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[BROADCAST NOTE: Huge show on Armando and the Amigo on Friday. Guests will include Miami SS Yeremiah Bell, CBS information man Charley Casserly, ESPN's Marcellus Wiley, Bernie Kosar, former Bills coach Marv Levy, and the New York Post's Mark CannizzaroArmando and the Amigo is on every weekday morning 6-10 on 640-AM. If you're not in the area, listen on the web here.


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Odinseye keeps running his stpid mouth off on and on and on about Crowder.

Then he pops up at 10:24, the SAME exact time Soiled Bottom pops up taunting Armando about Crowder.......................


Hey! DB Cooper!

You real funnin Bu-ooYY!

Back Da F_ck up offa Muh Bu-ooYY Soiled!

www.Im Fin ta F_ck You UP.org

Dear Mr. Big Brother is Watching You

"Then he pops up at 10:24, the SAME exact time Soiled Bottom pops up taunting Armando about Crowder."

Great minds think alike

Odinseye is Dean Martin to my Jerry Lewis or His Lenny to my Squiggy...if you will

Soiled :)

"Crowder sucks more than a Dyson ball"-everyone with a sense of vision

You all know he has cyclone technology right? That's the amazing ability to spin himself to spin class every season.

Mr. Soiled Bottom,

Great minds do indeed think alike, but Dean Martin?

Are you kidding me? I could drink that guy under the table by noon!

HEY! Wait a minute....................?

dyinbreed, LA fans are going to root for the fins? really?

Odinseye is Dean Martin to my Jerry Lewis

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | September 09, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Are you Umplying I can't hole muh licker

LA fans don't root for anything but the batteries in their hitachi magic wands, or Ron Artest gettin pulled over in a go kart, or Lindsay Lohan gettin screwed by the man-and everyone else, or Paris losin' her bubblegum, or Magic not dying of aids, or OJ havin' a faster bronco or the raiders stayin' and not suckin', or wishin' Kurt and the rams came a little earlier, or just hopin' they don't disappear into the ocean.

Ohhh Camarillo great catch!!!

I'm fired up spent two days in a hotel with a hottie from the Czech Republic. She's gone, and it's time for football. This is a game that we should win if we are going to be a competitive side. There shouldn't be any excuses, we should go up there and handle those guys. I feel confident that we will go up there and get the win, close game or not(Phins 23- Buff 20).

Let me tell you younger Dolphin fans about a real football player...Zach Thomas, some of the older Phins fans can attest to what I'm about to say.

Zach Thomas was a mans man who along with his brother in Law Jason Taylor or old twinkle toes Taylor we used to call him formed a fearsome Miami defense.

In the end both players grew old.
Zach Retired and Twinkle toes left Miami for the bright lights of broadway hoping for a Dance career.

Like all struggling artists, Twinkle toes took a part time job playing football..like an actor waiting tables, hoping and waiting for that big break.

I forgot the point of my story so never mind

Soiled :)

Channing Crowder is not going to be on this team after this season anyway. The uncapped year still is in effect until March next year anyway. He is better than he is given credit for, but Dobbins and my boy Micah Johnson, along with the return of AJ Edds, means that this is the end of theroad for Crowder. Given the depth at the position (also have Bobby Carpenter) no point in rushing Crowder back before he is 100% healthy.

rushing him back would still take at least two pre seasons and 3 games, he's super fast

I can say this confidently. Our guards will not be able to move the Williams wall like the Saints guards have come next week

I think the point of Soileds story was to not let your kids grow up to be twinkle toes or be waiting on tables.


Excuse me for ignoring the football side of your post.

This Czech you speak of? Was she tall with high cheek bones?

Does she speak with an accent? Does her love making sounds have an accent?

Did you give her a rib shot from behind? Did she you? Oh God, I just know them eastern bloc chicks love it rough!

I can just picture her wiping her mouth and calling me an Imperialist Pig!

Way to do your part in helping with East/West Relations! You Da MAN!


The qb kneel down to end a nfl game has been officially changed to and called "The Pat White Drill."

Every team misses on draft picks and free agents. Period! what i do like about this regime is they are willing to admit their mistakes and cut their losses. This team is still being built and built with non injury prone players. Crowder is next...dont let the door hit u in the a**! i believe another draft and quality free agency period combined with Henne's growth and we become a bonafide playoff team with pretty good depth. Time will tell...When you gut a team and have a young QB it takes 3-4 yrs to be a become a playoff team. injury prone players are not reliable no matter how good they may be!

Imperialist pigs, can't say it much better than that, unless your a puuuussssss y

Oh yeah...my point was one has to follow ones dreams.

