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Thursday roundup from Miami Dolphins

My question to Tony Sparano on Thrusday was simple enough: Give me your No. 1 key to victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“Number one key to be able to win this game in my opinion I would tell you would have to be the turnover situation," Sparano said. "I think we need to win the turnover situation. We can’t come out 0-0 in this game. I think we need to be ahead of the curve in the turnover situation, and I think that if you can do that and you can minimize the minus plays, the negative plays when you’re in somebody’s else’s place, I think you have a chance."

Understand that it is not new for a coach to say he doesn't want turnovers. But it is interesting that Sparano not only thinks, but stresses that the Dolphins must win the turnover battle to "have a chance." 

That wouldn't be a big deal to me if the Dolphins were playing the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts. But they're playing the Buffalo Bills, for goodness sakes. The Bills aren't winning any titles this year, folks. They'll be lucky to rise from the division cellar where they finished last year.

And the Dolphins need to have the Bills make more turnovers to beat them? The Dolphins cannot beat the Bills if both teams play error-free?

I am extremely nervous about this game. We all expected the Dolphins to easily be the better team. But looking over the Bills and Dolphins, I don't see an enormous gap. I don't see a 31-14 blowout for the Dolphins in a return slap for the beating Buffalo administered Miami in Orchard Park last year.

I predict a very, very close game.


Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said today he was not sure if the Bills would have all three of their running backs -- C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, and Fred Jackson -- available to him.

I think I know.

During a segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said all three RBs will play against the Dolphins.


I don't see how Channing Crowder (groin) plays against Buffalo. He hasn't practiced in nearly a month. He isn't running or cutting. He cannot possibly be in football shape now because he hasn't hit anyone for a long time.

Sparano kept hinting he was not worried about Crowder's availability for the Buffalo game as late as last week. He obviously has information we do not and he's not sharing it right now. So maybe the miraculous happens.

(The Dolphins, by the way, fine players if they speak to the media about their injuries -- something the players will eventually figure out gives the team an advantage over opponents, but also gives the team an advantage over them, too.)

Anyway, my naked eyes tell me not to expect Crowder playing the Bills. Tim Dobbins would be the starter there, if the depth chart can be believed. How's the "throw-in" in the draft-day trade with San Diego looking now?

We get on the Dolphins for blowing it when they pay guys such as Jake Grove $29.5 million and he turns out to be a bust. We should also note with appreciation when they find nuggets like Dobbins.

And, oh by the way, if Dobbins indeed starts and plays well, I'd be getting a little worried if I'm Channing Crowder. He is not promised anything. If he can be replaced by a less-noted, lower-paid player who is healthy then what is the point of keeping him?

Crowder should think about what happened to Grove during this uncapped year in that regard. Or maybe he should think about what happened to Justin Smiley or Matt Roth. Injured guys don't play. And guys that don't play don't stick around here.

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[BROADCAST NOTE: Huge show on Armando and the Amigo on Friday. Guests will include Miami SS Yeremiah Bell, CBS information man Charley Casserly, ESPN's Marcellus Wiley, Bernie Kosar, former Bills coach Marv Levy, and the New York Post's Mark CannizzaroArmando and the Amigo is on every weekday morning 6-10 on 640-AM. If you're not in the area, listen on the web here.


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Clifton Smith is not a burner, but is pretty quick. He should help us a good bit in the return game. He doesn't play scared, as evidenced by his also being a gunner.

Doing a little Makers Mark myself. LOL

Now I did watch the Saints and Vikings game and one thing that impressed me was on the Saints scoring drive in the 3rd qtr,it was an 11 play drive,covering 74yds and they never had a 3rd down attempt.That's how I'd like to see the Dolphins run the offense.

Playing scared? We have never had a returner play scared now have we? lol Thanks for the info tang.

Yeah Beerdrums, and the saints basically ran it down their throats too. it's nice to be able to oppose your will like that when you need to. They ran that cut back play over and over. Vikes could not stop it.

Sorry, that's IMPOSE your will.


Good to see you got what I was referring to. Everyone have a great night, only 2 more days until we Kill Bills (loved that from Odinseye)

Is It Just Me Or Besides A Drive Here Or There Did Neither Team Look Impressive? I Thought The Vikings Defense Did A Good Job, And Brees Looked Good, But That Was Two Good Teams Underperforming, The Home Crowd Giving It To The Saints. Makes Me Slightly More Optimistic.

If We Can Dominate The Bills, And Sparano Can Stop Playing Down To Worse Teams And Finish Games Strong, I Will Be A Believer, But If We Lose, Or Win On Kast Second Stand Or Drive, We Are In For A Rough Year Gentleman.
Also, Said It Before, And Ill Say It Again....hope All Dolfin Fans Will Be Watching The Miami Hurricanes Satjrday Afternoon! Lol

This has TRAP game written all over it JUST Like Last Year when they all said EASY Win and The Dolphins got Beat UP there BADLY!

