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Birdman looking for nest as Dolphins minority owner

And now this from the surreal part of Miami Dolphins football.

Rapper Birdman, who is Bryan Williams in the real non-rapper world, is apparently the next Dolphins minority owner in waiting.

Birdman broke the news to Angela Yee on the Morning After radio show.

"It's in [the] works," Williams, I mean, Birdman said. "You have to get clearance from the NFL and we're waiting for clearence. Once we get clearance, we good."

Birdman was arrested and charged with possession of more than two ounces of marijuana in 2007. There are conflicting reports as to the disposition of the matter, with some saying he pleaded no contest and others saying the charges were dropped.

I'm certain the NFL security dept. will get to the bottom of that matter. I'm sure the Dolphins already did all their due diligence, right?

If Birdman is approved, he would join Mark Anthony, Gloria Estefan, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, and Fergie as minority owners of the team.

My fave Birdman joint?

I'll go with Stuntin' like my Daddy, which inspires many emotions in me. As a concealed weapons license holer, I'm also partial to Always strapped.


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The rain delay is one thing.
Listening to Chris Berman is unbearable.

Yeah ALoco love the movie. My favorite of all time but I aint the Godfather and don't make a living killing people and selling drugs. So now the press box will be filled with ghetto trash with gold teeth and tattoos on their face. They have tear drops on their face. Tear drops in the gang world means you either killed someone or saw someone killed. These fake clowns never killed a thing. This is insanely ridiculous.


i gotta ask...how do you gp on a tirade against racisim and race in one sentence then tell someone to go back to their shoebox the next?

just wondering....

I think Jaws Tarico-Gruden tripple headed droolers are unbearable to listen to...I guess its a step above Mr. I have no NFL knowledge Kornhieser

Well shoebox has nothing to do with race man...just an insult on his intelligence


would also like to say thar i was in complete agreement with you and your comments about "players with heart" and so forth. but you lost me at the end

guess Westhoff will be CUTTING his kicker

C'mon Vikes.
Rip their heads off.
S!!t down their necks!

I hear ya, i was just trying to snuff Mike W out before he kept going on and on Kris.
So about the game tonight..i am thinking Favre is bothered by not only body sore-ness but this alleged scandal. I bet u his wifey screamed at him for days, he prolly slept at the jets facility...or in LT's bed lol

Man the Vikes are looking like crap! We really need them to beat the jets and it isnt looking good. Get this... Farve's dad passed amd he had a career game...Farve tried to pork a former playboy model and two massage girls, and he has a horrible game. There's something to that guys...

Who cares? they own a miniscule percentage of the team. It's clearly just for marketing purposes and selling more seats.

The dolphins have bigger problems to worry about than who owns less than 1% of the team.

By the way, no reason to include this man's past history. It's irrevelant in this case. Writer clearly did it as some sort of moral posturing. It's a football team not church.

You know... There is a long and proud tradition being ruined in Miami right now. Something has got to change, or I will have to give up my fandom. No one even cares about the football anymore. It's more about who is performing at half time, or who is walking down the orange carpet... maybe this is why the stands are empty by the end of the 4th quarter... THIS IS BS!!!

Birdman? Like Birdman from Alcatraz is more like it....team is becoming a joke now. I'm embarrassed this owner is downgrading this team to this level. Put a top notch product on the field-there are enough nightclubs in South Fl and don't need one at Dumb Life...esp. when there's nothing to party about. How about a chapel so we can pray for wins?

I absolutely agree with the person that asked if we are a football team or a circus. Mr. Ross seems more concerned with surrounding himself with celebrities than with building a winning franchise. I think if I were Bill Parcells, I'd probably be running for the hills too. He thought Jerry Jones was bad in Dallas, atleast he wasn't a celebrity groupie like Mr. Ross appears to be.
This is really getting embarrassing.

You damn right I hope opposing team players get hurt. I hope they all get hurt. Not die, not get so hurt they can't ever play the game, just get hurt enough to kick them out of the game against MY team. That's exactly how far I take it.

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