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Carpenter (5 FGs) leads Bengals, 15-14 to start 4th quarter

CINCINNATI -- Dan Carpenter for Pro Bowl!

He connected on his fifth field goal of the day against the Bengals in the third quarter to give the Dolphins a 15-14.

At least the Miami defense has tightened up.

Let's see what happens as we put this puppy to bed.


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See ... this is the point where we show show some heart on offense ... our stalwart defense then gives it right back after playing great for most of the game.

Now Nolan's boys will give up a quick 6.

Choking fish have lots of time screw this one up.

Tortured: First and 10 GB, the team the Dolphins defeated IN WISCONSIN.

bout time SAPP


Nice call Nolan

Great call by Nolan

Mike Nolan is making it happen right now.

am I asking too much to win a game without a 4q sweat? Defense!!!!

Is this where our d goes soft or will they actually play until the end of the game

Who is this team and what did they do with the Phins?

Good job! I take back my snide comment about our defense. Sorry boys!

LOL Cromartie mandandled the reciever and no CALL!
heee hee hee

6 dropped INTs

Another missed interception by 3 defenders!

65 play 9:08 minute drive ending in a field goal to win.

Cmon DBs!!! Catch the ball!!!!!!

ocho-stinko is frustrated

ESPN radio is talking us up!

We need a Touch Down! Then I will fist Pump!

Newsflash: Bess CAUGHT a punt!

Let's see some Killer Instinct for a change. Put this game away!!!

Lets score another TD and put this one away.

bengals will get more shots to tie this game, sparano and henning will see to that

yup told ya Nolan would screw it up!

oh wait he sacked him....nevermind

Defense looks great but please don't go conservative now! You've got your hands around their throats. Let's put the squeeze on and this one is over. You hearing me Henning?

okay, time to get the dbs on the jugs machine

Heat Big 3 cruise to easy win .... 101 - 78.


Mando, who are the dudes in the Aqua and Orange?

And what is a TD?

Damn...we got a TD?

How many dropped INT's today? Is that four? Or five?

what was that? like 8 dropped INTs

dare i say, fg actually will close this game out

It's time to step on their throats and put this game away.

Ummm...play-action deep to Marshall down the sideline to where he catches it or no one does. Is that too much to ask?

WHY WHY WHY WHY do you run the Wildcat,

wildplaykiller shows again that no team is out of it except our offense

Wildcrap ... well, at least we're in FG range now!

The Jets are still laying an egg against the Pack.

coaches running ball

Never mind, Its the Phins.........

3 runs!!! Henning you f@$$#@$@# moron!

Three wildcat plays today ... 3 yards.

packers score another FG on yets!!!! lmao

or if it was all just luck

i sure hope they havent gotten some tude. that would make me pee my pants...again


Someone needs to put henning in a old folks home. WTF

Did you just see Sparano's face? He looked pained that Henning called another Wildcat!

Man, the Wildcat is so crappy this year. It was so much fun to watch last year.

Time to give it up already.

no comment on that drive.

Everyone on Defense needs to spend 30 mins every practice for the rest of the year catching balls from the jug machine. That is at least the 12th dropped INT this year.

WildCat WTF! Doesnt make sense to the announcer either


Bring in the Wildcrap when the offense is finally clicking. Stupid fish!!!

Stupid Morono and Henning combine for a three and out.

Hold on fish fans wait for choke job its comming!

My God!!!!

Three and out? Come on, it's only a 75 yard attempt from here?

Henning is a TOTAL ass......we just drove the filed, so he goes Lame-O Wildcat...........Too smart for the room

3 and out Sparano !!!

His kind of game

If they lose this game now, then Henning should be given a ticket to Buffalo, are you kiddin me, two Wildcat plays....


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