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Will Allen not happy to be on IR - understandably

Will Allen is on injured reserve. And he's not very happy about it.

Allen, out on injured reserve for the second consecutive season, has told multiple sources how unhappy and displeased he is with the fact the Dolphins decided to effectively shut him down for the 2010 season and not hold a roster spot open for him until he could return to full health.

That timetable for Allen returning to full health was initially reported as the first game of the season but the truth is Allen isn't ready now. Multiple sources are saying he would more likely be ready to contribute in the Miami secondary by the start of October or the Oct. 4 game against New England.

The Dolphins decided against holding a roster spot open for Allen, privately telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington there were too many uncertainties with that timetable. Publicly, the club has shown no desire to explain its thinking on placing Allen on injured reserve.

"I'm not going to get into the specific reasons why we did any of these things," Coach Tony Sparano said this week when asked the reason for Allen being shelved. "But it's something that had to be done right now."

Allen disagrees, according to those close to him. In the days following his Aug. 11 arthroscopic surgery, Allen felt like he had turned the corner on the injury that forced him to miss all of the 2009 season. Yes, he had passed his physical and was practicing at the start of training camp, but he didn't feel quite right.

He felt right following the latest surgery and all he wanted, I am told, was a couple of weeks to prove that on the field.

He will not get that chance.

So why is this even a topic?

Well, the Dolphins have had issues in the secondary, and particularly at cornerback, this preseason. Sean Smith struggled. Jason Allen, often dismissed as only a special teams player after being selected in the 2006 first round, showed more promise than in the past.

And although Jason Allen wasn't stellar, himself giving up scoring plays in the preseason, he displaced Smith as the starter for the regular-season opener at Buffalo on Sunday. Sparano confirmed that Monday.

"The decision hasn't been made all the way," Allen said Monday. "But I'm preparing like I'm the starter. That's how I always prepare and this week is no different."

There is nothing here that suggests benching Smith for Allen is the wrong decision. That is a coaching decision and Sparano and his staff know better than anyone, certainly better than me, which players they have confidence in starting.

But the question that lingers is why the rush to discard Will Allen? Sure, there is uncertainty about his return to health. But tell me what is guaranteed in today's NFL, anyway?

Why not hold the roster spot open for a week or two just in case the Allen prognosis turns from a question mark to an exclamation point? And if that question mark lingers, then the Dolphins could put Allen in IR and move on.

The Dolphins, silent on the matter, might argue that roster spots are precious and they cannot hold any spot open for Allen. Really?

So the waiver wire additions of Joe Reitz, Robert Rose, Jermey Parnell and Clifton Geathers were all that important? Do these unproven, untested guys come with no uncertainty?

Are they all more likely to contribute to the Dolphins this season than Will Allen would once he got fully healthy?

And, yes, I know it is uncertain Allen would reach 100 percent health regardless of what sources are saying. But one must admit it is uncertain the young untested guys taking up the roster spots will ever help the Dolphins in any way, either.

We'll see how it works out.

[Broadcast note: Tune in to Armando and the Amigo Tuesday morning 6-10 a.m., as our guests will include former Bills WR Steve Tasker, who is broadcasting Sunday's game, Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, Dolphins Pro Bowl safety Yeremiah Bell, former Mets GM Steve Phillips, and Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe, fresh off his team's upset of Ole' Miss. If you're not in South Florida, listen live here.]


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Here's something to get steamed over: the infield dirt at the stadium when the Dolphins come home for the first home game. When are those damned Marlins gonna get their own stadium? Everyone knows the Nats are the sh*t!

redsky was it a nice post? I'm not going over there if it was mean :) But it's pretty funny, you have a lot of confused people over there right now!

DC I think they have one more season after this one and then they're gone forever! That is unless Dolphin fans still don't show up to games and Ross has to share the stadium with some other team to make ends meet.

Alright, I'm out people. Thank you for being patient with me. Sorry bout the rants but I felt something need to be said. Every once and a while someone needs a smack down! Even me, Mandos got me a couple of times and I deserved it :)

The VT Boise St game is pretty entertaining.

