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Bengals lead Dolphins 7-3 leading to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals used the no-huddle attack to do heavy damage against Balitmore last week. The Dolphins must have seen it on tape ... but didn't necessarily come with an answer for it.

The Bengals used the tactic to score on their first possesion -- one that saw Miami defensive backs overmatched by the Benglas WRs. The Dolphins answered with, what else, a field goal.

The second quarter begins now. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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feels good that my fantasy kicker (Carpenter) got more points then my RBs AND WR.

Those 2 garbage calls on our 2nd to last possession (Wildcat calls) were why I hate Henning. He's an imbecile if he thought either of those would work. Even worse, maybe he didn't care about that, all he wanted to do was eat up the clock. SO SPINELESS!! That's how they almost were able to score on that last possession (nice INT Smith). Henning is a detriment to the team, not an asset.

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