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Bobby Carpenter turns it around? Not so much

A couple of weeks ago, when Bobby Carpenter had a nice game against the Minnesota Vikings in that he had a good goal line stop of Adrian Peterson, I asked coach Tony Sparano if he could see Carpenter turning his career around in Miami.

I wondered if Carpenter could finally live up to his draft pedigree that Bill Parcells gave him as a first-round pick (18th overall) in Dallas in April 2006.

Sparano enthusiastically agreed Carpenter might indeed author the turnaround.

Guess he'll have to do it elsewhere. After continually costing the Dolphins on special teams the past three weeks, Carpenter was unceremoniously terminated today. I say unceremoniously because the team announced the termination of his contract with a one-sentence press release issued at 7:49 p.m.

Easy come. Easy go.


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Goodbye Barbie!!
Coach 'em up Coach Rizzi!!!
Go Dolphins!!!!

Still better than crowder.......And cheaper.


Who takes the roster spot?
Spitler or Johnson?

I wonder why it took so long to get this thing done.

By the way, I think we are going to hear a lot from Cam Wake for years to come. He is just a beast, has all the tools and the mind set to be really dominant.

Fred well said.

I think your 100% correct, but add V. Davis' name in there as well.

Lame mando......deleting stuff. What a liberal way to do things.

Too bad bec his dad was a real good, tough RB in the mold of Jim Kiick.

For the Pittsburg Game I would like,excuse me LOVE to see MJ on the field. He could inject some toughness into the defense. This game will be a physical battle. Why not get a mean hard hitting baaaad man in there to let them know we are here to play.

RR don't be a sanitary bag eh? The majority of your post was like a shoeless horse on a pebbled stream bed.

Bye bye better than chowder!!
Coach em up pennington!! (only real coach)
Go Flipper!!!!!

Posted by Sammy Smith and Cecil Collins

Hey shaggy! I just finished up with your mom. It took a little longer than expected. Shes not as good as she once was but i digress. You can go home now! Beat it pig!

Yep, the Fins could just have 4 perennial Pro Bowl players on D - Wake, Dansby, Vonte and Starks.

Bell was an alternate last year, not sure he's playing to that level this year.

Just heard on ESPN that Tuna has packed his things and moved out of his office.

Bill Parcells looks like Colin Montgomery!

tuna will be out in DAYS NOT WEEKS .


Funny how someone made a Crowder statement considering that next to Wake, he had the best game on defense. He was all over the field making plays. Including a couple of tackles that we're excellent. The one that comes to mind is the screen where he was partially blocked but he actually held on to make only a yard or two gain. People need to stop it. He makes them better on D especially now that we have Dansby.

ronnie, i need to agree with you, he does make the team bettet and fired them up.

WOW Armandoooooo! You really have your finger on pulse the Dolphins organization! A blog about Bobby Carpentar (on PFT earlier today) minutes before the halftime announcement Parcell's is leaving???


RED, WE KNEW TUNA IS LEAVING FOR LoNG TIME ,next 2 days more like it while fans in good mode .

Shawn Merriman. Soon to be released and comes absolutely free. Injuries have made him unreliable physically unreliable as an every down defender.

Jimmy Johnson had an interesting point yesterday. Jimmy said if it were him he would pick Merriman up and use him as a designated pass rusher.

If Merriman could thrive in that position he and Wake could make an awesome pass rushing tandem. As of now Misi only has one pass rush move and that's the bullrush.

Still better than crowder.......And cheaper.

Posted by: shaggy | October 18, 2010 at 09:44 PM

Um, no dude....Nooooo

Vincent Jackson

I think Jeff Ireland should give very strong consideration into offering Hartline and a 2nd round pick for Jackson. Another top flight reciever could boost our points per game average as much as 7pts a game. That's huge in today's nfl folks.

LOL @ronnie fan,

I didn't see your post. I was about to say almost the same exact thing you did. Remember in Crowder's first couple years playing next to Zach ? That's what we're going to see with Dansby, except Crowder's obviously better now than he was then...