Go pats

Allen Island !!!

If this year the Dolphins dont make the playoffs i think its time to call it quits on the trifacta experiment. sparano is a terrible coach and Parcells is stuck back in the '90s type of football. Dont get me even started on Ireland, he just has no clue, one example of it being how he treated Dez Bryant during pre-draft interviews.

go jets

Good to know NY. Actually, Ross has been a good owner first year (or two). Everyone around here knows about Miami's minority owners (Anthony/J-Lo, Estefans, the Williams' sisters, etc.) and that brings attention to Miami, he's trying to make money and get the city behind the team, he's given Parcells everything he's wanted (as far as I know). So, all-in-all, pretty good job by Ross.

And you were right to go off on the dude who said Parcells hasn't done anything in 20 years. Talk about revisionist history. And Americans having short memories. I mean, the guy takes over for one year and the team goes to the Playoffs (but I guess that's doing nothing).

Pistol, it's a GREAT game. It's at FedEx field (about 20 min. from me). This is VTech country, and Boise hit 'em up quick. But Tech's coming back. Terrific game!

DK really 1-15 to Now and you want to give up Becouse ??? what were your expectations.. I should say what are your expectations this year, The Top of the roster has not changed, Seriously we can have fun with the Allen vs Smith stuff but is still a R


Guys...take a walk in the trifecta's shoes and take a chill pill.
If I was Sparano I'd be doing the same thing...making the best decisions possible and telling everyone else to screw off.
Once you are put into a position of authority you cannot second guess your decisions...period.
Tony feels Allen should be on IR...lets support him, not HANG him.
Tony has all the intel right in front of him, while we play armchair coach.
If you can do better, submit your resume to Parcels and take Tony's job...otherwise shut the **** up.

DK, Dolphins were 4th in rushing last year. FOURTH. You think Wannstadt or Saban or Johnson would have come up with the Wildcat against the Pats? That game was classic, and all due to thinking out of the box by some experienced coaches. Now we have Mike Nolan. The coaches are NOT the problem here. The FO is not the problem either (no team ever gets their draft picks right).

Patience lotusflower, patience!

maybe the three at the top have an i dea ... like seeing if they can prove that jason allen can play at cb so they can trade him ...its hard to trade some one who is jus a special teams player

Iphone apps is screwing me up tonigt, Is a R

ive actually thought about it (creeping up on Belicheck)!! the whole organization is sickening from Kraft to Brady and Moss. don't even get me started about Welker. anyway, Scott, you are correct. i will wait until the halfway point to judge this ream. . I honestly believe that it will take that long to tell with all the change. i jist hope they move forward this year. Im not asking for SB just improvement. anything is better than 2007!!

I have concerns about moves and decisions they made...pistol is correct, that doesnt make me a bad fan at all. if anyone in this thread agrees with everything the FO has done then you are the strange ones. i would be a bad fan if i wasnt concerned. to those few who think ireland and crew did everytjing right and we are going to the super bowl i say you are insane and brainwashed for sure...or you have a tripple decker- (tripple decker is when you have Ireland, Parcells, and Sparano's meatswords in your mouths.)
i think us "concerned" fans are the real fans here, i know i have been a Miami fan my entire life...ive been waiting for many years now for even a close shot at the big show...so excuse me for having a brass pair and questioning the almighty trifecta..because there is no way they could make a mistake right...because those three guys are robots right!

JR, do you ever call sports radio up there and hate on the Pats? Cowboys fans do it here in DC, and the hosts HATE IT!! It's hilarious.

Don't ask me who I hate more: Jets vs. Pats. I hate them both equally to infinity!

I do DC, I call a station called WEEI. they have Steve Deossie and Fred Smerlas on alot. they blow me off the air because i tell them that Brady is overrated. they hate that!!

