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Will Allen not happy to be on IR - understandably

Will Allen is on injured reserve. And he's not very happy about it.

Allen, out on injured reserve for the second consecutive season, has told multiple sources how unhappy and displeased he is with the fact the Dolphins decided to effectively shut him down for the 2010 season and not hold a roster spot open for him until he could return to full health.

That timetable for Allen returning to full health was initially reported as the first game of the season but the truth is Allen isn't ready now. Multiple sources are saying he would more likely be ready to contribute in the Miami secondary by the start of October or the Oct. 4 game against New England.

The Dolphins decided against holding a roster spot open for Allen, privately telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington there were too many uncertainties with that timetable. Publicly, the club has shown no desire to explain its thinking on placing Allen on injured reserve.

"I'm not going to get into the specific reasons why we did any of these things," Coach Tony Sparano said this week when asked the reason for Allen being shelved. "But it's something that had to be done right now."

Allen disagrees, according to those close to him. In the days following his Aug. 11 arthroscopic surgery, Allen felt like he had turned the corner on the injury that forced him to miss all of the 2009 season. Yes, he had passed his physical and was practicing at the start of training camp, but he didn't feel quite right.

He felt right following the latest surgery and all he wanted, I am told, was a couple of weeks to prove that on the field.

He will not get that chance.

So why is this even a topic?

Well, the Dolphins have had issues in the secondary, and particularly at cornerback, this preseason. Sean Smith struggled. Jason Allen, often dismissed as only a special teams player after being selected in the 2006 first round, showed more promise than in the past.

And although Jason Allen wasn't stellar, himself giving up scoring plays in the preseason, he displaced Smith as the starter for the regular-season opener at Buffalo on Sunday. Sparano confirmed that Monday.

"The decision hasn't been made all the way," Allen said Monday. "But I'm preparing like I'm the starter. That's how I always prepare and this week is no different."

There is nothing here that suggests benching Smith for Allen is the wrong decision. That is a coaching decision and Sparano and his staff know better than anyone, certainly better than me, which players they have confidence in starting.

But the question that lingers is why the rush to discard Will Allen? Sure, there is uncertainty about his return to health. But tell me what is guaranteed in today's NFL, anyway?

Why not hold the roster spot open for a week or two just in case the Allen prognosis turns from a question mark to an exclamation point? And if that question mark lingers, then the Dolphins could put Allen in IR and move on.

The Dolphins, silent on the matter, might argue that roster spots are precious and they cannot hold any spot open for Allen. Really?

So the waiver wire additions of Joe Reitz, Robert Rose, Jermey Parnell and Clifton Geathers were all that important? Do these unproven, untested guys come with no uncertainty?

Are they all more likely to contribute to the Dolphins this season than Will Allen would once he got fully healthy?

And, yes, I know it is uncertain Allen would reach 100 percent health regardless of what sources are saying. But one must admit it is uncertain the young untested guys taking up the roster spots will ever help the Dolphins in any way, either.

We'll see how it works out.

[Broadcast note: Tune in to Armando and the Amigo Tuesday morning 6-10 a.m., as our guests will include former Bills WR Steve Tasker, who is broadcasting Sunday's game, Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, Dolphins Pro Bowl safety Yeremiah Bell, former Mets GM Steve Phillips, and Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe, fresh off his team's upset of Ole' Miss. If you're not in South Florida, listen live here.]


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all you reporters covering the Dolphins should be fired. You are cry like a bunch of little jet fans. No city has this kind of reporting, it's just terrible. Too bad Miami can't ban you people, I'd rather get info from the national guys, they are profesionals.

bill parcells hasn't done anything in 20 years

but everyone thinks he is a god.

Finally, somebody is raising the issues that we fans care about. Our secondary has been trashed in the preseason by third-string QBs and they couldn't be patient with Will Allen?

Why wouldn't sparano give a reason for putting allen on IR?

That is kind of a d ick move on his part.

I'd be pissed too!

Jason Allen .... bwwwaaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa!

WOW...I think maybe the injury is a little more serious than thought. these guys have seen these types of injuries time in and time out. Too much uncertenty. Plus we are still tring to figure out our sendary situation. We should be getting it together aroud week 4 then we start rollin.....11-5

reoccurring knee problems for a corner over 30---take it easy---i like the four lineman they added ---big size on D-line---Oline needed more depth as well---what we dont know is how much they like those 4 guys----if you dont know that then dont write about this situation.....

