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Dansby: Knee great because God took care of it

GREEN BAY -- If you saw today's game, particularly the ending, you didn't see a whole lot of Karlos Dansby on the field.

The Dolphins defensive captain was on the sideline nursing what he thought could be a blown knee. Except the hyper-extended knee has apparently suffered no major damage, according to Dansby.

And the reason Dansby believes the knee is good enough to play another day is because God took care of it. Pure. Simple.

“Man, it scared me, man," Dansby said after the game. "God was with me in that moment. He took care of me. He took care of me in that situation and I thank Him. Anybody else, it would have been a torn ACL or anything like that. Something in the knee would have been torn – bottom line.”

Dansby said he was pushed from behind and as he was falling he got a foot stuck in the ground while the other knee was caught in a pile he could not escape. "It was the scariest thing I've ever been in," he said. "Any kind of situation on the field, that was the scariest one I've ever been in."

But there's no need to fear when God is on your team, Dansby believes.

"My knee is great. I’m blessed," Dansby said. "He took care of me in that moment. He took care of me. And I give him all the praise and the glory.”



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??? TD to Hartline did u guys watch a different game?? that was Fasano with that play Craig..wow shows how lame most of the miami fans are..dont even know their team..

Praise be to Allah.

In other news, science may have also been a factor in the condition of his knee.

god is a dansby fan. maybe he can get god to be a miami dolphin fan too! lord knows we need it

Looks like Marshall and Henne are hitting it off? They wore the same Blazer to the post game press conference.

Go Phins!

to bad God felt it was necessary to injure Dansby in the first place so that he wouldn't be available for the rest of the game. We could have used him. I like Dansby as a player and I'm certainly happy the injury isn't serious, but it always galls me when someone thanks God for saving them in some situation, while neglecting the fact that he caused the situation in the first place (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). It's time to dispense with myths and fairy tales and deal with reality.

Posted by: Vazman

spoken like a true left wing liberal jackazz and atheist azzwipe. probaly a fruitcake to boot !

Hey JJ...so you never made a typo/mistake before?? I thought so..u fool!! go to the jets blog homer

Props to Home for his predictions. In my guesstimation, he's 75-80 percent correct when he makes one. Congratulations and keep 'em coming!

Henning called his best game so far, in my opinion. No Wildcat stopping drives and the throwback to Fasano to the left after rolling to the right was a thing of beauty. But, not going for the Hail Mary to win? Taking a knee to start overtime? Questionable to me.

Henne played well, but would still like to see his head move a little to pretend he's making his reads.. And, maybe a pump fake or two to freeze LBs would help too. Just waiting for him to take the next steps to becoming elite!

Sure 3-2 and no blow out wins, but...

Played the Jets down to the wire. Hold on to a couple of Sanceese pics, Allen doesn' slip and a little Safety help over the top and that game is a "W".

Pats game was a first half dominance by the Phins and looked to be very winnable other than the ST debacle and play calling? The fact that there was not one Wildcat play called today shows you how they really feel about it?

Note to Henning regarding today's game. Stop designing so many plays designed to run outside. Including pitching back to R&R 7 yards in the backfield. We don't have the pulling guard play at the moment and sweeps don't work in the NFL consistently. Besides Ricky has stated he feels very comfortable with the old counter trey?

Go Phins!

My guess is that they took a knee to avoid the sack/fumble or pick off for return scenario?

Go Phins!

ThanX Tracy474

Agree on Henning, did call hi best game so far and no Wildcat

Hey props to Dave Hyde at the Sun Sentinel
Very Well written article on EarthWake in todays game on line w/pic of Cam Wake laying next to Aaron Rodgers looking at after sack

Always liked the Cam Wake trains, like "Clubber Lang" in Rocky
and no tv
Just studying football opponents

Gotta love that fierce training & determination paying off for Cam Wake

Read the short article by Dave Hyde on the SS
Really well written & descriptive pleasurable piece for Dolfans after victory over one of the Super Bowl favs for 2010

God can do it all from the big to the small and FAITH WILL BE REWARDED!!!

That does not mean you always get what you want but what God wants.

And if Karlos believes God did not choose this day for him to fall injured then so be it. Who are we to argue or pass judgment?


Yes on the head movement and pump fakes. This kid will be deadly when he can look one way on the drop back and throw opposite. He also needs to learn from the great ones on the importance of selling the Play Action. Perhaps some old Steve De Berg film study on that? Henne has an arm and will become an Elite Qb. Wait until this kid learns to read defenses and has more time with his receivers.

Go Phins!

Congrats to nostraHOMOus for predicting miami would beat new england 31-21 with henne having a huge day and sean smith getting his first INT. How did that all work out for nostraHOMOus ?? Get out of here with your crap sicko !!!

