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Congrats to 1972 Miami Dolphins (again)

The Kansas City Chiefs, the last NFL team to boast an undefeated record in 2010, are not boasting any longer. They just suffered a 19-9 decisionn to the Indianapolis Colts and you know what that means ...

The 1972 Miami Dolphins continue to be the only team in league history to enjoy a perfect season. Still.

No telling if there is an actual champagne toast scheduled for this evening in South Florida by Dick Anderson and Mercury Morris and company. But the point is the Dolphins still have their place in history.

Interestingly, that place might soon be more secure than ever. Because the NFL is exploring and, according to whom you believe, intent on expanding to an 18-game regular season, it may soon become more difficult than ever to author a perfect season.

It is obviously tougher to win 21 games, including postseason, than it was to win the 17 games it took Miami to go undeafeted back in the day, or the 19 games it currently takes to go undefeated.

As for what is going on around the NFL elsewhere, the Green Bay Packers are locked in an overtime game with Washington, but what is interesting is the number of players they have lost in the game. [Update: The Redskins kicked an overtime field goal to win 16-13.]

So far, Donald Lee, Jermichael Finley, and Clay Matthews have left the game with injuries. Finley's injury appears serious in that he returned to the field on crutches.

[Update: The Packers have confirmed to the Milwauke Journal Sentinel that quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion during the Washington game, which could have an affect on his status versus Miami.]

The Dolphins play the Packers next Sunday. 


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add nick barnett, ryan pickett, and their starting safety to the list of injuriea

Time to start sending something else besides a case of boring champagne.
I say we start sending Ricky's stash.

Hopefully we get Jared Odrick and John Jerry back.

See a cheesehead - Kill a cheesehead.

Great. All the NFC teams beat the AFC teams in inter conference play.

The Packers got a lot of injuries.

Now if Minnesota can beat the wets and we learn how to block on punts and kicks we'll have it made!

Yeah! Go team! Rah, Rah!!!!


Miami Dolphins Defense - you have been placed under my hypnotic powers.
When I awaken you, you will want nothing more than to kill Aaron Rodgers.

Kill Aaron Rodgers!
Kill Aaron Rodgers!
Kill Aaron Rodgers!

Awake oh Mighty Dolphins Defense.

Will celebrate with them
Captain Morgans Spiced Rum & Florida Fresh Orange Juice in 34 0z mug

Cheers to the Miami Dolphin Undefeated Season!

Wonder If Home had a prediction on that Indy game
decleating KC and the the undefeated season ...

hmmm ... lets check the last blog ........

Wouldn`t U know It
Home strikes again

Home`s post on previous blog:

"Think Indy shuts down the KC shutout today at HOME"

Posted by: Home | October 10, 2010 at 10:30 AM

"they suffered a 1909 decisionn" - apart from the spelling, football games are decided by a judges decision? Uh no, that's boxing. "more difficult than every to author a perfect season"
Really, this is some incredibly awful writing. "place might be soon more secure" when you mean "place soon might be more secure", etc. Don't try to use grandiose words and phrases when you can't even get basic grammar down correctly. I would expect the average high school student to write more naturally than this stilted, overwrought tone you have taken.

Dolphin, Spanish, Wahoo, Tuna and love Pompano during the winter. Freshwater? Don't think so.

agree cocoajoe
Hard to go freshwater in South Florida

My 9 year old nephew won the sectionals in the Punt Pass and Kick. He'll be competing at Ford Field Dec, 5 Lions-Bears for the finals and a chance to go to Hawaii.

He rushed for 234 yards today and scored 3 TD's. He's a Dolphins fan just like his Uncle Odin.

Way to Go Drew!!!!

PS: When you read this call me back.

Love coming down to Miami a couple times a year, we charter a boat and fish for yellowtail in the morning and hit the gulf stream early afternoon for the dolphin, and hopefully catch a tuna or two on the way .......

