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Birdman looking for nest as Dolphins minority owner

And now this from the surreal part of Miami Dolphins football.

Rapper Birdman, who is Bryan Williams in the real non-rapper world, is apparently the next Dolphins minority owner in waiting.

Birdman broke the news to Angela Yee on the Morning After radio show.

"It's in [the] works," Williams, I mean, Birdman said. "You have to get clearance from the NFL and we're waiting for clearence. Once we get clearance, we good."

Birdman was arrested and charged with possession of more than two ounces of marijuana in 2007. There are conflicting reports as to the disposition of the matter, with some saying he pleaded no contest and others saying the charges were dropped.

I'm certain the NFL security dept. will get to the bottom of that matter. I'm sure the Dolphins already did all their due diligence, right?

If Birdman is approved, he would join Mark Anthony, Gloria Estefan, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, and Fergie as minority owners of the team.

My fave Birdman joint?

I'll go with Stuntin' like my Daddy, which inspires many emotions in me. As a concealed weapons license holer, I'm also partial to Always strapped.


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Dear Mr. Salguero

I would have thought Mr. Ross was more of a Perry Como or Burl Ives kind of guy...I guess you just never know.

Soiled :)

this franchise is a hitting a new low. are we a football team or a circus. No wonder bill ran away.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"As a concealed weapons license holer"....you said Holer :)

Not just a weapon but weapons !?

I'll assume the other weapons are a pair of nunchucks and some Ninja throwing stars....am I right ?

Soiled :)

Woooody bribad bebeyyy....you kno....New Orrrrleans wooooouuuday

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its about time the Dolphins ownership group got some street cred.

Besides that Mark Anthony weed sux....don't take my word for it, just ask Mr. Ross.

Soiled :)

this is funny - i agree with Al above, we are starting to look like a circus rather then a pro-nlf team

Aren't there plenty of bird teams out there he can buy into?

Seriously though, I agree with Al, this is getting ridiculous. One owner or make the team a publicly traded commodity like Green Bay.

Who'll be tha last rat to jump off this sinking ship???????

I'm tired of everyone blaming Tuna's utter failure to build a decent team here, or to stick w/ this project, on Ross.

I'm not crazy about Ross's 3-ring circus, but he gave Parcells & co. unlimited $$$ and free-reign, and they came up with Pat White & Bobby carpenter.

Tuna & co screwed up the personel all on their lonesome.........and big-time epic fail, too!

Menace----I'm equally interested in who will be the NEXT rat to jump ship.

What gets me is this idiot(Ross) is slowly selling the team to a bunch of has beens and now is going full force and now selling to gutter-snip losers.... Who's next to get a piece of the rock Osama Bin Laden?????Unbelievable

Does Vincent Jackson wanna be a Phin?

Funny how when everyone goes after Parcells or the Trifecta they mention Pat White, Bobby Carpenter, etc... Never seem to hear about all the good players they brought here. I wonder why that is?

can you imagine a owners meeting? lol

Maybe the NFL will step in.... Not likely, They hate the dolphins like Rappers hate the cops...., Hey Ross I hear the william (teabag)Davis(only indicted on 2 murder charges,and convicted on 3 baby momma beatings) is looking to invest his lst 49 dollors in the team....

can you imagine a owners meeting? lol

Posted by: standley23 | October 11, 2010 at 12:45 PM

LOL but not really....

How did this Moron(Ross)accumulate so much money???????????

menace, ross he owns kangaroo media, the fan vision garbage

No idea who this guy is nor do I care. I care about getting this team turned around after two very disappointing games. This team has dug themselves a hole they will need to climb out of. It starts this week in GB. It's a beat up team but it's going to take the same effort and energy it took in minnesota to have any chance and quite honestly it's a must win game.

Having said all that, I would hate to be a fan of the Cowboys or Packers or 49ers or Bills or even the Saints this morning. Man, this league is upside down right now. And what's with the Texans getting killed at home against the Giants. Strange times!

let see the excuses for the our green bay beating. I bet one will be that its cold up in green bay in october. We're not used to cold weather.

And for the record, I don't want to see any changes in the management structure. As has been said on here by a number of people it's going to set us back to dimantle everything. Henning goes after the season. We get rid of people like Crowder and we look to upgrade LB, WR, TE and RB, preferrably through the draft. I also want to see ST improved. If our new guy can get it done all the better. We're close but not there yet.

the estate of joe robbie still has a claim in that 5% of ownership??

U kiddin me

Think Lombardi did nother circle in his grave

Imagine the smoke out tail gate parties &
Ross is adding up all the munchie food

Not to mention Malt liquor, Hennesy & hooker sales

"U feel me, bro?"

Now the the dope dealers of this character can come to the games and ask r kids in the Miami Dolphins parking lot, "U Straight?"

"Watch U Need, Playa?"

"U Know What I`m Saying?"

Lombardi still turning

Home OUT !