For those of us that believe in God, some of these emails are very disrespectful to the Father..."Let those that have eyes,see and those who have ears hear"....many wont.....

For some reason disrespect to a Christian God is witty and smart these days and accompanied with wry smiles.....very clever....we'l see who laughs later...

Anyway...way to go Phins..!!!!!!!!

bigafly, quoting choice exerpts only points out a bit of pretentiousness on your part...but i still love you, fellow Finfan

oh, and now you can judge (judge not lest you be judged first)

I think we win next week 16 - 14 in a close one...I think we will move the ball okay but when we get in the redzone that steelers D will be tough to crack so we will have to settle for FG's with a single touchdown on a Henne to Marshall bomb. Big Ben is still going to be a little rusty and therefore slower with his reads. Take that and add the fact that he likes to hold onto the ball and I see Wake having another multi-sack game. Dolphins in a close one to make a statement!!! Let's Go Fins!!!

with you cali, ben will hold the ball too long and cam will capitalize! Rapistberger

Dishpan..I dont judge...but would many in society ridicule Allah or Buddha or Krishna etc..??...NO..!!!!....but it seems trendy and in fashion to bag our Lord....

For me , I dont like it...not one bit...he gave you life...appreciate it...

Any...how bout those Phins eh..??

Rodgers got his today.

Next week Ben gets his...

Wake Up Call !!!!

Homes, i see njphinfan is all alone on the Sun blog again and coming here to stalk you. Dude, this guy is really weird, so miserable sitting in nj with the jets winning and having the new jersey boys kick sand in his face every week. The stalking of you and sifting through your predictions to try and find or make one up that is off, is freaky. Is this the same 48 year old gay dude that lives at his mom`s house with a little dog and steroid needles. Freaky, dude. Real freaky.

Who do you guys see Vontae covering? Ward or Wallace?

Also, another note on todays win. Play calling was 39 pass and 39 rush(if you include 2 Henne scrambles as rush). Thats the balanced play calling that will continue to bring us wins!!!

bigafly i agree with the sentiment, but i subscribe to allowing people to discover these truths themselves

bigafly...actually tge earths perfect position in the galaxy is what enabled life to occur. Try not donateing at you place of worship and they will shunn you..after all religion is one of the largest BUSINESS's in the world..

Cali...i think Vontae is gonna be on Ward mostly with the occasional switch to another WR. BUT...if Allen is getting burnt I believe they will switch it up for a bit

I was thinking that originally but after some more thought I changed my mind. I'm thinking the best play is Vontae straight up on Wallace because of his speed and Wallace is the deep threat and the we put Allen on Ward with safety help over the top...I think Vontae can take Wallace out of the game thus shortening the field for Pitt. Also the tighter coverage deep will give pass rush more time. Any other opinions?

I have an opinion.
Home is a narcissistic bunwipe.
Actually, that's truth and not an opinion.

I see homehomo is talking to himself under his many identities again.

Home dude,
If you got a prediction on Miami - Pitt, rushing or passing yards, how about you enlighten a bro, bro?
Post it before Thursday, after that my book takes no more.

Paulie iz also stoked over, 'The Simply The Bess' contract extension!
Twisting up a fatty as we speak in celebration.

Anywhoo don`t leave me hanging.
'How bout ASS'
Gotcha Home dude!

vontae needs to stop the 10 yard seperation from the line...

and bell needs to learn how to play safety

dumbass gave up 2 tds (jennings bomb and rodgers sneak)

and no more reverse, that needs to die too.

henning and morono could die tomorrow too.

Great game today. I am now calling Cameron Wake " Killa Cam" he had 3 sacks and drew two more holding calls. Nobody can block him. Marshall was a beast again. Best reciever the dolphins have ever had. Running game looked great. I cant help to question someones comment of " stat wise, jason allen is our best corner." why because he has 3 ints? Gimme someone that shuts down recievers over him. Vontae is clearly our best corner, int's are overrated. Maybe best corner in the league. Nice to see Sean Smith playing. He had a few nice plays, nearly had a pretty over the head int. Safeties looked like poopy, but we won. Steelers next....lets go!!

The Dolphins are built to play smashmouth ball-controlling run-based ball with selective passes to Marshall. When they play that way they win. When they use Henne as a Griese they win. When they use Henne as a wide open throwing Marino they lose. Seems pretty clear. I think we should be who we are an play smashmouth ball. Let the team grow together. Every game they get better. And man, am I soooooo happy that Dansby escaped serious injury. For all the dispute whether God was or was not on his side, the truth is that nobody knows. As I see it, this is what faith is about. He believes it and I hope he is right :-)

I'm with you test...I haven't seen much from Bell and the reverse hasn't done much other than keep the defenses honest if that. However I'm not as critical of Vontae's play...

