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Dansby: Knee great because God took care of it

GREEN BAY -- If you saw today's game, particularly the ending, you didn't see a whole lot of Karlos Dansby on the field.

The Dolphins defensive captain was on the sideline nursing what he thought could be a blown knee. Except the hyper-extended knee has apparently suffered no major damage, according to Dansby.

And the reason Dansby believes the knee is good enough to play another day is because God took care of it. Pure. Simple.

“Man, it scared me, man," Dansby said after the game. "God was with me in that moment. He took care of me. He took care of me in that situation and I thank Him. Anybody else, it would have been a torn ACL or anything like that. Something in the knee would have been torn – bottom line.”

Dansby said he was pushed from behind and as he was falling he got a foot stuck in the ground while the other knee was caught in a pile he could not escape. "It was the scariest thing I've ever been in," he said. "Any kind of situation on the field, that was the scariest one I've ever been in."

But there's no need to fear when God is on your team, Dansby believes.

"My knee is great. I’m blessed," Dansby said. "He took care of me in that moment. He took care of me. And I give him all the praise and the glory.”



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good lord

kyle orton complete garbage....

any better QB and the donkeys would have won


Of course God took care of Dansby's knee. God protects and he permits. He did not permit Dansby's knee to go thhere...that's why we must be thankful...because next time God may have to permit...

so mando, is there an actually report on his knee? besides his own god prognosis? your reporting is awesome

Why not A S S !
is negative Kris

So now U see, after some coffee, Home predicted Win in Wisconsin All week

Home is not Jason

Please Chill

Lets enjoy that great Win!

How bout that bogus spot on Ronnie on 4th down

What`s up with that?

Guess who's coming to town?

Ben RAPISTberger.


You can't blame Orton....The refs hand the jets the the game with the PI call when the jets were 99% of the game....

It`s all gonna come down to those cold weather games in NJ and MA against our division opponents

Sure would be awesome to Win up there

Hey RAPISTberger - how do you like your new name?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"He took care of me in that moment. He took care of me. And I give him all the praise and the glory.”

Doesn't Dansby own some kind of upscale Man Salon...Salon services for men ?

If I was Jesus I'm figuring free manicures and pedicures for life right ?

But what if Jesus didn't protect Dansby, and Jesus let Dansby think he protected him so he didn't have to pay full price for his services.

Jesus gets alot of credit

Soiled :)

Like what Home saw in Crowder

Great run stopper

Way to go Crowder!

Home it was a horrible call....but the refs did give it back with the call on the covered center...how many times does that get called?

Not to many I am sure...

Officer Cam Wake will handcuff the Rapistberger and place the RAPISTberger under arrest.

Yeah but the covered center is a new rule now to protect punter

They were clearly guilty

So the refs were only doing their job

How can everyone watching the game except the refs miss Ronnies 1st down?

Even after replay?

Unbelievable Deon Branch just back from Seattle
Picks up 98 YDs receiving today and Pats beat Baltimore


Yep, some...most...of these hits Are football hits..whats next flags around the waist's?? This hitting penalty is rediculous! So are the jets getting yet another phantom pass interference call to get the go ahead TD..thier luck will run out soon..

Home...its because of brady man...stick ANY half way decent WR with brady amd get the same results

Seems whenever Henne tries to slow down and control his throw instead of throwing naturally ...
The throw is awful
Sailing away or in the dirt

Man, Hope that Improves

Nice to see Cobbs
1st man down on STs again today making the tackle

Believe Cobbs did It twice, today

Carpenter really looked good

Nice to see


Its hard for luck to run out when the refs seem to be part of the luck

That`s Dan

not Bobby lol

Great win for the Air-breathers, Karlos Dansby is smoking crack...........





Don't forget to add lots and lots of cheese to whatever you eat tonight.
Compliments of the Green Bay Cheeseheads.

Did you guy's see Ben(The rapist)Roethlisberger in his post game interview???? He "Thanks his lord and Savior", What a scum bag, I hope, Nay, I pry(To my lord and Savior) that they sideline this scum bag...........

We all have on thing in common here
We all support the Miami Dolphins & want them to win

Home posted twice b4 the game Miami Dolphin`s to have bout 150 YDs rushing today

Well Home just did the math on Miami`s rushing today

Ronnie 73
Ricky 64
Henne 9
Polite 7
153 YDs

Hartline -3

150 YDs Exactly

So Kris
Not So Bad For Home on
Predicting Miami Dolphin Rushing YDs today, Huh?