What bout Charles Manson for a minority stake?

Too bad Jeffrey Damher is dead, huh?

U feel me, Bro?"


Joe Robbie. I would say may he rest in peace, but he is probably rolling over in his grave right about now.

his request will be honored .HE WILL SITTING NEXT TO JL-0


Did anyone know there was a club in the endzone? I love this guy Ross. They put the camera on him the other night while we were playing(losing) and the guy is stuffing his face. At least the Dolphins can party like rockstars in the club when they lose. Especially now that we will have a new DJ coming in soon. We good. No we not.





we need a new owner asap

it's 1 big orgy in the club section,what a freaking side show.imas is up next to buy and he wants all nappy headed ho's as cheer leaders..lol.

aloco,watch out during 1/2 time, the asian elephants are going to get spooked by the fireworks and charge the fans in their seats.lol

What's next? Ex-child star TV actors fresh outta rehab? This is stupid! All of these co-owners, a party barn at the stadium, am I the only one that thinks that these distractions have not helped the Fins home-field advantage one bit? If anything, they've taken from it (0-2 at home).

If ownership cared as much about football as they do about who they can bing in as minority owners and halftime shows and red carpets and nightclubs, we might be 4-0.

The Birdman at an Owners meeting?

F_ck it, lets have a past and present alumni party too!

Can you imagine Ricky and the Birdman hookin it UP!

We can get Mercury Morriss and weekend passes for Lawrence Phillips and Cecil Collins.

Phillips could be a mentor of sorts too Merling, teaching him the finer points of Be-atch Slappin Ho's.

Ireland could do his due diligence and bring in some unrestricted free agent Hookers!

This organization ROCKS!!!!


2watt,Make sure those elephants only crush the fans wearing green jersys.

ODIN, this guy he's going to own only .60 share and with the economy as is . every dollar is welcomed .

you guys who complain about the brother should sell some furnture and by fins tickets .

WELCOME~ To the Wringling Bros Barnum Baileys and Ross' Circus.

Obviously, there's no news today. So let me go back to that last blog posting, and the moronic Buffalo Bill.

See, Buffalo brain, some of us work for a living, so sorry I couldn't respond to your moronicism. So let me briefly respond now:

You damn right I hope opposing team players get hurt. I hope they all get hurt. Not die, not get so hurt they can't ever play the game, just get hurt enough to kick them out of the game against MY team. That's exactly how far I take it. This may be a game to you, and maybe some "fans", and even maybe some players, but it's not a game to me. This is the war by other means. When this team loses, if affects me negatively. When they win, it affects me positively, so yeah, to answer your question, I'm glad Rodgers got a concussion.

Now, did I say that's the only way we can beat GB, no I didn't. That's your inability to read (and hence why I refer to you as a moron). And, don't get me wrong, I'm not just taking one stupid post from this morning to make my assessment of your mental capacity. See, I read this blog religiously. I don't always comment, but I always read. And I know which posters are serious, or intelligent-sounding, and I know the ones that usually, if not always, say dumb, idiotic things. And you, my friend, are one of those. Now, I usually don't respond to them, but sometimes I just feel like I have to. Just to let that person know what I think of them. Now you know. I think you're a moron.

And, to go even further, since, like the moron you are, you came back with the childish, "I know you are so what am I" when I called you a moron. So let's delve into what separates us. See, everyone who knows my posts on this blog can tell you, I will describe in detail why I say something. I give people facts and provide reasoning of why I feel some way. Like I'm doing here. I'm not just calling you a moron, I'm telling you why I think that way, and providing evidence. My evidence that you're a moron is that you have no reason to go to your own blog, since your team is more like a collegiate team that a professional team. So you go on blogs of teams that I assume, you'd like your team to be one day. See, you're not saying much in your posts, but your showing your whole hand just by being here. And look, if you like coming to another team's blog, just to be told you're a moron, that's your choice (I mean, if you live in upstate NY, you've obviously got nothing better to do). But don't try to bring us down to your level. You said earlier you know you're team's bad, but we're dreamers and our team won't win 6 games. Funny, cause that's 6 more games your team will win. Actually, it's not funny, it's sad. Pathetic. Pitiful. What it is is displaced anger. You're displacing your anger for being a fan of such a crappy team by trying to condemn my team. Won't work. Because as bad as Miami could EVER be, trust me, everyone here says, "thank GOD we're not the Bills." You're a laughingstock. A total clown. And that's what makes you a moron. Good day to you sir!

nyc, i can see it now,they are attaching a cable from the s.e. rafters to the n.w. rafters at the stadium and there will be a tightrope walker doing his thing during home games..lol

who the heck is Birdman the only birdman i have ever heard of is Harvey Birdman.

did we really need marshall and dansby to be 2-2 right now? I mean we beat both the jets and NE at home last year and we lost to both this year.



DAMN! You go Bu-oY!!!!

