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Bengals lead Dan Carpenter, 14-12 to start third quarter.

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have gotten two touchdowns from Terrell Owens. They are using the no-huddle to keep Miami's defense off balance. And they have a sliver of a running game.

The Dolphins have Dan freaking Carpenter.

Carpenter has four field goals today, including a 54-yarder as the first half expired. That 54-yarder was the longest of Carpenter's career. And so the Bengals carry a 14-12 lead over Carpenter to start the third quarter.

The live blog rolls on.


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Miamis 3-3, Bengals 2-4

Mediocrity is abound in this game it shows and look, instead of drive at 49 of bungals, we get to have ball at our 4 yrd line.....SWEEEEET

wow instead of having the ball on their 40 we are on our 2 nice job guys. hey if you guys dont care about winning just tell us so we can relax and wait til you do.

we went from having the ball on their 45 to our 2 yd line

D playing pretty well

Bad possession for Cincinnati. Nice job by the defense.

Looks like we're going to "be in the game with a chance to win in the 4th quarter". The coaching staff must be giddy.


that far back just begs for bad playcalling

We are bad. After 3 yrs there are way to many holes.

only need 70 yards or so for fist pump mode

but we are inside the 5 so i expect run run run from morono/henning.

Another bad decision by Bess...

what you all dont know is Test is the name for my left hand

Lack of Sack
thats our team guys unfortunately. kills me to say it because i bleed miami colors

ball on the 5 3 and out............

"Let's see . . . should we cut loose and let Henne throw it out of his own end zone again?" . . . inner musings of a demented offensive coordinator.

it's bad enough that you are such a whine as sed loser, but could you not talk about getting fist pumped?
it's bad for your....rofl......image....

dancing queen does it again.

Dan Crapenter should play QB...

Now a run and a drop.......


Who else wants to see a 70-yard drive for a field goal coming off our goal line here?

In the huddle before the play, Brian Hartline was imploring the crowd to get loud.


Mommie-Ronnie's dancing again!

If this was the Baltimore game i would be thrilled, to bad it Cincy

Never seen these types of mistakes by an NFL team.Can't score touchdowns,drop pass after pass,can't catch easy interceptions,bonehead special teams plays.Hey,but we can kick field goals.??????We are not a good football team at all.Fire Henning now,please.


i believe you, i knew test was a fake fan

What's the difference between Tony Sparano and Dave Wannstedt? None. They're both madly obssessed with field goals...

They now have extra time to plan a run....

we will lose i have no doubt. We just aren't converting like always. Can't finish drives and like someone above said

"we are inventing new ways to lose"

Can Carpenter make it from here?

Punt already, o wait, special ed might screw it up, to hell with it, better than another TO...Punt already!!!!

sorry CJ, im not a homer like you.

this team just flat out sucks and isn't in the top 10 in this league

after 3 years the trifecta is a 100% failure

wake up and realize that. the fins just suck.

Guys, we're down by 2 points. Chill out.

The game's not over yet. Not even close.

Apart from that 1 pick Henne has actually been playing pretty well today.

Where Is Mike Nolan's Defense, All The Blitzing And Confusion , Our QB is Garbage , I won't Get Tired Of Repeating Myself , Henne Is GARBAGE, Our TE Can't Bend Down To Pick Up A Low Pass , The More I Look at This Team Every Week , The More I Find Out They Are A Bad Team

I'm so tired of watching this team. Seriously considering canceling my season tickets.

2nd and 10 i think. maybe a off tackle dive play for one yard. then 3rd and 9, and a check down for 4 yards. then punt.

You guys really need to get off Fasano and this pizza delivering crap ... we all KNOW he couldn't deliver pizza's ... can you imagine the pies he'd drop before delivering them? Seriously, let's get real. Do we really want some poor business guy to lose his shirt refunding 'fumble fingers' Fasano's deliveries.

at least we are only 2 points down. and their second TD was a fluke so we are still in it but trying hard not to be. maybe they are shooting for next year and figure earlier picks will help.

i love the dolphins but i am watching a real coached team! the only team in south florida that going to bring a championship!!' GO HEAT!!!!

making the Cincy D look like its All- pro! come on! damn it!

Wannstedt had a better film career, but Tony's a better bowler.

nick thart is the problem confiort zone

The lack of talent, execution, motivation,innovation is colossal

damn that henning is a tricky guy

Henne made a good play fake there. Why doesn't he do that more often?

fake bobbyd12 @18:59. dumass

i love the dolphins but i am watching a real coached team! the only team in south florida that going to bring a championship!!' GO HEAT!!!!

Posted by: ray | October 31, 2010 at 03:00 PM


Dear God ... hide your Mayan calendar! Fasano caught a pass!!!!!!

CJ.. heres a newsflash JackA**.
Test is my other name!
cant believe you didnt figure that out Einsshtain

Henne's Wonderlic: 22. 25th out of 30 starting NFL QB's.
http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/wonderlic-scores-of-2010-nfl-starting-quarterbacks-and-339905.htmluestion answer:

How long has everyone been screaming that...

A)Devone Bess is NOT a punt returner.
B)Patrick Cobbs is NOT a kickoff returner.

The whole friggin world knows it. How come our coaches don't?? That's why I don't believe in Parcells and his puppets...

brown runs sheet

we cant run it yet,,, were not in fg range!!!!

running game?

you call me a homer but your obviously limited education shows that you just don't know the defination of the word, very probably like most words that fall out of your rectum.

I am critical of the team and the playcalling where warrented, and i've been critical during this game.

but you sir, are an idiot, coward, and bish.
you find something to whine about on a good play, if henne were 5td 1 int, and we won 40-3, you'd cry because of the int and a fieldgoal we kicked.
you are a misrerable loser, you never comment on anything positive.
yer not a fan
your a self important little sh it whining coward.

that's it.

The Jets are getting shut out by the Packers....3-0

keep rolling out h

Face it, I'm not a real fan but I am 12

"Feed Me Man Meat"

lol super

3-9 time for an inclomplete!

20 yards or so for fist pump offense.

Dallas is getting worked by Jville. Team has quit.

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