Channing Crowder...you know what you are inside, let it out, say it..I am a Swamp person.

Feels good doesn't it :)

Leave all this football nonsense behind, get in your boat and head to the glades or local golf course to hunt Gators.

Just free your mind

Soiled :)

Odin- Yeah Lydia is her name and she is a 100% commie sex pot that still thinks the Donkey Punch was that drink with fruit, not the punching of the back of her commie skull while she was... well I'll leave it there. Can't wait for opening day!!!


I'll just assume you convinced her that Capatilism has it's perks.

Now that we're just about 60 hours away from kickoff any insights or prediction changes?

I'm predicting Nalbone(of all people) has a breakout performance.
Miami 31 Bills 17

What are your thoughts as we countdown to kickoff?

Hey Mr.Belchos...

Thanks for calling me a dipstick earlier on tonight while I wasn't logged in. It really takes a man with guts to call someone else names on a freaking blog. You're certainly a tough guy. Not sure you'd call me a dipstick if we were face to face. Whatever. Go read Dave Hyde's article on the sun-sentinel, it's called Grove latest big investment to fail. He's explaining exactly what I've been saying for the last 2 weeks. What's so negative about stating facts?? Some of us are stating facts and some of us are Parcells groupies. Sorry if I'm not in your category pal. You can't handle facts, that's your problem. I'm not going to start calling people names because I disagree with them. Grow up dude. I'm still a Dolphins fan and I want them to win just as much if not more than any Parcells little girly fan club here.

The Bills can circle the wagons till the wheels fall off. We're killing some Buffalo's come Sunday.

I want to do a little foreshadowing that segues into a hypothetical question. I don't know if you guys realize what our immediate future holds and how quickly perceptions can change.

After we trounce the Bills Sunday, lets say we go up to Minnesota and steal one from Brett and the wanna be Vikes.
Next thing you know, we knock the snot out of the Blowhards as bad as we trounced the Bills.

This may be unlikely, it may not. My question is: How would your perception of the Miami Dolphins change if we're 3-0 and a home game against New England away from our bye week?

Odin... I can't wait, got the Sunday ticket at the bar, so I'm set to go. We have mentioned it, but I really think the D is going to have a field day. Hopefully this sets the tone for the rest of the season. I think that we can create some turnovers on these fools. Offensivley, I think this will be a week where Brown, and Bong Pipe are going to be keys to the game(on offense) It's another opportunity to get the offense rolling, and get Henne some confidence. It would be cool if we could get some sort of suicide pool going, I don't know how we could get people to ante up. At least get a pool for predictions each week(I'm a degenerate gambler)


I'm a Parcell's groupie, I'll admit it. I still think the TIMING of his announcement was wrong on multiple levels. I'm still a groupie though and I don't think his just being a consultant now is really as significant as the Media likes to portray it.

Parcell's IS the best thing that's happened to Miami Dolphins football since "acquiring" Don Shula from the Baltimore Colts.

PS: OK, that and drafting Dan Marino!



I think I missed you the other day when I gave my best guess as to why Parcells stepped down when he did. I feel it had more to do with the evaluation process turning the page from last year to this one.


FYI, it is the last post on the Dolphins power shift blog, if you wanna read the whole post.

armando take it easy on the phins bro they haven't played a down yet in the regular season and you are predicting a close gane?? i think its not going to be a game after the first qtr the fins are gonna take care of business on sunday have some faity bro!!!!


I'm not understanding what you mean by the "evaluation process turning the page"?

I think there's a myriad of possible scenario's. I have 2 or 3 that I think have a higher probability than the others.

I have come to the conclusion that I'll never really know the full story and I don't think it will make much, if any, difference this season.

That being said, I'd still like to hear your thoughts(IE, please explain for the dumb viking-lol)?


Gotcha, I'll check it out.

Sorry Craig M.....if I need to know actual facts I'll be sure to look you up.You seem to know everything.

Posted by: beerndrums | September 09, 2010 at 10:07 PM
He apparently knows more than you. If you're trying to blame that loss on Henne, you spending too much time in the beer, and not enough watching the game. Miami's defense easily cost the team 3-4 games last year, including that one.


The Dolphins listed wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the injury report as fully participating with an ankle injury. The other two players on the report -- left tackle Jake Long (limited participation with a knee injury) and linebacker Channing Crowder (not practicing because of a groin injury) were unchanged from Wednesday.

I must have missed this. Did Long AND Marshall get injured in that last pre season game?

How in the _ _ _ did I miss this?

Anybody? Help?