The real situation you should write about---is we have 5 ilbs on roster and 4 olb on roster----

You dont carry more inside guys then outside---
some1 on inside is getting cut---(please crowder)

And what i been waiting for all offseason---time to add another OLB (Hopefully a Vet with some experience)----why dont you write about some viable options

This team is a disaster. We'll be lucky to win 6/7 games this year. I haven't been this disinterested in the start of season since 2004.

With the 3 Stooges running the show, who knows. No personnel move this team makes anymore surprises me. I mean cutting your two veteran DE's, one of your only dependable OG's (D.Thomas), D.Martin, etc.

This team looks to be rebuilding, versus reloading. Same story though, as our losers in the front office have been rebuilding for 3 years now.

Bring in Cowher or Gruden already and let them bring in their own guys!

I hate to say it, but we may get passed up by Buffalo as the worst team in the division.

Bottom Line guys and girls....if the trio here in miami keeps treating people like Allen and others this way then NO ONE will want to play for our team...they are just pissing players and former players off...nuff said. Dont even start because you cannot argue this people. Not many teams out there treat there players like this and if we continue to then we will be the stinkin Rams of the leauge for the next 10 years....not what i want.
agree, disagree????

I feel bad for Will Allen and our secondary.

Way to get the troops ready for battle Tony.

We're going to rotate Centers right until game day. We get Long nicked up in a pre season game and the only backup tackle we've had on the team longer than 2 days is Murtha. MURTHA?

Then for psychological effect, we shelf the one proven CB we HAD and name Jason Allen a starter. JASON ALLEN?

I think I'm going to pick up some "EXTRA" Rum while I'm out shopping for a 72" bullet proof piece of Lexan for the front of my flat screen.

ThanX for the info 12 hours ago, Home
oh yeah
U too Armando
Now Odinseye knows whats happening at CB

your welcome

U did tell em bout Dansby & Marshall signing with the team
and the firing of ted ginn and benching of sean smith

just checking


I'm very nervous with this team now, we NEEDED W Allen in that secondary.

Will Allen is in full time AA meetings and then retiring

Get with the program, Man

its probably about the money. we resigned will allen to an extension early last year. if they put him on IR they can come to some kind of injury settlement and not pay him a full years wages.


Disagree 100%. This is a buisness, not a hand holding contest. You don't hold roster spots for whit ifs and maybes. You put healthy strong players on the feild, and when they get hurt you find other healthy strong players. This isn't tiddly winks, or little league where everybody gets an at bat. This is PRO FOOTBALL, and you make decisions as if YOUR coaching/GM job is on the line. Cause you know what. It is!

Robert Rose was a huge pick up...LOL

u mean that 13 inch black & white analog tv with a coat hanger rabbit ears antennae and a cheap bottle of skanky rum while u listen to the crickets lol

I want to focus on the Buffalo game and quit whining about all the "MOVES".

Still, I just can't.

We've had 5 DE's on the roster since the 53 man cut. We are starting a rookie at the RDE spot, so depth should be very important.

I heard the salary cap argument and the youth movement hoopla but still we went from 3 pretty decent veteran back ups in

Tony McDaniels
Charles Grant
Marquis Douglas


Tony McDaniels
Robert Rose-Rookie
Clifton Geathers-Rookie

Even though McDaniels had a good pre season, I don't have any confidence in his consistency. Now behind him we got 2 greenhorns-WTF?

Here's to hoping we don't have any injuries-ANYWHERE!

I've never ever seen so much crying because of a bunch of scrubs and has-beens being released. You think after we crush Buffalo the Super Bowl aspirations will be back?

I have had a thought. What if in surtain situations we line up Marshall & Hartline WR, Bess Slot and Wallace at TE. Or Hartline & Moore WR and Bess In Slot then Marshall at TE. This would blow a DC's mind. There is not a Safety or LB in the NFL that could cover that TE combination. Any thoughts!

All of you naysayser make me sick!

Whats worse is that most of you won't own up to the crap you have posted when the team gets of to a 3-1 or 4-0 start. You will say "it was sarcasm" or "i knew mario and tuna could do it".

The problem with the early success we had in 08 (11-5, AFC East champs) in 07 we where 1-15. you cry babies can't apperciate what this staff has done, I wish we had went more conventional so you dreamers would stay on the wagon. Example:

2008 record 5-11
2009 record 7-9
2010 record 10-6 first round loss in playoffs
2011 record 11-5 Loss AFC confence game
2012 record 13-3 lose home field AFC tiltle game
2013 record 14-2 Super bOWL

Does that make more sense to you idiots! Its the perfect script right!?

