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Benching Henne? Hahahahaha! Not Sparano

Once upon a time when the Dolphins re-signed Chad Pennington despite the fact they were going with Chad Henne as their starter, we discussed the possibility Pennington's presence would be a shadow over Henne. The Dolphins, being nearly as smart as us, discussed it also.

And at the end of that discussion, the Dolphins believed Pennington's presence to be an asset.

So now that Henne has not morphed into Dan Marino -- although he's still getting better -- some of you want Pennington back in, which is kind of ridiculous if you ask me. But hey, you get to have an opinion, too.

Unfortunately for you, Tony Sparano doesn't care what your opinion is. Today he discussed the topic of benching Henne, having Pennington around as a lurking shadow, what the factors were weighed in the decision to sign Pennington.

“Well Chad (Pennington), and you know one of the things is he’s the thousand pound elephant that’s in the room sometimes, so, we knew that obviously that’s one of the things that you consider when you bring a player like (Pennington) back. But it’s the other things that outweigh those kinds of situations. I mean I honestly, and this is no disrespect towards any fans out there, but I could [not] care less what they think about the quarterback situation.

"From that standpoint the positives like Chad Pennington the rapper out there today (laughing) alright. Those things outweigh -- that’s right it was awesome -- you know and I mean that’s a smart player knowing at this time after 13 days, okay, and living with the taste that you’ve had in your mouth that my teammates need a little something here, okay. I mean here it comes out of the blue so that’s the last guy you felt like might be doing something like that so it was really ... I mean those are the things that outweigh any of that other stuff, in other words, when you’re sitting there and you’re thinking, well you know if it doesn’t go your way everybody’s going to start screaming about Chad Pennington and any of those kind of things so it’s not worth doing.

"I don’t want to be in those kinds of situations I mean I just wanted to have the best players I could have around me at that point and that’s why we did what we did and it’s been a tremendous help to Chad Henne."

Sparano has Pennington in his back pocket anytime Henne gets hurt or the game is out of hand or Henne needs to sit. But sitting Henne? During a game? This season?

Nope. Thought hasn't come up.

"No, I mean I haven’t really…I can honestly truthfully tell you that those things haven’t gone through my head because every time that something like that happens there’s three other things that I could look at to say, 'Man look at that young guy do this.' And I mean, I can bat that back and forth with any of the Monday morning quarterbacks that are out there. Again, I just…you look at a what the kid has done right now and you put his numbers up against some of the other people in the league -- some one of you guys did it recently here, okay, I’ve seen it here in print. But, I think those are the things the guy does or he’s getting a lot better that way. And having Chad Pennington around him helps him a lot."

So back off.


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Screw OFF Loco. Your douche bi tch a ss all types wh ore sl ut stupidity. We are tired of it.

For the record i didnt call for henne's head. Henning maybe, coz i saw what he did with the jerks i NY, he couldn't call a game to save his life.

Now, we got lucky, so when something is working he goes away from it. Lucky us!

you are hurting the team if you don't teach Henne he will not play when he continues to lose. And to me, he could be the same as Alex Smith potenial. Will why have gold if you can't spend it. Play pennington and let your super ego, give the dolphins a chance to win. If you don't tony, the dolphins won't have a chance to catch up.

I meant Screw OFF test.

mark sanchez sucks co ck

you know , what im really saying is , ok . this is a guy who really plays like a 1000 lb gorilla in the room ya know, you say to your self
ok, this guy practices good , BOOM , what i really say is i wear sunglasses because chad henne progressing is like the rapper out there today (laughing ) alright.

"No, I mean I haven’t really…I can honestly truthfully tell you that those things haven’t gone through my head because every time that something like that happens there’s three other things that I could look at to say, 'Man look at that young guy do this.

Holy huevo ! This guy's wacked !!!!!!!!
Lets go Phins

Look Fin Fans...I have been with this team for 40 years...not only have I not missed a game, I have not missed a SNAP! Listen up. Henne is "not" the future of this team! Unfortunately, the guy that is, is still mysteriously sitting on the bench. His name is Tyler Thigpen! Look at his intangibles:

1) Great play-action!
2) Great arm strength
3) Good at reading defenses
4) Great touch on short passes
5) Does not telegraph passes
6) Looks off defenders well
7) only 27
8) Never had a QB coach (until coming to Miami)
9) Started many games in the NFL
10)Oh yeah, forgot...Dude can RUN!!!
11) and finally, he has the mojo!