PS: Do you think I'm more of an Idiot or a Moron? Most people say I'm an idiot, but I'm not so sure...............

Anywhoo, just curious.................


LOL odinseye. I think neither. You're a legitimate poster on here, I've gotten a lot of info from you actually. I'd say most of the people who've posted today are legitimate (ALoco, Boulder, finfaned, Cuban, CraigM). All of you guys present arguments and have respectable positions. Even that guy billcnnrs. I disagree with everything he says, but he's a contrarian, and is super-hard on the team when they lose. I can respect that.

What I don't respect is someone who's not even a fan of the Dolphins, coming on a Dolphins blog, talking trash about the Dolphins. That's just pathetic.

But your cool with me odinseye, no doubt!


I played my guitar after the game until about 3:00am.
Actually it was an ugly purple stratocaster that belongs to this Blondie Hottie I met. Anyways, WE played into the wee hours. It was therapeutic in every sense of the word.

Did you get the guild?

How much did you end up paying?

How about some good Dolphin news. Aaron Rodgers sustained a concussion yesterday. Don't have anything bad to say about Rodgers and hope he's fine but damn we need a win. "It's possible he will miss a game," McCarthy said. "He will definitely miss some practice time." I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the NFL but couldn't tell you who his backup is without looking it up.

Additionally, both TEs Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee were injured and will likely miss Sunday's game. And LB Nick Barnett is out for next Sunday. And that game at Cincinnati in a few weeks isn't looking so bad now either. Maybe we're going to catch a break or two thru this gauntlet of upcoming games?

just what they need. another useless idiot in the luxury boxes!


I don't want to sound like I'm swinging from anyones nads, but I'm glad you post here. Especially when you put the beatdown on idiots like Bungalow Bill.

F_ck it, I'll admit it, I love you man!!!!


As long as ownership keeps away from football, who cares where the cash comes from? I just hope the current staff gets another year or two to get this ship righted. If they bring in a new crew, we'll be waiting another 4 or 5 years to see a contending team.

Like the song says, "all we need is just a little patience"

i ended paying for the guild 2450 for it plus the guitar guy we took w/us 200 dollars .we got it from NH .a place where they make guitars amd the old man knew for 25 years ..life is good .


It's Matt Flynn.

The reason you probably never heard of him is because in his third season his NFL totals are:

9 of 17 for 64 yards.

0 TD's - 1 INT and a 37.4 career passer rating.

This guy is very green. Still It's not comforting too me, after all, we made Mark Sanchez look like Joe Namath 3 weeks ago.

Thanks odinseye, means a lot (it's hard to stay sane with some of these trolls that come on here). Outside of football discussions, I'm really a nice guy (hahaha).

Chris in the 623, that concussion news almost caused me a car crash. I was driving after the game, and since I'm in DC, got the news on the radio that Rodgers had a concussion. I almost totaled my car with excitement. Like you, don't want the guy to be out for the season, but we need some breaks. And I think this is a win or go home game for us. We lose, and I see us sliding through the rest of the season until Sparano gets fired at the end. So we really need a win this week. Especially if the Jets win.

How about Matthews, hear the extent to his injury? I watched that whole game, and it was a tale of 2 halfs. First half, he was in McNabb's face EVERY DOWN. Deadskins couldn't do anything. But 2nd half, when he was out, McNabb had more time to find receivers. If Matthews isn't playing this week, then Henne will light up that defense. Even still, our o-line is much better than DC's, so we should do better against Matthews. But he and Rodgers are the 2 scary guys on that team for me. If they're both out, not sure how we lose.

is it trure that Flynn is a red neck from taxses ?

is matt flynn a red neck QB from dallas ?


Some reports say Matthews will miss at least 1 game.

Other reports say we won't know until the injury reports come out for Sundays game.

Does anyone know what day the OFFICIAL injury reports come out? I thought it was on Fridays but I'm not sure.

Another thing, I thought the new anti-concussion rule states that anyone suffering a concussion has to sit out at least a week. Has anybody else heard this?

I wish he'd take over as majority owner. I think 97.2% of Americans would be a better Dolphins owner than Stephen Ross.


Close but not quite.

Matt Flynn is actually from Tyler, Texas-Home town of Dez Bryants Momma!

1 hour ago:

GREEN BAY, Wi--(WFRV-TV5) Coach Mike McCarthy has just announced the list of injured Packer players. Among the list, Rodgers, Barnett, and Matthews.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion in the last quarter of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins. McCarthy said he will miss some practice time this week, but will more than likely play in Sunday's game.

Linebacker Nick Barnett is due to have surgery on his wrist Wednesday.

Tightend Jermichael Finley is to have surgery on his knee, but McCarthy doesn't see this injury as season ending.

Others among the injured list include Clay Matthews, who is out with a hamstring injury.

Charles Woodson, Mark Tauscher, and Morgan Burnett are among other players with noted injured.

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