Best gues is the old misdirection, get the Bills thinking maybe Marshall is hurt and may not be a major factor. And then, BAM, unleash Marshall in a big way. I for sure know one play we did not see all preseason was the bubble screen. We get down inside the 10 yard line, I got good money a bubble screen to Marshall is one of, if not, the first plays we call.


I'll buy MOST of what you posted.

Still, I think if the announcement was going to be made, it should have waited at least until the trade deadline(week 6 I think)if not the conclusion of the season.

I say this only because of all the possible injuries, roster shuffles, practice squad/non-active player activations and outright trades.

I do have to admit now that It's sunk in and I've had time to think it over, it's really not going to be that significant one way or the other. At least not for this season.

Good Post, now lets Kill Bills!!!!

I know this is looking past game 1, but this thought is fresh in my mind after watching the game tonight. We may not eat up a lot of yards running against the Vikings, but even if the pickings are slim, we have to keep trying. I think this will be a game of patience, We are going to have to break them down slowly. The Saints did that tonight, it showed the maturity of their team. The pass wasn't there, and for the most part, the run was shut down, except for the drive in the third quarter that put the go ahead points on the board. For us this should have been a lesson in taking what was available, and not forcing the game. It is evident how the good teams can convert on third down. I'm not sure what our percentage was last year, but I'm sure it wasn't great. I hope that this is an area that we improve upon this year, it was the key to tonights game.


Like I said, that is my best guess. It will be interesting what moves we may make on Monday when vested veterans don't have guaranteed salaries, and also what we do at the trade deadline. Ireland has shown he always has his eye out for any available talent.


I did see your post a few weeks back welcoming me back, was working at the time, didnt get a chance to say it's good to talk actual football. Minnesota flat out scares me. I think they match up favorably against us across the board. It is hard to watch a game and not follow the ball, but I really want to see Jake Long vs. Jared Allen. If Long needs help, which almost everyone does against Allen, then that means one less weapon in the pass game.

Seriously? People are nervous about the Bills? That's probably a good sign. Miami seems to better when expectations are low. Face it, we overanalyze every little nugget of Dolphins news and usually for the negative. Our fanbase's collective confidence is low. But let's take a look at this matchup...

QB: Advantage Miami
-- I know Henne has struggled at times in preseason but I have faith that we will see him look more like he did versus JAX than he did versus everyone else. Trent Edwards is not a good QB. I'd be more worried about Fitzpatrick with his mobility.

RB: Even
-- Buffalo has a big strength here but so do we. They have the gamebreaker that we don't have in CJ Spiller. But I'll take Polite over McIntyre any day of the week.

Receivers: Dolphins
-- Lee Evans has been a thorn in Miami's side for a while now. But his supporting cast is Steve Johnson and Roscoe Parrish. That's pretty crappy. I'll take Marshall/Hartline/Bess over them in a landslide. The Bills don't have a big time TE so that is a relief.

OL: Dolphins
-- Miami's line has been poor during the preseason but Buffalo's is even worse. They have no shot of protecting Edwards against Nolan's blitzkrieg.

DL: Dolphins
-- The Bills have a very pedestrian group here.

LB: Dolphins
-- Buffalo is considering starting Reggie Torbor. But he may not even be healthy so they may have to play someone who can't beat out Torbor! Posluszny is pretty good but I'll take Dansby over him. The Bills do not have anyone who can match Wake's explosiveness.

DB: Bills
-- If healthy, this is the only unit where Buffalo has a clear advantage other than special teams.

... Sure Buffalo has been tough at home but we have not opened against them since 1991 when they were a Super Bowl squad. Usually we play there late in the season. If Miami loses this game it will be a long season. I really think Sparano was meaning to say that losing the turnover battle is the way we could lose this game. But otherwise? Not going to happen.

Almost all of the Bills linebackers are on the injury report as well. So was Byrd.

Brett looked like an old fart tonight; his passes were off target and he was out of synch with is receivers. The catch of the night was made by who other than Camrillo!
Anyway, moving passed that. We'd better get a win in Bufallo or else we're off to an ugly start. Gotta get over these 0-3 starts, especially in our division.
And to Favre, this is what you get for being indecisive and not going to camp. Take that!

What up bootang, good to have you back, enjoy your posts. Allen v Long will be a good matchup. Wher I think the Vikes have a huge advantage is in their 4-3 scheme with their huge d tackles against our guards. Did you see that block on the goal line that dude from NO laid down? That was fckn awesome, we like to be physical up front, and as a team. But I don't know if we have something like that to neutrilize those ogres they have up front. At least with Allen, we can put a running back on him to try and slow his progress(If help is needed) Chip him now and then just to piss him off. Wow haven't played a game yet, and already breaking down week 2????