(Oh yeah, hasn't he moved up to #2 QB over this great backup guy named Pennington? Hmmmm...sssshhhhh....Coaches must know something!!!)

Henne telegraphs passes, has no mojo and is unsure of himself...These are not the things we are looking for. He is in year 3 now...When do we pull the plug? Year 8? YEAH!



Henne had one bad game against the Pats and even then we were leading at the half. You think Henne throws INTs put Thigpen in there and he will light up the scoreboard for the other team. Henne is the guy. His QB rating is better this year than last year and he is improving. We need to get the running game going and he will be even more effective.

Hey Odinseye... I liked your Kumerow story... thanks for sharing.

Yes. He was a bust.

To torture yourself... it's fun to go through old drafts and imagine who Miami could have and should have picked.

If, in 1988, they picked Thurman Thomas instead of Kumerow... perhaps things would have been really different...

In 1987 they picked John Bosa. IMO... he was more than OK and coming on as a player... but knee injuries finished him. Most people disagree with me on that point however.


As for Henne... it's still wait and see, IMO.

I wouldn't bench him.

I worry about his pocket presence and I'm a fan of a QB with a little more mobility... that's jut me though...

I am hoping to see a bit more from the fins this week.

I thought the last lost exposed some real issues... both coaching and personnel.

No. It ain't Vince Lombardi or Don Shula ranting on the sideline for us behind those Ray-Bans...

Team is still a few players away from being elite... LB, Safety, OL, TE... perhaps even RB.

you guys arent right!!
would you sacrifice a season and go 6-10 if you knew a year later you would have a drew brees QB? what do you think happens? the guy walks on the field and plays like peton manning?? do you know what the colts record was mannings first year?!?
do you remember it took 3 years for Brees to become good!!! cutler an rivers 3 years an aaron rodgers sat on a bench for 4.
you people need to get off Hennes back!
we have got a QB here, puting penny in isnt the answer! penny wil retire in a year or two an we would be right back here with henne.
oh an thypen has major up side but is just as raw as henne! come on phinsfans has some patience!!!
thats al im saying!
oh cameron wake for president!!

I think you guys may be right about Henne losing 10-15 lbs maybe but I seem to recall Danny boy wasn't that mobile either, he is developing better movement in the pocket but needs to do it more consistently and start looking off his receivers with a pump fake every now and then.

If he gets these things together he will be our QB for the next 10 years, we have to give him the chance to grow or he will develop for another team, IMHO he is the guy and will become one of the better QB's in the league, if by some chance he doesn't then our future QB is not on the team, stop going on about Thigpen for christs sake, he is a journeyman backup for a reason, if he was that good teams would be banging Miami's door down for him.
Show a little patience, get behind the starting QB whether you like him or not because at the end of the day we are all Dolphins fans so by dissing the QB when he's still learning and growing you;re just hurting the team.

That would really suck to give up on Henne now and then find out he's a top 3 QB playing on another team

in 3-4 years

Look for big trade coming this week . chad.p traded .

There is going to be a new coach and GM next year. These guys are done.

As someone said earlier, what is the point of benching Henne now and playing Pennington in the faint hope he will be better and get us to the playoffs, what is the point of getting to the playoffs if you aren't good enough to win the whole thing, do you really think the difference between us winning the superbowl this year is Pennington over Henne if you do then you're seeing something I don't.

We keep Henne in and see how the season goes, the benefit is probably having a top QB in Henne next season when we will be Superbowl ready, thats a gamble I'd rather take, if we go with Pennington this team gets set back years for maybe 1 postseason game this year, is that what you guys really want????

There is no reason why you can't pull a starting QB when he's having a bad game. I don't agree with NFL coaches that you will destory a grown man mentally if he's replaced in a game, that's B.S..There are only 16 NFL games, thats to few to just say, oh well he's having a bad game we can't pull him,we'll let this game go, or we'll let this season go. That goes for any player at any position.

I'm leaving for Green Bay in about 2 hours.I'm gonna party like a rock star in Antigo Wisconsin tonight and I'll only be about an hour away to the stadium.
I hope to see a lot of Dolphins fans tomorrow.

There's a line from a famous coach (maybe it was Parcells), that says if you listen to the fans pretty soon you'll be sitting with them in the stands. Enough said on that one.

