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Bengals lead Dan Carpenter, 14-12 to start third quarter.

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have gotten two touchdowns from Terrell Owens. They are using the no-huddle to keep Miami's defense off balance. And they have a sliver of a running game.

The Dolphins have Dan freaking Carpenter.

Carpenter has four field goals today, including a 54-yarder as the first half expired. That 54-yarder was the longest of Carpenter's career. And so the Bengals carry a 14-12 lead over Carpenter to start the third quarter.

The live blog rolls on.


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Well, Bess must be cross-eyed as well



you've never been proud in your life, coward



McDonalds reporting Fasano just faxed in his resume for the burger flipper position.

These Fish are really finding ways to screw up and give luck to the Bungles

not fasanos fault!!??!!! WTF he adjusted and i hit hs hands squarley gotta make that play.

Anthony Fasano drops his second pass of the day.

Good enough to tantilize. Bad enough to kill a coach's career.

Posted by: Armando Salguero

Nicely said Mando. You could say the same of Henne.

Good one, Zaphod!


Special ed strikes, thanks bess, always a reason to make a bad play on special teams look even worse. Simply the bess my @###

Should get great field position here for a lead-taking Dan Carpenter field goal.

bad bessy

looks like he lost it visually

Heat 80 ... NJ 57.

Turnovers = Miami 2 Cincy 0.
That doesn't work on the road. We need to win this game. Cincy isn't very good. They are flashy but kind of suck, like a Delorian.

the football gods didn't want tony morono to get into field goal range that easily.

another glorious fist pumpin afternoon!

what ever happened to always catch it withib 5 yards

Devastating and incredibly stupid play by Bess.

That might be a back-breaker. Nice going, Bess.

hmm, didn't see the replay well, we sure he touched the ball?

WOW!!! can we not catch a break why even try to catch that!!

Are we the gang that couldn't shoot straight-i thought the Philly mob was dead or in jail.

special ed teams strikes again


Choking Fish in top gear to start the 3rd quarter.

HEAT looking good...up 24 on the nets

almost 4Q action.

Miamis helping out sports gamblers everywhere make Millions!!!

ppfft hemne has made plays today. that int came after a big gain and first dmn drop.

Its what we seem to do all the time....we beat OURSELVES with mistakes. The good teams don't do that. That falls on the coaching staff.

Yeah, if you're going to be THAT close to the ball, you've got to take it. Too much can happen with an 'egg shaped ball.'

Self-destruction time. Miami 3-4, Sparano out the door.

Wow - we have a long long long ways to go before anyone mentions Dolphins and playoffs.


Bess great player...not great punt returner

sean smith needs a pick. clemmons had 2 but lost em

Bess f'd us on the short arm on the TD pass..and now this...he better get his head in the game!

Can't blame henning today

the dolphins have "finding a way to lose" down to an art form

players make plays...keep wake

remember out deal test.
fist pump wise LOL

Bad teams invent ways to lose games. Miami found one last week. Looks like they may be doing it again.

This just isn't a good team.

man are we trying to lose? Will someone tell Saprano that FG's are no reason to get excited??

OMG - I am starting to question Henne for the first time this year. Won't throw downfield at all.

No way this caoching staff has this team ready to play today. They are playing like the Cowboys...


and i KNOW about CHOKING the smelly fish

When is Miami going to get a sack?

3 and out

Defense holds.

we will be about 50-60 yards away from fist pump field goal range.

Funny we have a 3rd and 2 and pass, we have a 3rd and 1 and pass?????

Hate to sound prophetic but I posted last night this will be the game when the other shoe falls on our road win streak.

Seems everything's falling into place for this to happen. Just like the td pass Clemons allowed to FALL into TO's hands and the punt that just didnt FALL our way.

Road record after today 3-1.

Man TO would have been a nice pickup opposite of BM...but the lack of sack in miamis coaching and FO kills me


wake is definately trying hard
he's just getting handled pretty decently so far

Run a run then a drop.


but test your fist pump is always GOOOD!

Another great punt by the Bengals ... they're killing on the position game.

Let's talk about the Bengals offence for a change. Pretty lousy actually!! Palmer's not the guy he used to be and he doesn't use the weapons he has in Owens, Cinco and Greshaim properly. We can BEAT these guys!

no harm done

That's right Tortured, It's your turn to fist pump me tonite

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