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Will Allen not happy to be on IR - understandably

Will Allen is on injured reserve. And he's not very happy about it.

Allen, out on injured reserve for the second consecutive season, has told multiple sources how unhappy and displeased he is with the fact the Dolphins decided to effectively shut him down for the 2010 season and not hold a roster spot open for him until he could return to full health.

That timetable for Allen returning to full health was initially reported as the first game of the season but the truth is Allen isn't ready now. Multiple sources are saying he would more likely be ready to contribute in the Miami secondary by the start of October or the Oct. 4 game against New England.

The Dolphins decided against holding a roster spot open for Allen, privately telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington there were too many uncertainties with that timetable. Publicly, the club has shown no desire to explain its thinking on placing Allen on injured reserve.

"I'm not going to get into the specific reasons why we did any of these things," Coach Tony Sparano said this week when asked the reason for Allen being shelved. "But it's something that had to be done right now."

Allen disagrees, according to those close to him. In the days following his Aug. 11 arthroscopic surgery, Allen felt like he had turned the corner on the injury that forced him to miss all of the 2009 season. Yes, he had passed his physical and was practicing at the start of training camp, but he didn't feel quite right.

He felt right following the latest surgery and all he wanted, I am told, was a couple of weeks to prove that on the field.

He will not get that chance.

So why is this even a topic?

Well, the Dolphins have had issues in the secondary, and particularly at cornerback, this preseason. Sean Smith struggled. Jason Allen, often dismissed as only a special teams player after being selected in the 2006 first round, showed more promise than in the past.

And although Jason Allen wasn't stellar, himself giving up scoring plays in the preseason, he displaced Smith as the starter for the regular-season opener at Buffalo on Sunday. Sparano confirmed that Monday.

"The decision hasn't been made all the way," Allen said Monday. "But I'm preparing like I'm the starter. That's how I always prepare and this week is no different."

There is nothing here that suggests benching Smith for Allen is the wrong decision. That is a coaching decision and Sparano and his staff know better than anyone, certainly better than me, which players they have confidence in starting.

But the question that lingers is why the rush to discard Will Allen? Sure, there is uncertainty about his return to health. But tell me what is guaranteed in today's NFL, anyway?

Why not hold the roster spot open for a week or two just in case the Allen prognosis turns from a question mark to an exclamation point? And if that question mark lingers, then the Dolphins could put Allen in IR and move on.

The Dolphins, silent on the matter, might argue that roster spots are precious and they cannot hold any spot open for Allen. Really?

So the waiver wire additions of Joe Reitz, Robert Rose, Jermey Parnell and Clifton Geathers were all that important? Do these unproven, untested guys come with no uncertainty?

Are they all more likely to contribute to the Dolphins this season than Will Allen would once he got fully healthy?

And, yes, I know it is uncertain Allen would reach 100 percent health regardless of what sources are saying. But one must admit it is uncertain the young untested guys taking up the roster spots will ever help the Dolphins in any way, either.

We'll see how it works out.

[Broadcast note: Tune in to Armando and the Amigo Tuesday morning 6-10 a.m., as our guests will include former Bills WR Steve Tasker, who is broadcasting Sunday's game, Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, Dolphins Pro Bowl safety Yeremiah Bell, former Mets GM Steve Phillips, and Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe, fresh off his team's upset of Ole' Miss. If you're not in South Florida, listen live here.]


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I have decided that the Trifecta does not know what they are doing. That is the reason why Sparano cannot come up with a reason for putting Allen on IR. Sparano, just does not know what he is doing and it really seems that he is in way over his head.

More psychic visions..............

Smith regains starting job in Buffalo.

Nalbone quickly surpasses Fasano, shows route running and pass catching skills.

Brett Farve forces Nolan to consider starting Reshad Jones over Chris Clemmons.

The 2010 Miami Dolphins will be carried by a brutal rushing attack and a solid pass game.

I'm not worried. The trifecta is always right!!! Camarillo was a third rate rec.....(best hands in the nfl) eiver...JT was washed.......(Misi is comperable, right)...screw Porter and one of those 4 lineman can no doubt start in the backfield when Allen and Smith get BURNED!!!!What the hell is going on? Is there any team er..fan with more hope a month ago that is where we are now? Sapp will (fall down) ROCK! Feel sorry for Bell. Have been a fan for 34 years so don't bust my chops. Honestly thought this was the year two weeks ago. Nolan BETTER earn his money. Tired of Sparanos bullshi# rhetoric. YOU are accountable! Stop sidestepping the questions and explain to US...yes US...the people who pay your salaries, just what the hell you are thinking!