Home, saltwater fish taste so much better as you know. Freshwater don't even come close. How could you compare some grilled dolphin with some crap freshwater fish?


I agree with you, but calling Walleye crap?

You obviously haven't had any Walleye Bro.

Cuban, you know.

Odin no, we don't have those here. What do they taste like? Better than other fresh maybe?

I've seen those on fishing shows..aren't they a kind of pike?

COCO, Ever catch a Amberjack????, Like lifting 2 kegs from the bottom, ferous fish, you can only make smoke fish dip with them, but are great fun to catch......

Had the best local lobster bisque last week at The Whales Rib Raw Bar after morning at the beach
Hillsboro & Ocean Blvd, Deerfeild Beach, Fl.
Then the best freshest blackened Dolphin caeser salad tomatoes & garlic rolls on the side

Their Dolphin is Always The Best

Eaten at hundreds of local seafood restaurants over the years and Whales Rib is always consistently AWESOME!

They fly in the Ipswich clams w/bellies fried or steamed
AWESOME step out and eat some fried Ipswich clams

U locals
Gotta try It


I'm not crazy about fresh water fish, but Walleye's in a league of it's own.

I can't really describe what it taste like. The closest I could come would be like a mix of King Crab and Lobster tail.

Give it a try with just about any "traditional" Walleye recipe, you won't be disappointed.

Watching the Cowboys and Titans game, And I'am wondering if Jerry(Liver spots) Jones and Dan Henning both passed away in 1964.... Could you imagine the smell of those two corpses in the same room...........

Exactly Menace
Amberjack always good fight
Can only eat smoked or smoked for fish dip

Odin Hows the Lutefisk up there?????LOL

Cuban, yep amberjack are fun to catch but big ones are wormy like big cuda...gotta be careful!

Home, Whales Rib? Damn, sounds good....I just did a 3 tank dive in Pompano Sunday before last out of Hillsboro Inlet. I'll put that on my list.

ask the tough questions instead

Damn Odin, king crab and lobster? I gotta get some. What's the closest place to Florida?

BTW, to all northerners, stone crab is overrated. It's good if it's free

Thats my stomping grounds
Regrettably, have not dove for a bit, though
and know it was only 1-2 foot seas
Musta been cool

Yeah man, Whales Rib
Sit at the little raw bar
Lots of hotties and beach babe foot traffic through large windows
Gotta have the bisque and anything w/Dolphin
Also great cold lobster salad, clams casino & bloody mary`s with jumbo shrimp garnish

My Fav Seafood restaurant in south Florida
and u can go in casual right from the beach with sandals

Very Cool

Guys is it true Aaron Rogers suffered a concussion today?????

Home, went with Parott Island charters (Fathoms Of Fun) Don't recommend them. Head had "Employees Only" sign...don't have any problem peeing in wetsuit but sometimes you gotta go in between dives. Chick divers were jumping in during dive interval to piss. And they want all divers to come up at one time. I like the Narcosis in W Palm.

How bout that Miles Austin catch

Home only picked 2 games today on previous blog

Indy &

time will tell

Home, you need to get back in the water. If you got your buoyancy down....let's go diving


Ha Ha Ha!

We go up to Whitefish point we do. Just North of Sault Ste. Marie ya know. Good Lutefisk Dere, Dere is.
Of course you flat landing apple knockers wouldn't know nothing about that now would ya?

Granny's got THE recipe down pat, she does! Dat fish keeps forever dont cha know. We call it "Jerky of the Sea".

Don't know why we call it dat, but we do, don't cha know!

Ooh no Rodgers against the Fins would be niiiccee.

Gotcha cocoajoe

Dixie Divers is pretty popular for dive charter boat here also

Know this not your area & your up coast a bit ... Cocoa Beach

Have several friends w/boats & active
Just missed friend and uncle caught 23 Dolphin on Friday bout 75 pounds
Friend grilled yesterday but was busy & missed
Got Real Lucky Fri Nite (will not go into details)
Got Home @ 3 am from her place


and Wow again!