Well its not the way its gonna go down.

Remember we where 1-15 2 years ago. But we didn't stay down. We picked ourselves up and showed pride. Last year we took a step backward (shocking) when you lose your starting QB and RB. Weird.

You fair weather fans really piss me off!

great idea odinseye. i've also restocked my bar and covered my flatscreen with bulletproof glass!!!! My wife is moving out for the football season

who the hell are they holding precious roster spots for??????

Joe Reitz Newcombers

Give me a break...this secondary better hope the Offense is in gear this year and so should we!!!!!

oh, BTW


at least for one week,


odinseye, i hate to say its about the money. douglas and grant are vets who would make almost 1 million each. these young guys get the minimum and can be released at any time. we can bring back douglas and grant after game 1 and then their salaries would not be guaranteed. its a business decision that hurts our team. i like grant and douglas alot!

The secrecy this regime operates under warrants all the second-guessing and bashing it gets. Seriously people, it takes very little to be straight up with people, and don't give me the garbage about keeping our competition in the dark; please! They have our playbooks for goodness sake. Bunch of executive-type jerks.

If this team doesn't make the playoffs, at least two of the trifecta need to go.

you guys write volumes, i get cut off!

i love nj and steroids

The Winning teams in this league take care of their players. No one plays for teams that don't care about their players

u mean that 13 inch black & white analog tv with a coat hanger rabbit ears antennae and a cheap bottle of skanky rum while u listen to the crickets lol

Posted by: Home | September 06, 2010 at 05:57 PM

OK you got me.

Skanky rum? Mmmmmmmmm............I wish, I've been mixing Mad Dog 20/20 and Colt 45's.

Call it WHIPPLE!

Bottom's Up!


Posted by: kris | September 06, 2010 at 06:05 PM

Nope, but opposing teams will be feeding their recievers deep balls beating busts like Allen and Smith all year long....CANT WAIT

i love nj and steroids

Posted by: superPhin | September 06, 2010 at 06:07 PM

Thats Cute

tony sparanus has been talking about "Feed the Wolf" meantime, he, Ireland and the Tuna have been eating Fruit Loops!

Ok Home and Odin bars open; wife works for the makers of JD and other brands and I have an excess of liquor to drink; (just bought a case of the 165th bday bottles)we get $700 a year liquor allowance and I frequently give bottles away. Will be heading to Tampa in the next month or so for a weekend (place your orders now)

I am going to Buffalo to watch the Dolphins play against these weak Bills. And I feel less and less confident with that bunch of inexperienced undrafted. I had a lot of hope at the beginning of training camp; however, it appears we will not be better than a 500 team, or battling with the Bills for the 3rd place. Let’s hope I am wrong and the Dolphins managements known what they are doing.

hey we signed bobby carpenter.. why do the fans report stuff before the paper?


Can you wear a bag over your head and support the Bills instead.........at least they have no expectations from most of their fans{}

Ok Kris....besides vontae..who is our other young strong guy that can come play right now against some great WR's in the AFC and do great???? obviously not smith...take your blinders off and get real

kyphinfan, since i'm a retired cop....I am odin's and home's designated driver and bodyguard....I am also their liquor and food taster, to make sure they're not poisoned. They go I go!!!!

Oh and Kris...im not a bandwagon fan...ive been a miami fan my entire life...im just being realistic...i was under the assumption Will would be playing this year...You sound lime Sparano when he said "I feel comfortable with our current WR group" last year. Oh really....so how bout you STFU. im hoping for a great season, and if you dont think killing Will is a big deal then you dont know fooseball my friend

Dear Mr. Salguero

Why is everyone in an uproar ?

I'm kinda excited and can't wait myself.

I've loaded up on hard liquor and made friends with the guy down at the pawn shop for cheap disposable TV's.

I've also surrounded the back half of my entertainment center with sand bags, this way I don't have to hear the old lady bitching about bullet holes in the trailer.

Its gonna be a great year

Soiled :)

In hindsight, going 11-5 in '08 was probably the worse thing for this team. It created unrealistic expectations from fans/media.
Had Fish gone, say, 4-12 or 5-11 in '08, last year's record wouldn't seem so bad in that the team is showing improvement. Now this team appears to be a mess in terms of draft, FA pickups. We're expecting better but we may get more of the same record (7-9 or worse). I predicted 9-7-no playoffs-will stick with that though I'm not feeling that great about it.


