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Will Allen not happy to be on IR - understandably

Will Allen is on injured reserve. And he's not very happy about it.

Allen, out on injured reserve for the second consecutive season, has told multiple sources how unhappy and displeased he is with the fact the Dolphins decided to effectively shut him down for the 2010 season and not hold a roster spot open for him until he could return to full health.

That timetable for Allen returning to full health was initially reported as the first game of the season but the truth is Allen isn't ready now. Multiple sources are saying he would more likely be ready to contribute in the Miami secondary by the start of October or the Oct. 4 game against New England.

The Dolphins decided against holding a roster spot open for Allen, privately telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington there were too many uncertainties with that timetable. Publicly, the club has shown no desire to explain its thinking on placing Allen on injured reserve.

"I'm not going to get into the specific reasons why we did any of these things," Coach Tony Sparano said this week when asked the reason for Allen being shelved. "But it's something that had to be done right now."

Allen disagrees, according to those close to him. In the days following his Aug. 11 arthroscopic surgery, Allen felt like he had turned the corner on the injury that forced him to miss all of the 2009 season. Yes, he had passed his physical and was practicing at the start of training camp, but he didn't feel quite right.

He felt right following the latest surgery and all he wanted, I am told, was a couple of weeks to prove that on the field.

He will not get that chance.

So why is this even a topic?

Well, the Dolphins have had issues in the secondary, and particularly at cornerback, this preseason. Sean Smith struggled. Jason Allen, often dismissed as only a special teams player after being selected in the 2006 first round, showed more promise than in the past.

And although Jason Allen wasn't stellar, himself giving up scoring plays in the preseason, he displaced Smith as the starter for the regular-season opener at Buffalo on Sunday. Sparano confirmed that Monday.

"The decision hasn't been made all the way," Allen said Monday. "But I'm preparing like I'm the starter. That's how I always prepare and this week is no different."

There is nothing here that suggests benching Smith for Allen is the wrong decision. That is a coaching decision and Sparano and his staff know better than anyone, certainly better than me, which players they have confidence in starting.

But the question that lingers is why the rush to discard Will Allen? Sure, there is uncertainty about his return to health. But tell me what is guaranteed in today's NFL, anyway?

Why not hold the roster spot open for a week or two just in case the Allen prognosis turns from a question mark to an exclamation point? And if that question mark lingers, then the Dolphins could put Allen in IR and move on.

The Dolphins, silent on the matter, might argue that roster spots are precious and they cannot hold any spot open for Allen. Really?

So the waiver wire additions of Joe Reitz, Robert Rose, Jermey Parnell and Clifton Geathers were all that important? Do these unproven, untested guys come with no uncertainty?

Are they all more likely to contribute to the Dolphins this season than Will Allen would once he got fully healthy?

And, yes, I know it is uncertain Allen would reach 100 percent health regardless of what sources are saying. But one must admit it is uncertain the young untested guys taking up the roster spots will ever help the Dolphins in any way, either.

We'll see how it works out.

[Broadcast note: Tune in to Armando and the Amigo Tuesday morning 6-10 a.m., as our guests will include former Bills WR Steve Tasker, who is broadcasting Sunday's game, Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, Dolphins Pro Bowl safety Yeremiah Bell, former Mets GM Steve Phillips, and Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe, fresh off his team's upset of Ole' Miss. If you're not in South Florida, listen live here.]


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As far as Allen and any other player that gets hurt, they can't use them.

"Stop breaking down, baby, please, stop breaking down.
Stuff is gonna bust you brains out, baby,
Gonna make you lose your mind."
-Rolling Stones

If we loose on Sunday, will that make us the worst team in the division...?
Let's brace ourselves... I'm beginning to hate this season. It's Dejavu!

Still a fan, always will be. Gunna have a great season!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!

***Miami has the Dolphins the greatest football team, we move the ball from goal to goal like no ones ever seen. We're in the air were on the ground were always in control and when you talk Miami your talking superbowl!***

Here's the deal. I am a BIG sean smith fan. Watched him in utah and thought he was the sleeper in that draft. He started every game last season as a rook. Played well. No int's, but stats fool you sometimes. I will support jason allen though. Whoever we put on the field, i want to see do well. Sean will be back and he and vontae will be holding it down for the next 5 years. Needs to work on shifting his hips smoother and getting a better jam at the line. Good tackler and good cover corner. Watched him shut down terrel owens last yr. Young group, give them time they will develope.

jon gruden and carl peterson have just arrived at prime 112 on south beach for a private luncheon. still waiting on 1 more for a table of 3..." stephen ross ".