I have to say I find Tony Sparano one of the hardest guys to understand when he talks. Is it just me? Do the players struggle with this? For my money, from what I've read from him, he seems like a guy who communicates his ideas very poorly. I have to think this affects the product on the field.

TS could be a spy for the pats cause he sounds like hes from Baw-sten.lol
on the real

I see Armando is picking the Packeds to beat the Dolphins.I hope you're wrong.

For some reason,I'm having a difficult time spelling today.

"My judgment is that HENNE"S not an NFL quarterback.I'll leave it at that."

Play calling

Cost the Miami Dolphins the very real chance of going 4-0

This new Dolphin Defense Is Really what Dolfans have been waiting for, Crowder w/ Captain Karlos

Sean Smith moved to Nickel w/Injury to Sapp

Mike Nolan Got Game

Best Dolphins Defensive Performance This Season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

The largest single donor to Michigan's football booster club is Stephen Ross, the owner of the Phins.
Henne was the 4 year starter at Michigan and holds all of the Big 10 passing records (not Brady or Brees).
Stephen Ross likes Henne so much he bought the team.
Anyone suggesting that Sparano has the power to bench Henne is delusional.

Can any of you phins fans learn of a good school to send coach Sparano to learn how to speak clearly so that people understand what he is saying?

Nickel Is The Only Place for Sean Smith

Poser Boy CB Shines @ Nickel

Fraud CB Earns Nickel

Expect These Headlines After Sundays Game

Sean Smith Is Finally Gonna Do Something In An NFL Game

and Home Is Not talking bout starting all games cuz of default in a losing 7-9 season w/ ) Interceptions

Mike Nolan has found a position for failed CB project Sean Smith

Sean Smith now gets off the bench and Earns A spot @ Nickel

Sean Smith to make his 1st game changing play @ Nickel

Sean Smith A Shining Nickel

U heard It here
U heard It 1st
U heard It on the Herald

Sean Smith A Shining Nickel

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Chad Pennington is a cool guy. Prior to the 4 surgeries on his throwing shoulder he could make all of the throws.
Now he can't.
Penne cannot his Marshall in stride.
So he's not playing.
And there is no trade market for a qb that cannot hit the edge wr's in stride.

Simply The Bess
Will Surely Impress

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Check that.
There is one possible destination: Detroit.
Stafford is on his 2nd shoulder injury.
Pennington can teach Stafford how to make money in the NFL without being able to throw to the edge receivers.

Home Looking for Big Running game w/ R&R Express

Big game - Simply The Bess
Who will Surely Impress

Henne Is Our Miami Dolphins Franchise QB

the rest is conversation

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Sorry to say it brother but that R&R Express hasn't done anything for us this season.
Cobbs has done nothing and I don't know if Hilliard is still on the team.
Polite looked good on that swing pas he caught, wouldn't mind seeing a little more of that.

You killed Pat White in this column every weeek last season and all through the preseason because he didn't put himself in the game and put up production which is required from the backup qb position on the Phins.
Well Thigpen has done nothing. Pennington nothing. And while we're at it Cobbs and Hilliard nothing.
White was a 2nd round draft choice making $600k.
Pennington makes $2.5mil and has done NOTHING.
Why the silence?
Why are you not crucifying Thigpen, Pennington, Cobbs & Hilliard for not producing?

Price Master Home agrees

Run blocking & Run game have not been Playoff good this year

Our passing game is only starting to develop

Henne to Marshall & Bess will only get Better & Better

Rod Woodsen is the best CB in the game today
Prob be covering B-Marsh

Green Bay Not that good at stopping the run

Expect Miami Dolphins to game plan Featuring the Running game in this contest

Simply The Bess should also see an ample amount of passes
Simply The Bess can get open for nother Miami Dolphins 1st Down

Believe Polite has 3 catches out of the backfield for and 8.7 average

With the Addition on WR Marshall
Dolphin can now run more effective screen pass

As b4 the Dolphins WRs were not scaring anybody
which is pertinent to setting up an effective screen pass

U may be on to something here, Pricemaster as Ricky Williams had 4 nice catches out of the backfield against the Pats, one of which went for 18 YDs and a TD

i gotta feeling this game might not be a nailbiting win. our special teams were shocked back to life. our D will hold the pack to low score. Henne gets it together finally.