LOL At Odin, Had a friend from Minnesota and her mom served it, The only way I can describe it was...Oh never mind... It's indescribable actually...

Yeah cocoajoe
Do not keep junk weight on me
So buoyancy is down

Have 3 BCs, regulators & tanks (lil older, not state of the art. but still great, lots of other gear also

prefer dives of less than 120 ft

unless special wreck dive

Rodgers concussions

Armando: Speaking of fish

site cut me off again, posting on dolfan site Mando.

The 18 game schedule will cement the 1972's as the only undefeated season in history. No one's going undeated over 21 games in one season in the NFL.

Packers lost boyh starting tight ends todsy

Marion the Barbarion IS BACK!

Home, most of my dives are 60', where the reefs are. Like wrecks but deepest dive 110 feet. I get narked about that depth. Not ready for trimix just yet. Have you read 'Shadow Divers'? It's about those guys you see on Discovery network who dive those WW2 wrecks (close circuit rigs). Those two guys hated each other at first....discovered German sub off of NJ in 90s not in any archives german or American. Killed 3 divers in the 1st year of exploration. Really good book

Never read that one
Good most of my dives in the islands & local have been in bout 90 or less
Seen most like u said at bout 60, where the reefs are

Easier on the eardrums
plenty to see & more time with less air usage

Do not have or use wet suit and soon will be required as fall/winter are coming
Have lots to do in mean while restoring/freshening up house & large tropical yard
Might sell house in spring/summer
pending market conditions
Looking to live in New Zealand maybe become resident and of course dive the great barrier reef

Go Cowboys
Need to go 2-0 this week

Armando: Speaking of fish

its on the other site

Well thats about the only chance Miami will have is if Rodgers is out next week. Congrats to the 1972 team as well. One of the great if not greatest accomplishments in any sport ever. Too bad this edition of the fish continues to smell as bad as it did last decade. I guess there is hope for Miami fans in that if the Dolphins can go from being that good to this bad maybe someday the Patriots will be terrible again.

Whoa. The bad news just keeps piling up for the Green Bay Packers. ESPN producer Eric Lundsten just passed along that quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion on the Packers' final offensive play Sunday in a 16-13 loss to the Washington Redskins. Rodgers didn't do his usual post-game news conference as a result.

ESPNMilwaukee.com's Jason Wilde reports Rodgers absorbed a helmet-to-helmet hit from the Redskins' Jeremy Jarmon.

There is no way to know how Rodgers will recover, but it's certainly possible that he could miss the first start of his career next Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Matt Flynn, start your engines!

Meanwhile, tight end Jermichael Finley told reporters he injured a hamstring tendon, not his knee, in the first quarter. It's not believed to be serious enough to threaten his season, but his short-term status is in doubt.


If you ever mention MY 72 Dolphins again, I'll slap it out yo mouf Bu-ooY!

You ain't no fan, take your slebRock arse back in yo hole!

Clay Mathews left the game with a hammy. Anyone know how bad it was?

Home, dive with a shorty just for padding. Hate long wetsuits. You do know the water is cold over there, right?

The Dolphin mystique is dead and so is the respect the Dolphin organization used to get around the league..Now their just another .500 team with an owner more interested in celebrity BS and commercial crap then a winning product on the field..R.I.P


I don't think we'll know for sure until after a medical evaluation.

Early indications are favorable for the Dolphins.

Player Updates View: Classic Advanced
Matthews update
Posted:33 mins ago. | Source (fanball.com) (OLB - gb)
Updating an earlier note, Clay Matthews suffered a left hamstring injury in the game at Washington, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Our View: Matthews' hamstring got tight during the game and there are worries that he has a slight pull. It appears likely that the sack master is going to miss at least one week, but nothing is set in stone yet

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