Giving up a 2nd rounder for Vincent Jackson makes perfectly good sense. Who the hell could we draft with our 2nd rd pick that would come in and have the immediate impact Jackson would have? Especially with Jackson flanked by Marshall!!!

DyingBreed, those are interesting thoughts. How much would we have to pay Merriman ? If we can pick him up for crumbs, I say hells yes. Gotta be concerned about his celebrity lifestyle in Miami though. I would love to see Jackson lined up opposite Marshall with Bess in the slot. WOW. But do you think it's worth the money ? I hear he wants to be paid like Brandon Marshall, and I'm just not sure he's at that level yet.

Yeah, V-Jax is definitely worth a 2nd, for sure...Idk about a 2nd PLUS Hartline though. I see a ton of potential in the kid, and he's probably as football smart as Camarillo is.

In the past I wish he would've made some more plays myself but that doesn't mean he's bad. Maybe he wasn't getting enough help. Ayodele wasn't making plays and that was hurting them. No that Crowder is back it frees up Dansby to cover the tightends more often. No we need Odrick back and maybe we could make a push on the defensive side of the ball. I don't agree on the V Jackson comment though. So far we don't always get Marshall the ball. We need an identity on offense and right now the Phins don't have one.


how you going to afford Vincent Jackson ? in the end of this year you have to sign Henne and few other players .we don't have a money machine ,do we ?

Never understood why fans so hard on Crowder. Even Dansby has found it difficult making impact plays in the 4-3 defense with trash next to him.

Crowder actually represented what was right about the once overly generous defense. Barring injury the tandem of Dansby and Crowder will at least be top 3 in the league.

Aloco, Ron Burgundy,

Offering Hartline plus a 2nd rounder is part of the plan to offset Jackson's future cost. We eliminated a future expense in paying the 2nd rounder and eliminate Hartline's contract.

Sure its peanuts compared to what we would pay Jackson but every little bit helps. We would also be able to dump contracts of any underachievers on the team.

Jackson's worth it because his addition could definitely put this offense over the top. Hell both Marshall and Jackson demand double teams but defenses can't do that. It'll definitely be pick your poison and opens the run game up even more.

daying, find me another team has two chiefs like MARSHALL AND JACKson playing on one team and the rest of the team are indians getting paid peanuts .

I like Hartline too but he will never be VJax on his best days. Anyone thinking he can is living a pipe dream at the crackhouse.

Next man up should be micah johnson! he play really good in the preseason and was a sure tackler! if we can you must check on merriman availability! merriman and wake in pass situation? oh my! but we really need a cover lb in order to do what nolan wants to do! i cant think of none at the moment which makes EDDS injury that much worst!! we are one cover lb(non-starter) away from being dominant on defense!! Cya BARBIE CARPENTER!! this dude should have been cut 3 weeks ago! nice move by the front office! if the rams cut you, you have no nfl life! i hope we stop showing loyalty to old washed up former players and draft picks!!

Do we even have a second round pick to give up?

There have been many great wr combos, even in our own backyard, Duper and Clayton. But the most famous championship combos I can think of are Swann and Stallworth, Rice and John Taylor.

Imagine if we had a defense and run game to go with Marino-Duper-Clayton. That would have at least been a 3 championship run.


They lose VJax for no compensation next season anyway. I'm sure a 2012 2nd rd'er is a much better option.


Misi and or Ala-Francis still play the base downs. Merriman comes in in pass rush situation if he shows he still has that ability.

Edds not even in the 2011 conversation. But if we can get Merriman, he pans out, then combined with Edds in 2012 would add mucho gusto to our defensive flexibility.

Anyway guys,

On offense I believe we are only one major impact player away from being a legit championship offense.

On defense I believe we are only one major pass rusher away. Would also like to have a Troy Polomalu type strong safety. Coverage is not Bell's strong suit and at times misses key tackles.

Sadly I think Bell maxes out his potential as pro bowl alternate. That's his peak.