Home is busy staring at his reflection.
I looked up the word narcissist in the dictionary.
They had a picture of Home.


I agree with you 150%. It has become sheik to slam the Lord and Christians.

You didn't pass judgment, you merely pointed out fact. Sadly you are writing to those who can not hear or see, nor want. So many people live in fear of their own mortality, claim vanity and choose to believe the lies of the one who will claim their sole for all eternity.

I applaud Karlos Dansby for stepping forth with courage and conviction.

I don't understand what the hoopla is all about. So what if Dansby thanks God for his knee. He answered the question honestly - based on his belief/opinion. Besides how many times have we seen players pray after a TD, a team huddle for prayers after the game, some players thanking God for the win on national television. Was anybody offended?

If I came close to shattering my knees that could end my career, I, too, would thank God for the blessing. And so would many of you.

Crowder adds experience to the young defense and I can see him and Dansby developing some Chemistry. Crowder as I have said before has not been that game changing turnover type, but does some dirty work on the run game. That is an often overlooked cog in the machine.

Like to see Odrick get back to get a read on him.

I will go on record as saying they made a great choice in letting JT and Big Mouth walk. Roth is a mystery to me though?

Go Phins! 3 Fist Pumps on this win!

Home thinks he is God.

I have to eat my words, but they ain't tasting too bad right now.

Henning definitely called his best game of the season, maybe his best since joining the Phins.

I think you could critique one or two calls, but it would be petty. The guy did a complete 180. Just F-cking ACED IT! I was stunned, I still am.

Henning was methodical and the way he went after it felt good. It's been awhile. I still can't believe it. If he can get it stuck in his head(ha ha), and show some consistency, I believe this offense will back on track in no time.

If your OC is calling a great game and you just end up short that's one thing.
When your OC is all over the place, trying to over think everything and just blowing opportunities it's completely frustrating.

I'm not even talking about how close the game was. I'm talking about that feeling you get when your offense is dictating to the defense.

Henning had that feeling tonight.

Good Job.......................Grand Pa!!!!

Does anyone know where C. Wake stands in the sack count? Is he in the top 3?

WEE WUN. And wee wil due it 2 pitts burg 2. R&R is juste warmin up, wee wil pounde it donw that pre-verts thraot. GO FENS

Good to see your up chewing on a bit of black bear and a snort of rum
Home back in and here is the penalty that some did not understand

and then agree with u on Henning & here is the call to Fasano
from a stoked Simply The Bess Fan

Here is what happened: The Dolphins had punted and the defense had taken the field, hoping to keep Green Bay from breaking a 13-13 tie. Then they got a major break when Packers linebacker Robert Francois was flagged for an illegal-formation penalty on Brandon Fields' punt.

Francois, promoted to the 53-man roster last week and active for the first time in his brief career, had lined up over Dolphins long snapper John Denney. That violated NFL rule 7.2.2, which states that any player within one yard of the line of scrimmage on a punt or field goal "must have his entire body outside the snapper's shoulder pads."

The rule was instituted this summer to protect long snappers. Violations bring a 5-yard penalty.

"On field goals, the refs are always hollering at the guys to get off the center," Incognito said.

Francois was flagged only after a delay of several minutes, which included a well-placed TV timeout. After the referees huddled, they called the penalty.

That gave Miami a first down - and new life.

Four plays later, tight end Anthony Fasano rumbled 22 yards on a screen pass to give the Dolphins a 20-13 lead in a game they eventually won 23-20 in overtime.

"We didn't get the job done on the offensive end, and that was a huge break for us," Incognito said. "And we made the best of the opportunity."

U see that
even a broken clock is right twice a day

Home Stoked On The Dolphins!

Think Wake has 5 sacks

Clay soon to be busted for illegal substance abuse had 8.5

Lets give Earthwake nother couple games

From the day I first read up on Cam Wake he became my Darkhorse Favorite.

Tonight I think he became one of my all time Favorites. Not just because of his play, because of the dedication, determination and mentality that I read about him having.

The guy ain't just talking about it, He's BEING about it!

Quote of the Year:

``If you're on the ground, on your back, with an offensive lineman on top of you, you still need to get to the quarterback,''

-Cam Wake-

PS: I'm getting a teeny tiny little prideful tear in the corner of my eye.................

Aint It Cool

On that note
Home has gotta cash It In

From Crowder to B-Marsh to Our 150 (EXACTLY, Rushing YDs, best of the season) to my Fav, Simply The Bess new 2 year contract extension to Dan Henning not be stubborn w/the Wildcrap and making good call Henne to Fasano, well executed
to ST teams truly making the dif

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Good Night Dolfans!

