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Carpenter (5 FGs) leads Bengals, 15-14 to start 4th quarter

CINCINNATI -- Dan Carpenter for Pro Bowl!

He connected on his fifth field goal of the day against the Bengals in the third quarter to give the Dolphins a 15-14.

At least the Miami defense has tightened up.

Let's see what happens as we put this puppy to bed.


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the trifecta has failed. clean house.

"Puppy to bed" is right, Armando. This team reminds me of a litter of puppies that won't bite.

We have a proud history of some mean field goal kickers: Garo ... Mare ... and now Carpenter.

GAME LINK??? Lost first row one

Nice tackle Dansby!


a touch down would be so amazing right now...

dansby is GOOD.

to think it could have been 35-14 Dolphins

I love Karlos and Carpenter

Montreal is right, you know......

It's only a matter of time before Marshall erupts, and "we" start accusing him of being a crybaby, and a diva, and talking about him being a team cancer.

If Miami was any sort of decent team, they would be winning in a walkover today. Other than the first drive and one bobbled shoulda-been INT that turned into a TD, the defense has been good.

The offense, week after week, does nothing but kick FG's. If they'd converted a couple of TD's today, this thing would be all but over.

Field goals and defense. Worked in '72, I guess. Except Professor Griese actually had a brain.

Someone needs to tell Sparano that there's no penalty for "scoring too much"

Parcells is like a used car salesman. You think you got a decent deal, but, after a couple years you realize it's just a piece of crap he sold you...

ginn > bess+cobbs on returns...

greg camarillo > hartline+sapp

trifecta failed.

Bad field position = an even more afraid offense = 3 & out = ??????????

Game link...pretty please?

TD? Hell, I want to see Carpenter kick 5 more FG this quarter ... let's go for the record of offensive timidity!

The defense has actually corrected itself after the first quarter. Wouldn't you agree?

is "White Shoes Johnson" still alive? Can we sign him to return punts???

we need to hire someone with balls to be our o coordinator. henning is out to lunch.

your right Carpenter's...HE thinks its a scoring cap and hes trying to stay under it

you know how on great teams evey week someone steps up to make a play. it seems on our team every week someone steps up to screw up. they are putting a lot of pressure on the O and D with the terrible field position.

The defense this year is good enough to go all the way. Special teams gaffs and offensive philosophy have kept us average.

Yes, Armando...but the rest of team is shooting self in foot.


Im sorry, but watching miami and cincy play, its like watching the same team in scrimmage, and bess is still returning punts...WTF!!

So glad we paid 50 million for Marshall. Not his fault...Henne is afraid to throw to him if he has a man on him.

Bess has, since he showed up in the league, been a terrible punt returner. He isn't dangerous and he's fumbled some. Is he really the best and most reliable the team has to put back there?

How long can we expect the defense to keep this up? We need a touchdown.

Armando, Nolan real assistant coach making changes...

Stubborn Henning/Morono never making changes...game plan remains FG FG FG FG FG FG FG

lol @ Carpenters Son ...

Why as a coach when Bess has already muffed a punt would you give him the opportunity to do it again

best play call yet

Wow...a throw to Marshall...but he was wide open so Henne wasn't scared to throw to him.

2 big pass plays...

now we go into fist pump FG mode...

Man ... if Marshall had broken that tackle ....

we need to score a TD on this drive. but thats a long way off

Hartline made a nice play there, maybe looking for some redemption

Hartline...Sophomore slump! Nice play there, though.

Throw deep! COME ON!!

30th in scoring offense......that deserves a fist pump right there itself!!!!

FG TIME!!!!!



Dolphins 30th in NFL in total with TD's scored with 10.

Henning and QB no good.

GREAT PLAY! Nice designed play, I like it Henning!

Marshall = Ginn's opposite

Chunk yardage, that's what I'm talking about!

who are these guys?

What?! no FG?

So Carpenter has to be approaching the record. Is 6 FGs the record? Now would be a terrible time to score a TD when a record is at stake.

We HAVE to score a TD here!

the dolphins offense finally makes an appearance

why can't henning/morono do this all game long?

would have been nice to see ricky score on that run.

Does anyone else die just a little bit when the commentators say "great play call" and "well designed play"?

Theres RICKY. Thought he was outta of the game

Come on ... call a FG!

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