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Bengals lead Dolphins 7-3 leading to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals used the no-huddle attack to do heavy damage against Balitmore last week. The Dolphins must have seen it on tape ... but didn't necessarily come with an answer for it.

The Bengals used the tactic to score on their first possesion -- one that saw Miami defensive backs overmatched by the Benglas WRs. The Dolphins answered with, what else, a field goal.

The second quarter begins now. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Yeaaaaaa fg.

CBS Stat Marshall Throw to 1 Caught 1 Yds 20

sparano happy?????


Wise choice adding Carpenter to your fantasy team.

Carpenter is a fantasy beast!

Seriously...what's the record for made FGs in a season? 5 FGs last week, 4 today at the half.

Danny is our MVP

thank god for carpenter. we need touchdowns henning and henne

hell yeah im killing it in fantasy. thats 12 plus i have the whole second half.

i think his wonderlick is the same as my Iq...10


Why do we not throw it down the field

tomy jumpin around like he won the frivkin super bowl

the wr's can not get open..if they don't have the speed than where's the route running?



Sparano acts like we just won the game on a last second field goal. I guess you just make your own reality when you suck.

When was the last time Carpenter missed?

Waaah waaah waaaaaah
we're down by two
i'm a f'king baby

put your co ck in my mouth to shut my skirt as s up


ok....heres my new thought on this team...

lets just have the other team concede that we will only score fgs. so we no longer need to go on offense. now....we can trade everyone and get some talent on O. Then well just play defense for about 8-10 series and if the other team can score more than 24pts they win. sound like a plan? or wait....is that the plan?

Carpenter is good.

Is Sparano mentally challenged?

i know we need TD's but that defensive stop and the field goal was huge in the 1 minute of the half

fist pump field goal :(

10 also the size I like in my ass 10 inches of man meat

Tony Sparano quote from last play: "yeahhhhhh! That's right! That's right! Yeahhhh! You wanna touch these? You wanna touch my 6 pack!?! I put fish oil on these bad boys every night! Yeahhhhhh!!!

tony morono pumped up like he won a play off game

what a joke of a coach he is

meanwhile my JESTS are down 3-0 to the packers that these smelly fish beat...cmon manchez...you promised!

Need I point out Sparano's exuberance at the end of the half...hey pal your down 14-12. This is so much like Wanny I feel like Im 28 years old again! Thanks!


Yayyyy ANother FG FistPump FIstPump Are the coached just oblivious to what is so obvious to all the fans and the rest of the NFL

If we can get four more field goals in the 2nd half, we'll have a chance to win this thing.

9 fg in a row in 2 weeks

Getting the most about stinking offensive play calling.

Thank God for Carpenter-who let Randy Shannon on the field to call that time out-when Carson was trying to call one-reminds me when Randy called a time out when their was a measurement-automatic time out in such an instance.
What continues to take Henne so long to get the ball out-let's please cut the 2 foot and 12 foot receivers only Henne can see!

This is like being eaten to death by a venomous duck!

Tony is a functional retard..

did anyone's first row net link freeze?


he'll always be more respected and better paid than you.
he's smarter
he's better
people care about what he does
no one will ever care what you do, aside from cry like a little girl and annoy people.


That was the worst call. A draw...really. If that doesn't say everything what does? Bad call that made us use a timeout. If they don't get rid of O.C. then Tony needs to be let go as well.

oh look CJ the homer morono lover has made his presence felt.

mnt that's the most dead on analysis of this team. im right there with you.

CJ, you are the only person in town who thinks morono is a good coach...

you must love fist pumping in the bed room

Man this team is turning into a joke. 9, NINE, nueve FGs and counting in 2 games. Points are points but damn talk about being pathetic.


morono is smarter than no one...

the whole world knows he is going for a field goal...

test....you told me you wouldnt tell our secrets!

This is starting to try my patience. I'm trying to be objective about this, but it is hard to be supportive of Henne or anything this offense is doing.

crapy play callimg

marshall cant earn his $50 mill if they dont throw the ball to him.

I need a doughnut!

that drop by patrick cobbs f#$k everything up..he knew he blew it cause he came back wit that long return!

hey guys whats a website where i can watch the game on the net.. i cant find the addy i usually use which is p2p...

you know marshall is going to be vocal soon


i saw a post earlier where you were requesting a fist pump in yer backdoor.

I'm hardly a homor, but yer an idiot

if henne went 5 tds and 1 int and we won 40-3 you'd be whining about the int and calling for sparano's head for going for a field goal

you never comment on good plays, only bish like the pus skirt you are.

you weren't beaten enough as a child, and you weren't beaten enough in highschool

your a miserable little coward, period

all hennings fault get
rid of him Ross

If anyone wonders why Henning is so conservative, just look at what Henne does. Third and long, deep in his own territory, and he throws into TRIPLE coverage. And then the pathetic touch pass to Fasano near the goal line, which any decent college quarterback could execute. The coaches see what this guy does in practice all week, and it translates to the game plan.
Blame Parcells for going with Henne as the future in Miami, and blame the coaches for not having the guts to admit this. People keep saying he is young and progressing. Not so, he now has 20 starts, and if anything, he is regressing.

cj chill dude

well said finfan

No henning was as conservative with Pennington too..

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