According to NFL.com, Wake is in a 3-way tie in fourth place with 6 sacks.

Odinseye: Wake is favorite player this season too. His passion and determination are just awe-inspiring. I just hope it rubs off on the rest of the team. Is he a team captain? If not, he should.

"We didn't get the job done on the offensive end, and that was a huge break for us," Incognito said. "And we made the best of the opportunity."

U see that
even a broken clock is right twice a day

Home Stoked On The Dolphins!

Posted by: Home | October 18, 2010 at 01:20 AM

Homes, I have trouble understanding you sometimes. Ar eyou trying to say that Penalty was part of some mysterious conspiracy?

As far as our offense getting it done, we did win the game.

If you're commenting on my post, I don't think you're understanding what I was saying. I don't have any rose colored glasses and I am/do get "delusionsl" occassionally, but not when It comes to My Dolphins.

All I was talking about is how for 4 weeks I've watched our playcalling and kept coming back to WTF?

3rd an 18 and we run a FB dive.

We drive 60 yards, insert wildcat, stall drive. THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!!!

All post refered too was how Henning "went after it" with his playcalling. None(almost) of the dumbstuff tonight.

You're implying a misnomer on me.

I didn't say or imply that our offense is there yet. I said:

-I believe this offense will be back on track in no time.

And again to leave any room for confusion(for most of us) I said:

I'm not even talking about how close the game was. I'm talking about that feeling you get when your offense is dictating to the defense.

Henning had that feeling tonight.

You see Homes I was talking about the feeling I got tonight from Hennings playcalling. He called his best game of the season, PERIOD!

PS: I think you should apologize for the statement:
"U see that even a broken clock is right twice a day"

or else you're just a Duck.


Everybody likes to thump the Trifecta for every single move they make.

Well, here's three moves nobody's complaining about.




Talk about acorns!!!!

Henning earned his check this week. So happy they went back to the I running. TOP always prevails.

Don't worry christians...Take solace in the fact, that you ARE idiots, but, you're not the ONLY idiots...

With that said, it was probably the disappearing act that god made with the "greatest linebacker in the league", that hasn't really made any plays...

He's got a bunch of tackles...Heck, Crowder had a bunch of tackles and didn't make plays

I hope he starts living up to his own hype or next time I'll be on the devil's side with my wishes


Jimmy Jam is nails

HENNING is atrocious. A couple good calls does NOT absolve you from a lifetime of bad ones....

In ONE series alone he had more bad calls than the one good play

The one with the end around, and then WR screen on 2nd and long, using Polite on 1st down...

I don't know...

In this day and age of lack of societal manners or morals, where it's okay to kill a newborn child, or a being after conception, without fear or retribution, yet one does jail time for destroying an eagle's egg, or we shut down the whole San Joaquin valley's water supply, thus robbing the 35,000 immigrant residents of their opportunity to produce food for the rest of our country, over a 2 inch Delta Smelt. Tis truly refreshing that one gives The Lord praise for his fortune. Amen brother Karlos, keep the faith!

good to know Dansby thinks that his so called god takes more care of him than he does anyone else. I wonder what he says the next time when his knee does get blown out or he gets paralyzed...is that God too? of course i dont wish that upon anyone, just funny how god looks after dansby but not desean jackson or antonio gates.

is this really the best news you can get after a thrilling win Armando?

Cmon...stick to football and keep the religion to yourself and themselves. im pretty sure no one really cares that god saved dansbys knee, just that its good to go for next week.

heck of a win today!!

Amen to that!

All the blasphemy & negative talk directed at God or to those who follow God is disheartening to Home

God Bless U

As for Home & his family
We shall walk with The Lord

Forgive them Father
For They
Do Not Know


glad we got the win; we're still a work in progress and the jury's still out. my big question is what were we doing with our front when pack had 4th and goal from the 1. we had 1 big body on the D line,rodgers audibled and snuck it in easily with no D for the fins. its inexcusable. another guy leaked thru untouched to partially block a fields punt;we gotta fix that(from the same place in the line)!

WHEN A PLAYER gets that scare as dansby did in GB's game you would thank every body...god,your teammates ,your girlfriend ,your mother ,your relatives and your waiter ........it's an injury that put people out of work for long time and few come back from it .

bess getting almost 2 MILLION a year .

So Dansby thinks " Odin " saved his knee ? You know I thought after we picked up Dansby we would be able to cover the middle of the field. No more TE wide open running free down the middle, no more QB's walking in the end zone untouched, but I was worng. So it must be the coaching. So playing the 3-4 means leaving the middle wide open, right ? Or is Dansby having to help out other players that shouldn't be on the team, who I won't name, Jason Allen. What the F is this guy still on the team, why can't we scrap this guy off our shoe.

Phin4life ,


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