I was to young in 72-73. It is time. The Saints have won and we have not! I'm sick of bullshi7 2nd and 3rd picks and meaningless rhetoric from our OL coach...oops...head coach. Ship or get off the pot!

There are sooooo many brilliant G.M.'s on this site today. I didn't know so many of them read the Herald. How long have all of you been G.M.'s? You must be extremely successful,with all your knowledge of the ins and outs of rosters,AND you MUST all be doctors too.The way you can diagnose injuries,and know the timetable on players returns. WOW! I'm so jealous.I'm just a regular guy,work a normal job,and just follow football for fun....
So I guess I'll just have to rely on the Dolphins staff to make those kind of decisions...


i want what allyouall are drinkin or smoking!

Got it! THAT'S why odiseye is having his visions!

wait, with his fully stocked bar kyfinfan should be having visions as well!

The Choice Is Between J Allen Or Sean Smith. Really? Really. Jason Allen. Starter. Wow.

it would be nice to hear some reasonable explanations on what on earth the regime is doing at least these last few days. all these draft picks and vets you were so high on all get jettisoned for 4 rookie practice squad rejects. we the fans need some type of explanation from someone who speaks english;not coaches jibberish unless we get a translator.

saw your post odinseye on my fruit loops s#it. hilarious! it's that Xtra sugar that does it

Got it! THAT'S why odiseye is having his visions!

Posted by: redsky | September 06, 2010 at 08:07 PM


I thought it was all those little purple vitamins I used to take back in the 70's MAN.

I'm a little worried about our secondary. A inexperienced safety, no Will Allen, Sean Smith gets beat out by JASON FCKING ALLEN. It can't be good.

guys! c'mon! time to stop worrying! roster is set! now we either cry or rejoice....or both if we meet kyphinfan in tampa and his unlimited supply of booze!

Sorry guys, but can we play a game before we give up??? the bottom 1/3 of the roster meaining the Inactives ?? are giving you guys fits ?? Come on Man !!! those were the inactives come game day, The starting roster has not realy changed the top 40 to 45 on the team has not realy changed, Will did not play at all in 09.. he is the past.. lets focus on the future... Feed the Beast ... Not the Wolf

We will be lucky to go 8-8 this year. I had such high hopes with the signing of Marshall and Karlos Dansby but I offense looks horrible and the secondary will continue to get eaten up. Jason Allen starting??? WOW - I guess all we can do is pray.

I LOVE IT! When everyone says we stink, we do pretty good cause no one expects us to. When everyone thinks we're great, we suck! Now, all the fans think we suck, but the media says we're good to go and may contend for the playoffs! We're off to a crazy season already and haven't played one game yet!


I'm not getting my hopes up for this year at all....seems like the FO is resigned to some rebuilding for the future

Was any of the guys cut going to play Sunday at Buff... Are not giving tha ball to R



And now to SOME people in this blog Will Allen is a God. Anyone that gets cut or is placed on injured reserve is all of the sudden a pro bowl worthy player and the big bad trifecta has screwed them and us. You f***ing people should be ashamed,,,,wait,,,people?! I mean you f***ing sheep should maybe quit the whining until,,I don't know,,the season actually gets started? Can you wait that long to bash your own team or is that too much to ask?

"Bill Parcells hasn't done anything in 20 years".

Really a**hole who is too afraid to sign in and back up his moronic parcells hate rantings? How about the fact that he helped to turn three teams into perennial contenders in that time? How about taking a 1-15 team and making them into a playoff caliber team in one season after one draft? That's nothing? What have you done in the past twenty years? Spit up on your mommies shirt and grow up to find a dead end job making twenty grand a year? Yet you're fit to judge one of the greatest football minds of all time?

This is without a doubt the most whiney Dolphins blog on the net. And it's so obvious that the whiners have never actually played any organized sport because you would've learned to stick with it and never give up. But instead you attack your own team when there is even a hint of something questionable. NOT WRONG MIND YOU,,,,just something questionable.

As in at the end of the year we could find out that the Dolphins doctors didn't think he would be able to play at 100% this season and they didn't want to risk him taking up a roster spot that they could fill at the cut down day. You know that day (the intelligent fans you are), it's the day that teams are forced to make hard decisions on players to cut that should actually be playing on an nfl team.

Which brings me to the next point. You friggin idiots are complaining that we are dropping people who are getting poached by other teams because "they're going to beat us now" or "watch they're going to play better there" but when you're team poaches or picks up cut players those players all of the sudden suck and have no chance at making it!?

You know what, it is what it is and this blog has some great contributors and they know who they are. But with that being said this is also the only NFL blog that I'VE EVVVVEEERRR read that has so many little baby girls in it. Divisive, ignorant, cry baby whiners with NO balls.

