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Bengals lead Dan Carpenter, 14-12 to start third quarter.

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have gotten two touchdowns from Terrell Owens. They are using the no-huddle to keep Miami's defense off balance. And they have a sliver of a running game.

The Dolphins have Dan freaking Carpenter.

Carpenter has four field goals today, including a 54-yarder as the first half expired. That 54-yarder was the longest of Carpenter's career. And so the Bengals carry a 14-12 lead over Carpenter to start the third quarter.

The live blog rolls on.


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run the ball - typical

this needs to be a handoff to lou! dont out think yourselves

Losing Long would be a BIG loss!!

fake injury?

Is Hilliard on tgis team anympre?


You know, if we could stretch this drive out another 18:35 we could win this with a field goal!

Long back in...

nice 1st and 2nd down play call

damn this team

henne stupid

fg. sad

Another of this 5 FGs a game crap, lets score a TD already.

at least we tried to throw to henne that time

I smell a FG!

brown danced and sucked as usual.

I'm going WAAAAAAAAAY OUT on a limb here, boys, but I sense another field goal coming!

3rd n 6 Run

Its fist pump time!

what a play call

We should just start kicking field goals on first down once we're in range. You know thats whats coming.


Time to get all the cowards out of here. Why can't you all be real men. I am a man and would put my manhood up against any of you. I will see any one of you losers in section 420 in two weeks time.

Inexplicable play call there.

Trade Brown to San Diego for Tolbert and an 8th round pick.

third diwn run

And inside handoff on third and 6? Really?

Dan Henning must go. Bad play call on 3rd and 6. Sick.

Playing for the FG...priceless! A run on 3rd and 6?!?!

The Jets just raped the Packers rceiver and after the refs huddled,it was called no penalty,and the Pack punt to the Jets.Replay shows him getting raped.
Thank God football isn't rigged.

henning sucks

and there goes the lets get a fg play


Another Field Goal LMAO

ONLY way to get rid of Henning is if he becomes a national laughing stock...all FG's today would do it!

JUST a TIP to the SMELLY FISH....no mom i dont mean you

Wow, Carpenter hit another one. What a shocker.

At least we can't complain about our kicker.


today is not about play calling, its execution, not happening

i told you fiel goal

wth playcall was that?

Henning is the worst thing that ever happened to this team....


I'm shocked at that third down play call. Someone please explain it to me, please!

okay hmmmm. we throw on 3 and 2 and 3rd and 1, and then we run on 3rd and 6, can somebody explain that to me please, anybody please???

miamis issues are mental and it starts with coaches and ireland'

Mando I saw jake long on the field but im watchin on computer, when did he get hurt?

3 And 6 They Run The Beast Ronnie Brown , I Hope They fired Henning Today

Why can't we score a red zone TD!

everyone+Armando...tony was playing for the fist pump on that...

we can't beat good teams, but barely hang with bad teams...

we are a bad team.

we are winning!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks dan

run, pass, run, fg - marshall invisible.

Guys you wall want to blame Henning and Henne for out problems on offence this yeat but what exactly has Brown brought to the offence this year. What's his longest run of the season? and don't blame it on the OL.

and the player of the game is... Dan Carpenter. Again.

hahahahah 3rd down run why am i not suprised

Played for a FG again.


I missed the fist pump. Please tell me there was a fist pump.

Why not change the name of out team to The Dan Carpentars

NHDolphan ... LMAO!!!!

ifbyou don't shut for the end zibe no way to score 7 points

run blockng is a big issue

WOW how about the redzone O????

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