I posted earier I can say with confidence our guards will not be able to move the Williams wall anywhere near as effectively. Both Nicks and Evans are huge, I think that kind of power is what we envision John Jerry bringing to the table. As for breaking down week 2 already, I can't help myself. I mean we just got to watch a real, meaningful game. That our week 2 opponent was in there made it all the better. One last thing while on the Vikings, it was very dumb of them to have Camarillo in there as little as they did. We better use our knowledge of his game to our advantage, because I guarantee you that one thing they will do a far better job of is incorporating him into the offense.

Brett did look old and feeble tonight. But that was against a pretty decent Saint secondary. Hope we don't make him look young again.

I am telling you guys, the Bills are going to use the wildcat against us with Spiller. Someone commented last night that the reason it works for us is the compliment of Ricky. Don't think for a second that the Bills don't have some athletes that can run it with Spiller. They are gonna try it. And if we are not ready for it...lookout. The Bills are a team without a lot to lose. No telling what we will see.

I don't see Miami losing unless Spiller continually gets outside, that could be a major reason Smith is sitting. Allen is a much better tackler at the CB position.

Bill Laimbeer. Good post, I agree with everything you said, except I thinnk that we have a huge advantage at running back. Spiller may be dynamic, and a good, possibly great player down the road. But our stable of backs are much more versitile, and not so 1 dimentional. We have the luxury of 4 guys that can all do multiple things, instead of 1 rookie, and 2 banged up vets. For this game I would definitley give the advantage at RB. to the Phins.

bootang- I'm with you as far as breaking down games. I just had to check myself a little, and laugh. The Vikes pass offense definitley wasn't clicking tonight. I think Camarillo made his first catch late in the third. The next play that went his way, I thought he may have cut his route earlier then he did, that it would have been a completion, and a key play in that game. So your probably right, that they will work on getting that stuff cleaned up. But tonight they were out of sync

Smith is sitting because he stinks. Can't cover, can't tackle. Not saying he won't improve, but right now he is just plain the lesser player; all the way around.


I am very nervous of the Bills and CJ Spiller running the wildcat. He is the x-factor. I do think it became apparent that the way to

stop the wildcat (specifically the Saints against us last year) is to use blitzes with the CB's when they are lined up in it. It is for this very reason that I do believe Jason Allen is starting this game. I think the coaching staff does not have confidence in Misi or IAF to set the edge on a consistent basis on the strongside, along with Wake and Clemons on the weakside.


One lesson I learn every year is to enjoy all the football I can while it is here, because the season is always over in the blink of an eye. Throw in the pending lockout, and I will savor every play I can!!!

BB, I kinda want to see the Bill's use there version of the wildcat. I think our D has the most rep's dealing with that kind of offense. They see it every practice, against a team that preforms it the best.


You are right about Misi. If he does not contain the sides better than he did against Atlanta, that's going to be a huge problem. I think he will be OK eventually.....sooner than later I hope. I hope Allen or Davis don't have to tackle CJ too many times.


I agree that when the cat has been used against us in the past, teams have not been real successful. But this Spiller guy scares me. i haven't seen a Bill run like him since Thermal Thomas. I hope you are right and we will shut it down.


I am not worried about Misi too much, I like a lot of what I have seen. IAF probably qill play most of the run situations anyway.Even if not in on the tackle, we need our CB's to be able to condense the wildcat into a smaller area

Here we go again...do not fret people. The Dolphins speak softly, but carry a big wallop. It's really silly to think that a minor league team like Buffalo will even keep it close.

The Dolphins will play a smart, tough and disciplined game... 31-10 Dolphins book it

Sorry hdahs 143,I actually didn't get to watch the game here in Minnesota,so I was assuming that back to back to back ints were part of the reason they lost.According to some people,2-3 more ints probably wouldn't have mattered.My bad.

Don't get me wrong, BB. Buffalo is going to have a dynomite player in Spiller for the next few year's. My reasoning for the above statement is, do the Bills have an O line that can handle a diverse blitz system (which I am hoping and prayer for, for the Fin's this year)?

How are yall feeling about this new return guy? I honestly have never heard of him but he sounds like a burner. Better average than Ginn and that's with Ginn's (fluke) 100 yarders. Pretty much anything would be an improvement. Some better field position could really take some pressure off of this young offense. Hoping for a pearl!

praying for.. I've had some Crown Royal. lol

Agreed rage. Hope to see some of these awesome ass blitz packages that were such a secret during the preseason.

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