Theres a big difference being 100% or not when talking about your knees. It seriously can effect the best of the best players if it effects their knees and in more cases then not many are never the same(not all of course).

Whats with one of the above posters and many before him with wanting more WR's every time?We could have the nfl's top 6 WR's and people would still want to draft high or shell out big bucks for more WR's. Our wr corp is underrated. Our team is underrated.

Ny scott your point about coming to the games and loyalty is a MUTE point!!! People dont come to dolphin games 1. the stadium sucks the field is too far from the players 2. the tickets are too expensive for the avg REAL football fan like me 3. The dolphins have pretty much sucked for a decade now even the loyalest of fans like me will not spend my last to watch my team lose its just common sense!! Ill always be a dolphin fan and its because of that fact I deserve the right to criticize them period.......

Ted Sideline, ur full of it. The Stadium is one of the best in the country and u can get tickets for $30.00. There is 8 games. 8 x 30 $240 for the WHOLE SeASON, come back when u know what ur talkin about

s.smith = j.fletcher

the 30.00 seats are across the county lines.

with each week. penningtons shoulder gets stronger. henne will be the guinea pig for the first 4 weeks until the o-line starts to gel. after that. he will be benched for c.penni.. c.penni will win the phins 11 games and henne will lose the phins 9 games.

30 dollar ticket ? can't see any thing but shadows ,better stay home watch the game on a large screen and spend the 30 dollars on two prime ribs and the 20 for parking for drinks and on top of it you don't drink their bug drinks .

Two watts...that's not a very bright bulb! Kinda dim, like your wit. Oh that's right, you're not really a Dolphins fan. Just another Jet wanna-be with nothing better to do than try to incite folks on the Dolphin's blog because the Nyets people won't talk to you anymore? What makes you such an expert on my beloved Fins? Nothing! Go away. No one wants to read your. Garbage! What are you like 8 years old? Shouldn't you be in school?

no !

If u wanna go to game $30.00 tickets are fine. Your kid can care less where your seats are. Why is it Miami fans feel they must sit on the field for $10?? Only here u need to be privledged, stay home then but dont come here crying its not affordable

we go to the game to see the players not just to smell them from a far .

odin, when you go to the game do you take your drinks w/you or you enjoy the drinks at the game ?

Then get a better job and buy better seats instead of crying here

time to work,later

The problem with Sean Smith not starting is he absolutely can not play in the slot. His ability to turn and run, to change directions, both are lacking. I stated many times this was one of the reasons he did start from day one. I have never been as down as Jason Allen as everyone else seems to be. I think Nolan's defense allows for more risk-taking, less thinking. This plays into Allen's strengths. I think one other thing is Allen is a better blitzer than Smith, and CB blitzes are going to be much more frequent than in year's past

Why keep a roster spot for an average corner who has a long term injury. The Herald writes like Will Allen in Darrel Green or Deion Sanders. Get young and get aggressive. Our secondary will be better then last years.

Why keep a roster spot for an average corner who has a long term injury. The Herald writes like Will Allen is Darrel Green or Deion Sanders. Get young and get aggressive. Our secondary will be better then last years.

Look At What Nolans D Did In Denver With Andre Goodman? Is It Possible That J. Allen Is Finally Starting To Get It In This Type Of Defense? Hopefully So. Cant Wait To See The Scheme!

You all must lose in your Fantasy Leagues. I don't know about you but if I'm not getting production from anyone they are released no matter what the name is! I also work the bottom of my roster all season looking for tomorrows producers. That's how you win in football!!!

I agree with the points about not going to the games, even more so being in orlando.i wouldn't pay to see a bad movie, why would I pay to watch bad football? Nothing worse than driving 5 hours spending a couple grand and watchi your team suck it up! I can do that at home for free. Field a suitable product

Feed the whiners !

How about a little positive perspective before the FIRST game of the season !

ireland takes over. parcells gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Ireland is the new boss in Miami.

In a brief statement released out of nowhere Tuesday afternoon, the Dolphins announced that the Ireland/Bill Parcells/Tony Sparano Trifecta is now essentially a duo.

"Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphins football team and support staff," the statement reads. "This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

And that's it. The statement leaves many unanswered questions that should come out during the coming days.

Here's a few we'd ask. Does this change in role mean a change in Parcells' contract? Will his daily consulting take place in Miami? We have to assume that Parcells no longer has veto power in the front office, but that would also be good to clarify.