However if you're going have less than a pro bowler I'll take Bell over any other ss all day long.

Time for Ireland to make bold moves now. The better a team becomes the more diluted thier chances become to pluck premium talent from the draft. The better you get the further away from the cream you are selecting.

The clock's ticking, these guys dont stay young forever. Once the sound foundation's laid you gotta act fast. You rarely get a 2nd chance to make a good first impression.

I hope we make a big time move too guys...i just dont think ole ireland has the sack to do it...

Can't keep trying to surround premium talent with scrubs and expect its going to turn out right.

3 more impact players max can turn us from championship contender to championship defender. 1 on offense(wr) 2 on defense(impact sackmiester). Possibly a Polomalu type ss.

2-3 impact players away is all that separates us from a Vince Lombardi. Shows some nards Mr Ireland!!!

Ok, someone said something about naming a team with two #1 Wrs. Begals got TO and Chad Ochocinco! Ain't doing them any good, but they got 'em.

Vincent Jackson would be a great addition. As long as we don't have to sell the farm to get (and keep) him.

Shawn Merriman would also be a great addition. But, he is injury prone now and no longer in his prime.

Gotta trust Sparano and Ireland to do their "due diligence" on both players and make the best call. That's what they get paid to do.

Or, they could bring in another "diamond in the rough" which is what I expect them to do. It's just the way they like to do business. More than likely they move someone up from Practice Squad and then add an unkown acorn to the PS.

How about some credit for Jason Allen. Another int and a solid game.


"Diamonds in the rough" are just a cheap method to try and build a sound foundation. After that foundation has been built, as indeed we have. Diamonds in the rough is just a way say one or two things:

1. Our egos are so overbloated we honestly believe we'll succeed at somthing that's never been done.

2. We're just too stupid to realize that Diamonds in the rough now means we'll only stay perrenially competive. That fine if you like finishing season somewhere between 10-4 and 8-8.

Only hope Ireland realizes this too.

I guess ACORNS are fine for fans looking to see us finish between 10-4 and 8-8 for the next 4-5 seasons.

It takes balls(nuts) to win championships not acorns. Next time you see a squirrel hoist the Lombardi trophy let me know.


As long as Vonte continues his development as a topflight nfl corner J Allen should be fine. If Allen continues to rise at his current pace he's very high in the pro bowl discussion.

DyingBreed: I like your advocacy for V. Jackson and Merriman, but I also agree with Tracy474. Do the homework on these two. I think Merriman's best days are behind him - but he's still formidable.

If we get Jackson, then there will be pressure to become a passing team. Henne would have to be a top passer for us to be successful - otherwise he could end up like Carson Palmer who can't capitalize on two premiere wideouts. But still, the thought of Jackson and Merriman are too tempting to easily dismiss.

thank Baby Jesus!!! Bobby Carpenter Sucked!

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To all the Channing Crowder haters, this guy is as good as it gets in run support. We've missed him, and he could have made the difference in the two losses.

Ya see the situation is just that simple. It is easy to identify. Thank You.

Foosball is the devils game

I hope we make a big time move too guys...i just dont think ole ireland has the sack to do it...

Posted by: cowkilla | October 18, 2010 at 11:26 PM

For real ? Who do you think is responsible for Dansby AND Marshall this past offseason ? Not sure about Dansby, but Marshall was DEFINITELy brought here by Ireland's hand.

Dude...I know what he did before the season man..i mean i dont think he has the sack to pull it off before the deadline

thank F'N God! He was horrible.

I agree Carpenter sucked any chance we could bring back Charlie Anderson he had a few sacks last year and I think he special teams too or did get picked up already

Merriman is garbage! I live in S.D. and he is nothibg but Hollywood. He splits lockers rooms and doesn't have the skill to help us unless he's on the juice. Just look at his numbers since his suspension. No good for the Phins! Vincent Jackson is a different story. If he just stops drinking and driving. He's a good dude off the field. Even better he.s very good on it.

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