I have to admit reading this has been humorous indeed.. Henne to lose weight, White gain weight, etc. Henne gets up from a lot of vicious hits that some other guys don.t so great suggestion to lose wight when that weight is muscle weight. Penny never got benched 1st.season 0-2, 2nd 0-3, Playoffs telegraphed his wobbly passes with 4 game changing interceptions. So let's put that guy in there and watch the humor in it. What did Penny ever really accomplish in the NFL,besides comeback player, I think Penny acts like pure class, but Henne is the better and more complete player now and the fans are just making it harder for him and the team, always bitching and moaning about something. Try for those of you who do that to try positive support.. IT REALLY WORKS!


3.5? at GB? Count that some of their starters won't be in full health.

O` drick with 2 times broken leg at the beginning of his rookie year coming back to attempt to play DE on a weakened two time broken leg bone

Imagine if the Dolphins had a the 3rd ranked best DE end in the 2010 NFL, good at stopping the run with 26 tackles and 2 sacks already ...Matt Roth

oh yeah
Nother personality conflict with ego maniac Prima Donna Parcells

Parcells could not get over himself and let Matt Roth walk away for 0 compensation or draft picks

Matt Roth is having a Pro Bowl season playing for the Browns

Imagine if the Dolphins had a Pro Bowl HOF DE who has 2 AFC EAST sacks, QB pressures, tackles, FF, FR and would have played for small money already on their team and ready to go

Oh yeah, Nother personality conflict with ego Maniac Prima Donna Parcells

Parcells could not get over himself and let DE Jason Taylor walk away for 0 compensation or draft picks

How r the division rival NY Jets doing with the Bill Parcells released DE Jason Taylor

Oh yeah, 4-1, 1st in the division, and undefeated in the AFC EAST

and the replacement for these 2 Excellent DE ends released for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while Parcells trips over his own penis?

some guy with 0 production named Moses?

might as well just put an orange cone there instead

Many NFL football pundits say the DE end is the most important position on the defense

So why did Parcells rudely release these two players for ABSOLTELY NOTHING and replace them with a guy with a broken leg (now twice broken)?

and now with an orange cone?

Hmmm ...

I meant full health for the season. Sorry.

Is it just me or is it impossible to understand what the heck Sparano is saying? The man cannot put a complete sentence together. His sentences are like our Special Teams...incomplete and inexplicable.

Well, you know, ah, a thousand pounds, honestly I can say...

Well, positive where positive is due. TS's first season and the end of last season. But negative where negative is due. Did he not see that the "special" teams were unraveling before that miserable MNF? (we Fans saw it). Has he not seen that Henne is "robotic' and that other teams control him? Hmm

Henne will be just fine. if that stupid OC would call some decent plays and ditch the wildcat he would thrive.


The fins will dominate the Packers.
Misi will get 2 sacks
Odrick will play for a few plays.
Crowder will get a sack
Bess will be the better WR
Ronnie & Ricky wil combine for 150 yards, but Henne will throw for 310 yards
Pennington will be traded to Vikings
Vikings will release Favre

The problem is Sporano is a MORON!!!!

I think Pennington gives the Dolphins a better chance to win this season. Henne gives the Dolphins a better chance to win for the next 10 seasons.

The only reason Henne starts is the ages of the two players. If both players had the exact same skills and both were 24 years old and both were in a QB competition.....Pennington would win.

Pennington was #2 in the MVP voting just 2 season ago. He's led teams to AFC Championship games. His leadership and presence just dwarfs Henne's. Henne has a better arm and that's about it.

Sparano's comment about not caring about fans thoughts is kind of funny to me because he doesn't have a clue about about who to play and what plays to run and how to motivate/prepare the team to play anyway. He needs all the help he can get. If I had a job handed to me I wouldn't worry about losing it and getting worse ever year either.

To he-- with backing off. improvement isn't throwing for 300 yards one game then coming back with another 300 yard game with 3 ints. Or throwing for 300 yards because you're down and have to throw it. when henne becomes consistent then he can earn trust from the fans.
Fans that pay good money to see the phins play have every right to state their frustrations. how dare armando suggests fans back off!

you have to know if Henne has the goods. if you bench him youll never know if you need a qb next year in the Draft

I may be mistaken, but, didn't Parcells walk away from the Dolphins because Henne sucks? The Henne statement from him was the only reason I heard for why he stepped down.

I hope Henne develops

With that being said wanny didnt replace ears either.

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