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Breaking down the Dolphins vs. Jets

It is game day. Well, it's game night day, if you can keep your time elements in line. The Jets and Dolphins go at it at Sun Life Stadium tonight and I wish to share a couple of items with you.

First, I offer to you my Sunday column that shares with you a story Tony Sparano told his team a while back and doesn't really want out in public. I share it with you in the column because it fits perfectly for tonight's meeting between the Jets and Dolphins.

Even when I asked Patrick Cobbs about it, he said, "I see where you're going with this." So please check out the column.

As for the actual game itself. Let us break it down, shall we? 

 When the Dolphins run the ball: It’s hard to believe that the Jets wouldn’t have missed Kris Jenkins, because the few times he’s been healthy the past four seasons he’s been among the better interior lineman in the NFL. But Sione Pouha has taken over at nose tackle and, along with his mates, is part of the No. 3 overall run defense. Think that will dissuade the Dolphins from running the ball? Absolutely not. The Dolphins will contend with eight men in the box if they must, but they will not give up on running the ball. The Miami plan is to rush it 30 times tonight. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, usually reliable, are coming off a game in which each had a fumble. That is not acceptable to the Miami coaching staff and it cannot become a habit against a quality opponent. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

When the Dolphins pass the ball: The idea is to always get the ball to Brandon Marshall first and foremost and the Jets know this so they will likely double Miami’s best wide receiver. Marshall has been an interesting study this week. He's geared up for this game. He's been demanding excellence in practice. He's been spending some extra time in the film room. He refused to speak with the media, apparently because he didn't want any attention on himself or say the wrong thing. Guess he thinks he can sneak up on the Jets. The likely matchup will match Marshall versus Antonio Cromartie, who is familiar with Marshall from their days in the AFC West. Marshall had one game against Cromartie in 2008 in which he caught 18 passes for 166 yards. The Dolphins pass when necessary rather than as a first-option, but last season, Chad Henne surprised the New York defense by completing 20 of 26 passes for 241 yards and two touchdowns in the first meeting between the two. The Jets shut down Henne in the second game, limiting him to 12 completion and 112 yards, but Henne did not throw a pick in either contest. The most important aspect of this game is Darrelle Revis will not play against the Dolphins, meaning New York will be without their best defensive back and likely their best defensive player overall. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

When the Jets run the ball: The Dolphins will be without rookie defensive Jared Odrick for the second consecutive week but seem to have a solid solution to the issue as last week they moved Randy Starks from nose tackle back to the end spot where he played well last year. Paul Soliai, starting at nose tackle, played well according to coaches. He would face perhaps the most talented center in the AFC East in Nick Mangold, but Mangold has missed practice time this week with a shoulder injury. Last week the Dolphins allowed 145 yards by Adrian Peterson. “It’s on film,” defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said, meaning the Dolphins must now prove they can stop the run because the Jets saw what the Vikings did and will try to exploit the problems the Dolphins had stopping the run a week ago. ADVANTAGE: New York.

When the Jets pass the ball: Braylon Edward, he of the Taliban beard and DWI arrest, will not start because of last week’s troubles. But those close to the Jets don’t believe that will cause Edwards to miss a significant portion of this game after he sits out the first play. Edwards typically misses no more than a handful of offensive plays per game and this one might not be any different. One thing the Dolphins must be ready for is the unleashing of former Miami WR Patrick Turner. He was promoted from the Jets practice squad to their 53-man roster and is likely to be active for this game, nearly equaling the number of games he was active for as a rookie with the Dolphins. Regardless of which Jets receiver is in the game (their best one, Santonio Holmes is suspended), the Dolphins will be looking to confound New York quarterback Mark Sanchez with multiple fronts, multiple looks in the secondary and multiple pressures. Sanchez, athletic and mobile, is very good with the naked boot in one direction and throwing back to tight end Dustin Keller coming across the field. The Jets have not had a 300-yard passer in a game since 2006. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Special teams: The Dolphins are outstanding in kickoff and punt coverage but are downright inept in their return game. That’s one reason Cliff Smith was waived this week and will no longer be the kick and punt returner. Smith seemed hesitant during the two weeks he held the job. The work now likely goes to Davone Bess on punt returns and Nolan Carroll and Patrick Cobbs on kick returns. Former Dolphins special teams coach Mike Westhoff is running the special teams for the Jets now. Jim Leonhard’s 16.3 punt return average is fourth best in the NFL. ADVANTAGE: New York.