U all have been Warned as of the significant numbers of the future 11 13
separately or together

U will have to figure out the rest and watch what happens

Today is the 10th
Saturday & Monday these numbers come up

watch them for the next few months

U have been Warned

God Bless

Mando,Crowder being aware of the fact he might lose his job if he doesnt play shouldnt encourage him to play before he is ready.

TOM Brady highest paid NFL player.72 milion for 4 years .18 million a year . signed contract last night .

One day in the future something bad will happen on a day ending in Y

Patrick Turner is a 100% Lock to make team

Stock market will be at 8000 by end of August

I am a major Dumass


steven ross on cnbc, he's talking every thing

yes u r home

The Dolphins are not going to the super bowl this year...repeat..the Dolphins are not going to the super bowl this year. The Dolphins don't have the players in place to do that. So..if you are building a team to start to contend in a year or two, the moves the Dolphins are making make sense. They want good guys that are going to be here for 4 or 5 years.

Sorry Armando that they didn't sign your buddy Jason Taylor when he demanded them to. He was always great for a quick interview. Besides I believe Bill Stanfill was a far better Defensive End than Taylor. And no defensive player ever dominated a game for Miami like AJ Duhe. So stop the whining and do your home work.

Official List of Clamming Chowder Fan Club

1) Soiled
2) Lebron's Headband
3) Waterboy

Who else loves them some Clammy riding the pine and or the bike?

Hey, Dipstick in Montreal. Are you there? Hello. Guess not. Sorry I don't know when you are on or not. Face to face? You punk. Now that you have scared me, I have changed my mind. You and all the whiners are way smarter than Bill Parcells. Why couldn't I have seen it before? I'm sorry. Heh, heh.

Hey Belchos, yeah, I am here. What the f*** is your problem? Calling people names on a blog? Shows a lot of maturity. Get a life. I have never called out anyone here. I just express my opinion. You don't like it, well, it sucks to be you my friend. You can't handle it, you can click on the X in the top right of your screen. I never said I know better than Parcells. All I'm saying is so far all we've got is mixed results. His free agency pick ups thus far haven't produced anything. Dave Hyde talks about it in his column today. I also said a few weeks ago that before we can really evaluate Parcells work with the Dolphins we should wait until 2010 is done. At that point, we'll have a much better idea. I never said the Bills would kick Miami's butt, I never said we'd finish 4-12 or whatever, all I'm stating is facts. Again, you can't handle it, cry me a freakin'river. But don't call me names. Anybody can call anyone what they want on a blog. Not that scary dude. Grow up.

terminate the high-priced contract of another failed free agent acquisition. This time, Miami cut center Jake Grove

: go team go ! rah rah rah ! go team go ! rah rah rah !

Hey,Dipstick in Montreal. You can't Handle the truth jerk .

I know a lot of people here are negative, but I'm not one of them. All I'm doing is stating facts. I hope 2010 is a success. I hope everything Parcells' has done turns out to be positive. But what if he failed? If we finish 7-9 or 6-10, how can anyone say he was the savior? How was he different from Nick Saban or Jimmy Johnson? That's all I'm saying. What are all the Parcells groupies going to say? A lot of these people were probably Saban or Johnson groupies but of course now that we know these 2 big names failed these groupies would probably deny it. Human nature of course. I'm just a fan who wants my team to win, and if I feel the person in charge is making questionable moves, I don't care if it's Parcells, Saban, Johnson, Peterson, Cowher, etc..I'll call it out. And until we win a darn playoff game, I'm not going to call anyone a savior. That's just the way I am.

Regarding Armando's comparisons of the Trifecta's misses vs hits:

True, free agent and draft pick mistakes are going to happen with any FO. The problem with the Trifecta's though is that they were severe and blatant!

As in totally blown, very valuable 2nd and 3rd round draft picks! I think after this year we might even be talking about the 1st round trade down for Odrick and adding Misi. There were some surer superstars to choose from like Dez Bryant and Brandon Graham. They also gave huge upfront gauranteed money and big contracts to free agents that were not worth it. (Marshal and Dansby not withstanding as they were proven commodities and easy evaluations)

So all due respect, Armando but lets put things into perspective. The hits are not comparable to the misses.

What truth is that Belcos? Or is it Belchos? Cause your name is spelled differently on both your posts. Hhhmm... Calling someone a dipstick when you can't even spell your name.

don't bother w/that guy D F IN M . some people can't accept other people's opinion .

No TD for Brandon Marshal this game would be disappointing, im sorry, there is no excuse for no TDs. He should have at least one TD.

Or at least put the team in position to score TDs. I just hope Henne can get it to him.

