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Bengals lead Dolphins 7-3 leading to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals used the no-huddle attack to do heavy damage against Balitmore last week. The Dolphins must have seen it on tape ... but didn't necessarily come with an answer for it.

The Bengals used the tactic to score on their first possesion -- one that saw Miami defensive backs overmatched by the Benglas WRs. The Dolphins answered with, what else, a field goal.

The second quarter begins now. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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There is no 'levels' with hennings play calls. When they replayed that pick, everyone was with 5 yards of each other. No slants, no TE underneath. Just awful

Awesome ... we're almost in FG range!

they r WAKING UP!!!!!!

Cincy doesnt even have starting DB playing...henne is staring down the wr he throws too, even a college db could anticipate and pick that throw off

so henne throws one INT and he needs to be benched?

eli manning averages like 2 INTs a game. Shut up already jesus the off coord sucks and our clemmons is trash that TD should have never happened

ted gin would have taken a knee

zaphid lmao

I feel like we are snake bit.

Face it folks, our players just don't make plays. Cobbs drops a nice pass downfield, Clemons drops an int, Ronnie and Ricky go down on first contact. At least Carpenter is solid.

lol z



3 field goals to take the lead

we are going into fist pump field goal mode.

Man I hope Ross cleans house...What a joke...

I sure am glad the Dolphins didn't consider adding TO in the offseason to play opposite Marshall.

That would have been a disaster.


LOL @ zaphod

mcduffie. hennne lackd urgency

and I KNOW ABOUT CHOKING...just ask manchez


No he doesnt need to be benched..he need coaching help with his staring and footwork

O great, the offense has the ball in FG range, YAY!!!

Ted Ginn wouldn't have run it up the middle.

lets takea shot now

the tuna hates TO

therefore TO must be a good play

the useless tuna loves bad players.

Mando...i was yelling to get TO as well...he couldnt have hurt our O...only made it better

comin Dolphins!! touchdown now

Henne needs to get a TD here for us.

Here we go dolphans!!!

might as well kick the FG.

ok brown is catching up to carpenter

run ronnie run!!!!

i love TUNA...its more smelly fish...just like my mom was....ah mamories

Look, lets give these guys a break. A FG here will cut it to 14-9 and then we get the ball first in the second half, so that's another FG and we're only down by one FG.

Lets lose he rest of are games to get a high draft choice and waste on aholes like Oddrick,


god damn.

KICK the freakin FG already!!!!

good play by cobbs, but no speed..... any other returner.....TD

Alright Henne apologists, come clean. All he is asked to do is NOT LOSE the game. He is a manager, a .500 QB, a wash. That's it. That sucks, but it is what it is. You have nothing beyond that to crow about.

This is huge, need to find the endzone here, no excuses

This still has the look of the sort of game that Sparano loves - a tight contest that can be won in the 4th quarter.

It's Wannstedt redux.


Keep talkin' about Brown FOOLS!

Henne almost had it stripped again. He can't make the proper reads to save his life.

Take a shot at the endzone for once! geeze man, this is so frustrating. Washington and the Rams scored already by throwing to theor main WR in the red zone

angry elf...its true he isn't good BUT we have so many holes after 3 years:

1. rbs suck
2. play calling sucks
3. coach sucks
4. secondary sucks
5. pass rush mostly sucks
6. LBs suck

three years and we still have all these holes.

nice catch.

here come the fg

might as well just kick the field goal

get it over with now on 3rd down

nice drop Fasano

can anybody catch the ball, offensively or defensively???

This is what happens, we needed a safety they didn't draft a good one, look what happens

henne threw it at his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool...we are in FG range!!!

no endzone????????

anoyhe freaking field goal

Henne is AWFUL. Holding on to the ball instead of hitting Bess early on that play led to 2 yard gain.

$50 million WR...and he doesn't get a SINGLE look down here...

wtf is wrong with morono and henning?

Armando ask them that question for the love of god.

Go for it for once!!!

Interesting TO by the Bengals there. They think they can score again before the half, whether Miami gets a TD or FG.

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