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Congrats to 1972 Miami Dolphins (again)

The Kansas City Chiefs, the last NFL team to boast an undefeated record in 2010, are not boasting any longer. They just suffered a 19-9 decisionn to the Indianapolis Colts and you know what that means ...

The 1972 Miami Dolphins continue to be the only team in league history to enjoy a perfect season. Still.

No telling if there is an actual champagne toast scheduled for this evening in South Florida by Dick Anderson and Mercury Morris and company. But the point is the Dolphins still have their place in history.

Interestingly, that place might soon be more secure than ever. Because the NFL is exploring and, according to whom you believe, intent on expanding to an 18-game regular season, it may soon become more difficult than ever to author a perfect season.

It is obviously tougher to win 21 games, including postseason, than it was to win the 17 games it took Miami to go undeafeted back in the day, or the 19 games it currently takes to go undefeated.

As for what is going on around the NFL elsewhere, the Green Bay Packers are locked in an overtime game with Washington, but what is interesting is the number of players they have lost in the game. [Update: The Redskins kicked an overtime field goal to win 16-13.]

So far, Donald Lee, Jermichael Finley, and Clay Matthews have left the game with injuries. Finley's injury appears serious in that he returned to the field on crutches.

[Update: The Packers have confirmed to the Milwauke Journal Sentinel that quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion during the Washington game, which could have an affect on his status versus Miami.]

The Dolphins play the Packers next Sunday.