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Bengals lead Dolphins 7-3 leading to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals used the no-huddle attack to do heavy damage against Balitmore last week. The Dolphins must have seen it on tape ... but didn't necessarily come with an answer for it.

The Bengals used the tactic to score on their first possesion -- one that saw Miami defensive backs overmatched by the Benglas WRs. The Dolphins answered with, what else, a field goal.

The second quarter begins now. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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pass 1st down run 2nd ddown pass 3rd down FOR THREE YEARS. God i hate henning so so so much

crappy blocking once again

Can we cut the 12 foot receiver that only Henne can see?

And we have the best-highest paid-o line that has No push

We are very predictable

henne lacks moxy

that pick is like a punt anyway

who cares

damn it

thank you Henning for not allowing Henne to throw on anything but 3rd downs....make it much easier for my boys to defense it!!

Well he threw it down field.......

Here we go Henne again...

and accuracy there

great touch pass there

Nice!!!!! Henne keeps getting better and better. Bench the guy please! Start Thigpen for God's Sakes!



FISH FRY !!!!! Worst D in the AFC and the smelly fish have 6 points.

and there it is, WHEN you cant run it at all, mistakes are going to happen, GOOD JOB!!!

nice pass Henne!

Our QB is very bright--throwing into double coverage. Wow.

where r u brett!?

had max protection and 3 wrs with 6 dbs...

henne had no chance

get rid of the max protection sets

I can almost understand if henne throws an interception because he forces the ball into Brandon Marshall.

But to Brian Hartline?



wow not its really getting bad

thanks clemons you dumbass.


Ricochet touchdown-none of these DB's can catch a cold!!!




Every week is a new culprit. A new loser. Clemons welcome.

and that's why do don't throw to heartline!!!

Henning needs to take a laxative and then a shot of Jack.

Seriously, are y'all still gonna defend this crap?!? Utter garbage

Put Penny or Thiggy in just to shake things up.

Fire Henning & mybe also TS as soon as game's over

Glad we didn't cater to Ryan Clark when he was here

Seems like ALL of Henne's passes have touch now...

the bengals throw deep so much

clemons sucks too...

the whole secondary sucks

fire the trifecta

Time to get the stick 'em out for our secondary

oh well when your the Bungles or the Jets you take any luck you can get..Palmer was owned on that but we sucked it out....and i know about sucking out

Team of LOSERS. Bunch of guys who will never get it done because thats what losers do.

Whoever wrote that article about Clemons just dug up his grave. Poor guy. Bench Henne now!!!!

I am now at a new level of disbelief.


this team is Killing me

6 and 10 here we come.

why does hit tip it up. football 101. cmon coaches ciah you players!!!!!

3rd and 10---2 wr, fb, rb, te...base offense...interception

we have no luck

Our team has no leadership when it matters.

the drafting and trades have been so bad...

so many bad picks and players on this team

3 years and this team still sucks...

parcells failed.

Wow r u ding kidding me. Miami has no chances to win

may be we can kick a FG before half time!

My fear is that's why we don't have Henne go downfield more often. Hartline over the middle into triple coverage ain't gonna cut it. If you're going to throw into that kind of coverage at least go to Marshall.

we should have 4 INTs by my count!!!


lets atleast get something before the half

damn man this is not going well. all Db's would be on jugs machine for 1 hour each day after practice if i was coach. we have dropped at least 5 int.'s this season so far.

Chris Clemons...Another stiff...

and that's why you cut clemmons

So we're back to a 3 possesion game? Need to keep track of our FG count

cobbs is back on thecteam

ted ginn would have housed that...

but lets use slow cobbs.

Mando, you're missing the point. They specifically told Henne to avoid throwing the ball deep to Marshall.
Bench Henne now!

Man these guys are fun to watch. Every week they find ways to choke it up. LMFAO.

2nd blown pick!!! by clemmons

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