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Thursday roundup from Miami Dolphins

My question to Tony Sparano on Thrusday was simple enough: Give me your No. 1 key to victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“Number one key to be able to win this game in my opinion I would tell you would have to be the turnover situation," Sparano said. "I think we need to win the turnover situation. We can’t come out 0-0 in this game. I think we need to be ahead of the curve in the turnover situation, and I think that if you can do that and you can minimize the minus plays, the negative plays when you’re in somebody’s else’s place, I think you have a chance."

Understand that it is not new for a coach to say he doesn't want turnovers. But it is interesting that Sparano not only thinks, but stresses that the Dolphins must win the turnover battle to "have a chance." 

That wouldn't be a big deal to me if the Dolphins were playing the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts. But they're playing the Buffalo Bills, for goodness sakes. The Bills aren't winning any titles this year, folks. They'll be lucky to rise from the division cellar where they finished last year.

And the Dolphins need to have the Bills make more turnovers to beat them? The Dolphins cannot beat the Bills if both teams play error-free?

I am extremely nervous about this game. We all expected the Dolphins to easily be the better team. But looking over the Bills and Dolphins, I don't see an enormous gap. I don't see a 31-14 blowout for the Dolphins in a return slap for the beating Buffalo administered Miami in Orchard Park last year.

I predict a very, very close game.


Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said today he was not sure if the Bills would have all three of their running backs -- C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, and Fred Jackson -- available to him.

I think I know.

During a segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said all three RBs will play against the Dolphins.


I don't see how Channing Crowder (groin) plays against Buffalo. He hasn't practiced in nearly a month. He isn't running or cutting. He cannot possibly be in football shape now because he hasn't hit anyone for a long time.

Sparano kept hinting he was not worried about Crowder's availability for the Buffalo game as late as last week. He obviously has information we do not and he's not sharing it right now. So maybe the miraculous happens.

(The Dolphins, by the way, fine players if they speak to the media about their injuries -- something the players will eventually figure out gives the team an advantage over opponents, but also gives the team an advantage over them, too.)

Anyway, my naked eyes tell me not to expect Crowder playing the Bills. Tim Dobbins would be the starter there, if the depth chart can be believed. How's the "throw-in" in the draft-day trade with San Diego looking now?

We get on the Dolphins for blowing it when they pay guys such as Jake Grove $29.5 million and he turns out to be a bust. We should also note with appreciation when they find nuggets like Dobbins.

And, oh by the way, if Dobbins indeed starts and plays well, I'd be getting a little worried if I'm Channing Crowder. He is not promised anything. If he can be replaced by a less-noted, lower-paid player who is healthy then what is the point of keeping him?

Crowder should think about what happened to Grove during this uncapped year in that regard. Or maybe he should think about what happened to Justin Smiley or Matt Roth. Injured guys don't play. And guys that don't play don't stick around here.

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[BROADCAST NOTE: Huge show on Armando and the Amigo on Friday. Guests will include Miami SS Yeremiah Bell, CBS information man Charley Casserly, ESPN's Marcellus Wiley, Bernie Kosar, former Bills coach Marv Levy, and the New York Post's Mark CannizzaroArmando and the Amigo is on every weekday morning 6-10 on 640-AM. If you're not in the area, listen on the web here.


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Help help, I believe in weather rays and have nothing better to do but go to the SS where I am banned and reporting on the Herald. I'm a douche

What is a worst name to called:

a douche bag or Turd Sandwich?


Agreed..time to let Henne "own" the offense and have the ability to change the play at the line.
I have a feeling this will be Henne's breakout year and will earn respect with outstanding play.

"Score 24" is my motto this year...if we can score 24+ points in a game we have a 90% chance of winning it.

Score 24 all the way to Dallas!

Real Fan Pledge Here:

I believe in this team,
I believe the time is now,
I understand negativity does not exist,
I know I contribute to this team's success,
I will always have this teams back,
I will always HATE the Jets!

Go Dolphins 2010!!!

I will do the Sparano Fist Pump after a 15-30 yd field goal try.

how can any one blame HENNINGs for last year losses.it's the SPARANO AND THAT PIZZA GUY coach pasquali WHO was RUNNING the defense .

4 games we lost after being up by more than 14-21 points .b/c of the defense .
odinseye is wrong .

And the last 3 games we were down by 20 pts and rallied late but came up short.

enrique ,

your pledge isn't creative enough ,try again .

I don't think that Odinseye is saying we lost some games cuz of Hennings, I think he's trying to say that the offense can now be unleashed cuz of Marshall and Henning needs to know this.


Thanks for the English lesson-NOT!(joking).