Coaching: These two teams mirror the personality of their coaches. The Jets are a loose, brash, physical, aggressive, perhaps undisciplined bunch. The Dolphins are a tight-lipped, low-key, aggressive, physical, disciplined bunch. Rex Ryan took the Jets to the AFC title game in his first season. Tony Sparano led the Dolphins to a series sweep over the Jets last season and has beaten New York three consecutive times. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

[BLOG NOTE: There will be a live blog of the game this evening so come back in the hour or so leading up to kickoff.]


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Let's do it

No wildcat today Henning,play the Jets straight up, smashmouth.

Mando do you know Who's deactivated for tonight ?

jets are typically blowhards that fail in big moments, well; most moments in fact. I see nothing different tonight. Dolphins 20- blowhards 10

Agreed Nick. Put the wildat in the garbage.

Time to kill!

worst part about playing at 4pm or later is finding something to do to kill the time! even worst monday night

In the red zone Keep Ronnie Brown in the game to cut back on fumbles.

The wildcat is a waste of a down at this point!!
1. We never EVER pass or give the threat of a pass so the defense just sits on the run and waits for ronnie at the line!!!
2. For some idiotic reason henning thinks the best time to do it is when henne is in a groove and we are in the red zone about to score!! Henning is not FOOTBALL smart!!!
3. The most well get is 3 yards anyway same as if we ran out of a regular formation!! So whats the point its no longer a secret!
4. Finally the dolphins offense sucks and has sucked for so long because we dont take chances are too CONSERVATIVE no shots downfield!! This has led to an anemic no life old school offensive scheme!!

ronnie needs at least 20+ carries today

Fat Rex ain't no idiot........he's a Gianormous IDIOT!

The point is, he doesn't want to put this game in the hands of the CheezeBag.

He's studied the Vikes film and will try to pound the ball all game.

One big problem for the jets, LT ain't no AD.

Sancheezbag will be forced to throw INT's all night!

Ronnie Brown or Steven Jackson against the Redskins in fantasy this week?


You said it. I'm so hyped I woke up as soon as the alcohol started wearing off. I couldn't sleep in, I can't get back to sleep. Now I've had way to much coffee and it's only 11:03!


Miami 24 Yets 10
Enough said.

This team of loudmouth chukleheads will do something stupid during this game to turn the tide in our favor. They are an undisciplined, overrated bunch led by fat circus clown, and a band of foul mouthed jesters. I have a fever, and the only perscription is for more victories.

I can't stand the wildcat either. We haven't had a lot of touchdown drives so far this season, most invasions into enemy territory have led to field goal opps. That is because we waste momentum, and a play on forcing the wildcat. It drives me nuts! The teams know how to defend this, they have caught up to the scheme of the play. Why not run this formation at the start of a drive, and use it for the whole duration, BECAUSE it would be a three and out....

i wish every game was at 1pm

Sorry guys i have to disagree. I think this would be a GREAT game to work in a little Tyler Thigpen wildcat. It would confuse the Jets defence and keep them on their toes. I also think Brown taking a few snaps, would add another wrinkle. The guy is going to be running the ball and exploiting Marshall against Cromartie but I'd like to see some twists as well to keep the defence honest and I think on primetime we will see that.

come on man. Do you think dolphins are reall afraid of LT? LT has been less than average everytime he's played in miami. If we get crowder back that's advantage miami.

The wildcat is most affective on the goal line. The problem is that we use in on the 20, and it stops us from getting to the goal line.

psychopath bobby12d ip address is traced to a central Florida prison where bobby12d is incarcerated again.he is very angry,but always blames someone else for his crimes.bobby12d is a career criminal with convictions for bank robbery,beating up women,using false identities,driving on a revoked license and most recently burglary and battery with a deadly weapon.his jealousy rules all his evil thought process.may the devil have mercy on his soul.


I agree.

LT or no LT, Crowder or no Crowder, when they run the ball advantage Miami. We're stuffing the run tonight.

Fat Rex won't want Sancheeto throwing the ball much and for the same reasons Nolan WILL.

I'm looking for Nolan to have the D keying on shutting down LT and FORCING the cheezebad into mistakes.

Of all games to be on at 8:20pm ET. I start work at 9pm!

you better call in or at least record it

phins 13 jets 0 take it to the bank!

it's easy , call work sick teggsr ?