Yeah, I know ALoco. I can deal with the fact someone would have a different opinion than my own. That's what makes a blog a lot of fun. Discussing things, different point of views. But to call someone else names, I mean, that's just childish. A lot of people think I'm negative. The only thing I've been saying is those free agent pick ups didn't turn out to be quite what we expected and we should wait until 2010 is done with before calling Parcells a genius. That's all I'm saying. I never said the dolphins suck, they will finish 3-13, or some other similar comment some people like to post here.

D F IN M , we have to wait until 2010 is done before a verdict on tuna .
also i think this season if it's 2-14 or 9-7 .the coach will be gone .the only result will save sparano is a playoffs and must win your first game other wise he's fried calamari .

I doubt dobbins will play better than crowder and that says a lot. I actually really like micah johnson especially against the run. Let him chase down spiller.

Aloco, couldn't agree more. This is year 3, the Dolphins have the highest payroll in the NFL. Nothing short of at least 1 playoff win will be considered a failure. I would think Ross agrees with this. He spent quite a few bucks buying this team, spending quite a few bucks getting expensive players, he's expecting results. You don't become a billionnaire if you're not smart. That's why I've been saying 2010 in a HUGE year for the Dolphins. Expect many changes if it turns out to be another so-so year.

I'm sooooooooooooooooo F@!@ING tired of all the negative talk!!! This team hasn't played a meaningful down, and our own local media is making it seem like we're 0-4! I mean jesus christ people, WTF?!?! I'm done with this fiasco, I'll see yall on Sunday when we kick the crap out of the Bills!

Armando, if you want to complement the Trifecta, instead of saying this:

"We get on the Dolphins for blowing it when they pay guys such as Jake Grove $29.5 million and he turns out to be a bust. We should also note with appreciation when they find nuggets like Dobbins."

You could have added one little truth to your comment, they have found far more, "nuggets" like Dobbins than busts like Grove. FAR more.
Like 4 to 1 easy.

Busts? Wilford, Green, G. Wilson, Grove. Pat White, Turner.

Nuggests - I could list 24 to make that 4 to 1 ratio stick? Yeah I could, but how but just a few.

Bess, Dobbins and Hartline as you noted, Langford, Starks, McDaniels, Berger, Incognito, Wake, Vonte, Fasano, Merling, Soliai, Henne, Jake Long, Thygpen, and on and on, ie; most of our current roster.

And although these guys are not "proven" yet, I'll bet they pan out, Misi, Odrick, Clemons, Sean Smith, John Jerry.

Oh yeah, Marshall and Dansby.

Even when you try to be fair to the Trifecta its half hearted.

I know addictions are hard to break but maybe there is an AA for critics you can join?

#1 I think we're gonna have this argument all year. I think we'll be in the thick of it come december. If a few balls fall our way we're in the playoffs if not then we'll miss it. But to say that after the season we have to be in the playoffs or these guys are done is rediculous. Look at dallas. This team is very young. They are just now really good and its because all those players parcells drafted are coming into their own.

Now if they win < 5 games then I think you may have a point and if that happens I think sparano is the only one that gets the axe. Not Irland or parcells.

go team go ! rah rah rah ! go team go ! rah rah rah !

Boulder, Parcells is not getting the axe, he stepped aside this week and Ireland is now running the show. I never said Sparano would get fired, depending of course on how things go in 2010, not quite sure changing coaches again would be really the best thing to do. When I was talking about Ross, I meant more GM wise, in other words Mr.Ireland. Sparano seems to get a lot of respect from his players, that's good to see. If the dolphins just fall short of the playoffs, I think Sparano's job would be in the hands of the new GM. I think there's more pressure on Ireland than there is on Sparano to be honest with you. I'm not that impressed with Ireland. Ever since his 2009 draft and his little incident with Bryant, I've lost some respect for him. He's on the hot seat more than Sparano if you ask me.

By the way, the "PUNDITS" at ESPN have Miami 11th overall in the Power Rankings. It's sad to see that the local media speak so highly of their team! UNREAL!

I didn't know ESPN was the closest thing there is to the bible Enrique...LOL!! Just kidding of course...

I'd be curious to see where these "pundits" had the Saints ranked before last year got under way.

Anyway, time to step out. Later Dolphins fans!

buckle up your bra straps boys,it's go time.

: go team go ! rah rah rah ! go team go ! rah rah rah !