IF we go to the playoffs fans will call;

Tuns THE genius
Sparano THE best coach in fins history

pats win division


Ok, seriously, it's not that you have to agree with everything being done, it's have some degree of understanding the history and the game of football. You just can't say "Parcells hasn't done anything in the last 20 years." You can't say the Trifecta hasn't improved this team since they've gotten here. You can't say the moves done to date have ruined the team. They haven't played a game. You can predict, sure, but others have also predicted the Dolphins are gonna be a rising team this year. So that's all that's being asked. Things might not be black and white, there's shades of gray in there (or grey if that's your preference).


ok we have R&R and Marshal, Wake and Dansby on D, an unproved secondary and Henne Second full time year.... the Hungry Rucks and a not so special teams... with this I can still see 9 to 11 games that we should win Starting this Sunday, really not concerns about the last spots on the roster as some of you are, meaning the Inactives, who cares this are the Coaches pet projects.. the real team has not changed that much since the start of camp, we may have two new receivers and a linebacker gems (Francis ) other than that is the same skill player that we started with, the O line looked bad in the Dallas game which may explain the cuts yesterday....Owl

So, ALoco is predicting the Pats winning the division, and that's with the YOUNGEST CB duo in the league. And a beat-up defense. And an aging offense.

JR, tell these Dolfans if Pats fans are crying in their milk up there? They looked like crap in preseason, is the sky falling in NE? Doubt it. Have some spine Dolfans.

I'm happy for Jason Allen. That guy isn't a quitter, he works hard, and now he's got a shot to prove the world wrong.

Sean Smith, on the other hand, should learn a thing or two from Allen. Smith, with all that talent and a head on his shoulders- to play sooooo bad and unfocused is inexcusable.

It's obvious Smith's head isn't focused on football. Maybe this will be a wake up call!!!

as you know im worried aboit the Fins. That said, i see alot of the Pats and they have major defensive deficiencies. The Fins will move the ball on them. cam we stop them is the question. i this Jets or not Yets are way overrated. this division is wide open. Thats why Tuna

Aight cupcakes, I'm crossin' that bridge to dreamscape. And even if some of you are sweeter than Savannah Mint Tea, even if some of you ressemble jellyfish more than human beings, even if some of you have the patience of a 5 year old on Christmas eve, I still love y'all. We're Dolphins fans, that makes us better than everyone else. We're fans of the ONLY team to EVER go undefeated. We're fans of a team who had one of the best QBs to ever play the game. We're Mike Tyson, and our AFC East opponents are Evandor Holyfield's ear, got it. Hold your head up, for you are Dolfans! Sleep tight cupcakes.

You all are tools, You cant sellout becuase any fans that are in miami are too busy doing something productive than to have to watch a sopposed sleeper team thats gonna come up from nowhere and go to the playoffs, Get that stupid 2008 season out of your mind and the dolphins are no better than the bills or the lions. Except their fans are just ashamed of their teams and know they suck, while you guys are hoping this sad excuse of an organization who cant draft players without throwing them out the following year as failures. HELLO, any fake fan, Team Fan, whatever you call yourself can do just as bad and easily. Doesnt take a guineus to realize why miami cant fill a stadium....who wants to watch a
4-12,7-9 team constantly suck it up.

Any body wants Potter, Akin, Torbor back in the middle, how about Gibril ? o waith how about Mr Guinn as you number 1...this is addition by subtraction.. By the way let's get rid of the runner up of Coach of the year 08, Let fire the GM becouse he asked a question of a cry baby player.. please let get ready for the season....Now or by the way I wanted Martin and Ness..but we have the same amount of tight ends on the team we had last year.... Fasano is going to be crazy this year with the middle open becouse of Marshal....Owl

Buffalo is great place to live.