When the wets pass the ball:

SanCheezePizzaFace will be going up against the best CB tandem that he's faced this year. I think their game plan will have him looking for checkdowns to his TE and runningbacks.

I think these are the matchups they'll look to exploit. Our nickle corners and linebackers on their running backs and Keller.

Anybody think Sean Smith can cover Keller?

i am not taking any thing to the bank. let's hope we scape the jets.pay respect to them so we don't eat our words later and if we win we can say any ting .meawhile let say they r very strong and talented team.

Odin, your on the money, you have to make Snachize be the guy that has to beat you. This will play into our hands. I forsee us knocking Snachize out of this game, and forcing geriatric Brunell into coming in on his wheelchair. This scenario sends the poor little jets into a tailspin that they cannot pull out of and their season crashes and burns, all because of US!

Smashmouth football today against the stupid jets. Sack Sanchez!!!

im not worried about winning the game b/c i think we will win 27-13 but we need this win for the overall psyche of the team! a win would valid everything we are trying to do but also it gives the younger guy the added confidence in knowing they can play on the big stage under the lights! thats really the only thing that can hold us back for reaching greater goals! these young players are standing up in the paint so far and look good doing it! for their sakes im hoping no major injuries!! it has been a real pleasant surprise that all the TE and backs getting loose in coverage had all but ended!! thank god!!! it seem that teams arent taking chances going deep like last year! much props to clemons keep holding your own!! maybe the biggest change that can tilt the scale more in our favor is the thinking with sean smith!! if smith can come in and stop opposing TE this defense will be even sicker!! i got faith in smith but its time for allen to get his shine on!! i love the competition on this team and once all the slackers get tossed whether they're one my guys or yours as long as the end results are a winning caliber team,and we all know what im talking about here!!!GO DOLPHINS 27-13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this game will make or break our season .....
it's very important game not to lose ............
we got to be listing to our coach and play smart and not think it's an easy game .

As if my post wasn't stupid enough the first time I reposted again to show what a total ass I am

if you really think about the way we've looked on defense, the wets are very limited with options! really do the wr corp of the planes really scare you! does LT and green really strike fear in the running game or receiving game now!! the only person to really gashed us is no longer on the team!! leon washington!! so i really cant see the planes moving the ball to much tonite as long as nobody have an out of body experience! stay humble !! and lets show these fockers what hard work is really like!!

With Marshall owning Cromartie it's a very intriguing possibility. However, if the absence of Reamis requires safety help for Cromartie, that leaves someone all alone in No Mans (Is)Land:

Kyle Wilson.

I'm sure my opinions are biased, but I don't think it matters which one of our other guys gets matched up one on one with Wilson. Bess, Hartline or even Marlon Moore, ADVANTAGE MIAMI.

We have to target Wilson early and often!

bobby12d do not ruin this blog also like you always do with your angry fake postings under other bloggers names.No one is interested in your unfounded anger with your personal life and the need to attack others here.
Your anger issues are off the chart and we are trying to enjoy some good blogging before one of the biggest dolphin games of the year.
Please post football thoughts or nothing at all.

I'll state the obvious.....if we go 3-0, with the Pats next week, we're in great shape. The Jets will try and play it close and beat us with their running game and defence. Great opportunity to exploit the weak parts of their team, while also CONTAINING their running game.

I think we will move the ball well against the Jets D. My main concern is missed scoring opportunities in the red zone due to overly conservative play calling. You know call plays to get us 5 more yards closer to a field goal instead of trying to get a first down and score a touchdown.

It's like if we are at the 25 yard line and it's second and eight we call a run and get 2 yards rinse repeat for third down.

I hope we get a little more creative.

Aloco is Throwing out some keen insight.

Make it or break it is exactly what this is.

This young team finally took the next step and proved we can win tough games on the road.

Now it's time to prove we can win ALL the games that we SHOULD win.

We need to put an absolute beat down on a division rival at HOME!

This Is Our House!!!!

OAK today at ARI ..hope for loss .then their season goes up in flames so when we meet them in OAK late in the season would be easy for us .

teams going to burn and coaches will be fired ;


I love telling people what to do by making up fake names and posting about people in jail. Shows how intelligent I am. Now excuse me while I blow my boyfriend

Home, no no I mean IT Dept

Mariucci just told Rich Eisen, "sorry to say this Rich, but the Miami Dolphins defense will be the best defense on the field tonight".

Suddenly I like Mariucci a lot more than I used to.