I didn't know ESPN was the closest thing there is to the bible Enrique...LOL!! Just kidding of course...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | September 10, 2010 at 10:30 AM

I know what you're saying, but I'm just trying to make a point. Armando needs to lay off the negativity at least until we see the real Fins.

enrique1085 i agree i wonder if mando isnt actually puttung a neg spin purposefully on things to attract attention and get more subscribers on this site.

in reality though i think it pushes some away it almost did me.

in the age of lab tops ,why any one pays any thing to get news .any new news comes out in a minute across thee internet .
the negativity by armando's articles it almost pushed me away .

fake media being homers so they can get interviews

real media would ask questions about the bad free agents, bad draft picks, bad coaching, etc

Crowder has been mediocre to bad for the most part. The FO has just needed to bolster other positions more than Crowder's. As gaps start to get filled in the roster, ILB is going to get too crowded for Crowder. See ya!


glad im not the only one that felt that way!

anyway just got back from the store stocking up for sunday. fonna start grilling about 10 or 11 so ican ready and settled in for a Dolphins victory and a whole day of foosball!!!!

Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!

aloco.has henne learned anything from his 3 int. 4th q loss @ buff last season with his 42 qb rating.?.. or is coach blah blah blah spazano going to insert the most accurate pazzer in nfl history to not blow the lead again.?

Massive fish stench =


PATHETIC TUNA. Hope the gimp does better.

By 4th Quarter I will blow it and insert it in my ass

"Feed Me Man Meat"

Crowder does not impress me. He plays OK but is not all of that. Dolphins will beat Buffalo. Our offense will start clicking.

I know this sounds weird, but I had a dream where the Dolphins beat Bufflo twenty to zero. So, I have to go with:

Dolphins 20
Bills 0

And in my dream everyone was raving about our new defense. It was pretty cool!

I think getting off to fast start this season lies heavily in the hands of Dan Hennings.

Everybody questions/talks about Henne's self confidence and confidence in his receivers.

I don't think there's any confidence problems with Henne, Marshall, Bess or even Hartline and the two youngsters.

The confidence problem seems to be with Hennings. It's evidenced by his play calling, or at least it has been in the past, I should say.

We have a young inexperienced Defense with a lot of question marks. It's not only a good idea, it's a necessity that our offense take the initiative. To get off to a fast start this season we need Hennings to grow a pair and realize; It's time to take the training wheels off and see what you've really got. More simply said: THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

No more playing not to loose Mr. Hennings, PLEASE. No more Ricky Williams halfback passes inside the opponents 10 yard line. Use the wildcat to demoralize our victims, not because you're afraid to go vertical.

We may not be the greatest show on turf(yet), but we have all the tools necessary to push the ball down the field pretty quickly.

Mr. Hennings, you have a solid running game, a rocketed armed QB and now some proven receiving threats. You either show some confidence in Henne and Co and turn them loose, or simply make the necessary changes.

We don't want to spend this season backing our opponents up to the edge and hoping they slip up and fall(Saints/Colts). We now have the weapons, so lets go for the Jugular.

Waterboy, that is classic. "Clamming Chowder".


i agree i think henning gets too cute at times and could end up being hennes worst enemy. i hope to see him open it up more this year

odinseye, you mean Dan Henning. If you're adding the "s" for "sucker" or "sh*ty", I agree. But his name isn't plural (glad there aren't 2 of him).

The guy's older than dirt. Been in the league forever, seen everything, done everything. Time to move on. I want some fresh eyes on the offensive side next year (please).

But, then again, last year we were 4th in the run. We put up lots of points, so I don't think offense lost games as much as defense gave them up. If our defense steps up, and offense plays like last year, we should win more of those close games. That's what's gonna be the determiner how we do. Can we learn to win those close games or not (cause trust me, we'll be in quite a few this year).

BTW, Favre looked his age. I think we can take hiim (but that defense was pretty stout).

We have quality players on both sides of the ball.
IF the coaches can get them in the right fame of mind...we win a lot of games.
It all comes down to 2 key points:
1. Coaching
2. Play calling
Please do not overlook the coaching aspect of today's NFL.
I get the feeling that not everyone in the locker room respects Tony's head coaching abilities and with Tuna gone...he is on a short leash.

They Call Me... Tim says:
September 10, 2010 at 12:25 pm
HELP!!!! HELP!!! Chris T.. My boyfriend NJ plumbed me with his teeny snake and now my bung hurts. HELP!!!!!!

Odinseye, finfaned

Agree 100%, I'm a true believer that Hennings is the handcuffs in the offense. He stunts Henne's progress in the middle of his best drives by inserting the wildcat at the wrong times. If I'm Ireland or Sparano, I'm keeping a close eye on him through out the season.


You said it. Hennings seems to pull that cutesy sheet out of his a s s when he starts feeling the pressure.

No more! He's been here and they've been building this team for over two years now. They keep saying we need tough smart players, well I'm saying we need a tough smart Offensive coordinator that has confidence in his team and is not afraid to pull the trigger. It's time to pull out the stops and let it fly. If Hennings heart and balls can't take the pressure, he needs to get some extra nitroglycerin pills or respectively "step down" like Parcell's did.

I'm not saying it's do or die, I'm saying it's time to let it fly!



Kill Bills!!!!

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