Have you forgot that it was only PRESEASON. We may have problems defending the long ball but thats where game planning comes in. We sucked against the pass in 08 too. we have sucked against the pass for a while. this was not somethin that happened over night. This is years of neglect.

Some times your best defense is a better offense. Somnetimes you have to blitz to cover for your CB. Sometimes you just have to play the game.

I'm asking you guys to wait until a game is played.

This should be UNITY week. EVERYBODY is 0-0

Isnt that the game where you like control players from handles and try to kick a little ball in the goal, man i suck at that dude@@@@@@@@


It was the worst thing. I don't think were as bad as people think. My only hope is that if our own fans don't respect us, then maybe the opponets will understimate us as well.


........wife works for the makers of JD and other brands and I have an excess of liquor to drink;

Posted by: kyphinfan | September 06, 2010 at 06:20 PM

Your Wife sounds like an "Absolute" Gorgeous Babe.

You Sir are a Lucky Man!!!!

What team have you been watching Kris, better yet what glue have you been sniffin, Feasting hell when was the last time this team had anything close to resembling a team to fear. Underestimate miami, very much the reverse i should say, I think you and some of the nfl Love experts like LOMBARDI from nfl network are Overestimating how good we are...geta clue dude, we're not ready as a team to compete for the playoffs, evedent in Spor-dranos speeches and misinformation to media...hell i bet Good old bill is loving life in the Hawaii right now thinkin "what a bunch of eggheads, they actually think i'm running the show here" 4-12 This year and let the firing begin

PFT reports that Alama-Francis is going to start over Koa Misi.
Wow - massive roster shake-up going on in Miami.
I still say we take the Bills.
It may be close but we'll get outta there with the W.

Fruit Loops?

MAN! Get out of here with that Fruit Loops trash.

I Live for Crazy! I am the prototypical embodiment of In-F_cking-Sanity.

I am the cuckoo in CoCo Crispy Puffs!

You can't stop me. Don't try and cure me.
I get a WOODY just thinking about CRAZY!

I lived in a box. I graduated from the school of hard knocks.

I beat up the principal and Donkey-Doinked his suckretary!

I'm an Idiot, I just can't get rid of it.

Feed the Wolf?

I'll kill the little sheet and eat him for breakfast!

CRAZY I tell Ya!!!!

i hope they have to fight hard for each win! i hope they win at least 13, each one a nail biter. then we can kick ass in the playoffs!!!!


You have a phone call on line one.
It's the Miami Dolphins.
The want you to play at the OLB position.
They need a rusher who would like to kill a QB.

The Ravens signed WR T.J.Houshmanzadeh. Ozzie Newsome, there's a GM who knows what he's doing.One of the best in the business. The ravens are almost a lock to make the playoffs every year. And he's one of the main reasons why.

Before you blow up your tv or look for a bridge to jump off, Hold on Dudes! Its really not that bad, this is a good team lets wait and see what they do against Buffalo, how well does D get pressure on qb, maybe even Jason will play well for once and cover someone well!! wouldnot that be nice! Maybe the Offense will kick it in gear and kick the stinkin Buffalos around!! Are you ready for some Football, DOLFANS!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!

Montreal...you hit the freakin nail on the head! Now Kris im not jumping ship here...but you have got to see that Baltimore point he made...its the truth bro. while im not wanting to fire our trio of peeps running the show in miami...it is clear as the water in the keys man that other teams are making beyter desicions the last few years, including this year. trust me here..i do not know it all, nor do i know what our coach and owners know in the form of "inside info"... but i do have common sense.. Baltimore will be in the playoffs this year amongst other teams...why, bwcause they now got TJ for DEPTH...our leaders say we are good at WR...ok sure we are, but we are one injury away from the destruction of our WR group because we did not go after any of these cheap FA thay can still ball.
yes fooseball is that game, but its also what the waterboy's mom called football

True Andy, im not too worried now...but if we get a key injury OR Buffalo somehow scorches our D weather we win or loose it will be a loss for us here in MIA

Chaos, I love it.

It gives me psychic visions:

Spiller breaks off a 40 yarder. It leads to a field goal.

J. Allen gives up a TD.

Smith gives up a TD.

Bills score 17, we beat them by 11.

Bad luck Will Allen: the Trifecta is only interested in journeymen offensive linemen, would be pass rushers and anyone who's ever played in Dallas.

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