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Bengals lead Dolphins 7-3 leading to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals used the no-huddle attack to do heavy damage against Balitmore last week. The Dolphins must have seen it on tape ... but didn't necessarily come with an answer for it.

The Bengals used the tactic to score on their first possesion -- one that saw Miami defensive backs overmatched by the Benglas WRs. The Dolphins answered with, what else, a field goal.

The second quarter begins now. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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how many times do we have to settle for field goals? New OC required before thia season is completely lost






F the Fist Pump!

Got to hand it to Coach Bowling Shirt, outsmarting the Bengals D by not throwing to Marshall in the endzone.

Henne is not the answer. Miami Plays like they want to lose, sometimes you just have to go for it on 4th instead of taking the FG. 4th and 2 is almost automatic for Polite. We bring in Brandon Marshall and then we ignore him on offense. Why does Miami play like wimps? Start airing it out, I don't think the coaching staff trusts Henne not to throw an interception.

Don't worry, very soon someone who has my IP Address is gonna pay me a visit when I least expect it, I'm about to get mine


we can make it a one possession game IF

1. good punt return (LOL)
2. henning calls good pass plays (LOL)

2 possession game going into the half.

bess rerurns for fg

odd a three and out and no fist pump from dead man walking

lol test said WE like hes a phan....and not a loser antagonist reactionary douche like ME

Marshall the friendly Ghost the friendliest Ghost you Know!!!!!!!

F*uck the Fist Pump!

No pressure, cant run, QB with a very low IQ, and coaches with no balls. Sums it up.

now just watch
Saprano called time out
they go 3 and out
Henning will have Henne kneel down

time for another FG fist pump!!!!(maybe)

hial mary for field goal.

if we run the ball on first down im going to beat someone

we have a chance to go into halftime only down by 2

14-12 at the half.time enough for a fg


LMAO I am just about at a lost for words... I think I just need to face the fact that Miami is really just not a good football team. They are average at best. Clearly they aren't even close to contending. Good teams take advantage of situations that put them in great spots to score points. FGs don't cut it. That's a hard pill to swallow.

why the f would thet run

We did NOT just run on 1st down from the 50

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF! 21 seconds at the 50 yard line and you call a draw!

WTF kind of call is that??

Get the ball back so we can take a knee

mY GOD---a run on 1st down...r u serious??

The Bengals mismanaged the clock badly on their possession and now may end up giving the Dolphins a score because of it.

so we run the ball hahaahaha this team is a joke!!!

seriously? a run? oh....i see it now....we only need 10 more yards for a fg.

And here comes the knee.

What's Carpenter's range?

this is why we havent had a legit No.1 WR since Chambers, we dont throw to him!! we might as well trade picks for Marshall and draft a bunch of TE's and RB's

Here we go, lets get another FG!!!

not with hennings playcalling and piss poor clock management by sparano we dont!!!

henne just wont throw it

I hate fist pumps.
unless, of course, they're pumping into me.

that's why i get so pissy, aside from being a whine as sed little b it ch h o m o coward.

because the fists aren't going up the ol' backdoor like i like em

lets take a knee?

Nice dump off Henne

Take a shot

why a run henning?

captain checkdown

Exactly what the announcer said.

Moronic call on first down.

A field goal kicking machine are we!!

thanks bengals for the timeout

playing for 3 again!

Is Sparano calling plays?

I can't keep doing this. I've been a finfan for 41 years. I have mulitple jerseys, hats, t-shirts, posters. You name it, I've got it. I have been a unquestioning fan. Week in week out. I love my dolphins. But I can't do this anymore.

I don't have the energy anymore. I can't live with the style of play we've decided to play. This keep it close, play hard, and hope type of game is just not conducive to consistent winning. Too many times a freak play or freak call lose the game when you play this style.

I can't do this anymore. Having been a finfan for so long, I can't root for anyone else. So do I just stop watching all together or what? It is apparent that the fins are good but not great. Nothing suggests to me that is going to change any time soon. This finfan is worn out. The team is asking too much of its fans to keep rooting for a .500 team.

I sign off as one frustrated, upset long time dolphins fanatic.

Anyone know Henne's Wunderlic score?

solomon Wilcots all over the inabilitu to go DOWN the field

Holy crap ... for a moment I thought Miami called that timeout!

I've never hated this team more. Seriously 2007 at least they did things that made football sense, they just couldn't execute.

can anybody imagine if carpenter wasnt as good as he is right now at FGS, our games would be blowouts period!!!

why the hell is Brandon Marshall not being used???? i just dont get it.

one possession game!


Marshall too young to trade, Zach, we can draft an RB and Im sure we will.

Commentators are saying Henne should take shots downfield to MARSHALL...

No way?!

now go for the FG!!!!

yes field goal is our middle

Carpenter for MVP ... no he is the MVP

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