This Bandwagons picking up hitch hikers left and right!

IT Dept, how bout you STFU and let us talkfootball? NO ONE was talking sh@t till you decide to post about bobby today. STFU everyone and talk Dolphins-Jets and knock off the bill.

One day of peace, no bull!!!

commie Brown really seems to shine in big games such as this even against tough Defenses.

i put brown playing in all of my teams today.

ODIN, we really don't need any experts for football .every one now is jumping on the fins wagon like ARMANDO . ALL THESE SPORT PEOPLE are just hurd people ,what ever hot they r on it .like a prostitute .

Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin are making pre loss excuses for Braylon and the wetspots.

Warren Sapp basically told them, say what you want, it's "all self-inflicted".

That's the same thing I was saying earlier in the week. The wetspots hired Fat Rex and let him bring in his own guys. He built the team with the guys he wanted to go to war with.

NOW ain't the time for excuses. It's time to go to WAR!!!!

PS: I like Sapp a LITTLE more than I used to as well-LOL!


Did you just call all the beat writers and talking heads publicity whores?


Hardee correctional facility, so you caught me Home!
The rest thought i was a cop. ba ha ha

I'm HERE!!! I'm Queer!! I'm proud!!!

Home TheVag

if we lose tonight it'd be hennings fault

odin, i just heard chris mortenson make a commit like the dolphins are mad b/c braylon is playing b/c of dui and made the comparison to ronnie's dui and said brown didnt have to miss a game! inm so sick of these sports stations that care about only % teams in the league but its cool! every time we beat the wets they will have an excuse!! it as that way last year and it will be that way this year!! we have just as many players injuried as the wets but we not complaining at all! GO DOLPHINS!! IM CHANGING PREDICTION TO 27-6 DOLPHINS

"First, I offer to you my Sunday column that shares with you a story Tony Sparano told his team a while back and doesn't really want out in public".

Well that says it all doesn't it. Coach doesn't want the story out so you go and write an article relating the whole story to everyone that wants to read about it.

You know Armando, this stuff may seem trivial and stupid to you but there's a reason that the Dolphins go to great lengths to keep these things secret. They don't want to give the opponent any added incentive. They don't want opposing coaches tacking these articles on the walls of their locker rooms.

So everything was nice this week and no one was trash talking. Then you write this article and now Rex gets to show his team and say "hey look, these guys think they're the team from the hill, that they're BETTER than us because they're quiet, well lets go out and show them how we do it on our team, lets prove to the whole league that our way is the best way"!

So congratulations Armando, you've done it again. Your disrespect of the coaches and management and your lack of understanding in this area is disgusting. You know they don't want the story out there so you purposely write an article and put it to print the day of the game?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the f**k is your problem man?! Thanks for doing your best to try and derail the Miami Dolphins, keep up the good work.

Bwahahahhaha We at the SS love every second of this. Question Herald fools, how you like us now?
Release The Kraken!!!
The Herald got Home!!!
Enjoy your Sunday Blog

WE WILL WIN berman a known dolphins hater picked the jets!! tj,key and ditka picked the dolphins and i wouldnt let chris carter back on the grounds ever again!! he too pick the wets



Sit back and put your feet up. Have a smoke or a shot of expensive liquor. Whatever it is that works for you, you deserve it!

That was SMOKING!!!!

Odinseye, I'm so mad at Armando right now. I can't believe he writes things like this. Calling them paranoid, ignoring requests to keep things quiet, questioning player contracts and saying they should be angry, etc. It's just one f**k you after another from him to the Dolphins. I can't support this blog anymore, it would be irresponsible of me as a Dolphins fan. I'm going to the Sun, later people.

I'm already hyperventilating. My chest is getting tight and I want to slam some Rum already.

I'm so hyped out, I'm typing and deleting more stuff than I'm posting.

My pitbull's looking at me kinda funny, I think he thinks he can take me.

God I want to smash something or punch someone so bad right now.

7 MORE F_CKING HOURS TO GO-Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!

Come on over NYScott, we welcome great fans like yourself.
The only one who is not welcome is, well, Home
Property of the Herald

I can't wait until tonight..and after we shoot down the Bi-Planes in a convincing fashion I look forward to gloating over the wreckage.

Sheer Carnage!!!!


Did Ohio State win yesterday-LOL?


Sorry I prematurely posted.

I meant to add that I was pulling for Arkasas hard yesterday. Do you think Ohio State played well enough to take over the rankings?

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