You should be embarrassed to call yourself a fan. Jets fans aren't even this pathetic and I live in the middle of Jets territory, rooting my team on through the thick and thin and taking crap from everyone around me. And I do it with a prideful smile because IT'S MY F***ING TEAM and I don't abandon and attack them because some reporter thinks its odd that the coaching staff made a tough decision that he apparently would've made differently even though he doesn't have ANY OF THE ACTUAL FACTS!

To any other NFL fan reading about their team this is a non issue. ' He's hurt, won't play for a month if at all, was hurt last season too, get a player that can contribute NOW'. Not in here though, it's always the end of the world and my God it's f***ing disheartening.

first off, LMFAO at the whack job who posted under my name all day, just read some of it, have a good time, your life not mine. Second, Will Allen is injured, of course he gona say he is ok. The only opinion i want to hear is from his doctor and we wont get that. I agree with the Fins holding a roster spot open on a maybe isnt gonna cut it. Love the fact they bought back McCoy, Pruitt, Spitler and Baker to PS.

People who pay your salaries? Who's that? The Dolphins had the second biggest losses in the league last year due to crappy fans in Florida not spending any money. Too busy going to the beach I guess. It wasn't like that when I lived there and they weren't anywhere near the superbowl. But people still supported them. The Jets were terrible for YEARS, sold out every game, fans never gave up. And that makes me literally ill to my stomach to think that Jets fans are more loyal than our fans. It's disgusting. So lets wait on the "paying their salaries" talk until y'all actually go to the games!

The stench of fear, panic and poor decision-making is starting to rise on the Nova campus.

Love that Home

The mistakes keep coming. First,the decision to play the starters into the second quarter of the last preseason game. The result is our best lineman gets hurt. Second,putting Will Allen on IR. He would have been great on the other side of Davis.Third, Jason Allen is going to start?? He cant play!! Now we sign Bobby Carpenter who is afraid to hit anyone. What the hell is going on!

tracy474 my comments did post to dol-fans, in case you wish to read the complete version. thanks.

Shameful, shameful, shameful. The Jets fans fill Dolphins stadium and almost seem to outnumber Dolphin fans. EVEN THE FREAKING Steelers fans filled half the stadium last year and we were still in the playoff hunt! Embarrassing! I was a college student working a full time job for 4 years in Florida and didn't miss one home game. Season tickets every year. F***ing pissed off tonight man. Sorry to some of you but the rest of you can you know what.

NYSCOTT IS AT IT again w/great and nice post .i love it when he calls you guys out for not supporting your team.

SHNBC selling invicta watches looks like a Tank .

SHNBC is selling watches looks like a tank .

odinseye those weren't vitamins! I know because I took a couple too. :)

NY Scott,

Thamks for trying to bring some sanity to this blog. Your 2nd post is spot-on as well. No wonder when I look at the games on sunday ticket the stands are always half empty.

DID I warn of injures ?
did i say watch out ,sit all our players in dallas ?

now is the time to support our team THE DOLPHINS .
DOn't be like jets fans ,dirty bastards .


did i warn of injures ?

thank you for faking me ALoco last 3 posts. no one else writes like you, good job!! by the way NY Scott, that was a great post. Whwn the Fins areplayoff bound watch how many of these fake fans come out amd tell u how they said they were here all the way. Have a super evening, Go Fins

kris, the stands are always half empty due to many reasons ,one is most fans don't have a job .


You guys did great. I give you all an A plus for our last pre season Manic Monday.

It's a wrap, time to strap em on baby. The rosters set. We are officially locked and loaded. What you see is what you get. This is who we're going to war with.

I'm hoping for a Super Bowl victory, as I always do this time of the season. For now though, I'm focusing on Buffalo. Crying times over, it's just about SHOWTIME.

Buffalo's front seven on defense isn't very good. An example of that is the fact they might have to go without one of their starting ILB's. REGGIE TORBOR. Nuff said!

I see us running the ball between the tackles all day on these guys. The poor free safety is going to spend his whole day worrying about Marshall and getting ran over by Ricky and Ronnie.

Our defense will give up some big plays. You can count on it. It won't matter much though because they can't stop our offense.

Man on Man the Bills just don't match up with us.

PS: Come Sunday night I'll be ripped and rubbing it in on the entire, "the sky is falling crowd" ;p

bobby12, i am going to ignore you .

So not agreeing with a team's every move makes someone a bad fan?



