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Bengals lead Dan Carpenter, 14-12 to start third quarter.

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have gotten two touchdowns from Terrell Owens. They are using the no-huddle to keep Miami's defense off balance. And they have a sliver of a running game.

The Dolphins have Dan freaking Carpenter.

Carpenter has four field goals today, including a 54-yarder as the first half expired. That 54-yarder was the longest of Carpenter's career. And so the Bengals carry a 14-12 lead over Carpenter to start the third quarter.

The live blog rolls on.


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Dansby worth every penny

sheet offence again on the field

Really, if you want to find a biggest culprit (on the field, anyway) for why Miami can't score TD's in teh red zone, look at the interior OL. They're not very good and no pne respects Miami's ability to run the ball in a confined area of the field. So they can play pass-first defense and still stuff the run.

hey we cant score TD's but at least we can kick FG's

jests missed field goal...

If our DB's could catch...

We should have taken Dez Bryant. Marshall is slow, another big plodding player. No spark on this offense anywhere.

ok great time for a TD

We just need 2 score 1 TD!! after that, the net will open up!!

Alright all we need now is a 75 play 16:45 minute drive for a field goal

Well at least we have one pro bowler - Carpenter is clutch! Can't take away from what he is doing despite the terrible play calling. We should all write Ross to have Henning fired.

WTF was that lol

big play...and hartline can't catch the freaking ball

f this team.


jesus christ.

hey guys IT is Spelled OFFENSE not OFFENCE.. but the way the offense play calling it is an offence to the game

right in his hands


Steelers kept us out of the endzone. Who knew that the Bungles had a stouter D?

Hartline is so dead

Great job wake and Nolan calling a great game...can he call offensive plays?


Ran a flea-flicker and Hartline was wide open and he dropped it. D:

wow. play call from hwbbibg risky?



Montreal is right, you know......

It's only a matter of time before Marshall erupts, and "we" start accusing him of being a crybaby, and a diva, and talking about him being a team cancer.

Thanks for putting HARTLINE BACK IN!!

Mando-Can you ask the coaches if they ever considered throwing at the DB's so they can intercept some balls this season?

the worst offense ever

Why is Ricky NOT playing?

Kris, you said it.....

pass from shotgun for 2 yard loss?

bring marlon up sit hartline

Defense Is Playing Better The Last Couple of series , Maybe They will Bring A Victory Home Today

There's just ALWAYS someone new to screw up.

wallace can't be worse than hartline?

How many passes have the Dolphins dropped today??

What----- no field goal thi time

Missed a big oppurtunity there. wtg Hartline

We are a far superior team to Cincy. That's what's so frustrating. We're just handicapped at a couple positions, TE, O Coordinator, #2 WR, dynamic kick returner. Ok, that's four positions.

its funny henne can hit people all day for 5 to 14 yrd passes except inside the 20......

setting up for a heartbreaking one point loss, no??

Our Offense Must Be Ranked The Lowest In The NFL , Can You Find Out Mando , How is Our Offense Doing In General?


The problem with the running game is Dan Henning. The other team knows he won't let our qb throw the ball so they stack the line. They know that even when we do throw the football we rarely take chances down the field.

Fasano made a catch out of bounds, hartline cant make a catch in bounds, this team is useless on offense!!!!

hartline basically lost the game

that drive is on hartline

This team is a wreck.

try and blame this one on hene u haters. drops today are rediculous

5 pases dropped 2 Int's dripped

I am telling you its like they try to find a way to lose!

"we just want to keep it close and be in the game in the fourth quarter, that way we keep our jobs" Tony Sparano's inner and outer voice.

It's time for a turnover ... seriously ... we've given up enough close ones so far!

keep running it benaks

75% of our team sucks

Good play fake on 3rd and FREAKING 11...don't put 4 receivers on field we'd prefer 2 receivers and 2 rbs

test y only 75%

get heartline out of the game

Third and 10...why have 3 backs in the backfield and run play-action???

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