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Bengals lead Dan Carpenter, 14-12 to start third quarter.

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have gotten two touchdowns from Terrell Owens. They are using the no-huddle to keep Miami's defense off balance. And they have a sliver of a running game.

The Dolphins have Dan freaking Carpenter.

Carpenter has four field goals today, including a 54-yarder as the first half expired. That 54-yarder was the longest of Carpenter's career. And so the Bengals carry a 14-12 lead over Carpenter to start the third quarter.

The live blog rolls on.


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Fasano ... you are FIRED!



test, another whine

I knew it!

Good pass by Henne. Stone hands Fasano with another drop.

WHeW...Glad Fasano ate the popcorn i sent...everything is slipping through. Henne had that one

how do you win games when you can't make 1 yard?


another drop,,,not to marshall, no wonder we dont try deep passes...o and NO first down.

Anyone else had enough of these Cowboy transplants . . . including the coach?!

WOW, they're passing to Marshall...

Man, why didn't I think of that?

might be time to look at a new tight end

and i know about slipping things in...just ask TEST...

im gonna kill fasano...

Fasano kills me.

so 3 years ago we had no TE, no secondary...

same problem 3 years later...


Fasano drops AGAIN!

good thing fields kicks like that

quit bothering throwing to Fasano, he couldnt catch a cold today

damn fasano gotta catch that. it really looks like most our guys dont want to win. arent fired up or even trying. marshall is the exception oh and carpenter.

God I hate fasano, he's God awful. Isn't there some practice squad scrub on some team we could get to replace this fairy?

Fasano and his meat hooks for hands. I just can't take it anymore.

HEAT up by 20

fasano was a parcells boy...

parcells players = 99% chance to be bad.

Why didn't we go to Polite on 3rd and 1??? He only converts 96% of the time!!!

The Cowboys East experiment is a dismal failure. Show them all the door.

another drop and missed opportunity.
Usually that doesn't happen till we're in fg range.

he sucks


Wilcots an idiot...If he puts air on that Fasano is out for year with Safety killing him

its beginning to feel like watching the dolphins is like sitting at the bedside of a terminaly ill relative. you know how its going to end, but you still keep going to the hospital out of some misguided sense of duty.

Fasano clearly wants a bus ticket home

Henne makng plays nobody can catch the feeaking ball. coneon!!!!!!

might be time to look at a new tight end

Posted by: CJ | October 31, 2010 at 02:46 PM

Nah, we still have killer nalbone waiting in the wakes next year to take fasanos place!!!


make a fuckking tackle.

Lets just always let Carpanter kick it on 1st down and see what happens...

nice tackling

They cut all of our other TE's Where is David Martin? He never dropped

Chris Crocker another guy we cut got a hand on the ball. Fasano didnt drop it.

we need a playmaker at TE....Fasano is a good #2, but not a number 1

Fasano is one of the reasons we have a new coach-that and we don't have a defense you can tackle

The ball was tipped by the defender. Not Fasano's fault on that last one.


Wow! The NFL is really selling its product to the international audience with that pulse-pounding Denver-San Francisco game that is 3-0 in the 3rd quarter.

Angry Elf ... hell, the Cowboys WEST experiment isn't working so well either! LOL!

Team of losers. losers losers losers, players who wont ever accomplish anything


clemons is having a bad game

Wake might wake up.

can't flush a play out like that and let em go

Three and out!

who gives SHI!!!! about the heat

Thank goodness Palmer appears to be cross-eyed

lol angry elf...cowboys east


parcells failed in dallas and brought his failed dallas strategy over here

parcells killed 2 proud franchises.

its actually nice when we get into the red zone as i can go to the restroom. since i know its a field goal i can beat the mad rush to the pisser once commercials start after a score.

Stuffed on the 2 and 3 mis tackles


we love shooting ourself in the foot.


a 4 yd loss goed for a 4 yd gain!

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