If U know ANYONE,
Anyone At ALL
That is right even 80% of the time
Let Home Know

Take My Predicting Record Against Anyones!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Hide your children and protect your wife.
The RAPISTberger is coming to town.


After the interview he probably went and asked Favre for some sexting advice.


Here is the post from be game time
For all the negativity out there
How bout lil positive feedback
For one of your own


Here is the post:

Good chance we see the reemergence of Brian Hartline today

Simply The Bess
Will Surely Impress

Dolphins need to pound the rock "4 bout a buck fity"

That`s 150 yards rushing for all you Caucasians with no street cred

and yo

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | October 17, 2010 at 10:14 AM

How big is this win,, Again going into enemy terrotory and coming away with a "W".....

they still gave up chunks of yards. the "D" still needs to tighten up a little bit more. the game should have never gone into ot.

So the game next week is Here???????????? Oh snap......

Thank You God....and Dansby...

Home can think of 150 reasons to celebrate:

Home`s Miami Dolphin Rushing Prediction today @10:14 am:

Dolphins need to pound the rock "4 bout a buck fity"

That`s 150 yards rushing for all you Caucasians with no street cred

damn, im glad i read previous posts but i was saying we needed CHANNING before Home!! and home is cool with me!! we haven't seen anything yet with this defense!! we need to get rid of carpenter and check on merriman or bring johnson off the practice squad! the only reason channing was out on 3rd downs was probably b/c coaches didn't want to extend him in first game back!! nolan carroll need to return punts too!

Ben comes back after a four game layoff with no practice and looks like three times the QB Henne does.

Posted by: Dolphins4Life73 | October 17, 2010 at 07:58 PM

nice to hear some positive happy stuff
and nice call on Crowder, Dolphins4Life73

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

hey Vazman by the way, god does not cause earthquakes, or hurricanes etc, those are called natural disasters!

Watching NBC, And there all "giddy" the the jets won, Not shocked at that, they were also happy about New england's won.........., They attributed Green bays Loss to injuries, again no surprise there......

Jets, Pats Woulda Shoulda Coulda lost today
but they didn`t

Nice to see Florida Boy Tim Tebow run In his 1st TD

Exactly Menace
Not, The Dolphins Won

It was, Green Bay Lost

Great game by Wake & Misi WOW!

Nice to see Misi Reemerge!

Alex Flanagan the next chick to see in Playboy, or the next to accuse a player of hitting on her..... JMO........


The Reptilian leader Jerry Jones is sweating bad, now

The true alien "Kraken" could come unmasked lol

the suck ass wets need to start losing.




Jets seemed to be cursed to win

did not see the game, only highlights & Sancheezy stats

and they won?

Gotta say though
2 more TDs for LT

Wow what a steal for the Jets

mistake free football from start to finish next sunday, execute the plays correctly if they have any shot of winning.

man im just waiting on a decent lb to add to misi,wake,channing,and dansby so we can run a 25 defense!! we need another lb(non-starter) thats a beast in coverage more than anything!! the defense is set as of now barring injury!! WHERE ARE ALL THE CHANNING HATERS!! AND THE DOBBINS AND CARPENTER LOVERS AT!!!!!! for the record channing will be in on 3rd downs more than not going forward!!!

A great win by the fins, Also LMAOROTF, from my future brother in-law that bet me 500 dollars that Dallas would be in the Super bowl....

Michelle Beisner is really a man.

Really looked to Home
That Fasano after TD run was going to Spit on Crowd
instead of Lambeau leap

check the highlight

Looks like Fasano is reving up a Louie for the GB fans


A great win by the fins, Also LMAOROTF, from my future brother in-law that bet me 500 dollars that Dallas would be in the Super bowl....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | October 17, 2010 at 08:15 PM

GO GET YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dobbins Big Bone Crushing Hit on STs today

Yeah Buddy!

Hey Cuban...you might want to re-evaluate your soon to be bro-in-law for him making a bet like that lol, you might not want his bad mojo in your family

Wake looked incredible....



Easy money Killa, Easy money.........

It is official

Home`s prediction of Miami Dolphins rushing for 150 YDs today

... was exactly right

an effective effort (39 carries and 150 yards) as the Dolphins improved on the 107-yard average they carried into Lambeau.

But Home only expects the bloggers here to point out the few times he is wrong LOL

What the Hell is wrong with people
only HAARPing on the negative and
Never a congrats for predictions prior to the game like:

Miami Dolphins 3-2

Crowder will play much better with Capt. Karlos

Miami Dolphin to gain bout 150 YDs Rushing

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

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