1- the lowest educated people of any sport
2-low income people .
3-divorce rate is high among them
4-can't afford tickets

go fins

fins 2112 first off I hope you're a Rush fan using that name. Second, All of the things you just mentioned haven't even happened yet your acting as if you somehow can see into the future. Jason Allen may surprise you, he may not, but point is, you haven't given it a chance yet. So you have no clue if it will work out. You also have no clue if Allen would even get healthy or if he did if the knee would hold up in an NFL game. OF COURSE HE SAYS IT WILL, HE WANTS TO GET A NEW CONTRACT. Also our best linemen was hurt last year as well. 99% of the linemen in the league are hurt on any given day but they play through it.

NYScott for President!!! You tell 'em brother. Funny thing is, these same dimwits were crying about Will Allen LAST year (too slow, always getting beat, getting outplayed by two rookies). We got the guy when he was past his prime, gave us a couple of years, got hurt (knee), had surgery, was out almost all year, comes back this preseason and GETS HURT IN PRACTICE!! Does that tell you fools something, HE'S DONE! So hell yes, put him on IR, get some players that will actually HELP this team THIS year, and cut the guy once he comes off IR because WE'RE NOT AN OLD HOME.

Problem with these Florida fans, unfortunately, is there's so many old people down there, they want to keep players forever (Zach Thomas, JT, David Martin). Sorry fellas, you gotta let go sometime. This is a young sport, you need young legs, we've got a young team, so WHAT THE F**K IS THE PROBLEM (Gene Hackman line from "Behind Enemy Lines")!!!

odinseye youve confirmed my statement over the last 2 days, thanks.

Scott, being a fan of a team doesnt mean you follow blindly without ever having a derisive opinion. i too love the fins but i also believe they have made mistakes that have cost this team in terms of depth and playmakers. you cant lose early round draft picks to poor draft decisions. it comes back to bite you. they also shouldnt be turning over 10-15% of the roster a week before the season and replacing them with untested unknown guys. its just smacks of indecision and panic. i live in the heart NE Pats country and have to look at pretty boy Bradys mug every day. i still fly my Fins' colors proudly, I just dont have to agree with every move they make. I'm very frustrated and livining this close to Belichek

kris I appreciate it. I'm sorry to everyone for coming off so aggressive and mean. It's just hard to read some of these things before the season is even half over. Used to be a time that people held on to their faith longer.

NYScott for President !!!

good post,

DC Dolfan

WE have to support the team not tearing it down as most fans say and act like coaches,mangers and players agents .

go dolphins

By the way, the Hackman line was for you ALoco (I know how much you love one-liners from movies)

nyscott, my post to you went on the dol-fan site completely.

jrljr2.....i hear you but the time has past to disagree ,it's time to stand behind;

allen and yes sean smith

go dolphins

Armando, your q's are better than their anticipations. I'd like to have confidence in what he trifecta is doind, but oh brother!

jrljr2, you're not a real Dolphins fan. If you were, you'd sneak into Bellicheck's house and STEAL HIS PLAYBOOK!! Or smack him in the back of his head with a Louisville Slugger when he's leaving his house. That's what I'd do, that's what Bellicheck would do. C'mon, DO YOUR JOB!

lol@DC Dolfan

Going down to the game week 1 to watch the Fins ROAST the Buffalo Jills. I'm not worried about Trent Edwards burning Smith. Edwards will have bigger problems, like hoping his paycheck clears in dirty Orchard Park, and WAKE erupting for 3+ sacks.

Seriously people, I'm not against questioning decisions your team is making (or made). But ALoco's right, it's WEEK ONE. Let's get behind the team until Sunday, see what happens, and then complain all day if you don't see a competent team on the field. That's all that matters. I don't care if Florence Henderson is Left Tackle. If she can protect Henne's blindside, and Henne gets that TD pass off to Brandon Marshall, then it's all good. So I think what we're (ALoco, NYScott, others) are saying is let's see the product on the field for one game before we decide its malfunctioning.

One thing is for sure. With this schedule we will find out pretty quickly if this team will compete.

Bobby thanks. DC I completely forgot about the whole Will Allen crying session last year. He was a goat and now he's the hero to some maniacs in here, good call.

jrljr2, I don't expect anyone to follow blindly. I do expect people to give this year a chance before acting as if they can see into the future. By the way I was and still am predicting a 9-7 season possibly 8-8 if Henne doesn't take the next step in his development.

So Jr I don't know your posts because I don't recognize the name. I can't comment on what you've said or what you stand for. All I know is that some of these posts are WAAAYYYYY over the top. I would be worried if that 10% turnover was anyone at the top of the roster. It isn't. And I'm hoping like everyone else should be ,(instead of automatically assuming that these bottom of the roster players who wont see much action are better than the bottom of the roster players we picked up((who weren't going to see much action)), that the new guys are better or have more upside.

Im hurt ALoco, you post as me all day today and now ur gonna ignore me?? I mean, you wanna be me why ignore now??

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