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Bobby Carpenter turns it around? Not so much

A couple of weeks ago, when Bobby Carpenter had a nice game against the Minnesota Vikings in that he had a good goal line stop of Adrian Peterson, I asked coach Tony Sparano if he could see Carpenter turning his career around in Miami.

I wondered if Carpenter could finally live up to his draft pedigree that Bill Parcells gave him as a first-round pick (18th overall) in Dallas in April 2006.

Sparano enthusiastically agreed Carpenter might indeed author the turnaround.

Guess he'll have to do it elsewhere. After continually costing the Dolphins on special teams the past three weeks, Carpenter was unceremoniously terminated today. I say unceremoniously because the team announced the termination of his contract with a one-sentence press release issued at 7:49 p.m.

Easy come. Easy go.


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they cut the incredibly useless deadweight on special teams...

this new special teams coach is good!

we can probably up our return game. at this point we can probably get ginn back for a 7th...lol

crowder did what dobbins and carpenter didn't actually wrap up and tackle. those two guys whiffed 75% of the time.

Saying Bobby Carpenter is better than Channing Crowder is the most ignorand statement that has ever been written. You really have to know very little about football to say something so delusional.

We do make some dumb a*sed moves, letting Grant and Douglas go spring to mind esp when Oderick went lame, and letting Charlie Anderson go and getting Carpenter....mmmm!!! and now we have signed another Anderson ex Dallas....why?
ps What do Cobbs and Hilliard actually do on any given Sunday?

Who needs to go is Parcells and Ireland! Their dumba#@ moves is what has gotten this team in this mess in the first place.

What mess? are we Dallas, the Bolts, Denver, Oakland, Panthers, S Fran, Vikings, get a grip..... !!!
ps in case you`ve been in deepest Africa these past two months, some news for you, Tuna has gone!

Wow I had no idea that was Carpenter's history- a first round Dallas bust. It is pathetic that it took regular season game failures for this organization to fix that. Are there other players who would otherwise not be on this roster, or in the NFL for that matter, that coaches must have felt some pressure to keep because of the Parcells/Dallas connections?


Parcells might LOOK like Monty but at least Parcells knows how to win in the States.

Carpenter waas horrible!! I'm not a big Crowder fan but Crowder is a far better player. There's talk that Thomas Howard from the Raiders is out there. Wondering what it might take to get him.

Monty knows how to win at Celtic Manor....................;-}

Carpenter had a huge hand in winning one game for us(Minnesota). But also had a huge hand in losing 2 games for us(Jets/Pats).

Can you say classic proverbial 1 step forward 2 steps backwards? Dumpster diving isnt always a good thing. Finally we toss it back from which it came!

This is your most welcome news yet. I resent the guy that said crowder is worse than bobby carpenter, perhaps he is watching a different dolphins team. I'm sure Crowder would have blocked someone on special teams. I cannot believe Bill squandered away a first rounder on him. Now I would like to hear if Ireland is content on passing on Dez Bryant for Odrick and Misi?? I'd take bryant in a hertbeat....

Jesus was a Carpenter too. What a lousy way to treat Jesus!

ship offense.

On defense I believe we are only one major pass rusher away. Would also like to have a Troy Polomalu type strong safety. Coverage is not Bell's strong suit and at times miss

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