Henning has enough experience and success so I'm not going to come out and say he sucks or that we should get rid of him(although I have in the past).

I just want the guy to exploit all that knowledge and realize he doesn't have to get all "conservatively cutesy" when he gets nervous.

This is a smash mouth run team with legitimate downfield threats. He needs to run it like one.

They always said Shula was an expert at adapting to the talent around him. Well Henning apparently isn't as good at it. He needs to realize all those years and other teams don't mean squat. This is the 2010 Miami Dolphins he needs to take advantage of it and let our strengths play to his advantage.

Henning should be wanting to redeem himself for the atrocious play calling last year in Buffalo. Dan! This is your big chance! Let's KILL BILLS!!!!

odinseye's post was all about hennings as if he's was the reason .the reason was dumb calls on the part of sparano and the pizza guy not knowing what he was doing .

4 games we lost after being up by more than 14-21 points .b/c of the defense .
odinseye is wrong .

Posted by: ALoco | September 10, 2010 at 01:30 PM

Aloco, NOPE! You're wrong, about the content of my posts. I can understand how it started to sound like that, but read it more carefully. I wasn't blaming Hennings or the offense for the losses. On the contrary, I was saying the offense needs to step up and play to it's full potential to cover for our young inexperienced defense.

My apologies for not being more articulate Aloco.

What can I say, I'm just a dumb viCking :)

Just for the record: Bufallo, no matter how bad they are, is always tough at home. They usually play a tough defense. I know that nothing is expected of them and they probably won't win much if at all on the road, but at home they are not a pushover for anybody.

To be a little more clear.

I think this is the most complete well rounded offense that Henning has had since arriving here.

He did some things(questionable calls)in the first two seasons I believe, that were attempts to cover up our offenses short comings(no Marshall/injured Ronnie, etc,etc.).

The point I'm trying to make is NO MORE! Henning has a solid looking offensive unit to work with this season. We should be able to run and pass alot better than we have in the past how many seasons.

No need for anymore cutesy sheet, it's time for Henning to realize and have confidence in all the weapons at his disposal.

Aloco, I wasn't blaming the offense for last years losses. When I drink to much coffee, I tend to type myself into incoherency, so I hope this helps clear things up a little.


"We can’t come out 0-0 in this game. I think we need to be ahead of the curve in the turnover situation, and I think that if you can do that and you can minimize the minus plays, the negative plays when you’re in somebody’s else’s place, I think you have a chance."


That sounds pretty generic to me . Do you spend a lot of time breaking down every word the coach says looking for anything negative ?

I mean ,really !

odinseye, you're right about Henning's deficiencies. I've heard from lots of Carolina fans (where he was before Miami) that he's HORRIBLE when it comes to passing (as we've seen). His #1 passing weapon is TE (that's why Sparano was talking about Marshall drawing coverage and leaving the middle of the field open. I'm not a proponent of that strategy. I say, if Marshall's covered, he probably STILL is the best chance at a reception (he's that good). They have to trust him. But, Steve Smith was extremely PO'd at Henning while he was there because he felt he wasn't being used right.

With all that said, I agree with ALoco that Henning can call plays exactly like last year (even though we'd hate them) and doubt that would be the reason for a loss. Offense WILL score points, no doubt. But can the defense stop other teams from scoring 2 plays after the offense scores. That's what I'm more worried about (and special teams).

But Henning should go next year, that'd be my wish (no matter how we fare).

You asked him what is the number one key, not the only key! Canned question, gets a canned answer! I never once read in Sparano's answer that they do not get turnovers they would lose!

The offence does need to open it up more now that we have a better receiving corps. But, our biggest weakness is Special Teams! Miami has coveted this guy from Tampa. Well, now we got him. A pro-bowl returner isn't any good if the rest of the ST doesn't run their lanes and make their blocking assignments. That's why the bottom of the roster is still churning. Most of those guys are on ST.

Amando. Does the radio station slip you a bonus every time you mention the show? You gotta be rolling in the dough!

Tracy474, I have a better feeling now about ST. Bobby Carpenter is a solid ST contributee and if Clifton dont get hit in his head he is great returner

Hey! Armando "when you said we all" count me out.I don't expect the dolphins to win this game. Why you ask? Too many new parts on the DEF.

Mando, I am very disappointed in your Dolphin wrap up. You must have a lot of things you are
worried about in your life. These Dolphins-regardless of Parcels fading and the injuries--are just way better than you give them credit for. With the new additions on defense,
plus Dansby-they will play 8 in the box and
stuff spiller and beg them to pass. You simply are losing your edge pal.

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