By law, men are allowed to make their 5’1” 350lb., buck toothed, hairy legged wives shovel all the snow.

jrljr2............let's be real ,the new england team has a powerfull offense from moss to welker to the new guy who's name start with G ,the defense not so much but still this team still a scoring machine .

the jets will crash this year like no other .REX RYAN will crash like the men in tough men fighting .

as for dolphins if we win in buffalo good thing will follow if not look for 6-10

The Tyson of Hollified ear .....love it... Best running game in the AFC east..Second beast QB ... Second best Receivers core, LOTS of linebacker one or two should be good right ?? and One tight end and lots of young big guys in front Owl

stfu, ive been to buffalo! some of them have only one hairy leg! ive never been back!!!!

redsky....you r funny man.

You should not base a game off an entire season aloco, sarcasm and kidding aside, buffalo has always played us tough at their house and i epect them to try and come out firing. That said, i still believe that we are by far the better team and we should take care of business(SHOULD), as far as NE, I cant believe im about to say this but i agree with you. NE is very capable of carrying their team offensively where ours is still learning how to play together. Henne and Marshall will need a couple games to get their chemistry developed and i wouldnt be surprised to more Fasano,Hartline, and Bess have more yards in sundays game than marshall statistacly. Personally i just hope Ronnie and Ricky can play smash mouth with the bills D-line for our play actions to work more effectively.

aloco, i hsven't even started on WTF! i keep getting cut off on this site! so I copy and post on the dol-fan site. thanks. let's take up kyphinfan on his offer!

superPHIN, if we win in Buffalo ,THAT WOULD be huge ,a road game and coming back here to 2-0 .huge

Lets wait 4 weeks? 8 weeks?

What are you guys talking about.

Judging the team, grading the FO, the draft class, that's off season stuff. From now until we're mathematically eliminated or clinch a playoff berth, it's ON!
We're playing a REAL game for the first time since last January.

It's time to rally the troops, fall in line and support the PHINS!

It's Showtime. DEATH to the F-cking Buff-a-Blows

two people for sure are a sleep right now;


WTF, we are all "tools"

wtf, please see dol-fan site, thanks.

I see more likely a 500 record before home opener against Wets aloco, but yea if we could pull it off in Buffalo and shock Minny too. Absolutely, that would say alot about this team as a whole.

superphin, smartest thing you ever said! re: Buffalo, inspite of their hairy legged short fat women! I don't care what WTF says, you're ok. He, WTF, can't spell genius anyway.....

Hey Mitch what kind of drugs are you on?

Will Allen is not a Tuna guy.

Guys, just FYI, in order for this team to make a statement, we need to win at least 6 or 7 out of our 1st 8. Then all will take notice!

*lol*...funny redsky, i didnt know you held people accountable for intellectually spoken comments, records must not be that thick if so.

Trent Dilwards started 7 games last year and played in an 8th.

He threw 6 td's - 7 ints and was sacked 23 times.

Giving him the benefit of the 8th game he averages a TD every 1.3 games(Makes me wonder if not having T.O. helps or hurts this stats).

He's sacked about 3 times a game and throws at least one INT.

God, I don't ask for much, so PLEASE let Cam and Vontae be studying Dilwards film into the wee hours tonight.

PSS: If there are any AFC East non Dolphins Fans lurking out there tonight:

Suck my Brady!

Eat my Sanchez!


Bite my Dilward!

AwwRiight Miami!!!!

that was a good post ODIN @ 10.59

By The Way Some Of You Guyd Sound, U Guess Sean Smith Is Thus Years Gibril Wilson?? I Truely Believe This Squad Will Cime To Play Hard Every Game. I Dont Like To Judge The Team Till After Week 4.

Superphin! You of all people know I hold individuals accountable intellectually! How else can they be considered credible?

redsky, tell us a story that is funny .

Thanks Aloco,

I was thinking...............

Sean Smith should try giving Jason Allen a piece of bubble gum as he's walking out to the practice field.

You never know...........................?

odin, YOUR post @ 10.59 increased the morale of the dolphin fan base by 80 percent .

HSN is selling gateway lab tops,i thought they were out of biz.

Whatever gets the Juices flowing i guess....or something that i saw sean payton say on NFL network

Trent Edwards will spend the day on his back like a two dollar ho!

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