Finally, there is the age-old Bill Parcells question that won't be answered for a while. Where is headed next and when will he be free to look around?


Feed me your man juice Fin fans

Ross is lining up his ducks to make changes at bye week.

Sparano better go 3-3 at least.

Lol..miami where legends go to destroy their legacy...JJ, Saban, now the tuna...7-9...impressive

Ross is lining up his ducks to make changes at bye week.

Sparano better go 3-3 at least.

gone again.. rebuilding.....lololololololol!!!!!!!!

the teams moving to vegas...lololololol!!!!!

Okay it seems the latest trend in here is to wonder aloud how Parcells and Ireland could draft someone in the second round or third round and then cut them. How could they have missed on picks so high in the draft is the question.

Now I put a question to you. Have you researched all of the other teams in the NFL? Do you realize that EVERY team makes mistakes in rounds 1 through the end? This is not a symptom of the Miami Dolphins organization it is a league wide occurrence. Brady was picked way after Bledsoe and when Brady took over they gave up on Bledsoe. But no one in New England was crying about losing a high draft pick and what a mistake the organization made. They were happy to find a player who is better than the one they had in place. NO MATTER WHAT ROUND HE IS OR WAS TAKEN IN.

We have 4 starters on the team from last years draft. to any and all in the know that is VERY good. That is considered a strong draft. It doesn't matter that they missed on White because they hit on other players. Stop getting so caught up in what round a player is taken in. After the first round it's a crap shoot.

Why don't you Parcells haters, yes the two of you, one guy I won't name and the other I can't because he posts under multiple different names acting as if there are a bunch of people who agree with his assessment of Parcells which is sad and pathetic to say the least but I digress, phew. Why don't you guys praise him for the undrafted gems he's found? By the way, Ireland is the one making most of these moves as reported today in the Sun. But seriously if you're such fans why don't you ever talk about the positive things this teams done?

Someone said yesterday that being a fan doesn't mean you never question the management. But that comment was directed at me because I had the nerve to question peoples loyalty to our team. And the reason I did was not because they "questioned" the teams moves. It was the way they went about bashing and trashing and cursing Parcells name and saying players who haven't even been given a chance on this team yet "suck". Those aren't questions people, they are ignorant misinformed opinionated rantings based on little to no facts.

So it's fine to question your team because you're confused about a situation but "Bill Parcells sucks and hasn't done anything right in 20 years" is not a question. It is a retarded opinion that happens to be dead wrong. If you're a fan then every once and a while wouldn't it be nice to compliment something your team did well?

I'm a worthless little f a g g o t
Give me man meat

Ted sideline JR. O boy. Seriously "MUTE POINT"? What does that mean, we can't hear it? Come on man pick up a book once and a while. That's not a typo. 1. The stadium is awesome. The meadowlands are much worse and the Jets sucked for far longer than the Dolphins and they sold out every year. 2. Criticize anyone you like. I too am a Dolphin fan and have been one for 32 years. That gives me the right to criticize those who criticize. We both have rights I guess, God bless America!

I stick my tongue in my boyfriends anus

Good point Marc! How many legends of football will that city ruin? It's not the team it's the friggin fans and media with this one year and you're out mentality! The media was bashing Parcells and Sparano before they even played their first game in Miami. Ricky Williams just called out the media in the Sun today, said they were lazy and contributed to negative feelings in the locker room.

I've been saying this for ten years which is why I was ecstatic that Parcells locked them out of the locker room and facilities. But the fans negativity rubs off on the players as well.

“1 of the reasons I have an issue w/some of the members of the media is b/c they pollute our lockerroom w/negativity, mediocrity & triviality.”

A quote by Ricky Williams in a article by Dave Hyde.

Mando , I think YOU should read this !

So this blog is about to smarten up considerably. I've decided that because everyone obviously has the right to expect more from our team that we also have the right to expect more from our blog contributors. "Mute point" just isn't going to cut it.

So I'm going to go on my own little crusade of sorts. I expect much better out of this blog and because I'm a fan I can question everything anyone says or does. That's the basic rationale around here right?

Boy some of you just opened up a BIG OLE' can of worms! :)

Unless someone addresses me directly I will do my best to post my comments in a general sense. Meaning I'm not going to point anyone out (unless you are just so totally mental you need a smack down:) nor will I use name calling as a way to single out any one specific poster. We're all fans no matter how stupid some of our opinions are (haha) and I can't wait until the season starts. I look forward to discussing our team with you knuckleheads! Go Dolphins!!!!! See ya for now.

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